Can You Wear a Bikini to a Water Park?

Visiting water parks remains one of the most loved summer activities as they allow for a wide range of gender-neutral events. And it’s not unusual to see friends, families and loved ones plan way ahead before embarking on.  Water parks ten to recreate fun time activities you get at the beach; you can swim, sunbathe, ride giant slides and play other games.

While you might tend to obsess over the fun you are likely to get at a waterpark, an overlooked aspect is often what to wear. The choice of swimwear might eventually come down to personal preference, but in most cases, each water park typically enforces a certain dress code as it deems worthy. Knowing what rules exist in whichever water park you decide to visit can help you answer the question; can you wear a bikini to a water park?

Yes, Bikinis are excellent swimwear that you can rock to a water park so long it’s accepted. But before you run off in one, keep in mind that several water parks have regulations on the type and design of bikinis they allow.

Is Wearing A Bikini To A Water Park Practical?

While bikinis are great for showing off the body and its magnificent curves, you might want to consider the practicality of wearing one to a water park. Depending on the activities you will be engaging in at the park, bikinis might not be a suitable swimsuit.

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If you intend to participate in low energy activities such as sunbathing or tanning, then bikinis are your best option. With respect to some sporting activities, you can also rely on bikinis to help you perform excellently without restrictions.

If you intend to participate in high-intensity activities such as riding giant water slides and diving, then you might want to stay away from bikinis. Certainly, some bikini designs can be considered, but you want to stay away from designs that involve strings or side ties.

These designs are susceptible to a wardrobe malfunction and could unknot during the twists and turns involved with riding slides at water parks. Thankfully, you can save yourself from any potentially embarrassing moments by finding suitable alternatives.

Another question bothering on the practicality of bikinis at water parks is size. If you intend to use the slides at water parks, then you need to consider the size of your bikini before going on the slide. Small-sized bikinis that are too loose can easily come off your body and if they hug your body tightly, they can ride up your skin and expose previously covered portions. Thankfully, high-waist bikini designs might be able to overcome this drawback.

Things to Know Before Heading out To the Water Park

Going out to a water park is much more than just picking the right swimwear to use. There are a host of other considerations to make before you eventually get to partake in all the fun water parks presents. Let’s take a look at some of these essentials to get you well-prepared for your next trip to the water park

1. Clothing

If you think water parks are all about swimwear alone, get ready to change that thinking.

Other types of clothing are essential, and we will take a look at a few of them:

Select an Appropriate and Comfortable Swimwear

As I earlier stated, choosing the right swimwear to take to a water park might be the difference in you having a great or bitter experience. Similarly, most water parks will allow you to wear a bikini but using any other type of swimwear is advisable.

One-piece swimsuits are great for experiencing exhilarating slides at the park, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this due to your attire. Your appropriate swimwear to the park should be free of belts, zippers, buttons, rivets or metal ornaments since these have the potential to cause damage to your, other users as well as the slide itself.

Also, your swimwear has to be comfortable since you will most likely spend an ample amount of time in it. Remember, you are most likely visiting the park during the summer months when the temperature is high. To prevent heat and subsequent sweating, it’s advisable to go for swimwear that has less layering, to help you remain cool. All in all, always keep in mind to verify that your swimwear is acceptable at the park you are visiting.

Pack an Extra Set of Clothes

Extra clothes can come in handy at the water park when you feel like taking a break from your fun activities. Also, if you are going for bikini swimwear, then you have an extra reason to bring along supplementary clothes. Bikinis mean a large portion of your skin is exposed and while this is good for getting equal tanning, you are susceptible to sunburns as well. Also, ‘extra outfits’ means you have a chance of changing out of your wet swimwear into something dry at the end.

Your pack of extra clothing could include a t-shirt, shorts or skirts, hats, visors, sunglasses etc. while many water parks provide towels at the locker rooms, bringing your own isn’t always a bad idea. Also, you can never be sure of getting one since they provide it on a first come first served basis, and they come at an extra cost to you.

Cover-ups are also essential extra clothing that you need to consider alongside your swimwear. They come in different varieties of designs and materials and can be relied upon for changing should the locker room be filled. You can even turn your cover-up into a fashion style that can keep the eyes of other fun-seekers on you.

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Come Along With a Flip-Flop or Water Shoe

You most certainly don’t want to visit a water park without a water shoe or flip-flop. In the summer months, excessive heat also means the floor will likely be hot, hence you need to protect your feet as much as every other part of your body. Also, you might require walking around to explore other aspects of the park meaning your feet will not always be on the water.

Flip-flops will help protect your feet when outside of water and if you are going along with children, you can get them to use water shoes. Water shoes are able to go in water and kids won’t have any need to take them off. Generally created from flexible materials, water shoes allow the flow of air and water to keep the feet cool making them qualify as breathable shoes.

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 2. Other Accessories

Aside from clothing materials, you also have to consider getting accessories that can come in handy to you during your visit to the water park. This will vary from person to person, but the items below can be applicable to almost everyone:

Swimming Goggles

Regardless of whether you are going to a water park or the beach, safety has to be of concern to you. To protect your eyes, always take along swimming goggles whenever visiting a water park. Asides the safety it provides, it also helps you ensure that you take in the scenery especially when going down slides. Many water parks offer swimming google for sales, but you can also get online.

EverSport swimming goggles is one awesome gadget to get and is available on Amazon.

Waterproof Sunscreen

Water parks are for fun water activities, and you won’t always have the energy to ride slides or swim all day long. This means you will spend a considerable amount of time outside water, making it essential to always go along with a sunscreen cream.

This will help protect your skin from sunburn while also allowing you to rest in between activities. You can also come along with lip balm, and sunburn relief gel.

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Personal Hygiene Items

While many parks provide first aid services, there is no rule against bringing yours along. Your kit can contain sinus or allergy medicine, Band-Aids and antibiotics, eye drops and pain reliefs such as ibuprofen.

Also, nearly all the water parks treat their water with one form of chemical or the other. If left unwashed from the body, these chemicals can react with the skin or other clothing materials negatively. Consider taking shampoo and body wash along on your visit to any water park.

3 Swimsuit Styles to Wear to a Water park

Getting the perfect style of swimsuit to wear to the water park shouldn’t be difficult. Focusing on your comfort will help you enjoy your day at the park.

Be that as it may, below are 3 awesome swimsuit types you can wear:

1. Rash Guard

Not many will consider wearing Rash Guard to a water park but with newer designs and styles, you can rely on this swimsuit to help you enjoy your time at the park. Also, Rash Guard swimsuits are designed to protect you from abrasions that can occur while taking a ride on slides and are often made from polyester, spandex, or nylon.

2. One-Piece/Tank Suit

This type of swimsuit is what you will most likely find on anyone and everyone at a water park. They are popular and they provide many benefits. With the right style, you have no worry of it riding up. If you are conservative about showing “too much” skin, then this is an appropriate water park swimsuit for you.

3. Skirtini

One bikini that makes the cut, although there are others! Asides from employing neck or shoulder straps to hold the top half in place, it also has a skirt-like bottom half to help cover your crotch and butt cheeks. These designs ensure it doesn’t come off easily when performing your favorite water park activity.

Conclusion – Can You Wear a Bikini to a Water Park?

Visiting a water park can be fun with its captivating water rides and slides as well as a relaxing environment. While all of this is good, going in the wrong attire can spell doom for your entire experience.

Even worse, bikini swimsuits can amplify your chances of having a wardrobe malfunction. That doesn’t mean you still can’t rock bikinis to water parks, avoid the side ties or string designs, and you are still good to go. Alternatively, you can consider wearing any of the above-recommended swimsuits.


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