Best Swim Crop Leggings (2022 Trending)

Conventional wisdom will tell you to always wear swimsuits when participating in a water sport. Your brain rushes to popular one-piece designs or the more daring two-piece styles. However, there are several alternatives to these swimwear options, and you might be surprised at how diverse your options can be. One of such options that are becoming popular by the day is the swim crop leggings.

At first glance, swim crop leggings may appear to cover everything from the waist down, but they’re more like a complete set of full-length pants. They often come with an extra inner layer covering your legs and lower torso, differentiating them from regular leggings. If you are familiar with this swimwear style, your next step is getting the best swim crop leggings.

Our Top Pick for Best Swim Crop Leggings

Swim Crop Leggings (Top Picks)Price
1. Scodi Women's Swim Leggings High-Waist TightsCheck Price
2. Firpearl Women's Plus Size Swim ShortsCheck Price
3. ATTRACO Women High Waist Swim Pants Swim LeggingsCheck Price
4. Hilor Women's High Waist UV Crop Swim LeggingsCheck Price
5. Septangle Women's Mid Waist UPF 50+ Swim LeggingsCheck Price

Getting swim crop leggings that work for you will often come down to personal preference. If you’re shopping online, confusion can set in since the options available to you are diverse in terms of styles and sizes. We’ve put together this guide: to help you figure out what kind of swim crop leggings will suit your needs best.

What Are Swim Crop Leggings?

Swim leggings are tight-fitting, stretchy leggings with a specific design for use in the water. They’re typically made of a thin material covering the legs and waist and can be worn underneath a swimsuit, wetsuit or on their own for extra warmth. Swim leggings may also be known as swim tights, surf leggings, swim pants, or surf pants.

There are so many different names for this style, suggesting it’s possible to use in more than one way. Some swimmers use them to help keep their muscles warm while swimming long distances in cold water, while others wear them under a wetsuit to reduce drag while surfing or wake-boarding. They’re like an extra layer of insulation that keeps you warmer.

These unflattering, skin-tight bottoms, with the bonus of being crotch-less, are made from neoprene and are wearable on their own as a standalone piece or under another costume. Swim crop leggings are comfortable, warm and practical. And even better, they protect your skin, so you don’t get sea lice if swimming in open water.

In addition to fitting comfortably over your body like regular pants, swim crop leggings allow your legs to perform better than alternative workout tops because they’re less restricting.

Can You Wear Swim Crop Leggings In A Swimming Pool?

Can you wear swim crop leggings in a swimming pool? Yes, you can wear swim crop leggings in a swimming pool. However, it depends on the fabric making up your leggings. For example, cotton-based swim crop leggings are not appropriate for a swimming pool because they’ll get heavy and drag down in the water. Also, such materials will collect chemicals like chlorine and fade quickly.

Suppose you decide to use your swim crop leggings in a pool; it’s best to go for high-quality spandex and polyester ones. These fabrics won’t absorb chemicals or wear down quickly. Also, they are suitable for wearing shorts, dresses, or skirts right into the water without causing problems in the pool like traditional cotton swimsuit bottoms would.

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Are Swim Crop Leggings Waterproof?

The term waterproof is relative, and if you mean not allowing water through the fabric thoroughly. Are swim crop leggings waterproof? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Swim crop leggings are for swimming, and by definition, waterproof materials prevent water from passing through it. Swim crop leggings using spandex and nylon are not waterproof materials.

However, swim crop leggings can wick away moisture, so you won’t have to worry about your leggings getting wet while you’re swimming. If you are looking for waterproof swim crop leggings that you can use while playing in the snow or hiking through puddles, we recommend wearing a pair of pants over them.

Buyers’ Guide for Swim Crop Leggings

Buying swim crop leggings is like your regular shopping experience regarding decision-making. You have to consider what makes a pair the best fit for you. Here are some pointers to guide your buying decision:

1. Type

There are two main types: inner-lined and unlined. Inner-lined is typically seen on models, while unlined is more common in spandex or hipster styles. as you can expect, both has merits and demerits which will often affect your purchasing decision. 

2. Material

Swim crop leggings typically use nylon, polyester and spandex or nylon and spandex. The nylon helps make the material more durable, while the spandex adds flexibility. Swim crop leggings that contain only nylon tend to be less flexible but more durable.

Most swim crop leggings use polyester spandex fabric. Polyester is a very durable synthetic material, but it also tends to shrink when washed and make your skin itch if you fail to provide proper care.

3. Length

There are many different types of swim crop leggings which means you have to pick a length that works best for you. Legging lengths can also include other specifications like high-waist styles that sit higher than regular waist height or low-rises that sit lower than standard waist height.

Full-length leggings reach your ankles, while 3/4 length leggings stop three-quarters of an inch above your ankles. Mid-thigh length leggings are shorter still. Other lengths include Capri, Cropped and Ankle-length.

