Can Swimsuits Go In The Dryer?

You’re here because summer is on its way or it’s summer already and you’re probably thinking of hitting the beach with your swimwear which is such a cool thing to do.

You probably also must have heard that it’s best that you hand wash your bathing suit once you’re out of that water which is the best thing anyone can do for his to her suit but how about drying them fast?

Whatever that is going through your mind, using the dryer should be the last thing you need to stay far away from. So the big questions pop in, Can Swimsuits Go In The Dryer?

The answer is no and here’s why. The tumbling effect of the hot air that comes out of the dryer can ruin your swimsuits causing them to stretch beyond their limit which may utter the entire fabrics and shape of your bathing suits.

How is this even possible? Let’s take a quick look at what Dryers entails.

What Are Dryers?

Like every other home appliances, dryers which are often called “Tumble” dryer is one appliance you’re most likely to find in most homes. It is a very important household appliance because they’re chiefly used to take away moistures from our clothing.

For a dryer to function effectively, the piece of clothes must have been hand washed or with a washing machine. The idea behind a dryer as you might have guessed already is to hasten the drying process of a piece of clothing without allowing them to pass through the natural process of drying using sunlight.

Dryers usually consist of a rotating drum often called “Tumbler” which apparently blows hot air in an attempt to evaporate moisture from the piece of clothing. You can click here to learn more about Dryer.

Materials Used In Swimsuits

Bathing Suits are made from chiefly Nylon and Polyester which are very delicate in nature. So subjecting them to excessive heat, pressure etc might cause them to stretch and lose their elasticity sooner than you least expect.

And one way they can lose shape pretty fast is putting them through the dryer. Washing them with a washing machine can as well make your swimsuits to lose elasticity in the long run.

So what’s now the best way to dry bathing suits? Continue reading to know the various ways you can dry your bathing suits without ruining them before the next summer.

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The Best Ways To Dry A Bathing Suit

Aside from putting them on the dryer which obviously isn’t a good idea, there are other great ways you can successfully dry your swimsuits fast and make them last longer. Below are a few of the many ways to dry bathing suits.

1. Lay Them Flat

Drying your swimsuits by hanging them using hangers can cause them to stretch out pretty fast so to avoid this, its best that you lay them flat on a surface free from direct sunlight. You can also roll them over the towel gently and lay them down on it to dry.

Check the above dryer out HERE

2. Air Dry Under The Shade

Even after laying them flat on a surface, the truth is, they need air for them to dry. So you can gently spread them over under the shade for them to dry out quickly that way, your swimsuits won’t fade because there isn’t any direct UV ray falling on them.

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Note: You can air-dry also inside your house but before you do so, ensure that they’re no moisture in them. How do I do that? By laying them over the towel before taking them out to dry.

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Worst Ways Never To Dry A Bathing Suit

Except you have a lot of money to throw around, there are some obvious ways you should never attempt to dry your bathing suits no matter what. Below are some few ways you should never dry your swimsuits

1. Avoid Using Dryers On Your Suit

If you’re seeing this, then you probably must have read the above paragraphs that talk about the disaster that comes along using dryers? Well if you haven’t then you need to screw up and check it out again.

Using dryers to dry swimsuits is something a lot of us must have fallen victims. It may be that you’ve been doing so and your swimsuits are still intact but the truth is, they’ll obviously get damaged sooner than you least expected.

That single act of yours is causing a lot of havoc to your suits unknown to you. Well if you think I’m bluffing, let’s see how far you’ll go with that.

For these reasons, we recommend that you should stay clear from using it. Yes, it’s pretty fast (you’re right) but then again, it isn’t a nice approach to drying your suits.

2. Don’t Sundry, Rather Air Dry

Sun-drying your suits is another worst sin you can commit with your suits. It’s even more dangerous than dryers if you ask me and that’s because, sun-drying doesn’t only cause your bathing suits to fade, it also stretches them out.

So to be on a safer side, it’s best that you air dry them under the shade or any area free from direct sunlight. Also, don’t be tempted to iron them so as for them to dry out fast. Ironing your suits is like using pepper to smear your eyes and by the time you struggle to open them, the damage must have been done already.

