Do You Wear Underwear Under A Bathing Suit?


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If there is one aspect of recreation that requires lots of questions, is swimming. This is as a result of the fact that we want to be conscious of the kind of swimwear we rock to the pool as to if they are perfect for such occasion or not.

More so, when it comes to swimming as well, some guidelines must be followed as stipulated by those in charge of the pool. That is why we have got to be watchful of what we put on. Like a question asked recently which says, do you wear underwear under a bathing suit?

No, you do not wear underwear underneath a bathing suit. Although, there are exceptions that could warrant you wearing underwear to swim. However, in the normal sense or what is accepted in the swimming standard, wearing underwear is not acceptable.

There are quite some reasons why you can not wear underwear to swim in the water. And there are a few reasons why you can do such. Now, we are going to look at both reasons separately so you get to know the right thing to do.

Why You Can Not Wear Underwear Under A Bathing Suit?

1. It Comes With Inbuilt Liners

This is one of the major reasons why you can not wear underwear under a bathing suit. A bathing suit in general comes with some sort of liners that keeps the private areas private. By this, we are referring to swimsuit bottoms. Not just that, these inbuilt liners also act as an underwear kind of.

So you do not have to wear something underneath your bathing suit again. The inbuilt liners attached to it by the companies have already done justice to that. That is why you get to see that one wears only the bathing suit to swim without fear of the private areas being exposed.

As for the bra, the bathing suit is produced with either an underwire bra or normal bra cups. With these, your private areas will not be visible to the public.

Even if the producers of the bathing suit do not attach any of the aforementioned cups above, they will be a sort of inbuilt lining that keeps those private areas from the eyes of the public. So in all, there isn’t any point in wearing underwear in the suit.

2. It Will Make You Uncomfortable

A second reason why it is safe to say you should not wear underwear under a bathing suit is that it will make you not comfortable. If we are to stress on swimming actually, the goal would be to be able to savour each moment at the pool as we let loose all the stress endured for long.

And being some sort of recreational activity, you do not have to wear something that wouldn’t restrict you from having that fun and relaxation you so much wish to. Because of that, those who came up with the swimsuit concept did so with the belief that what they are to produce should be something that would be free and wear that will enable you to swim well.

And they came up with the thought of attaching a liner to it just like it is with your underwear. This way, you will feel very comfortable and swim to your satisfaction. Unlike when you put on underwear for swimming. You will certainly not be so comfortable in moving around with the underwear not to mention swimming comfortably in the bathing suit.

3. Chlorine

Have you ever asked yourself why some swimsuit manufacturers tend to produce chlorine-resistant suits? That is because chlorine has a way of destroying bathing suits and rendering them completely useless after a while. Now, this is one of the reasons why you should not wear underwear under a bathing suit.

The underwear is not safe such that it should be exposed to chlorinated water. So you should wear just the bathing suit without wearing underwear underneath the suit.

If you are to wear the bathing suit, wear it plain with nothing attached under it. Let me quickly tell you why some pools or a majority of pools have chlorine in them. The reason why such a thing exists is that chlorine help to keep the water free from germs and other bacteria.

Without the chlorine, these pools would be flooded with so many germs and bacteria that would pose to be harmful to our health. And the best way they felt they can get rid of the germs and the bacteria is by applying chlorine. And the chlorine, on the other hand, ruins bathing suits. Hence, the need for chlorine-resistant bathing suits.

4. Visibility

Here is a fourth (4th) reason why you can not wear underwear under a bathing suit. The underwear might likely be visible to all and sundry. imagine wearing your underwear under a bathing suit like that of a one-piece bathing suit. The underwear will certainly become visible.

And that aside, there isn’t any point in wearing underwear again when you are aware that the bathing suit comes with some sort of inbuilt liner which has taken the place of underwear already. So, you can not wear your underwear into the water. Go with just your bathing suit on your body and nothing else.

To add, wearing underwear can make you uncomfortable too. It will make you uncomfortable to a greater extent. This has been mentioned or dealt with above. And while making you uncomfortable, you might want to arrange it or try to position the underwear in the right way.

In the process, you’re making the underwear to be visible such that those at the pool might get to see the underwear you have on. Now, this is what I am trying to say. To be on the safer side, you should avoid wearing underwear so it isn’t visible.

