How To Hide Your Tummy In A Swimsuit Without Stress

How To Hide Your Tummy In A Swimsuit: Swimming can be all rosy and fun till you’ve got a bulging tummy, and you’re restricted from wanting to have a fun-filled time at the beach or pool, as a result of being a bit uncomfortable putting your bulging tummy on display.

This can bring down a person’s moral both physically and mentally. For some, it’s a way of showcasing their body without having a secondary feeling about themselves. For others, it is seen as an uncomfortable situation.

And this is why we are here to help you get the best swimming suits to hide your bulging tummy. Select from the reviews and categories you’ll best be confident in but before I go-ahead to show you the best bathing wears that can help you hide your bulging tummy, let’s quickly look at the types of bathing suits that hide the tummy.

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Types Of Swimsuits That Can Hides Bulging Tummy

1. A V-Neck Swimming Suit

Wearing a V-neck swimming suit is one best way to take attention off your tummy. Such suits expose the part of the neck such that, people do not focus directly on the bulging tummy which can be so embarrassing and frustrating.

So getting this suit is a great way to wade eyes of you. Some V-neck varies in different patterns and usually feminine. They can either be a straight bikini gown or a crop bra top with a bottom. For the straight bikini gown, they have a way of carrying One’s bust with them having a slender shape that can help you tuck in that bulging tummy and make you look sexier.

2. Sporty Swimming Suit

Back in the days, sporty swimsuits weren’t in vogue. Not everyone liked it due to personal reasons. Well, it seems thousands are now picking interest in their swimsuits that seem to be really fancy and beautiful. So you can cruise around the pool or beach by playing games with these fanciful suits that are now be manufactured.

Aside from wearing them for sport, they can be used in hiding our bulging tummy. The manufacturers used good fabrics that won’t be able to expose your tummy to the public. It has a slender shape that helps to conceal one’s tummy. With this swimsuit, you’re secured and assured of not exposing your tummy.

3. High Waist Swimming Suit

For lovers of high waist swimsuits, you’re undoubtedly covered. High waist suits hide bulging tummy perfectly well. They are placed firmly around the tummy with wide pants. When you put on the bottom, you will see it’s fitting on your waist.

This is one suit that has beaten the odds. High waist suits were worn back in the past and surprisingly, it’s still very much trending. This causes joy knowing we still adore the aesthetic of the past.

If you don’t love them, I’ll suggest you start doing so now. They save you from situations that can make you question yourself. We all know a little weight here and there can cause a massive difference in our body. So, let’s be guided for occasions like this that will arise.

4. Tankinis Swimming Suits

I know not everyone has heard of Tankinis swimsuits. Tankinis suits are suit bottoms that come with a shirt for the purpose of bathing. It is the shirt accompanying the suit that when worn, hides the bulging tummy. Alongside this, they highlight the bust making it firmer.

So if you’re searching for a good suit to consider, tankinis suits are also a good choice along with the rest. They will help in covering your tummy well enough that you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

Note: Please take into consideration the following when choosing a swimsuit that hides the bulging tummy.

To add to the ones we’ve listed above, there are some few things to take note of when on the verge of getting one of the suits.

  1. Steer Off Swimming Panties With A Bow: What you need is a totally different suit that will do justice to your tummy. Bow panties ain’t the one for that occasion. Besides, it’s not a fashion charade. Just get a simple suit that you will feel okay in.
  2. Choose A Low Cut Suit Panties: They sharpen the body while hiding the tummy. Rather than letting them pay attention to your tummy, give them something else to focus on. When the belly isn’t open for them to see, they’ll have nothing to concentrate on. The neck can be open as well as your legs. For as long as the tummy is hidden, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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Best Ways To Get Flat Tummy For The Beach

1. Drink Raw Apple Vinegar

Drinking raw apple vinegar has been researched as a drink that best work to remove excess toxins from the human body. It has a way of not making one feel so hungry, to the extent that it can be taken at noon as a drink to cool down the body.

You want to burn down some belly fat before hitting the beach or pool, take this instead in preparation of flattening the belly.

