Why Do Guys Wear Boxers With Swim Trunks?

When the subject of swimming comes up, there are no strict rules attached or applied. Each person is at liberty to do what seems right and comfortable to them. Of course, aside from having to jump right into the pool while fully clothed. That is something most pools won’t condone. The liberty to exercise our freedom by wearing whatever swimming suits we wish to, makes swimming exhilarating and enjoyable.

Furthermore, what is beneath the swimming suit has generated some buzz among people as many are eager to find out why certain people put on undies in their suits. And this has led to some questions that desperately require an answer, with regards to what we choose to wear alongside our suit. Here is one, why do guys wear boxers with swim trunks?.

Guys wear boxers with swim trunks to avoid chafing, to prevent the chlorinated water from entering their genitals, to avoid exposure of what is underneath, and to be saved from unforeseen circumstances. One after the other, we are going to give a detailed explanation to these reasons having answered the question why do guys wear boxers with swim trunks.

Factors That Enable Guys To Wear Boxers With Swim Trunks

1. To Avoid Chafing

By chafing, it means when there is friction as a result of one’s thigh rubbing against each other. And this is caused by heat or moisture (water), which leads to the thigh having friction. Since swim trunks happen to be wears that are often tight, the need to wear boxers by some of the guys was thought of, as the surest way to avoid chafing.

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Moreover, since swim trunks are lined, there is likely to be friction in between the thighs as the individual walks about. And it will be best to avoid the thighs from creating friction by any means possible. The more friction created because of the moisture, the more dangerous it gets. Why?

Mainly because endless friction leading to chafing can bring injuries to the genitals. The more they walk, the more friction is produced, and the more open they are to sores and injuries. This is why you get to see guys wearing their boxers in their swimming trunks. They do this to avoid having friction that can lead to chafing exposing their thighs and genitals to soreness or injuries that could be intense.

2. To Prevent Chlorinated Water From Entering Their Genitals

Let us try and envisage the damage that chlorine does to bathing suits. Imagine what will happen to swim trunks that aren’t chlorine resistant? Scary right? A known fact about the swimming suit is that not all suits can resist chlorine. In other words, not all swimming suits are chlorine resistant.

It could be that the swimming suit worn by the guys in question lacks the chlorine-resistant feature that helps protect the life of your bathing suits. And for such guys, the need to have their genitals protected at all costs pushes them to get boxers that can assist in giving them the protection they are seeking for.

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Since swimming trunks are body fitted and cling to the skin, it is slightly or very possible to have the chlorinated water clustered to the swim trunks, which will transcend to having the chlorine feasting on the skin. The skin in question can also be referred to as the genitals.

The chemicals in chlorine are quite tough and it wouldn’t be so great to have such a degree of chemical or chlorine on the genitals to prevent complications. Other chemicals used in treating the water, can also affect the genitals if they eventually get to such places.

3. To Avoid Exposure Of What Is Underneath

This seems to be the biggest fear of most guys. Having their genitals bulging out can place them in an embarrassing situation. As we all know, the swim trunks are usually tight. As tight as it is, the genitals are in full display, not to mention when the swim trunk is soaking wet and has clung to one’s ass.

Here, there is no going back because the swim trunks will have the genitals to be more exposed to all who are present at that period in time.

For this purpose, a measure was devised which has to do with the wearing of boxers into water. The wearing of boxers by these guys to avoid exposure of what is underneath. If we are, to be honest, not everyone can withstand eyes feasting on them while they have their genitals bulging out.

Well, a scenario like this wouldn’t mean much to other guys because they either are cool with it or they crave such attention. For the rest, it can be said to be an embarrassing situation and they aren’t cut out for such. Hence, the need to wear boxers to avoid such occurrences.

4. To Be Saved From Unforeseen Circumstances

As a popular saying goes, anything is possible. What you feel is impossible, is very much a possibility. This is to say that there are times that some situations place one in a puddle of embarrassment. At the pool or beach, one should always expect the unexpected.

Let’s give an illustration. If a guy goes swimming and while he is inside the water, someone accidentally gets a grip on his swim trunks and yanks it off, what do you think will happen next?

The swimming truck would hastily come off, right? The fact that a swim trunk is tight doesn’t counter the probability of the swim trunk coming off. Also, if a guy gets to play with individuals at the pool or beach, and somehow, a person yanks off his trunk, wouldn’t that lead to his genitals being exposed?

And if the person doesn’t have luck on his side, the swim truck could reveal his genitals if the yanking was done with force. Situations like these are why guys wear boxers with swim trunks. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Recommended Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining

Below, are recommended swim trunks for those who wish to get for themselves, friends, or family. The four swim trunks mentioned are not trunks from brands you can’t trust. We took out time to list swim trunks from brands that focus solely on the quality with mesh lining, appropriate for all guys.

1. Magic Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Swim Shorts with Mesh Lining

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No swim trunk brand can give you what you truly desire except the Magic men swim trunk brand. I can relate because I have a couple of these trunks in my abode and I’ve never regretted patronizing this brand.

They put their buyers first by giving you a trunk that you’ll never have to say goodbye to. The swim trunks have a quick-drying agent, it comes with mesh lining, and it is fashionable in ways that it can be worn to other places aside from the pool or beach.

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry 9″ Swim Trunk

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If there is one thing to love about men’s swim trunks is the ability to have one lured with their colorful trunks that are captivating. The Amazon swim trunk hasn’t disappointed either.

The swim trunk features a trunk with strings that lets one adjust as deem fit. It also comes with pockets at the sides where one can have his valuable items well secured. Lastly, from the detailing to the quality and durability, the amazon swim trunk has everyone under its spell with its beauty.

3. Gopune Men’s Quick Dry Beach Short Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining

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The third swim trunk on the list is the Gopune men’s swim trunks. One thing to love about this brand of swim trunk is the consideration to put into thoughts the UPF +50 that covers the skin from sunburn.

If you are the type that gets sunburn easily, then this swim trunk will help prevent such burn from reoccurring. All you need do is to get a swim top that shields skin from sunburn also. The Gone has a quick-drying effect, a mesh lining, and several pockets on it.

4. Biwisy Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Swim Shorts with Mesh Lining

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Swim trunk is that suit that every guy needs. Aside from the suit being a popular wear to pools and beaches, it can still be rocked to a pool party, for a vacation, for surfing, and even for running.

The Biwisy men’s swim trunks will have you do all of the aforementioned with so much ease. It features a beautiful design with high-quality material and it is breathable. These are just a few of its features. To read more, kindly click on the links attached.

Conclusion – Why Do Guys Wear Boxers With Swim Trunks?

I presuppose that the answers stated above have done justness to the question asked in the precedent. Guys wear boxers for tons of reasons which have been duly mentioned and expounded on.

Included are links to swimming trunks by different brands that are widely known for their premium and first-rate swim trunks. To find out more about their features, I kindly request you check them out for a feasible study.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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