Are Thong Swimsuit in Style?

Thong swimsuit is a style of swimsuit that has is usually the bottom of a bikini and is very narrow at back exposing the buttocks.  A curvaceous and well-sculpted buttock is desired by both women and men see it as a center of sexual attention. The thong gives the mirage of a rounder butt than it actually is and also makes your longer look longer.  Women spend hours in the gym working on sculpting their buttocks and leg and the thong is a type of swimsuit that lets us flaunt that beautiful and well-taken body.

Thongs do not just come as bikinis, of course, there are one-piece thongs. We all thought one piece is meant to give us that full coverage but rather it has evolved and given an option of covering the upper part and also flaunting the buttocks. This type of swimsuit is scantily clad, this could make you ponder and bring us to the question, are thong swimsuit in style?

Yes, thong swimsuits are in style. It is a type of swimsuit that is worn by celebrities, models, bloggers, and all classes of famous fashion people.  Thongs have always been trending since the ’80s.

Why are Thong Swimsuits in Style?

Thong swimsuits are in style and might not go out of season due to a number of reasons.

1. Comfort

They are very comfortable on the body as they sit on the well on the waist and butt following the shape of the body. It fits so well, requires no constant, adjustments, distractions that it does not cause a wedgie, unlike the full bikini bottoms.

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It is seamless and melds into the body which allows you free movement, without worrying about it shifting to the side, riding down or the waves pulling it off completely which is common to the full bikini bottom and it is embarrassing.  It fits comfortably that it does not trap sand between the butt cheeks. It is seamless that it melds into the

2. Tan

There is less to cover which allows you to tan more skin. It allows you to enjoy your sunbathing experience by giving you fewer tan lines. Some thongs are even tan through.

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3. Sexy

Thong bikini is in style because of the attraction it draws to the butt. Women feel sexy, desired, powerful, and dominant when they wear one. The compliments and praises they receive from male counterparts have increased the demand for this type of swimsuit.

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It also makes you feel proud and confident about your body. It makes the butt look rounder and the length appear longer which is a pleasing sight to behold. It is flattering and gives the body more shape. You get to show off what you’ve got.

4. Easy to Pack

It occupies less space In the suitcase. If your suitcase is busting at the seams, these swimsuits are a good option to pick as they hardly have any fabric.

Are Thong Bathing Suits Acceptable?

A Thong bathing suit is not an illegal outfit to wear and you can wear it as long as you feel comfortable in them. It is the most common swimsuit worn at a beach, pool party, on a boat, in your own backyard, or on a cruise ship.

Skimpier swimsuit such as the micro bikini is also worn to the beach nowadays without a complaint from anyone.  Although there might be some complaints if you were a thong bathing suit to a community pool or a private pool party where there might be kids running around.

When Did Thong Swimsuit Become Popular?

Thong bikini was first designed by Rudi Gernreich in 1974. In 1975, Jerry Hall and Lisa Taylor modeled the swimsuit for Vogue but were considered scandalous and did not gain recognition in America. It was introduced to Brazil where it is widely accepted and worn by the beach-going Latin community.

It caught the attention of America back in 1989 when its one-piece was worn in the movie Baywatch. A lot of swimsuit designers are reporting high record sales of thong swimsuits.

How To Wear Thong Swimsuit

The thong swimsuit has been reborn and is now the trend all thanks to Instagram. It is worn by A-list celebrities like the Kardashians, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and many more. Keep scrolling for tips to wear this swimsuit

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1. Pack an extra

Pack an extra pair of bottoms with you if it is your first time trying it. You get to easily change out of it and carry on with your if get uncomfortable wearing it.

2. Go back to the ’80s

Most thongs bikinis designs have string-like straps and if you are not comfortable with them you could pick the high cut bottoms.

They were popular in the 80s or you could try the high-waisted ones. They still offer the illusion of the rounder butt while giving good coverage at the front. If you feel vulnerable about your tummy flab and need more support, the high waisted is a good option as it cinches the waist.

3. Thick straps

Search for thong bikinis that have thick straps as they provide more support compared to the thinner versions. They are also helpful if you are feeling less confident about your stomach area

4. Choose the type you want

Do your research well about this swimsuit before buying it. There are various styles of thongs swimsuits and you should not just buy the first one you see. Pick a design that most suits your body type and your personal style. They range from the designs that cover most of the butt and upper thigh to involving a very little amount of fabric.

5. Waxing

Waxing is recommended when wearing thong swimsuits as it completely removes the hair in the butt crack and cheeks completely. It leaves the area smooth to touch and makes you confident to rock the swimsuit. It is not advisable to wax yourself as you could damage your skin or break the hair. Seek the help of a professional.

6. Exfoliating

Exfoliate the bikini area to keep it smooth and free from ingrown hairs. Shaving down there is not recommended.

7. Moisturizing

Applying moisturizer to the bum every day just like any other part of the body is very important. The bum will be completely exposed when wearing the thong swimsuit and you do want the butt skin to look soft, supple, and well moisturized.  Massage the cream in a circular motion to increase heat and improve absorption into the skin.

8. Self tanning

After exfoliating and moisturizing, it is advisable you apply fake tan to your body. The tan should be cover all areas and angles to avoid having two shades. The butt cheeks should also be tanned to get rid of any tan lines and make cellulite less noticeable. The butt and the rest of the body should look the same.

Tan mitts are recommended as it helps to smoothly apply the tan around the curves. The tan should be applied in a sweeping motion to even it out. Layer up the tan a second time after about 20 minutes. This ensures you cover up areas that might have been missed the first time and makes the tan last longer. The tan can be used to contour your curves by creating some shadows.

9. Sunscreen

Always use a waterproof oil-free sunscreen with good SPF to protect you from sun damage, chlorine, and sea salt.

10. Location

Before picking a particular thong swimsuit style, you have to carefully consider where you are wearing them. A Thong swimsuit with little fabric is not suitable for a high level of activities like surfing. The conditions of the water at the beach should also be considered if the waves will be low or high to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Just don’t take my word about this thong swimsuit, keep scrolling to see how the thong has taken over and shop for a top-rated swimsuit.

11. Wear One-piece

If you feel vulnerable wearing a thong bikini, the one-piece replica is less revealing as the top part is covered. Although they are not as common as the bikini.

Best Thong Swimsuit in Style

1. SHERRYLO Thong Bikini Swimsuit

SHERRYLO Bikini Swimsuit for Women Black Triangle Top Brazilian Thong Cut Bottom Sexy Bathing Suits for Women


This is a classic string-strapped two-piece thong bikini that fits all body types. It has an adjustable crotch panel and a triangle-shaped upper part.

2. QINSEN Women’s Tie Knot Front High Waist Thong

QINSEN Ladies Flowy Cropped Tank Brazilian Thong 2PCS Bikini Bathing Suit Rosy M


This is a high-waisted bikini set with a thong bottom and the bikini has a knot at the front. It has a removable padded bra for support.

3. RELLECIGA Women’s High Cut Low Back One Piece Thong Swimsuit for Women

RELLECIGA Women's Black Keyhole Cutout High Neck Halter Bikini Set Swimwear Size SmallCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

 This is a one-piece swimsuit with an adjustable strap and a plunging neckline. It has a low back cut and a thong at the bottom.

Conclusion – Are Thong Swimsuit in Style?

Thong Swimsuits are in style as they are very comfortable and seamless that it melds into the body. They make a woman’s body not only look sexy but also feel sexy and confident about herself.

The beautiful thing about this swimsuit is you can pick how skimpy you want it to be depending on how daring you are. To learn about this type of swimsuit and its various designs, kindly go through the article for more information.


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