Is Black a Good Swimsuit Color?

Have you heard the saying, “black makes everything more elegant or classy?” Oh here’s another one, “All colors are amazing but black is an emotion”. I mean, come on, black is the greatest color ever. I, personally, like to have everything in black. If only you could see my wardrobe to understand what I am talking about. Color black is bae and amazing.

One beautiful thing about the black color is that it gets along with every other color you might have, it is cool on the skin and fits almost every body. If you don’t have a piece or shoes or even lingerie in black then you are missing out. Apparently, some people want to know about the black color in swimsuits so they asked, Is black a good swimsuit color?

Yes, In fact, it is a resounding yes. Like I previously said, black is a very good color and it fits almost all skin tones. Black is a definite in your wardrobe including your sexy bikinis, one piece, bandeau and other sexy swimsuits you might have. So, if you are getting a swimsuit in black, go right ahead. Here are few reasons why black is a good swimsuit color;

Reasons Why Black Is a Good Swimsuit Color

1. It Flatters Every Skin Tone

Black swimsuits are known to flatter every skin tone. They compliment the color and make the person wearing it look even more beautiful.

2. It Makes You Look Mature

For people like me who can be quite smallish, wearing a black swimsuit can make us look more mature. It conceals the smallish face and body that perhaps has not been taken seriously.

3. You Can Wear It in Every Season

One beautiful thing about black swimsuits is that you do not have to dump them for the following season. Black swimsuits are perfect for every season. You can easily pull it off without looking awkward or out of place.

4. It Flatters Your Figure

Black swimsuits flatter your figure. They have been known to bring out even the smallest details about a woman’s body including the curves and figures.

5. It Can Help You to Hide Yourself

In case you don’t want to draw attention to yourself on the beach, then the color black might be your best bet. It will easily hide you away from others.

6. It Helps You to Hide Folds and Belly Bulge

Wearing a black swimsuit will help you to hide your belly fat, back and side folds away from prying eyes. It is the best color to get your tummy control swimsuits in.

7. Black Swimsuits Can be a Form of Protection

Black swimsuits have SPF to a certain extent. They can offer protection from UV radiation to a certain point. Black swimsuits also offer more protection than other swimsuits because of their color.

Are Black Swimsuits Flattering?

“Are black swimsuits flattering?” This is a question that has been asked over and over again. Some people believe that black is boring, black won’t fit, black is this or that.

But the answer to that question is Yes, black swimsuits are flattering. This is because black swimsuits are known to represent sophistication, they are chic and they give certain types of confidence to the person wearing them. The black color brings out the beauty of the swimsuit and the person wearing it. Black swimsuits are made to compliment whosoever is wearing it.

Are Black Swimsuits Good?

One very important question is, are black swimsuits good?

Yes, black swimsuits are very good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a black swimsuit. They are flattering, timeless and easy to get. They also come in great designs, these are some of the reasons why black swimsuits are very good. You definitely cannot go wrong with a black swimsuit.

They are very matured, they can also protect your skin from UV radiation while using the beach as you swim. 

Do Black Swimsuits Make You Look Tan?

It is widely believed that darker colors attract sun more, for this reason a lot of people ask, ” do black swimsuits make you look tan?.

No, they don’t, black swimsuits do not make you look tan. In fact black swimsuits tend to provide SPF for you against the sun and UV rays compared to other colours especially light and pastel colors. Black swimsuits will protect your skin from the sun.

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Though another thing to put into consideration is the texture of your swimsuit and which fabrics they are made out of. If the fabric is nylon or polyester then there is a greater possibility that it will protect your skin from tanning compared to semi synthetic fabrics, cotton and other types of fabrics.

Newer black swimsuits will also offer more UV protection than older black swimsuits that you’ve been using for a while. So, if you want to tan you might have to look for lighter colors or different types of fabrics for your swimsuits that will allow you to tan.

How to Wear Your Black Swimsuits Designs

We have established that black swimsuits are chic, timeless and give confidence like no other. To make this even better, there are some black swimsuit designs that will compliment your skin when you wear them and especially wear them in different ways. Let’s take a look;

1. One Piece Black Swimsuits

From the ruched to the prints, to the ones with patterns, to the backless, black swimsuits in one piece will give you this unique look that will compliment your skin tone. They give you a distinct look that only black swimsuits can pull off.

2. Black Swimsuits with Plunging Neckline

Black swimsuits with plunging necklines are made to give attention to the swimsuit and the person wearing it. They display an attitude, and confidence that sets you apart from every other person on the beach.

3. Black Swimsuits in Zip Up Style

Imagine you are heading to the beach and you still look like you belong on the movie set too (oh my goodness) that is exactly how this black swimsuit will make you feel. It is supposed to turn heads and that’s what it will do.

4. With Multiple Colors Cover Ups

Pair your Black swimsuits with multiple colors and you look like you belong on a magazine cover. This will also give attention to your black swimsuits without making it feel awkward.

5. Style Your Black Swimsuits with a Boater Hat

This combination would ensure that all attention is on you when you find yourself at the beach. It will emphasize and flatter your figures perfectly.

6. Wear Black Bikini Tops with Unique Designs

You can wear black bikini tops with unique designs, ties, mesh, wrap tops, bandeau etc. These designs bring out the beauty of your black swimsuits.

Ways to Style Your Black Swimsuits

Your black swimsuits do not deserve to only see the beach, they are too beautiful, exotic, chic and amazing to be shoved back into the wardrobe when summer is over. So here’s what you can do, you can wear them differently with other pieces of clothings and accessories and see wonders. Here are some ways you can style your cute, sexy, black swimsuits;

1. You Can Style with Flared Skirts

You can wear your black swimsuits out by pairing it with a flared skirt and probably stilettos or heeled boots.

2. Black Swimsuit with Jeans

You can never go wrong with denim. Jeans can be paired with your black swimsuit to get a semi casual attire for any casual occasion. It could either be fitted jeans or baggy jeans or mum jeans.

3. Flannel Shirt with Black Swimsuit

In case you need to run to the store or the neighborhood, just throw a flannel shirt on your black swimsuit and voila, you are all dressed up.

4. Black Bikini Top as Crop Top

Your cute black bikini top can also be worn as a crop top over nice pants or trousers. Your tankini or blouson bikini top can pass as a cute crop top.

5. Kimono Robe with Black Swimsuit

Your black swimsuit can also be paired with a kimono robe and worn for an outing.

The black swimsuits can be paired with as many pieces of clothes in your wardrobe as long as they are styled correctly.

Conclusion- Is Black a Good Swimsuit Color?

Black swimsuits are chic, bold, beautiful, cute and bursting with confidence. You definitely cannot go wrong wearing a black swimsuit. Black swimsuits are timeless and are very good with most skin tones. They are matured and can draw attention to you or take attention away from your big belly or back folds if you want. 

If you want to hide your body then wearing a black swimsuit is your best bet. They are also very good to wear and can serve as many purposes as possible. They can also be worn even when the season is over. Don’t hesitate to style your black swimsuits the way you want.


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