Now, make a little tonic first. Get a spoon to measure the amount of warm water needed in the mixture. Also, measure a tablespoon with little raw honey.

For the last lap, you’re to extract the juice from a lemon (half a lemon) and to mix with warm water. Take this early even before having your morning meal. This procedure will help detoxify the body for the removal of fat.

2. Change Your Posture

Did you know you can hide bulging tummy by changing your posture? You could assume a different pose days before going to the beach or the pool.

All you have to do is to suck your tummy that it gets to your spine, then pull your shoulders back and pull your chest to the front.

3. Eat A Healthy Meal

Eating a healthy toning meal is necessary for the slimming down of our tummy. This meal, when eaten in the right proportion, has the tendency of flattering our tummy that we can rock with our swimsuits.

When preparing what to eat for breakfast, it is expedient that we begin our morning by eating proteinous food that is rich in nutrients that help to reduce the tummy.

You can give this a try. Like a poached egg placed side by side an avocado. If you want, you can add something else to it but ensure it is from the class of protein.

4. Green Tea

A commonly known tea that works great for all is green tea. Rich in antioxidants, green tea should be drunk often if you want to see results faster. It’ll burn fat around the tummy.

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5. Matcha

Well, I Can’t tell if everyone is familiar with this particular tea but for those that do, Matcha is known to be one of the most popularly known tea for working against bulging tummy. It is used as well for those with constipation not to mention its great effective use in the flattering of the tummy.

6. Coconut Water

Coconut water has been proven to be useful and should be drunk at all times. This is why even at the beach, we find people selling them with various persons sipping the water from the coconut. It is enriched in potassium which contains nutrients that will put your tummy in shape.

Other Means That Can Help You Get Flat Tummy To The Beach

1. Seaweed

Deeply enriched in iodine, seaweed is one meal that takes away the metabolism in our body to bring about the reduction of fat present in our tummy. Eat it as often as you can.

2. Asparagus

This vegetable contains some important vitamins that nourish our bodies. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins fight against bulging tummy in the human body. Present in Asparagus is potassium as well.

3. Salmon

Salmon fish fall into the protein class. They are of the Omega 3 fatty acid family which can cause the body to lose excess fat.

4. Probiotics

This biotic is very proactive in easing one from bloating and helping to flatten your tummy. Probiotics can be taken after a meal or before eating. Its supplements, however, leads to the growth of some unharmful bacteria and this same supplement will keep flat our tummy still.

But endeavour to eat quickly the moment you take them. You don’t want to look unease at the beach or at the pool. So take them days before going swimming.

5. Chewing Food

It looks kinda weird but if you don’t chew your food properly, they could contribute largely to you having bulging tummy. Breaking our food particles into little tiny pieces would help us to lessen the bloating of one’s stomach. Take a spoon of a delicious meal into your mouth and chew it gently that the food is totally broken down.

Note: One of the best ways of removing excess fat from the body especially the tummy is by eating more nutritional food. All others will instead contribute to you having a bulging tummy. For the likes of avocados, they are enriched in oleic acid which fights an increased level of insulin found in our body. This will change the pattern of the regulation in helping to slim down your tummy.

Secondly, there is a bacteria that can be found around the gut of humans, and when we eat healthily and take food rightly, the bacteria that have become inherent in our bacteria are stopped so it isn’t bloated, but a reduction in the size of our tummy. Including yeast which has overgrown. With the right process in eating and taking basic food, they can be curtailed.

Regardless of all these, I want you to understand that certain foods are not meant to be eaten all the time. They are food that can make you have a bulging tummy. You’re either to stop eating such or eat them once in a while.

Such food creates gas in our bodies. This, in turn, causes the body most importantly, the tummy to be bloated. They are of the class of fibre vegetables. They are; Peas, beans, onions, sprouts and so on.

To crown it all, be mindful of the kind of food you take in that you don’t eat what you shouldn’t, and get a bulging tummy that you can not hit the beach or pool. That said, lets now dive straight to some swimsuits you might be interested in if you’re serious about hiding that annoying bulging tummy of yours.

