How to Fix Bikini Bottoms That Are Too Big (Easy Guide)

When it comes to getting and using suitable swimwear, you have to make a lot of consideration. One of the most popular forms of swimwear today is the bikini. Bikinis are a type of two-piece swimsuit that is primarily available to women. It consists of a top half and a bottom half that uses a tiny amount of fabric. Generally, bikinis come in various styles, designs, and types, for different purposes.

However, with bikinis, there is the possibility of your bikini bottom becoming big over time. This becomes more prominent if you are a swimming enthusiast and frequently use your bikini. Having a big bikini bottom can create an ill-fitting appearance which can be unpleasant to you and onlookers. In such instances, you might wonder about how to fix bikini bottoms that are too big.

Thankfully, fixing a pair of bikini bottoms that gets too big and fits awkwardly can be pretty straightforward. In most instances, it will require some basic sewing skills. Once you complete the work, you’ll feel like the bikini bottoms are custom for your body. However, keep in mind that the method you use will vary depending on the type of material and style of stitching you’ll use.

Why Are My Bikini Bottoms Becoming Big

While getting a big bikini bottom from a store is highly unlikely, bottoms can get big for several reasons. Here are some things that can make your bikini bottom big:

1. Inappropriate Use 

Wearing your bikini bottoms for the wrong activities can lead them to stretch significantly. Bikini bottoms are suitable for simple non-stretchy activities. Excessive stretching of your bottoms will make them expand, and bottoms will become big with time.

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Avoid excessive washing of your bikini bottoms to ensure that the fabric maintains its form. Washing procedures like squeezing, hanging, and using a washing machine can increase stretching. It’s best to wash your bikini bottoms only after using saltwater and chlorine. This will remove harmful chemicals and allow them to retain their shape.

2. Chlorine Damage

Chlorine, like other chemicals in most public swimming pools and hot tubs, can cause discoloration or fading of the material if not treated with care. Besides washing your bikini bottoms, it’s advisable to rotate your swimwear.

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This will give your bikini bottom time to recover from its previous use and return to its original shape.

3. Poor Quality Fabric

Your bikini bottom will become huge if it uses poor quality material and construction. If you wish to avoid this eventually, it’s best to stay away from fabrics that stretch or are prone to stretching.

The best way to determine how much of a given fabric will stretch is by doing what’s known as the “pull test.” Hold the end of your bottom in each hand and pull it apart from both sides. Good quality material will not stretch, while low-quality ones will show signs of stretching with minimal force.

4. Slimming Down or Getting In Shape

Slimming down or getting in shape can cause your bikini bottom to appear big to your new size. This is the most common reason why a bikini bottom becomes too big. It can be challenging to predict how your body will change, and swimsuit bottoms don’t have much room for error when getting the right fit.

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How to Fix Bikini Bottoms That Are Too Big

There are a couple of ways to fix your big bikini bottoms. However, if you’re new to sewing or working with challenging materials like elastic and needles, this might be challenging. Having your bikini bottom get big can make you plan on buying a new piece. Thankfully,  these tips should help get you started on the right track to fixing whatever ill-fitting bikini bottom woes may be keeping yours from sitting perfectly beneath your waistline.

1. Cut and Sew the Waistband or Thigh Band on Your Bottoms

If your bottoms have a waistband or thigh band, you can cut them down to size. This method is ideal if your bottoms are too big in one specific area, such as the waist or thigh, but perfect everywhere else. Follow the steps below:

  • First, use a seam ripper to remove the thread holding the waistband or thigh band.
  • Next, cut the waistband or thigh band to size with regular scissors. Remember that you’ll be sewing this back on later. Therefore, it’s better to be conservative and make it a little smaller than cutting too much off.
  • If you’re not sure what size to cut it down, try wearing the bikini bottoms without any threading and allow them to fall to where they will on your body. Once you know how small they need to be, please remove them and measure out that length on the waistband or thigh band.
  • Once you’ve removed your desired amount of material from the strip of fabric, sew it back into place using a needle and thread or a sewing machine. You may choose to leave the stitching visible for some added flair.

Be sure not to shorten it excessively; otherwise, you risk making things too tight around that area. Also, you will find it difficult to put them back on once you sew them up again.

2. Resize or Scrunch

Another quick fix method that can help you get your big bikini bottom down to your size is scrunching or resizing it. Both ways are simple hacks that don’t take time and are easily doable. To resize your big bikini bottom, follow the steps below:

  • Turn your bikini bottom inside out.
  • Pull the waistband up the length of the bikini bottoms.
  • Tie a knot in the waistband’s middle, and repeat this process until you get your desired length.
  • Once you’ve done all the desired knotting, sew it up at the seams to prevent unraveling.

To scrunch your big bikini bottom, follow the steps below:

  • This hack is best for bikinis with a ruched back, but you can apply it to other styles 0of bikini bottoms.
  • scrunch as much fabric as possible into a couple of inches worth of fabric to give your bum a more lifted look and add extra coverage.

3. Fold Over and Stitch the Waistband

This method allows you to get rid of excess stretching that has increased the length of your bikini bottom.

Follow the steps below to utilize this DIY step:

  • First, fold the waistband over so that the rough edges of the elastic no longer show.
  • Then, using a strong thread and needle, or you can also use a sewing machine if you have one, stitch over all of the band’s parts.
  • Ensure to stitch over, under, and through the band.
  • Also, stitch both sides together for security, and be sure to do this twice.
  • If your stitches are too close together when doing this step, the fabric may stretch out from being pulled on again.

Tips to Get the Best Fit from your Bikini Bottom

1. Try on your bikini top and bottom together. You can get a better sense of how the bikini will look once it’s on you when you look at yourself in the mirror wearing both pieces together.

2. Always conduct the pull test before getting a new pair of bikinis.

3. Try on your bikini top and bottom before you buy them. But if that’s not an option, make sure that the bottoms fit correctly before you buy them.

4. If you find out that your bottoms are too big at home, return them for a smaller size or exchange them for another pair of bottoms.

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5. Try several different bikinis before deciding which one is best for your body type. Don’t rush into buying a new swimsuit because certain styles might look good on other people but not be flattering to your body type. Take time to try on different swimming suits until you find one that fits perfectly and makes you feel confident when wearing it.

6. Stay away from fabric softeners when washing your bikini bottoms. Also, ensure to adopt a hand-washing technique rather than using a machine. 

7. If you have no choice but to use a washing machine, setting the device to a gentle wash pace is advisable. But stay away from doing this frequently. 

8. Similarly, avoid placing your bikini bottoms in the dryer, which can also lead to a loss of elasticity.

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Conclusion – How to Fix Bikini Bottoms That Are Too Big

It’s embarrassing when your bikini bottoms are too big and keep slipping off, but now that you know how easy it is to fix this issue, you can save yourself from an embarrassing moment. Your first step is finding the cause of the problem, whether a too-loose elastic or an ill-fitting pattern. You can utilize fabric glue or needle and thread to tailor the garment to fit you better.

If all else fails, you can consult a professional who can adjust it so that it fits you perfectly. Just follow one of these quick fixes, and your swimsuit will be ready for the beach in no time at all. As long as you’ve got time on your hands, there’s no need to throw away that bikini; you’ll be looking good in no time.


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