Best Quick Dry Sports Bra for Swimming

Sports bras are types of bras that give extra support to women’s chest when engaging in physical exercises. Sports bra helps in minimizing breast movement, reduces discomfort, and is stronger than normal bras. Sports bras are mostly worn by women to reduce breast movement and pain during exercise.

However, recently a lot of people, mostly swimmers and athletes have been using sports bras for swimming. Both sports bras and swimsuits top help in supporting the breasts. You can use sports bras so long as you are comfortable wearing them. In this article, we would look at quick-dry sports bras for swimming.

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How to Choose a Sports Bra for Swimming

When choosing the right sports bra for swimming the most important things to consider are the comfort, support, price, Quick-dry level, and your personal taste. You should also consider the activities you will engage in using the sports bra.

Some sports bras are not designed for swimming and might not last long when continuously exposed to chlorine and chemical-filled water bodies. Hence, we advise that when choosing a sports bra for swimming you consider all the factors stated above.

Best 8 Quick Dry Sports Bras for Swimming

Sports bras are great for keeping the breast in place. They provide maximum support and firmness to the breast. However, wearing a sports bra for swimming can be uncomfortable when wet. Below are sports bras you can wear with a quick-dry feature.

1. ECOPARTY Quick-Dry Sports Bras for Women

ECOPARTY Sports Bras for Women Quick-Dry Padded Wirefree Workout Crop Cute Tank Tops Camisole Yoga Fitness Running Gym White


This sports bra is made of tech fabric, it comprises 12% elastin and 88% polyamide. It is lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking. The fabric is durable and feels great on the skin. This sports bra is perfect for swimming and other water-related activities.

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This sports bra comes with a moisture-wicking function that helps in drying water quickly, keeping you dry all day. The bra is designed with large mesh fabric, this makes it easier for water to dissipate, dry up quickly, and ventilate the chest.

This sports bra uses Upgraded 3D support pads with a four-channel design, that helps to accelerate air, coordinate the breasts, and conceal the nipple from the public.

This sports bra fits perfectly onto the skin comfortably. The item is designed to prevent the design from shifting while swimming or working out. The inner gem of the bra has a reinforced band that gives support to the breast, portraying an elegant and charming figure.

This sports bra can be used to engage in different activities, whether you are doing yoga, swimming, exercising, dancing, jogging, or aerobics among others.

2. BALEAF Women’s Swim Bra

BALEAF Women's UPF 50+ Swim Bra Modest Bikini Top Quick Dry Workout Sport Bra Under Rash Guard Black 34



  • This sports bra is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. It is designed with a Chlorine-resistant and UPF 50+ sun protection feature.
  • It can be machine-washed and has a pull-on closure.
  • This sports bra has a feature that gives you enough support during swimming and workouts.
  • These sports bras are designed for different activities such as paddling, yoga, tennis, water aerobics, swimming, and even daily wear.
  • This sports bra comes with removable padding and wire-free bra cups that help in delivering maximum comfort and give light support.
  • The sports bra comes in the form of full coverage bikini tops and an adjustable criss-cross back for added comfort.
  • The bra is chlorine-resistant to promote durability, quick-drying, certified UPF 50+ block harmful UV rays, and breathable materials. 

3. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Swim Bralette Modest Sports Bra

BALEAF Women's Swim Bra Swimsuit Plus Size Modest Bikini Top Support Full Coverage Sport Bra Bathing Suit Blue 38



  • This sports bra is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.
  • It has a pull-on closure.
  • The sports bra comes with impact features that stay out in place and gives enough support to your body during workouts and while swimming.
  • The bra comes with removable padding, it is lightweight and helps in delivering maximum comfort.
  • This is a modest sports bra with an adjustable criss-cross for additional elegance and comfort.
  • The sports bra is designed for activities including yoga, tennis, swimming, paddling, tennis, gym, aerobic, beach volleyball, and even daily wear.
  • This item comes with a certified UPF 50+ to help block harmful UV rays, dries quickly, is chlorine-resistant, and is made of breathable materials.

4. Undercover Waterwear Women’s Quick Dry Sports Bra

Undercover Waterwear Women’s UPF 50+ Supported Swim Bra- Athletic Racerback Bra- Quick Dry Sports Bra (B-XS) BlackCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

It has a sun protection feature. This sports bra can be a protection layer and is perfect under the Sun. The bra has a certified UPF 50+ that helps in blocking 98% of UV rays. This helps in preventing skin and burn damage.

The bra is lightweight and has a quick-drying feature. The sports bra is made of quick-dry fabric. It is simple and lightweight.

Chlorine and water chemicals are resistant. This sports bra is perfect for swimming and other workout activities. It possesses a chlorine and saltwater resistant feature that allows swim without any worries of damage. This is an added durability feature.

