How To Shrink Nylon Swimsuits With Steps 2023

How To Shrink Nylon Swimsuits With Steps 2023

Shrinking of swimsuits has become so rampant that it has somewhat elevated to a new trend. Well, this happens when a swimsuit becomes too big or doesn’t fit perfectly like it ought to be and many more. So rather than having to keep it in a box or give it all out, you can do something great with it and that’s where the shrinking of swimsuits comes into place.

Moreover, shrinking suits aren’t as easy as we may expect or assume. It is a bit tough when you want to walk through this part because of the materials used in manufacturing the swimsuits. It is usually tougher when it involves a nylon swimsuit.

But as tough as it seems, nothing is quite impossible. To answer the question above, let’s find out how to shrink nylon swimsuit before looking at some of the reasons why people have to shrink swimsuits.

Expert Steps To Shrinking Nylon Swimsuits

Step 1: Get A Dryer

When it comes to shrinking, the first thing you’ll have to get which you invariably need most is a dryer. Dryers aren’t specifically designed for drying of clothes only, they can be used for quite a few numbers of things like this. Before you start, you should have the swimsuit turned inside out so the outer appearance of the suit isn’t altered nor faded.

Trust me, turning it would save the colour of the suit from being ruined. Also, if it’s a suit with any bra insert, I’d advise you to take out the insert so it doesn’t shrink alongside the rest of the suit. It will be safer when it is removed. You can insert it later on after shrinking.

Washing the swimsuit in water is the next thing to do. You’re to use your hands and not a washing machine. Using a washing machine to wash your swimsuit will get it torn and even extend to stretching your suit because of the tumbling of the machine.

Note that the detergent you intend to use for it should be mild and not abrasive like harsh or dyeable. The essence of having to wash the swimsuit is the ensure that all dirt, oily residue, and grime aren’t found on the swimsuit. If you then have it washed, it will tell on your suit because, during the shrinking process, they will shrink along with your suit thereby making the suit hard.

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Step 2: Soak The Swimsuit In Hot Water

Now, the real shrinking process has begun. If you’ve got a big pot that is strong and can contain a swimsuit, then you can get started. Pour water into the pot and place it in the gas cooker. Let the water boil and when it is hot.

You can then place the suit in it. Leave the suit in the boiling water till it cools down. This wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes before it cools down. The heat that emanates from the hot water will start shrinking the swimsuit little by little before it finally goes into the dryer.

After soaking, you can proceed to have it dried in the dryer. First, turn on the dryer and increase it to the highest level of heat. That is, increase the volume to the highest. Place the suit instead and increase the timing to the longest.

Don’t worry, nothing would go wrong with your suit. And don’t add other clothes or suits for the dryer. The goal is to shrink the nylon swimsuit alone. When the timing has elapsed, take the swimsuit out and let it cool.

When the swimsuit is completely dried, don’t just assume the shrinking process is done by going to keep it in your storage. You’re to try it out first to check the sizing. After all, that’s the main reason why you decided to have the suit shrink in the first place.

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So try it out to see if the suit fits well as you want it to. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go through the process over again. But this time around, you won’t have to wash the swimsuit again because you’ve already done that and it is enough.

What you’re to do now is to, boil the suit in hot water again and to dry in the dryer. Remember, you are only to do this if the suit doesn’t perfectly accentuate your body as you want it to. If you wear it and discover that it suits your body like a second skin, then you can put a halt to it and keep your suit.

But if it isn’t, that’s when you would have to repeat the process for the number of times required to get the swimsuit to the right shape. Also, do not shrink so often so you don’t damage your suit. A couple of times is okay for a suit to be shrink so you don’t destroy the fabric of the suit.

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Step 3: Ironing

Another way to shrink your swimsuit is through ironing. The heat that oozes out from the pressing iron can shrink the nylon swimsuit. So what and what is required from you to proceed with the shrinking procedure?

Start by washing the suit. Like I earlier said in the first step, washing takes off any dirt, oily residue, and even grime from the suit so they do not shrink alongside the suit when you’re doing the deal. So it is best to use cool water to wash the suit with a detergent that isn’t harsh. Dry the suit a little such that it is damp.

It is time to begin shrinking the swimsuit by ironing it. However, after placing the suit on a pressing board, get a cloth made up of cotton and place it on top of the suit. That’s you’re covering the suit with another cloth. Here’s why.

When the pressing iron is directly placed on the suit, the heat will get it damaged merely by coming in contact with the swimsuit. And am advising you to do the same. Ensure that the cloth is made from cotton such that the heat can penetrate the swimsuit from the cotton on it.

