Are Cheeky Bikinis Appropriate?

Cheeky bikinis are the perfect bathing suit for a wide variety of people. They are perfect for women who have shapely hips and bottoms, as well as women who want to show off their shapely hips and bottoms.

Cheeky bikinis are also appropriate for women with long legs to show off their curves and long limbs. They look great on women with strong shoulder-to-hip ratios, as well as those whose shoulders are wider than their waists.

So if you have a pear shaped body or full round bottom, then cheeky bikinis can work for your shape too. This brings us to ask the question, are cheeky bikinis appropriate?

It depends on the person wearing it. There is no definite rule that says if they are appropriate or not. So far as you can wear them without feeling self conscious then you are fine. Else, it might be better to stick to swimsuits with more coverage.

Are cheeky bikinis appropriate?

Cheeky bikinis are appropriate in the sense that anyone can wear them. If you find one that fits you well and is comfortable, then go ahead and wear it on the beach! There’s nothing wrong with a little cheek. Just as there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep most of your butt covered up by your bikini bottoms.

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What’s truly inappropriate is for someone to tell you what kind of bathing suits you should or should not wear. There are no rules about swimwear except for those that you make for yourself. If a style makes you feel good and confident, then it’s perfect for the beach and if another style doesn’t quite work for you, that’s perfectly fine, too. The only person who has any say over whether a cheeky bikini (or any other bikini) is appropriate is the wearer as long as they’re happy with their choice, of course.

What are Cheeky Bikinis?

What are cheeky bikinis? Cheeky bikini bottom is an alternative to regular bikini bottoms or swimming trunks. The cut of a cheeky bikini bottom is slightly different from the more usual style of swimwear. Compared to standard bikinis, it has a smaller hip coverage with wider side straps and narrower waist straps.

Cheeky bikini bottoms are usually made of Lycra and spandex-type materials which give them flexibility and shape. They are available in all sorts of patterns, colors, and designs, ranging from solid black or white through one color patterns such as polka dot or stripes to multi-color patterns like animal print or plaid. Some manufacturers will even make custom designs for their customers at no extra cost.

Why You Should Choose Cheeky Bikini Over Regular Bikini

Cheeky bikini bottoms offer several advantages over regular bikinis:

  • Cheekies rise higher on your hips than regular bikinis making them more comfortable if you have a long torso while also enhancing your natural curves.
  • The extra wide side straps further enhance your figure by drawing attention towards your hips and away from other parts of your body that you might not be so happy with (like love handles).
  • They provide better support than a normal bikini bottom since the extra wide side straps help keep everything in place without digging into your skin (no more embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions).

Why Cheeky Bikini may be appropriate

Don’t be afraid of taking risks and expressing your individuality. Of course, with the increasing popularity of cheeky bikinis, we have to ask: are they appropriate?

We’re not saying you should wear them right off the bat. Instead, we suggest keeping your wardrobe neutral unless you want to draw attention and that’s okay! If you’re feeling daring, try out a cheeky bikini and see how it goes over with your friends and family. It could lead to another great idea like wearing a thong-bikini while rollerblading down the street in broad daylight.

But if it doesn’t look fabulous, don’t force it. Take a step back from these revealing pieces and remember that there’s more than one way to be sexy. If a picture-perfect smile works for you, go for it. Just make sure you’re comfortable with what you choose. No matter how much trendsetting these pieces are today, they’ll eventually fade away like past trends except for some truly classy ones like the twist top bikini, which will go on forever because it’s so timeless.

Can I wear a cheeky bikini?

All women, no matter their shape or size, can wear a cheeky bikini. You just need to find the right one for your body type.

  • Pear shapes should look for bottoms with a little more coverage on the hips and bum, which will make your booty look even better. The top is important too, try choosing a bikini with straps that go around the neck instead of over the shoulders. This will help draw attention to your upper half and away from your lower half.
  • The reverse goes for those who are apple shaped—go with a skimpy bottom (as long as you’re comfortable) while you choose something that’s more covered up on top to help balance out your silhouette.
  • Hourglass shapes are going to look good in any cheeky bikini they try, but they really need to make sure they have enough support on top to keep everything where it needs to be.
  • And in general, anyone can rock a cheeky bikini so long as they are confident—you might even want to try accessorizing with fun beach jewelry or other eye-catching pieces.

Types of cheeky bikinis

A Brazilian bikini is a little bit less full coverage than the traditional bikini bottom. Basically, this cut of swimsuit bottom is more revealing, showing more skin on the rear and sides. The Brazilian bottom can be made in many styles and fabrics, adding to the variety of its look. Some of those styles are:

  • Cheeky bikini bottoms that are layered over another pair of bottoms
  • Cheeky bikini bottoms with side ties instead of back ties
  • Cheeky bikini bottoms with lace trim for a classier look
  • Cheeky bikini bottoms with ruffles for a cute or flirty look (depending on the ruffle pattern)
  • Cheeky bikini bottoms with floral trim for a summertime feel

Why Cheeky Bikini may not be appropriate

Cheeky Bikinis are a great way to feel confident and sexy on the beach, but they’re not appropriate in all places or for all people. To make sure you’re choosing an appropriate cheeky bikini style, here are some guidelines:

You should be at least 18 to wear a cheeky bikini. Cheeky bikinis are intended for women who have reached legal adulthood. You should certainly wait until you’re at least 18 before wearing one.

