Can I Wear A Sports Bra To Swim?

Over and over again, the aspect of swimming can’t be overstated. Swimming has become a part and parcel of our being. There are moments in life that we get clogged up with the tenacious patterns of our daily activities. We’re often placed in a rollercoaster that sharpens us in diverse ways. At such, we tend to seek relief to retain and regain ourselves and composure.

For this purpose, swimming is seen as one of the best forms of getting relived and healed. However, swimming requires purchasing quite a number of wears and accessories. When swimming, we don’t go into the water fully clothed as we do when going about our various and numerous activities. There are specific accessories and wears that have been designed and handpicked specifically for swimming.

For instance, the most common wears that are highly produced for such a form of exercise and relaxation are the swimsuits. The swimming suit comprises of different designs and styles and of course, in different ranges. Just so you know, when looking for the different types of swimsuits to pick from, there are some that can’t be found in such a category of suit. An example is the sports bra.

Now, let’s look into the sports bra aspect as our focus for the day. Like someone rightly asked, “Can I Wear A Sports Bra To Swim?”. The question above can be looked at and answered from two different perspectives which indirectly would resort to a Yes and a No.

In the normal sense, a sports bra is produced for one sole reason which is for sporting. It can be worn for running, exercising, or for other purposes that duly require it. Now, can it be worn to swim? Let’s give some reasons why it can be worn for swimming and why it can’t.

Why Sports Bra Can Be Worn For Swimming

A sports bra can be worn to swim with regards to some factors which are;

1. Unrestrictive

Most times, swimsuits tend to be restrictive in the bust region. This is rampant with ladies that are heavily busted. This is because a suit that supports a bigger bust isn’t as common as the average swimsuit. In other cases, they tend not to give as much support to the bust as required. Hence, the sports bra seems to be the perfect wear for swimming in situations like this. (Check out our review of the Best Swimsuits for Small Bust In 2022 (Reviews))

2. Comfortability

Swimsuits are attractive, supportive, and kinda cool on the body. But sadly, we can’t say the same for everyone. There are some people that aren’t comfortable putting on some specific suits by means of the underwire that is being used to connect the suit to the swimsuit. Often times, some tend to dig into the skin thereby causing harm to our body.

Happily, we’ve got the sports bra to give comfortability when needed. When worn, they grace the bust region perfectly well while at the same time, offering maximum support by the absence of underwire. With the boning used in the sports bra, one would certainly feel safe.

3. Style

Back in the days, sports bra were produced in the same style and pattern. The designing of the bra was streamlined in one direction. At such, it never really caught the attention of a number of people. However, with the advancement of this 21st century, a lot is expected.

Brands have deemed it necessary to bring in new styles and designs for the sports bra that would leave the masses spellbound. And some of these sports bras can be likened to an actual swimsuit to be worn for swimming.

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Why Sports Bra Can’t Be Worn For Swimming

1. The Effect Of Chlorine And Saltwater On The Sport Bra

The sports bra isn’t produced for swimming purposes but specifically for sporting. This goes to show that the sports bra can’t be worn for swimming in the first place. Looking at it from a perspective, we all grasp the concept that swimsuits are made differently to aid swimming.

By this, we get to see suits that are chlorine and saltwater resistant but not a sports bra. They weren’t manufactured to resist chemicals except for a few sports bra. Their usage would be for jogging, running, and other forms of exercise. Having said all these, it is evident that the sports bra will be affected by the chemicals used in preserving the water thereby damaging the suit. (Check out this post on How To Get Chlorine Out Of Bathing Suits (Complete Guide))

2. Inability To Dry Quickly

One best part about swimsuit is the ability of the suit to dry up quickly when washed. Being that they are produced with materials that are not so thick, they tend to dry up sooner than we expect provided the swimsuits are placed in areas where they can easily be dried. (Read Also: How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry?)

Sadly, the sports bra differs greatly. They are made with cotton materials most times which causes them to take a longer period of time to dry up. Another reason why one can’t wear a sports bra to swim. Please note, this is restricted to some. A few sport bra dries quickly.

3. A Sports Bra Isn’t Reliable

It has come to our notice that a sports bra isn’t often reliable. As we all know, they are found in different texture but most often than not, they are produced with cotton materials in different colours. Nonetheless, the colours may pose as a problem.

The sports bra has a tendency of exposing one’s bust when wet. In a more understanding word, they become see-through when swimming. This could lead to embarrassment for the said individual. (Here’s a post on How To Fix See Through Swimsuit With Steps In 2022)

Best Sports Bra For Swimming

Below are some sports bra that can be worn for swimming. You can check them out below.

1. COCOSHIP Women’s UPF 50+ Training Sports Bra

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If there’s a brand that has consistently been delivering topnotch suits, are the Cocoship. Being one of the best brands to grace our world, they made the decision to extend their suit into becoming a sports bra bikini that can be worn to the pool. Isn’t it beautiful? Here are some of their features.