4. Quality

Not all swim crop leggings have the same design. A few main factors to look for when comparing brands and models include quality, ease of use and budget. Quality is the most critical factor when shopping for swim crop leggings. If a product is of high quality and durable, it will last longer than other options and be worth the price tag.

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Tips to Pick Swim Crop Leggings

Swim crop leggings are a suitable replacement for your swimsuit or can serve as an add-on. Just as with getting a swimsuit, the work comes with how to pick your next pair of swim crop leggings. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying your pair:

  • Have a precise aim of what activity you intend to perform with your swim crop leggings.
  • Find a leg length that’s perfect for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this. It all depends on your style, body type, and preference.
  • If you plan to wear your piece in combination with your swimsuits, black colors are your best bet.
  • Alternatively, if you’re going with a print, make sure it suits your taste. There are many options for printing on swim crop leggings, from floral prints to tie-dye and everything in between.
  • You can even opt for solid-colored tights if you want something more versatile or straightforward.

10 Best Swim Crop Leggings

To get you kicking on your hunt for the perfect swim crop leggings, here is a list of the best swim crop leggings:

1. Scodi Women’s Swim Leggings High-Waist Tights

SCODI Women's Surfing Leggings Swimming High-Waisted Tights UPF 50+(Blackwhite,L)


Evolved function meets modern style in these Scodi Women’s Surfing Leggings. This swim crop legging uses 82% nylon and 12% spandex to make a high-waist performance swimwear. It features water repellent capabilities as well as UV protection. This translates to it remaining great year after year lying in the sun on the beach.

The Material is Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Anti-Bacterial and Bacteria Resistant with an elastic band at the waist and bottom hem. You are sure of enjoying long-lasting, chlorine resistant and UPF 50+ protection. These sleek and stylish high-waist leggings come with lasting durability. Furthermore, it allows maximum movement while surfing and catching waves. 

2. Firpearl Women’s Plus Size Swim Shorts

Firpearl Women's Swim Shorts UV Sport Board Shorts Swimsuit Bottom US24 Black


Firpearl women’s plus-size sports swimwear lets you splash and play in swim crop leggings with UPF 50+ sun protection. It combines 82% nylon and 18% spandex to create a super stretchy fabric that keeps you from getting burnt or irritated.

The blend of Nylon and Spandex ensures this legging can efficiently wick moisture, preventing chafing. These medium length swim shorts feature quick drying while also being resistant to the effects of chlorine. You can rely on this product to perform significantly at the beach, swimming, water aerobics, etc.

3. ATTRACO Women High Waist Swim Pants Swim Leggings

ATTRACO Swim Pants for Women High Waisted Swim Shorts Swim Tights Aqua Medium


Attraco is known for its high-quality swimwear, and these swim crop leggings live up to that standard. It uses 82% nylon and 18% spandex with a flatlock stitch to create a highly elastic and comfortable garment. With an elastic waistband, these flattering spandex swim shorts offer full rear coverage and side mesh lining that keeps you cool while you play.

It is breathable with quick-drying abilities to guarantee fast dryness once you exit the water. What’s more, this piece is available in various designs to match your style, including solid color and striped options. This is a fashionable and more comfortable alternative to traditional swimwear.

4. Hilor Women’s High Waist UV Crop Swim Leggings

Hilor Women's UV Rash Guard Pants Crop Swim Leggings Sports Capri Tights 12 Black 1


Hilor’s Women’s High Waist UV Rash Guard Pants provide your legs with maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. They feature an innovative 4-way stretch fabrication for optimal movement during training or on-the-go swimming activities.

The fabric is soft as silk against your skin while providing a high-performance fit. In addition, they have an internal drawstring waistband that eliminates bulkiness resulting in a flattering silhouette. This flatters your curves and keeps you comfortable all day long. You can conveniently conceal your tummy, hide your cellulite, slim your waist and uplift your hip line.

5. Septangle Women’s Mid Waist UPF 50+ Swim Leggings

Septangle Women's Capris UPF 50 Water Outdoor Pants Swim Sport Leggings (US 14, Black)


You enjoy UPF 50+ protection for your skin from harmful UV rays while the fabric enhances your body shape. It uses high-density fabrics to provide strength and flexibility during water activity. Also, these swim crop leggings are perfect for mixing and matching with other swimwear.

Its skirt features a pull on closure, mid-waist high waistline and adjustable drawstring at the waist. Utilizing a 4-way stretch fabric, you can quickly move and dive into pools, lakes, or oceans. Available in multiple colors to suit your personality while providing durability to ensure a long shelf life so you can enjoy it year after year.

6. Swimming Water Pants Skirted Swim Crop Capri Leggings 

Swimming Water Pants Skirted Swim Shorts Cropped Capri Surf Leggings Wetsuit Pants UV Boardshorts for Women Dark Blue


The lightweight fabric provides incredible comfort while keeping you protected from UV rays. With a roomy fit, these swimming capris are longer and sit below the knee, providing full-length coverage. The fabric of these skirted swim shorts has a soft and smooth touch and can protect you from skin irritation when swimming for a long time. Made from polyester, this pair of swimming crop capris are made to fit your body shape and will flatter your frame.