5. Transfer Of Dirt

This is the last reason we are going to adequately look at. Transfer of dirt is one other reason why we have said you should not have to wear underwear in your bathing suit. It is very much possible to have dirt being transferred to your underwear easily.

Wearing your underwear will get the underwear stained or dirty from the surroundings of the pool or your sitting environment. Except you intend to have the underwear trashed after going to the pool because you are not only damaging the underwear, but you are as well getting it filled with dirt all over.

And the question is, why subject yourself to that torture? Rather than wearing underwear that will be filled with so much dirt, why don’t you put on the bathing suit only so you save yourself the stress of having to wash your bathing suit? Also, you will be saving yourself from discomfort in the long run.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to go swimming with just the bathing suit accessories. Underwears will get dirt all over and should be avoided.

Why You Can Wear Underwear Under A Bathing Suit?

It is at this point we are going to look at three (3) reasons why you can wear underwear under a bathing suit. These three reasons are reasons that we can not overlook. They are more than enough reason for you to wear underwear underneath them.

These reasons include;

  1. Period Stains
  2. Loosed Suits
  3. Revealing

Let us look at these three (3) reasons one step at a time extensively.

1. Period Stains

Period stains can cause one to need underwear to be worn along with the bathing suit. This can take place in different instances. Here is one. You can wear any underwear under your bathing suit if you do not know the exact time you are experiencing your monthly flow.

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If you are in dire need of relaxing in the pool and having those stresses washed away by the water while at the same time in expectation of your flow, you can put on underwear in a bid to be fully prepared for what is coming. It is better to be ready than to be caught unaware. This is one instance that would require you to wear underwear.

Here is a second instance. Having your monthly flow would also require you to wear underwear to the pool or beach. That is if the individual has started having monthly flow and would love to hit the water. So you will be needing the underwear for the sake of the flow.

It is either you attach a pad to the underwear you want to put on, or your wear a tampon. There is one other method that involves wearing of menstrual cup. But all the same, it is safe to wear underwear under the bathing suit to be protected and not get embarrassed in any way.

2. Loosed Suits

This is the second reason we are going to look at as mentioned above. Loosed suits can make you wear underwear under your suit. But all the time, this is done deliberately so as not to get embarrassed when the loose suits get loosed more and more.

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Of course, it happens. There are some moments that you would want to go out and enjoy the cosy feeling of the water. And perhaps, it happens that the bathing suit you have in your wardrobe has begun losing.

So instead of letting that deter you from fulfilling that desire, you get yourself ready to wear underwear underneath the bathing suit. In that manner, you are expected to wear undies right in the bathing suit.

Failure to do that might result in you getting so embarrassed from what might likely play out after that through mistakes or carelessness. But if you have other bathing suits, you can as well go with them or have them worn to swim. In a situation where you do not have any other than the loosed one, you should wear underwear for protection.

3. Revealing

To crown this session, we are going to discuss the reason why you can wear underwear under your bathing suit. It is no other reason than for the sake of making the bathing suit not to be too revealing.

Not all individuals love putting on a bathing suit that is kind of revealing. However, when you happen to be gifted or to purchase, or to have a bathing suit that seems to reveal more than it should, then you must wear your underwear in that bathing suit. Unless you choose not to.

If you do not mind wearing the revealing suit that way, you are more than free to. The decision is always yours to make. Well, if you are the type that knows you can not wear such a thing out, do yourself a huge favour by getting your underwear in place, then putting on your bathing suit. With this, your private areas would no way be revealed to all.

Since revealing bathing suits show more than its necessary, endeavour to wear your underwear inside the suit. To avoid stories that will get you in sober moods. For example, the revealing bathing suit showing a lot more than it is built for.

Do You Wear Underwear Under A Bathing Suit – Conclusion

In the right sense, underwear should not be worn under a bathing suit as a result of some valid factors. But on other occasions, the underwear can be worn when the situation demands such a piece of clothing to be worn.

Conditions like menstrual cycles loosed suits and revealing bathing suits can make individuals wear underwear under their bathing suits. Anything other than that should not be welcomed so as not to cause inconveniences.

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