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3. Don’t Hang Them To Dry, Rather, Lay Them Flat

This is another common mistake I see people do on a daily basis. Never be tempted to hang your swimwears, hanging them using the strap sometimes can cause them to stretch beyond limit due to force of gravity acting on the soaked suits.

Other Things That Can Damage Your Swimsuits Are

1. Don’t Wring Or Squeeze Them

I know you want your bathing suits to dry very fast as you usually do to your other wears, you wring them before spreading them out to dry but when it comes to swimsuits, it’s a whole different game entirely and that’s because the fabrics they’re made of are so delicate. A little wring here and there will not only cause them to stretch out unnecessary, but it will also cause them to lose shape and form as times goes on.

2. Avoid Washing Them With Detergents

Except it’s recommended, never you wash your swimsuits with just any detergent you come across with. A block of regular bar soap will be just fine on your suits.

Apart from using detergents, one other thing you must never do is to soak them using bleach. No matter how tough the stains are, it’s never a good idea to bleach-wash your suits rather, you can soak them using warm water alongside with your regular bar soap for a few minutes before washing. That way, the stains will happily come out without having to ruin your bathing suit.

3. Stay Clear From Hot Tubs

I once entered a jacuzzi with my suits which I just got and when I stepped out, I couldn’t believe what happened to my suit. The suit did not completely lose its elasticity, it got faded as well.

Can swimsuit go in the dryer

So to avoid ruining that suit you just bought, stay clear from hot tubs as they are capable of damaging your suit unless you want to dedicate a bathing suit for this purpose. You can decide to use an old suit if you so desired.

Note: if you still want to make use of hot tubs despite learning that it isn’t great for your suit, you can go for suits with 100 polyesters and that are resistant to chlorine.

Will A Bathing Suit Shrink In The Dryer?

If you’re asking to know whether or not a bathing suit will shrink in the dryer then the answer is absolute Yes. Dryers are an excellent way to shrink your suit but then, the heat in it can cause the fibre in them to weaken so to keep your suit in the best condition, they shouldn’t be used that often.

How Do I Shrink A Swimsuit In The Dryer?

Shrinking a suit in the dryer isn’t a difficult task, after all, it’s something anyone can do but it requires a bit of care. Here’s how you can successfully shrink your suit using the dryer.

First and foremost, ensure to keep the suit inside the dryer then turn it on (use high heat for cotton, low heat for nylon blend) and allow it to tumble until the suits are completely dried.

Note: Always consult the instructional manual or tags before you proceed with the shrinking.

Can You Put A Speedo In The Dryer?

As a general rule of thumb putting swimsuit inside the dryer usually cause them to stretch. Same goes for Speedo. Putting Speedo inside the dryer will not only cause them to shrink but also make them fade.

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How Do You Dry A Bathing Suit?

The most convenient way to dry a swimsuit without ruining them is by laying them flat on a surface to air dry. If you want them to dry very fast, roll them over a towel before spreading them flat to dry.

How Long Does It Take To Wash A Bathing Suit?

There’s really no stress involved in washing a bathing suit. In other words, To wash swimsuits shouldn’t take you more than 5 – 10 minutes and another extra 30 minutes for them to get dried depending on the amount of air/breeze they receive.

How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry?

Well, the truth is, there isn’t any universal agreed time it will take for a bathing suit to completely dry but what I’ve found out is that most suits usually dries up within 30 – 1 hour when there’s enough breeze.

Wrapping Up – Can Swimsuits Go In The Dryer

If you’re reading this, then you obviously must have learnt that putting your swimwears inside the dryer for them to dry faster isn’t the best way as this single act can ruin your suits completely.

So to ensure that your suit are in top-notch condition and ready for the next summer, it’s best that you take good care of them. Don’t wring them and also don’t sun-dry rather, air dry by laying them flat on a surface free from direct sunlight.

So that’s all you need to know about drying your swimsuit using a dryer. Here’s a quick one for you. Have you dried your swimwear with a bathroom dryer before? If yes, how did it go?


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