Can You Wear Bikini in Dubai?

Some places in the world have specific rules that are followed by everyone, residents or visitors. Rules are usually related to cultures, religion, and government policies that help guide all the activities and keep the crime rate in check.

Rules are different from region to region and it usually applies to citizens differently than to tourists. Rules are spread across different areas and are made aware immediately you get to such a place.

One of the aspects of the rules is clothing. Many places have relaxed rules about cloth wearing than others. Clothing is an expression of freedom aside from covering nudity. It is also one of the ways art and culture of specific regions are exhibited and recognized.

A bikini is a swimsuit worn at the beach and other waterfronts, due to its revealing nature, people ask; can you wear bikini in Dubai?

Yes, you can wear bikini swimsuits in Dubai, as long as you adhere to the rules attached to them. There are designated beaches for the general public and there are private beaches, bikinis can only be worn at private beaches away from the government and public eyes. The revealing nature of the suit has made it prohibited in some parts of the city, after all, it is an Islamic country.

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Why Is Bikini Prohibited in Public Places in Dubai?

Of the seven emirate counties that make up the UAE, Dubai is the most popular and most tolerant. Every year, it receives millions of tourists from every sphere of the planet, but since it’s an Islamic nation, it is bounded by rules that are strictly adhered to which failure to comply with them may attract serious penalties or immediate deportation.

Islam is a religion that does not accept revealing dresses, especially in public spaces, so, this is naturally reflected in the laws of Dubai as an Islamic-practicing country and member of the Arab Emirates. Often you will find the local people well covered, especially in the important areas of the body. The rules for women are even stricter because they believe the body of women is sacred in their religion and under no circumstances should it be revealed for public viewing.

A bikini is a very revealing piece of clothing you will agree, it covers only the boob, the front ladies’ part, and a few of the back mostly. The nature of a bikini is to allow freedom and comfort for outdoor water experiences. It is also used to flaunt the body shape for pleasure and other personal reasons. These may be norms in a larger part of the world, but it is unacceptable in Islam.

As a place of tourist attraction, the rules were relaxed a little to accommodate different cultures that like to enjoy the beach experience in their favorite suits. So, the wearing of a bikini is only allowed at some selected beaches and prohibited in the remaining public places of the city.

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What To Wear In Dubai?

Even though it is an Islamic-bound nation, you don’t have to fret about wearing clothes. Their rules are not as strict as you think and there is still a chance you can enjoy most of your usual clothing in the city. All residents and tourists are simply asked of modest dressing no matter the temperature that’s all. But it is advisable to read about the rules before you book your tickets.

If you are wondering about what you can wear in Dubai, well it depends on where you are planning to go. Just like we mentioned earlier, bikinis are allowed in some parts and prohibited in others, so places determine their dress codes. Some places are more conservative than others, if you are in downtown Dubai, you may notice more casual dressings.

If you roam further to some older parts of the city, such as the Spice Souk, modest dressing is more advised around that part. In the summer, when the temperature rises to 55℃ or 121℉, due to the overbearing heat, you may wear light, airy, cotton clothes to allow you to sweat out. Shorts are also ideal during this period. But most of the time, all indoor spaces are fully airconditioned and it may also turn out cold.

One minute you may be sweating in a sleeveless summer dress watching a fountain show, then suddenly wish you carried an extra long-sleeve dress, the minute you go indoor, especially places like the Dubai Mall.

Can You Wear A Bikini At A Dubai Waterpark?

No, you may not wear a bikini at a waterpark in Dubai. Waterparks are public places with various fountains or other water with aesthetic finishings. They are often characterized by water slides, swimming pools, and similar amusements in large outdoor areas. So that means, it is a place that attracts all kinds of people, young and old.

So, due to that nature, wearing a bikini that reveals a good part of an adult’s body may seem inappropriate for the juvenile attendance at the scene. Also, the law extends its arms to obvious places like waterparks where the public view is focused. A bikini is more suited for an adult-exclusive scene, that may not be affected by such exposure. A beach is one of those places.

