How Old Should My Teen Be To Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit?

Aren’t we in awe of the latest trends of bathing suits that have catapulted our hearts? It is amazing seeing how the bathing suits have evolved from what it was known to be years ago. From the archaic, tacky, and not so attractive suits to an alluring, heart-thrilling, and stunning bathing suits in a new era.

With the latest designs of swimsuits that seem to have our souls captivated by their beauts, there is no looking back because the bathing suit brands have more in store for all. However, with the birth of new suits blueprint and styles, comes unending questions to be answered.

Here is one, How Old Should My Teen Be To Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit?

A teen doesn’t have to be so old before having to wear a cheeky bathing suit. In as much as the teen in question is above 13 years of age(the standard age for a teenager), she is free to put on a cheeky bathing suit.

Why a Teen Should Be Allowed to Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit?

Now, having answered the question, let us see some of the reasons why a teen should be allowed to put on a cheeky bathing suit. They are;

1. It Builds Their Confidence

Teens with body flaws tend to be less confident and less secure in themselves at the early teen stage. They sometimes get triggered by their peer’s perception of them which makes them want to be less seen and not in the eyes of the public. Well, can’t say the same for other teenagers, but, the majority go through this phase.

As such, they put on bathing suits that cover almost the entire body because of their insecurities. And one way to let them wear the armor of confidence would be to teach them how to accept their flaws and imperfections no matter what. Letting them know that they are beautiful and perfect just as they are, would ease them the burden of hiding their flaws.

A cheeky bathing suit for your teen would help them to overcome whatever they feel is flawed in their bodies. cheeky bathing suits boost confidence. Not only those with perfect bodies that are opportune to have it worn. Regardless of the scar, flaw, or imperfections, your teen can rock the cheeky bathing suit. It will assist in boosting their confidence and being secured in their skin. This way, you are building your child’s low self-esteem.

2. Trendy

Cheeky bathing suits have become an unending trend that we can’t turn a blind eye to. If we are, to be honest, the newest cheeky bathing suits are so gorgeous and would fit into every body shape. Who wouldn’t want to go for something trendy?

Your teen wouldn’t want to miss out on this trend either. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting them explore the various types of bathing suits we have on board. Just so you know, by cheeky, we aren’t referring to only bathing suits that give minimal coverage to the butt. There are different types of cheeky bathing suits which allow you or your child to choose from any.

Since the cheeky bathing suit is a trend that almost everyone seems to be unto, there is no harm in letting your teen have a feel of the latest trend. That aside, most bathing suits that are being produced recently, are more cheeky than others. That is, there are more of the cheeky bathing suits out there. Why? It is because it is what most people go for. All these contribute to the suit being a popular trend. But your teen can rock a cheeky bathing suit with maximum coverage.

Why a Teen May Not Be Allowed to Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit?

Not all parents or guardians would give their teen the leverage to wear cheeky bathing suits for reasons such as;

1. Religion

Yes, some people’s beliefs don’t give them the room to put on wears that are liable to have their bodies exposed one way or another. For such kinds of people, they pass such beliefs down to their teens and make them understand that while they are free to dress the way they want, there are exceptions.

I used the word exception to show that while some bathing suits can be allowed, others would be frown at. For parents or guardian that are highly religious, the cheeky bathing suit is out of the discussion. They may want to consider other bathing suits provided they are suits that do not expose the entire butt. They would rather have their teen put on bathing suits that seem modest or moderate.

In other cases, they may decide to give their teen the privilege to wear the bathing suits they prefer after a certain age. This is, when they are above the teenage age and have transcended to the adult age where they get to make their own decisions. It is left for the child to choose with or without religion.

2. Upbringing

A people’s upbringing says a lot about them. Some parents were brought up with a certain upbringing that makes them different from their peers. And such parents tend to pass this on to their teens. They raise them in certain ways that let them put their upbringing first before anything else.

For the fact that they have a strict upbringing, they certainly wouldn’t want to wear bathing suits that will leave their butt in the open. Neither would their parents. Not because they are trying to seem perfect or anything. Neither are they less confident in themselves.

But because of the upbringing they have had, it will influence whatever decision they choose to make. Also, for a teen who is not used to suits that expose cheeks because they are not acclimatized to skimpy wears, it will be difficult for them to be seen in cheeky bathing suits.

3. People’s Opinion

Surprising right? Well, some persons care about the opinions of others. Be it the 21st century or not, they seem to care about negative or positive comments. To avoid inappropriate comments, they stop their teen from wearing any bathing suits that will have them expose their bodies to all and sundry.

For persons who fall into this category, they do not want people to have something to talk about to others. They kinda get triggered by what those around them would say. And this causes them to put their teen in check so they do not follow the trend of the crowd in wearing bathing suits that put the butt cheeks in display. This is done to avoid the opinions of others.

What To Expect When Your Teen Puts On A Cheeky Bathing Suit

While it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to let your teen wear a cheeky bathing suit, you should know that there are some negative aspects to it. This is to say that there is a sexualizing effect. Yes, this is may sound out of point, but it is the sad truth. Anything that has a good side to it also has a bad side to it (advantage and disadvantages).

Some pervert guys could be having unclean thoughts seeing teens in cheeky bathing suits. Not just teens, but adults as well. In other words, ensure your teen is ready to go through this phase, and also, it will be best to make them understand certain things like this to be on the safe side.

Let them know what is out there and how best to overcome such kinds of situations. Since they are not fully grown, it would be more advisable to have such conversations with them so they are aware of what is out there. By doing this, you are preparing your teen for what is to be expected and also for the outside world.

Here are some cheeky bathing suits for your teen

1. ZAFUL Sunflower Bikini Set Padded Lace Up High Waisted Bathing Suit

ZAFUL Sunflower Bikini Set Padded Lace Up Ruched Tankini High Waisted Bathing Suit Yellow M


Zaful bathing suit brands have dominated the swimming world with their colorful suits that you certainly would desire. This would look so great on your teen and have them looking their best at the pool.

Some of its features include a padded bra, a stretchy, and a quality bathing suit that will make one different from others at the pool. Note that it isn’t for the pool or beach only. It is a cheeky bathing suit that can be worn to other places like vacations, spas, and even down to water parks. The Zaful sunflower cheeky bathing suit is just the right suit for your teen.

2. MOSHENGQI Women’s Bandeau Ruffled Bikini Set Off Shoulder Smocked Swimsuit Bathing Suit

MOSHENGQI Women's Bandeau Ruffled Bikini Set Off Shoulder Smocked Swimsuiit Bathing Suit(S(US Size 2-4),Yellow-Floral)GET THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

I present to you, the Moshengi bathing suit. For teens who aren’t fans of bathing suits that are too cheeky, then this bathing suit is clear. In terms of cheekiness, it is moderate.

One thing to love most about the bathing suit is that it lets you decide whether to have it worn with the straps, or not. You can take off the straps or have them reattached to the top. Also, it is a ruffled suit with a high cut that puts one’s slender legs on display.

Conclusion – How Old Should My Teen Be To Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit

A teen should be at the stipulated teenage age for them to be able to wear a cheeky bathing suit. While it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have them wear a cheeky suit before the official teenage, it is best to have them wear these suits when they’re a bit grown, and could handle some pleasant and unpleasant circumstances.


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