Plug-in the iron and place the knob on medium or low heat. High heat isn’t needed for such. If used, it could destroy your swimsuit. Nonetheless, using low or medium heat would take longer for the suit to be shrink, but it’s more preferable than getting your suit burnt.

When the iron is a bit hot, you can commence with ironing the suit as gently as you can. Since the suit is a bit damp, don’t go about adding extra water to the iron bucket. It doesn’t need water anymore. Press the iron firmly so the heat from it can be transferred to the swimsuit.

Keep applying more pressure to the suit and don’t forget to switch to the other side. The ironing goes both ways just like the normal way cloth is being ironed. Take off the cotton cloth you’re using on it and flip the suit to the other side.

Then continue with the ironing. Wait for some minutes before settling the pressing iron down. By then, the suit would have almost become dried. To finish the drying process, leave the suit on a hanger. When it has fully dried, you can try it on to see if it fits. Perhaps it doesn’t, you’ll have to go through the procedure again for a better result.

With these two steps, we’ve come to the end on how to shrink nylon swimsuit. Since there are two ways to this, you can choose which among the two is preferable to you. Is it the drying method with the use of a dryer, or with the use of a pressing iron? The choice is yours.

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Why Do People Shrink Nylon Swimsuit?

It is appropriate to know why one should shrink a swimsuit. Shrinking of bathing suit is done due to a couple of reasons that we’re going to look at one after the other, with detailed explanation. They include;

1. Too Big

This is is the most popular reason why thousands if not millions of persons shrink their nylon swimsuits. Purchasing a big swimsuit could be a mistake on your part or that of the online shop you had it ordered from. Possibly, a big swimsuit could come as a gift from a friend or family member. So rather than dumping it somewhere without the intention of wearing it by reason that it doesn’t suit your body, people opt for shrinking instead which is usually the best because it enables you to be able to put on the suit.

2. Loss Of Elasticity

Another reason why you may want to shrink your bathing suit could arise from the loss of elasticity from the suit. As you know, when a bathing suit has been worn for a long, it’ll lose its shape and elasticity. Just so you know as well, it all boils down to the suit.

There are some quality suits with top-notch materials that can serve you for a very long time except it gets torn along the line. So when the elasticity is gone, you may want to have it shrink to retain its shape like it was when it was newly purchased. These two are the major reasons why people shrink not just nylon swimsuit, but other types of suits.

How To Purchase The Right Swimsuit To Prevent Shrinking Of Suits

To prevent having to purchase a bathing suit that is too big leading to shrinking of suits, let’s look at some of the ways to buy the right suit so you don’t have to go through the process of shrinking the suit.

1. Sizing The Swimsuit

There are some things that you should give your utmost focus on because if they aren’t, it is certainly going to affect you. Swimsuits aren’t a piece of clothing that we should handpick without being accurate with the measurements or trying it out to make sure that what you’re buying will grace your body awesomely.

Do you buy from online shops? Try to be accurate with your measurements so you don’t get swimsuits that are bigger. Do you purchase suits from offline shops? Test the suits to ensure it is your body size before buying.

2. Don’t Get Carried Away With Fancy Swimsuits That Doesn’t Fit

There is this thing that most persons do which isn’t right. For the fact that a swimsuit is looking beautiful and fanciful and it isn’t your body size, doesn’t mean you should go for it thinking you could work on it.

Always get suits that you’re okay with without having to go through the stress of shrinking the suit. Because, when some suits are being shrunk, they may not end well as the normal suit should. They could get torn easily. That’s why is best to go for your size regardless of how tempting and beautiful the bathing suit may look.

3. Be Specific With Your Size

You may have someone that would want to get you a suit. Don’t just tell the person to get you any suit or don’t assume the person would get you a suit that would fit you. The assumption has led to persons making a lot of mistakes. You should communicate your measurements to the said person to avoid him/her getting you a swimsuit that would be a bit big thereby, prompting you to have your bathing suit shrunk.

How To Shrink Nylon Swimsuits – Conclusion

In conclusion, shrinking a nylon swimsuit is an easy task that you can just pull off like the normal steps you’re to follow when washing a bathing suit. For you to shrink your suit successfully, you have to imbibe a virtue called patience. Shrinking a swimsuit requires not just time but effort as well.

I presume with the detailed steps and procedures on how to go about shrinking your swimsuit, you’re up to the task of carrying out a fantastic job. Replicate all that has been written on your suit and experience more blissful days with your bathing suit.

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