3 Best Swimsuit That Hides Bulging Tummy

1. Amourri Women’s Swimwear Tummy Hide Underwire Ruffled One-piece Swimsuit For Women

Amurri Swimsuit is designed with ruffled that offer perfect coverage to our tummy. This one-piece swimsuit has over time given its buyers’ utmost satisfaction. It is a one-way ticket to hide that bulging tummy you don’t want the world to see.

Features Of Amourri Women’s Swimsuits

  1. One of the most commonly used suits for tummy control
  2. It gives full coverage to the body when worn
  3. It is made up of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex
  4. This one-piece suit is usually hand washed and not machine washed.

Product Description Of Amourri Women’s Swimsuits

The trademark is Amourri with its registration number 5179776, Shipping directly from the US. The one-piece swimsuit is a ruffled suit with fitting to all parts of the human body. The cups are removable and they are underwired to give support to the bust

The swimsuit is a V neck swimsuit with ruffles reaching the front of the suit.  It varies in sizes and they are; XS (fits like US 2-4), S (fits like US 4-6), M (fits like 8-10), L (fits like US 12-14), X-Large (fits like US 16), XX-Large (fits like US 18), XXX-Large (fits like US 20). Choose your sizes/colours correctly to avoid getting the wrong size of the suit/colours.


  • It fits at the chest
  • Perfect coverage
  • Fits at the waist


  • Not suitable for those with a large chest

2. Perona One Piece Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit

Perona One-Piece Tummy-Control Suits is a suit that you would definitely need in situations like this. They are what you need to control the bulging tummy.

Features Of Perona One Piece Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit

  1. It has a shirred with a front made up of seams. The tummy region creates a slimming silhouette that can hide your tummy while still giving you a nice figure.
  2. The swimsuit has a V neck and it’s backless.
  3. It has an ultra-soft light cup that is well padded, providing the right amount of support needed.
  4. One peculiar feature of this suit is the adjustable straps that are wide enough to allow the penetration of the hands to fit in as we adjust the straps of the suit, that you have not to bother about with respect to the straps falling or digging into your skin.
  5. The suit has a unique touch of colour. They are of original retro print merged with cloud and flower prints to make one stand out with its looks and shades of colour.
  6. This last feature makes this suit to be outstanding. It is a one-piece swimsuit that can be dyed with the dye staying for a longer period of time than you can ever imagine.

Product Description Of Perona One Piece Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit has a V neck with a backless style. The design varies as some are made of a single colour with little blended colour shade at the top, while others are plain.


  • It gives comfort
  • Provides maximum coverage to our tummy


  • Fades after wearing for a long while

3. Hilor One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control

Hilor One-Piece Tummy Control Swimsuit is one of the best suits for swimming that can adequately hide that bulging tummy you don’t want to be seen it. With its ruffled design, you rest assured of satisfaction.

Features Of Hilor One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control

  1. It is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex
  2. Hilor swimsuit has a front cross design with a beautiful hem swim dress
  3. Included in the suit are bra cups and adjustable straps
  4. It has details of shirred at the sides enhancing the tummy
  5. From the instructions, the suit should be hand washed and not machine washed.

Product Description Of Hilor One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control

The patterns are of vintage pattern and the suit reaches the hip. They are also made with padded bra


  • Perfect for tummy control
  • It is lined
  • The suits are of multiple colours
  • The shoulder strap can be adjusted


  • Lack of underwire

Wrapping Up On How To Hide Your Tummy In A Swimsuit

Getting the right suit for your tummy is very paramount. Sometimes, the tummy may not be as bulging as others, but if you feel the need to purchase any of these best suits for bulging tummy, then do so.

Moreover, you can work on your body to achieve a perfect shape suitable for a suit by simply eating the right course of meal as stated above for your body.

We’re highly concerned about your fitness skills at the beach or at the pool. Hence, we’ve carried out some research on this keyword so you can achieve your best.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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