Cheeky bikini bottoms might not be flattering on you if you have a larger body type. Cheeky bikinis are usually more form-fitting than other styles of bikinis, and thus aren’t the most flattering choice for those who struggle with their weight. If this is you, choose another style that’s more forgiving of imperfections.

Don’t wear your cheeky bikini in public areas where people don’t expect to see them worn. While it’s fine to wear a cheeky bikini at the beach or poolside at night (if there’s a dress code), it could be considered inappropriate and even illegal to wear your cheeky bikini in public areas like malls or parks. Make sure you check any local laws regarding acceptable swimwear in public before wearing your cheeky bikini out there.

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Appropriate Swimsuits that are not too cheeky

If you have a little extra padding on your hips, opt for swimsuits with full coverage. It’s very easy to get the wrong bikini fit, especially if the bottoms are too small. Full coverage is not just appropriate; it’s also flattering.

1. High Waisted Bottoms

Another great option is high waisted bottoms. When paired with a bikini top, they provide great coverage for swimming and lounging alike. You can even mix and match your own high waisted bottoms with any top to make sure you’re comfortable in whatever beachwear you opt for.

2. Tankini

Tankinis are another great way to cover up what you don’t want exposed. A tankini is simply a two-piece bathing suit that includes a tank top and shorts or regular bikini bottom. There are many different styles of tankinis, so be sure to find one that works best for you.

When shopping for swimsuits, try not to get hung up on what others will think. It may help to know how other people feel about specific types of swimwear before making decisions about which ones will work best​

How to feel comfortable in cheeky bikini

I’ve never been shy about my love for cheeky bikinis. In fact, I find it hard to be not cheeky in a bikini, I feel empowered and liberated, as if I’m wearing something that wasn’t meant for me.

The problem is that I don’t always have the confidence to wear them. One of the first questions people ask me is: “Are you going to be comfortable in it?”

When they ask this question, they’re really asking: “Are you confident enough to wear this swimsuit without feeling uncomfortable?”

What they don’t realize is that when we wear what feels like our personal version of a Speedo (or a thong), we often do so with anxiety knowing we’ll get stares, comments, and giggles from people around us, even people further away.

When you walk into an airport wearing one of those, you’re practically giving out your travel schedule: “Here’s when the plane will land,” or “Here’s where I’ll be waiting.” While some might appreciate their confidence and believe there’s nothing wrong with it, others are simply put off by it. But then again, even women who aren’t on the beach or experiencing spring break might not see why you would want to wear one anyway; just because I do doesn’t mean everyone feels that way.

People need to understand how this whole process works for us women before getting upset about how we dress; we need other women who can relate to being constantly scrutinized on the beach or at a pool party. We also need men who could explain what all these words mean (no judgment here). And yes, sometimes all these words come together and make sense together, but most of the time they don’t because if they did then everyone would be wearing bikinis.

Is it okay for teenagers to wear a cheeky bikini?

It depends on the person, the environment, and the age. In my opinion, it is okay for a teenager to wear a cheeky bikini if she or he is at a pool party in Florida. However, it is not okay for that same teenager to wear a cheeky bikini if they are in a religious meeting. The more conservative the environment, the less appropriate it is for teenagers to wear cheeky bikinis.

Age is important here as well; I think younger teenagers should also be discouraged from wearing such revealing clothing because they will draw attention to themselves and may lead others down the wrong path. For example, when I was growing up, there were young girls who wore inappropriate clothing, and their actions attracted negative attention towards them. Also, I am concerned that many teenagers do not understand how others could read sexual messages into what they are wearing.

Can you wear cheeky bikinis in Florida?

Yes, cheeky bikinis are appropriate in Florida. Beaches in Florida don’t have a dress code and there are no restrictions on what type of swimsuit you can wear to the beach. Feel free to wear a cheeky bikini.

Conclusion – Are Cheeky Bikinis Appropriate?

The decision to wear a cheeky bikini or not depends on your personality and body. If you’re confident wearing a sexy bikini and have the body type, then definitely go for it.  Otherwise, you should probably look into full-coverage swimwear options. That’s not to say that there are certain bodies that are better for cheeky bikinis: all bodies are beach bodies, no matter what size.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with the way your posterior looks in one of these bikinis, then it’s not worth the trouble to get something like this just because “everyone else is wearing it.” You can still look cute and be comfortable in an athletic-style bathing suit.

It’s important to note that while these styles may feel bolder, they aren’t necessarily more classy than other bathing suits given how often people flash their butts at public beaches when they’re wearing regular two-pieces.

When in doubt about whether or not a particular bathing suit is appropriate for you, keep this in mind: if you wouldn’t wear it to work or around family members, then it’s probably inappropriate for the beach as well.


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