Can be worn for different activities. This bra can be worn for swimming, workouts, and athletic activities. 

5. Under Armour Women’s Crossback Mid Impact Sports Bra

Under Armour Cross-Back Mid Bra Midnight Navy/White MD (US 8-10)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


  • This bra is made of 100% imported fabric.
  • The bra can be machine washed.
  • This item delivers maximum support and can be worn to perform activities like swimming, cycling, and weight training. It also has a quick-drying feature.
  • The bra provides extra structure and coverage with perforations for additional breathability.
  • The bra has an interior construction to help in keeping the pads intact during washing and when worn. The item also has removable cups that can be put back in easily.
  • The sports bra has a knit fabric.
  • The bra has crossover straps that can easily be on and off.

6. COCOSHIP Women’s Sport Bra Bikini Top

COCOSHIP Black Solids Women's UPF 50+ Training Sport Bra Bikini Top Double Back Strap Swim Tankinis 36B/C(FBA)



  • This sports bra is made of 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane.
  • The bra can only be Hand Washed.
  • The cocoship sports bra is available in sizes such as 32B:32B/C 34B:34B/C 36B:36B/C 38B:38B/C 32D:32D/DD 34D:32D/DD 36D:36D/DD 38D:38D/DD
  • The item comes with a Sun protection feature of the UPF 50+ pattern.
  • The item should be hand washed cold/Flat Dry
  • The sports bra is made of Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric
  • The back of the sports bra is designed in a fashionable double-back strap style v-neckline bikini top.

Why Use a Sports Bra for Swimming?

Sports bras provide you with comfort and give your breast maximum support. It makes you feel more secure and can absolutely be used for swimming.

Pros and Cons of Using Sports Bras for Swimming.


  • Because swimming requires a lot of arms and upper body movement, sports bras give your body excellent support.
  • Sports bras are great for duathletes and triathletes.
  • They are designed to give maximum comfort.
  • Compared to medium breast size, women with large breasts are advised to wear sports bras when swimming. This is because a fitted bra will be perfect for swimming.


  • Sports bra might get ruined fast if it is continually exposed to chlorine-filled water bodies.
  • Normal swimsuits get dried quicker compared to sports bras. Sports bras are designed to restrict.
  • Sports bras are designed mainly to support and protect while engaging in impactful activities.

Types of Sports Bras for Swimming

Sports bras are available in three categories: Encapsulation-compression, encapsulation, and compression.

1. Encapsulation-Compression sports bras

This is a combination of both the compression and encapsulation sports bra. This type of sports bra keeps your breasts fixed in their individual spaces. They come with underwires that give structure and support.

2. Compression sports bras

This type of sports bra holds your breasts in place by compressing them onto your body. These types of sports bras can be quite comfortable.

3. Encapsulation sports bras

These types of sports come with a cup for each breast, that Separates the breasts and holds them firmly in place. If you will engage in high-impact water activities such as diving and stroking, we recommend you get an encapsulation sports bra. 

Suitable Fabrics for a Swimming Sports Bra

Sports bras made of padded materials or heavily molded are not meant for swimming. They usually retain more moisture, hence causing discomfort. For a swimming sports bra a thin, light quick-dry material should be used. 

Frequently Answered Questions

Frequently asked questions about swimming with sports bras.

Can I swim in a sports bra?

Yes, you can swim in a sports bra. However, you gave to select a sports bra made of a fabric with the right features. For swimming, your sports bra must be made of the right fabric, comes with a particular strap setting, and be made of a robust ‘low rust’ metal.

What are the best straps to add to a sports bra?

When using a sports bra for swimming we recommend you avoid a bra with straps that sits straight on the shoulder blades because they can get really uncomfortable during swimming.

Will I ruin my sports bra if I swim with it?

Even though sports bras are very supportive, give more support, and secure the breast. The material may not last long if exposed to water for a long time compared to swimsuits. Your sports bra will easily get ruined because they are not designed to withstand the high chemicals in the ocean.

Pools and oceans contain chlorine and salt that can be damaging to outfits. They mostly make clothes fade, stretch, and rust. Hence, you will require a sports bra made with the right fabric. However, most sports bras are made from materials that can withstand pressure. When we work out, we stretch them out and sweat them.

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Having said that, we recommend you get a sports bra that is designed mainly for swimming. This will be made using the right fabric, chlorine-resistant material, and quick-drying feature. 

Conclusion – Quick-Dry Sports Bra for Swimming

Sports bras for swimming can be made of chlorine and seawater-safe materials. They can also possess features that support swimming activities. When purchasing a sports bra for swimming, consider the activities you will most likely be involved in during swimming.

Hence, we advise that whatever activity you perform avoid flesh spillage and ensure your sports bra is made of the right materials. In this article are quick-dry sports bras for swimming you can purchase. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section.


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