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Can You Wear Bikini At A Pool Party in Dubai?

Yes and no, it depends on the nature around it. Dubai may be an Islamic nation, strictly bound by the shariah in its practice and public guidance. But it is also a sight of tourist attraction that welcomes people from all over. One of the things about tourist attractions is the incorporation of rules and systems that makes the experiences of tourists a pleasant one to make them want to return every chance they get.

So, they are also bound to give their visitors a nice stay during their visits. There are two kinds of parties, whether pool-themed or not; private and public parties. A private party may be restricted to some selected adults and the nature of dressing allowed may be endless. Such kinds of parties are only hosted by influential persons in Dubai and their attendance may be far from the public eye.

A public party on the other hand is hosted in less exclusive spots and is allowed entry by just anyone. Such types of parties may not allow the wearing of bikinis since it may attract law enforcement agents and it may lead to serious sanctions and penalties.

What Happens If A Person Is Caught Wearing Bikini At A Public Space in Dubai?

The punishment may not be severe instantly, a lady wearing a bikini may be asked to kindly cover-up by a security guard or any concerned passerby. They understand a lot of visitors may be foreign to their laws and allow for an understanding approach to tackle issues at first. Also, you might not need to be told, that the minute you are dressed indecently, you will begin to get stern looks from people passing by.

The law may then fiercely treat offenders that fail to adhere to the rules on repeated occasions. Also, some places carry their own special rules that may seem different from other places. Such rules may be publicly displayed on entry or introduced to visitors by some delegates that will receive you at the reception. So, a tourist may not end up in prison as you would expect from merely wearing a bikini.

Can A Local Wear Bikini in Dubai?

A lot of people wonder if the Arabian rules also apply to their locals. It mostly does too. They are naturally Muslims and their rules may be stricter even with them than you the visitors. Muslims are bound by the Quran, Hadith, or Shariah, and all these prevent them from dressing indecently in public. Wearing a bikini can never be found with a local, at least not in public.

Muslims generally protect their bodies from public view which may lead to shame and punishment from God. So, a local wearing bikini would be a rare sight.

Are Other Swimsuits Allowed in Dubai?

The rules apply the same for other swimsuits such as bikinis. Most suits are revealing in nature to allow moisture to pass through the skin during leisure activities or sporting events. Indecency in dressing encompasses all forms of swimsuits for public view. Imagine if it was a time for the Muslim prayer and you are spotted with boastful curves in your favorite suit, that would be unbecoming and distracting for the seer.

So, swimsuits or not, all tight-fitting or revealing dresses are prohibited from the public reach where it may be termed unlawful.

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Women’s Clothing Not Allowed in Dubai

The following are women’s clothing that is not allowed in public places in Dubai

  • Tight-fitting dresses that reveal the body shape
  • See-through clothing
  • Bikinis and swimsuits
  • Tops with visible bras
  • Clothes that reveal too many cleavages
  • Skirts or shorts that are too shorts with bums hanging out
  • T-shirts with inappropriate inscriptions, slogans, or jokes which might be funny to some but offensive to others.

Women’s Clothing Allowed in Dubai

  • Knee-reaching dresses, sleeveless, or short sleeves
  • Normal T-shirts
  • Normal jeans, khaki, chinos, or other pants
  • Skirts and shorts
  • General tops and tank tops
  • Normal long dresses that run from the shoulder down past the knees or ankles
  • Sneakers, trainers, crocs, slides, and sandals.

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Conclusion on Wearing Bikini in Dubai

The country is one of the best destinations for international tourists with state-of-the-art technology and facilities that would leave the mouth agape. But it doesn’t change the fact that is an Islamic community and it strictly adheres to Islamic laws also enjoined to be followed by visitors. Bikini and other revealing dresses may only be restricted to places with limited viewing.


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