7. Aleumdr Women’s Long Swim Bottom High Waist

Aleumdr Womens Mid Waist Rash Guard Pants Crop Swim Leggings Unitard Tankini Capri Black Small 4 6


The Aleumdr women’s long board shorts swim bottom high-waist swim crop leggings are the perfect, comfortable piece to slip into before hitting the water. Made with polyester and spandex, it features elastic closure on the waist so you can get a better fit. The crop leggings come in fun, colorful patterns and can be worn alone or alongside your favorite swimsuits. Its built-in support makes it great for the active surfer or paddleboarder.

8. Ninovino Women’s Swim Capri Water Sports Swim Leggings

ninovino Women's Swimming Pants Quick Dry Stretch Water Sports Leggings Black US 12


This swim crop leggings design uses 82% Nylon and 18%Spandex to create a smooth material that is soft and elastic. Its hidden drawstring at the waist allows for a personalized fit every time. At the same time, the solid color creates a stylish look in and out of the water. Furthermore, it has quick-dry UV protection with high quality and comfort. Features an invisible double-knit waistband at the top, making it an excellent option for the waters at the beach, pool and gym.

9. Ekouaer Women’s Swim Capris Swim leggings

Ekouaer Women Long Board Swim Wear Surf Shorts Capri Swim Leggings Rashguard Swim Bottom Navy Blue


The product is 82% Nylon and 18%Spandex with half contrast color print. It is unisex, with the material feeling very soft and flexible to wear. The product features UV protection with SPF50+UPF 50+ rating and has a classic cut. Its high elasticity neoprene mix fabric keeps your skin feeling good and healthy. This swimwear can serve as an active bottom for surfing, recreation, beach volleyball, kayaking or just relaxing in the pool with family or friends. Additionally, due to its high elasticity, it has good rebound characteristics after swimming.

10. SHESHOW Women Skirted Swim Tights Swim Leggings

SHESHOW Women Capris Swim Pants Tights Sport Swimming Surfing Leggings Sun Protection Black


These breathable spandex swim crop leggings will let your body air out after swimming, better than having wet swimwear. The leggings hide any ugly cellulite on your legs, and its wide waistband with elastic is very comfortable to wear. This makes it provides you with the feeling of custom fitting regardless of your body type. It comes from 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex composite fabric that is chlorine resistant, making them perfect to wear swimming in the pool.

Can I Wear A Bathing Suit Alongside My Swim Crop Leggings?

Swim crop leggings are a form of swimsuit meant to be worn over your existing swimwear, not under it. These leggings cover the upper legs and hips, so wearing a suit underneath would only serve to add bulk in unwanted places. One-piece suits also work well with these leggings because many one-pieces have an open back design. This gives you more room to move without worrying about the fabric bunching up or causing friction against your skin.

Can I Wear Yoga Pants to Swim?

Can I wear yoga pants to swim? While the most obvious answer to whether you can wear yoga pants in the pool is “no,” both are equally good for swimming. In general, swim crop leggings will be a little more breathable than your average pair of spandex workout pants. So they’ll help keep you cool while still retaining their water resistance.

The main difference between a pair of spandex and a pair of yoga pants comes down to the amount of stretch they have: spandex leggings can stretch as well as possible with minimal seams and stitching, which gives them more durability during intense workouts; on the other hand, yoga pants usually have no significant material or construction stretch in them, which means that they’re thinner and less durable overall.

Are Regular Leggings Good For Swimming?

When it comes to regular leggings, two main factors make them a no-go for swimming. The chlorine in pools can cause the fabric to become see-through, and they’re not meant to get wet. And in many cases, you won’t want your leggings or anything else you wear, for that matter, to become transparent while you’re just trying to swim some laps.

Regardless of this, it’s still important to remember that they feature a design that isn’t suitable for swimming. Because of this, they won’t be as comfortable or durable as something specifically made for being submerged in a pool. With suitable swim leggings designs for both performance and durability, you’ll be able to focus more on your form than worrying about keeping your clothes from ruining.

If you value comfort and longevity when it comes to what you wear, it’s best not to bring regular leggings into the pool. However, you can if it’s for an underwater photo-shoot where you get paid more than the cost of your leggings.

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Conclusion – Best Swim Crop Leggings

Swimming in regular underpants or even going commando might be the most straightforward option when you need to take a quick dip. However, if you plan on doing any laps or want something that will last longer than one swim session, getting a pair of swim crop leggings is certain to be beneficial. Swim leggings often use thick fabric and usually have elastic waistbands that help them stay put when wet. While some unisex styles are available, many swim leggings are specifically for women and girls.


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