Can I Wear Bikini to a Store?

Who doesn’t like to show off their new dress or new shoes or new bikini ( I know, right?). Sometimes you might not even wear your bikini out because you like to show off but because it is highly needed. Probably it’s summer and everywhere is hot or you just need a cool temperature.

It’s absolutely fine. This actually has become a source of questions for a lot of ladies.  One of the most frequently asked questions is Can I wear a bikini to a store?

Yes, in some situation you can wear a bikini to a store, and depending on other factors, you may not  wear a bikini to a store. This is largely dependent on a number of reasons. Having answered the question can i wear a bikini to a store, now let’s take a look at the reasons.

Factors To Consider Before Wear Bikini to a Store?

1. Location

The country you are in matters if you will be wearing a bikini to a store or not. There are countries where women cannot wear bikinis to a store, unlike western countries where ladies are free to wear their bikinis to a store.

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There are also countries where your locality matters. Some parts of the countries are restricted while in some parts, you are free to do whatever you like. What matters is if it is accepted in your country or the area you are in. It can be a yes or a no for you.

2. The Store You are Going To

Because stores are private properties, they might allow you to wear a bikini or not. This also largely depends on if the store you intend to use has a strict dress code. If they do, then you might not be able to wear your bikini in their store.

The same way some other stores do not care and accept whatever their customer chooses to wear. So, what exactly are bikinis and why exactly do we need to know if they are acceptable in stores?

How Bikini Looks Like

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that consists of two triangles that cover the breasts and two triangles on the bottom as the bottoms. Bikinis vary in size and shape and can be according to the preference of who wants to wear them.

Most bikinis are made from the same fabric materials used for swimsuits. This can be spandex, polyester, nylon, etc. Some of the types of bikinis we have include string bikini, monokini, tankini, sling bikini, bandeau bikini, skirtini, etc.

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Places You Cannot Wear a Bikini to a Store

There are few places with restrictions in place that do not allow a woman to wear a bikini in public or to a store. If caught can be asked to pay a fine or arrested.

1. Barcelona and Mallorca Spain

In 2011, the island and capital banned the wear of bikinis in public. You are only allowed to wear them on the beach or other streets. If you are caught wearing a bikini, you might be fined about €500.

2. Croatia

Wearing a bikini on the streets of Hvar can result in a fine of about €600 if caught. The town has also put a ban on eating and drinking in public. So you might need to be careful if you are in Hvar, Croatia.

3. Maldives

While the Maldives is a cruise country, a place where you can spend the holidays and vacation and come back refreshed, the bikini is banned. Bikinis and other revealing swimsuits are restricted to resort beaches and certain public beaches for tourists only. This is because the country is an Islamic country.

4. United Arab Emirates

Tourists in the United Arab Emirates are restricted from wearing bikinis and other revealing swimsuits in the country due to the fact that they have Muslim families also using the beach. However, Dubai is not really restricted as long as it is not too revealing.

Places Where Bikinis are Accepted in Stores

1. United States

A lot of the states in America declare you can wear anything you want to wear as long as you are not offending anyone. In states like this, wearing a bikini is allowed, and definitely wearing it to a store. Nobody really cares what you wear.

2. Canada

In Canada, there are laws that allow you to go naked so wearing a bikini is just as normal as wearing regular clothes. So yes, you are allowed to wear your bikini to a store without breaking any law.

3. Brazil

Brazil is another country where you can wear your bikini in public without breaking any law. Your bikini is as normal as your regular clothes and you won’t be condemned for it.

4. Athens, Greece

Greece is also another place where you can wear a bikini in a local store without being thrown out or asked to leave. Bikinis are accepted in public. So in case you are going on a vacation, these are countries where you can easily wear your bikinis in stores. You can also ask the locals in order to be sure.

Can I Wear My Bikini Tops as Tops to a Store?

Yes, you can wear your bikini tops as tops to a store. Here’s what you can do;

1. Wear on Other Pieces of Clothing

When you want to wear your bikini to a store you can wear a jacket or crop top or shirt on top of it. This can make it look like a regular dressing and might make your dressing acceptable even in places where you cannot wear your bikinis in public or in stores.

2. Pick Bikini Tops That Look Like Regular Tops

If you want to get away with wearing your bikini to the store you might want to choose the ones that look like normal tops. This makes it easier for you to wear them even when you are wearing them alone without anything else.

3. Pair With High Waist Skirts or Pants

When wearing your bikini tops as tops, always pair them with high waist skirts or bottoms, this makes them look more elegant and classy. It also changes the outlook of your bikini top to a normal top.

How To Confidently Wear Your Bikini to a Store

If you want to confidently wear your bikini to a store without fear of trespassing or breaking rules, you can use it to make a fashion statement instead. Here’s how;

1. Wear Your Bikini Top With Palazzo Trousers

You can go right ahead and pair your bikini top with your palazzo pants. The wider the better, this will take the attention off your bikini top straight to your outfit. If you want you can pair it with vests or a kimono robe. (trust me, the attention will be on you. The good kind I mean)

2. Wear With a Jumpsuit

Your bikini top can fit right in with your buttoned-down jumpsuit. Pop open a few of the buttons to showcase your beautiful bikini and you will be making a statement.

3. Pair Your Bikini with a Biker Jacket and a Pair of Boots

You can get a biker jacket and matching bottoms and pair them with your bikini. If this isn’t making a statement enough I don’t know what is.

4. Wear with a Button-Down Shirt

For this to work, get a bikini set that has high waist bikini bottoms. Then get one of your button-down shirts and wear it on top. This gives you the classic outdoor look which can serve you well when stopping by the store to pick up stuff.

5. Pair with a Sheer Gown

This allows you to wear your bikini in peace while still covered without offending anybody’s sensibilities at the store. You can also pair it with flip-flops to give you this relaxed outdoor look.

6. Pair With Denim

I hope you know you can never go wrong with denim. Pair your denim shorts with monokini and probably a denim jean jacket and see how good you look. This gives you the chance to run to the store and back without being politely asked to leave, embarrassed and probably upset. 

Now you know that you can fashionably pair your bikini with your pants and denim and shirts and still look so good and at the same time follow the rules without offending anyone, breaking any rule or offending anyone. Voila! Problem solved.

Conclusion – Can I Wear Bikini to a Store?

Now that you know that there are countries where your bikinis will not be allowed in stores, you know how to wear your bikini and pair them to make a statement the next time you visit and you need to go to a store.  And of course, you also know that if you are in America and some European countries, you have nothing to worry about and you can absolutely go about wearing your bikini and you would not have broken any rule.

Anyway, anyone you do, I hope you will still be your beautiful best. Don’t forget when there are limitations about wearing your bikinis like that, simply make them fashionable with other pieces of clothing and accessories in your wardrobe and you are good to go. 


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