How To Get Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini

The number one trendiest suit currently making waves in the world is the thong bikini. Over and over again, the manufacturers of the thong bikini have proven beyond reasonable doubt, that it has more than what it takes, to get millions going haywire in love with it. It has become the suit that is commonly worn by women on numerous occasions.

Unknowingly, it is also that suit that men have come to laud and appreciate especially when their women pose in such attractive suits. It gives them a astonishing feeling of happiness. Sadly, not all women are fond of wearing thong bikinis. For men who are seated on this standpoint, they are equally seeking an answer to the question which says, How To Get Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini.

To get a wife to wear a thong bikini, there are a few methods you can implore. All you need do is get ready to be fully involved in this, as you will be putting in much effort to get your wife to wear a thong bikini. Since an answer has been made available for this, How To Get Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini, here are a couple of things you should start with before the main deal.

Foremost, take a moment, to deeply reflect on the wonderful things you’ve come to love about her because it will help to get on the right path.

Secondly, pre-inform her on the need to have a conversation with her. The truth is, you can’t approach her by catching her off guard with discussions on thongs. You certainly have to begin from somewhere, which will, in turn, build up the way to such a topic.

How To Get Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini

Now, kindly follow the following methods which you can use to get your wife to wear a thong bikini.

1. Ask Why She Isn’t Wearing Thong Bikinis

Before proceeding, try finding out her reasons why she isn’t wearing the bikini. This should be the first step, before anything else. By doing such, you are setting the table for the main conversation to fall in place.

A wife may choose not to wear the thong bikini due to some underlying reasons. These reasons are what you need to make findings of. Remember, you are trying to get your wife to wear a thong bikini. Hence, you have got to pay attention to her first, so you know where to kick-start your conversation.

2. Tell Her How You Feel

After following the first step, it is now time to open up to her on how you truly feel. I know some persons prefer going through the back door, to get this done. Why it isn’t a bad idea, I’d suggest you shouldn’t take this part.

Know this. She isn’t a stranger, but your wife. In marriage, there is a place for heartfelt communication and understanding which is one of the tenets of marriage. Communicate your feelings to her, so she knows what you love or admire.

3. Compliment Her

A compliment goes a long way in building bonds, be it friendship or relationships. Having opened up to your wife, the third step to take would be complimenting her. Let her know how sexy, attractive and gorgeous she is and has always been.

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Honestly, women who birthed children, tend to be becloud themselves with low confidence or insecurities. It is left for you to help her out, so she can scale the hurdles that seem to be putting her on hold. To do away with those hurdles, a compliment is mandatory for what is ahead.

4. Give Her Confidence

For you to get your wife to wear a thong bikini, you’ll give her lots of confidence. It could be that she is a bit insecure about one or two flaws or imperfections in her body. And the best way to help her tame this, would be to make her feel confident.

Being confident in herself will help her to overcome whatever she has going on within her. Let her know her flaws or imperfections are very much okay and rather than dismay them, she should appreciate and accept them. It only makes her more human.

5. Go To The Gym With Her

What could be more beautiful than working out together? If you want your wife to wear a thong bikini, then make out time to go to the gym with her. If possible, you can both register for the gym.

By heading to the gym with her, you are assisting in burning whatever fat that she has. You are assisting her in building her self-confidence and also in building her body to be attractive for a thong bikini. Also, going to the gym with her is a way of boosting her morale to put in more effort.

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The more fit she gets, the sexier she will look in the thong bikini. As such, do not sleep on this. Consistency matters greatly. And to help with the consistency, she needs to hit the gym as many times as possible with you.

6. Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures play a huge part in helping your wife to wear thong bikinis. Aside from giving her confidence and constantly complimenting her look, sealing it with some romantic gestures will go a long way in getting her ready to rock the thong bikini.

Planning dinners, vacations and getting thoughtful gifts for her, are ways of letting her know you want this, and you are willing to do anything for it to become a reality.