1. Sun Protection Of UPF 50+

Aside from being comfy and friendly on the skin, one gets to enjoy the benefit of sun protection at the pool or beach. The individual has nothing to freak out about by means of its protection against the sun.

2. Design

As stated above a sports bra is now produced in various amazing designs that enable them to stand out. Cocoship is one perfect example of this. The double back strap brings the true beauty of the sports bra produced for swimming.

3. Quality And Durability

Regardless of how long one may want to wear this sports bra, the quality and durability wouldn’t dwindle in any way. The material used speaks quality.


  • It comes with padding
  • Supportive and reliable
  • It is inexpensive
  • The material is superb
  • Sun protection
  • The straps can be adjusted


  • The back strap can’t be uncross
  • The padding can’t be removed

2. Aqua Design Sports Bras for Women

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The second sports bra for swimming to be looked at is the Aqua design sports bra. Being one of the most popular sports bra brands, Aqua went as far as making sports bra that can be passed off as swimsuits. It is comfortable and supportive. You can check out some of the features below.

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1. Maximum UPF Sun Protection Rating

Just like the former, the Aqua sports bra has a maximum UPF sun protection that protects the individual from getting hit by the UVA and UVB sun rays. With this, one is protected by every means.

2. Co-ordinating Swim And Activewear

This feature goes to show that the sports bra can be worn for swimming by blending with a bikini bottom. It is reliable being that it doesn’t expose the bust when wet.

3. Quality

Aqua products are produced with the best and finest quality material you’ll ever find. The sports bra is made up of 100% quality which can span for a long period of time.


  • It dries faster
  • It gives comfort allowing unrestricted movement
  • It is valuable
  • It is inexpensive
  • It’s a 3D print
  • Sun protection


  • It may be a bit smaller for ladies with a bigger bust

3. Speedo Women’s Guard SportsBra Swimsuit Top

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Speedo as a renowned brand is known for producing great wears that get millions of people on their toes and waiting for newer arrivals. The sports bra on the display picture is all you need to get started at the pool. It features includes;


1. Chlorine Resistant

Chemicals are used by pool owners to preserve and to keep off dirt as well as toxic substances from the water. So aside from its comfortability, one gets to enjoy the chlorine resistant benefit that comes with this awesome sports bra.

2. Lightweight And Quick-Drying

A look at the sports bra would lead one to the assumption that the sports bra could be thick. Without saying much, we’re here to dispute that assumption. The sports bra is lightweight which enables the fast drying process.

3. Quality And Durability

Speedo wears are topnotch quality materials that equate to the life span of the sports bra. No slacking, no fading. What you see is what you get and even more.


  • It is inexpensive
  • It dries faster
  • It is chlorine resistant
  • It is stretchy
  • It is made of 100% fiber
  • It is valuable


  • Limited colour

4. TYR Sport Women’s Solid Durafast Diamondback Workout Bikini

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Are you still checking out for a sports bra that can be switched to swimwear? Then Tyr is a good bet for all. The beautiful part is that it doesn’t come with just a sports bra but with a bikini bottom. Here are some features of the Tyr sports bra.


1. UPF 50+ Sun Protection

A common feature of the sports bra is their protection against the sunray. Tyr isn’t excluded. They’ve got up to 50+ sun protection against the sun. In other words, one is saved from the rays of the sun with a Tyr sports bra for swimming.

2. Durability And Longevity

Two in one feature. Not all brands can vouch for their wears. However, Tyr stands out. You’re not just getting value for your money, but durability and longevity as toppings. Isn’t it great?

3. Supportive

Not all sport bra is as supportive as they ought to be but there are some that give support to the bust. This is where a Tyr sports bra for swimming comes into the picture.


  • It comes with a strap for comfort
  • It is inexpensive
  • The quality is excellent
  • It is reliable
  • It is durable
  • It is valuable


  • It isn’t padded

5. Remedy Women Padded Sports Bra

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The last sports bra for swimming on the list is the Remedy sports bra. It is a bra for all occasions. Excluding sporting activities and swimming, it can be worn as complete wear blending with different clothes. It’s features include;


1. Removable Pad

If you’re the type that isn’t comfortable with a padded bra when swimming, you can simply take off the pad while rocking the sports bra ordinarily.

2. Light-Weighted

The sports bra is light which evidently means it would certainly dry up on time. Having thought regarding it, then you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. It isn’t thick hence it gives comfortability.

3. Quality

Another common feature among sports bra is the quality of material that is being used in their production. You get nothing but the very best for your money which is quality and durability.


  • Light support
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is valuable
  • It fits into all body sizes
  • Pull-on closure
  • It has quality


  • No adjustable straps

Can I Wear A Sports Bra To Swim – Conclusion

In conclusion, a sports bra can be worn to swimming in the condition that it is looked at from the two perspectives stipulated above. If you feel the need to grace the pool with banging wear, then check out the sports bra above for any.


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