7. Surprise Her With A Thong Bikini

Since you would love her to start putting on the thong bikinis, do her the favor of surprising her with a thongs suit. However, this should come after the rest steps have been carried out. The surprise isn’t something you rush into even without speaking to her about it first.

Although, you can as well surprise her with the thong bikinis before the main conversation. Since she’s your wife, you know her more than we do. Whichever you know will work better, go for it. What is important here, is to ensure that she gets to wear the thong bikini.

Here are some thong bikinis that will be perfect for your wife.

1. ZAFUL Women’s Bikini Swimsuit Ribbed Bathing Suit

ZAFUL Women's Bikini Swimsuit Ribbed Bathing Suit Scrunch Butt String Thong Bikini Set


The Zaful thong bikini will look so breathtaking on your wife. The cutout, the straps, and the details are what makes it even more enchanting.

2. SHERRYLO Thong Bikini Swimsuit for Women

SHERRYLO Bikini Swimsuit for Women Black Triangle Top Brazilian Thong Cut Bottom Sexy Bathing Suits for Women


The Sherrylo thong bikini is a fashion statement on its own. If your wife should ever put on such a bikini, you’ll certainly find yourself falling for them each day. It is that bikini that is pleasing to the eye.

3. ZAFUL Women’s Scale Print Lace-up Crisscross Bralette Bikini Set

ZAFUL Women's Scale Print Lace-up Crisscross Bralette Bikini Set Swimsuit (Multi-B, M)


Not all brands of thong bikini can give you goosebumps. The Zaful brand surpasses most brands when we talk about swimming suits that beats one’s imagination. This set of thong bikinis will look magnificent on your wife, giving you that proud and happy feeling.

4. Flawerwumen Womens Bandeau High Waisted String Bikini

Flawerwumen Womens Bandeau High Waisted String Bikini Brazilian Cheeky Two Piece Thong Sexy Strapless Bathing Suits Swimsuits Red


The fourth thong bikini we’ve got here is the Flawerwumen women’s bikini. Surprise your lovely wife with this, and watch how excited she gets. Such a bikini gives that cheeky look and would give her that ever young feeling.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Getting Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini

1. Don’t Force, Coerce Or Pressurize Her

The fact that you want your wife to wear thong bikinis isn’t an avenue for you to exert force, or coerce or pressurize her. It is a choice and a free will.

Have the conversation with her, and let how see the reasons behind you wanting her to join in wearing thongs. On no condition, should you get out of the way to make it compulsory. If she isn’t moved to wear the thong bikini, then so be it. Do not let any of the former, come to play.

Rather than trying to force, coerce or pressurize her, do the opposite. Let her know why the thong bikini is something you will love to see her on and vice versa. Remember, all it requires is effort and patience.

2. Let Her Take Her Time

Don’t expect your wife to start putting on the thong bikinis immediately. She needs time. Time to adjust to wearing the thong bikinis. Don’t rush her as it might likely not end well.

Instead, give her enough time. So she can come to fully accept to wear such kind of wear.

Please Note: Aside from the first few steps, the rest can be carried at any time interval. All the steps can’t be done in a day. Sitting her down, and having the thong bikini conversation with her, is the number one to do.

It is after this stage, that you can now proceed to the rest steps which can be carried out at any point in time. It is a gradual process. One conversation wouldn’t fix it all. Your wife isn’t going to start wearing thongs bikini instantly. Although, some might. But the bottom line is, the rest steps can be done little by little.

Conclusion – How To Get Wife To Wear A Thong Bikini

Getting your wife to wear a thong bikini, is one of the simplest things you will find yourself doing. All that is required, is to begin the conversation, and let it flow from there.

As it flows, endeavor to follow the necessary steps as stated above, such that it becomes a success and you finally get to see her in those thongs. If you would love to purchase any of the thongs, please do well to check for more information and details by clicking the attached links.


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