How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Bathing Suit 2022

In a world that can be tagged ours to which we’ve clung to, nothing goes for nothing. For whatever bliss and fulfilment the universe offers you, you explore and bask in it as you remain grateful for such privileges. However, some factors may want to pull you down from having the best time of your life.

Let’s take the bathing suit as a case study. You get to wear them to the pool or beach to have your nerves and hormones calmed before embarking on your work. But with the bathing suits lies several challenges that must be given our attention using their usefulness. One of these challenges includes wrinkles finding their way to your suits.

That is, the bathing suits may have wrinkles on them which must be sorted out so as not to spur embarrassing moments. So a question that has been asked on frequent occasions is this “how to get wrinkles out of a bathing suit”. And being that we care about your swimming escapades, we are going to provide answers to the question above. But before then, let’s look at the causes of wrinkles in bathing suits.

One of the causes of wrinkles in bathing suits is the lack of proper storage. Bathing suits must be given the best care to ensure their longevity. When your suits are kept haphazardly rather than being placed in a clothes/suit drawer, the tendency of having a wrinkled bathing suit will be very high.

Another cause of wrinkles in bathing suits is the air-drying process. When suits are not properly air-dried by spreading, you’ll find them being wrinkled from compression. That is, rather than spreading the bathing suit on a flat board, you tend to have them compressed with no space thereby, leading to wrinkles.

So how do you get the wrinkles out of your bathing suit?

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Bathing Suit

1. Wash/Rinse With Cold Water

To get wrinkles out of a bathing suit, you’ll have to either wash or rinse the suit with cold water. If peradventure the suit is a bit dirty or has been worn, you can choose to wash it by using a mild detergent suitable for bathing suits. If it doesn’t fall under any of the categories above, you can rinse with cold water.

2. Do Not Squeeze Heavily

After the first step, you’re to gently squeeze by folding into two or three parts. Do not squeeze hardly like the same manner in which you squeeze your clothes.

3. Air Dry

When it’s time to air dry the bathing suit, do not go about spreading it on a rope directly in the sun. You’re to get a clean flat board, lay a towel on it, and spread the bathing suit on the towel. Do not compress the suits together. Lay them flat on the board. Also, do not place the board directly in the sun. You can place it under a shade or beside your home where the sun doesn’t penetrate.

Now that we’ve done justice to the question, it is time to show you how to store/organize bathing suits so they don’t get wrinkled. There are two ways to have your bathing suit stored. They are

  • Drawer: Drawers are made specifically for storing clothes and other items. If you do not want your swimsuit to get wrinkled, you should have them stored in a drawer. Just a little advice, store your suits in drawers during colder months. Which is during winter to prevent them from moisture.
  • Open Plastic Bin Bag: The second way to have your bathing suit stored safely is by using an open plastic bin bag. Mixing up your suits with the rest of your clothes isn’t ideal. The bathing suit should be separated. This is why you should get such a bin bag. With this bag, you can place as many bathing suits as possible into it. It is spacious and safe for all suit types.

Nonetheless, the open plastic bin bag should best be adopted during summertime. You wouldn’t want the heat to visit your suits. Hence, it was best used during summer days.

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How To Remove Wrinkles From Suit

Since we’re dealing with wrinkles, let’s also look at some of the ways to get wrinkles out of the suit.

1. Ironing

This is one best way to get wrinkles out of your suit. Without much stress, all you need do is to get your iron plugged into a socket and run it on the suit strengthening it in the process. So if you’re eager to get the wrinkles out, then you should subscribe to using a hot iron to achieve that. Please apply caution so you don’t get the suit burnt.

2. Steaming

You can as well use a hand steamer to get wrinkles out of your suit. Steamers are sold everywhere so getting one shouldn’t be a problem. Then, proceed to have the suit hung on a rail. Get water and pour it into the steamer before plugging it into a socket. Turn it on and hold the hand steamer close to your suit as you watch it emitting steam to remove the wrinkles.

You can check out these iron and steamer below which I have been using to remove wrinkles from my suit for long now.

3. Dryer

This may seem a little bit risky but it sure can be useful in ridding off wrinkles from suit. If your suit is made of cotton, then you can throw it into the dryer to have the wrinkles removed. Get the suit into the dryer and if you can, place a damp towel along. Then turn on the dryer and leave for about 5 – 10 minutes. When the timing has elapsed, you can then take out the suit to reveal a suit free from wrinkles.

4. Wrinkle Spray Remover

If you can’t or wouldn’t want to go through the stress of using any of the items mentioned above, you can opt for a wrinkle spray remover. There’s no harm in using a sprayer that removes wrinkles. At a point in my life, I resulted to using a sprayer for my clothes that has wrinkles. And this wrinkle spray remover (Downy Wrinkle Releaser) is what I have been using for quite a while now. It is durable with top-notch quality. You can take a look by clicking on this link.

How To Get Wrinkles From Clothes

1. Place The Wrinkled Clothes In The Bathroom

Steam works a lot on wrinkled clothes. Get the clothes and arrange them on a hanger in the bathroom. As you’re showering, ensure the steam coming from the shower comes in contact with the clothes. That way, they’ll get straightened.

2. Pressing Iron

This is the most popular way to rid the clothes of wrinkles. The only thing needed is the iron and probably a little bit of water to get the wrinkled clothes back to how they were. Also, be conscious of the temperature.

3. Hand Dryer

The third option here is a hand dryer. You can use that dryer that you use for your hair on the wrinkled clothes. Place the cloth on a flat board. Plug the hand dryer, turn on the main button, add water to the crease and use the dryer to blow dry. As you blow-dry, use your hand to smooth the crease. Watch how the wrinkles disappear.

4. Tea Kettle

Put some water into the kettle and leave it to boil. Then take the wrinkled cloth close to the kettle so the steam coming out from the tea kettle will straighten the cloth.

5. Book

I can see the surprise on your face right now. Yes, you can use a book to get rid of wrinkles. Not just any book but a big book weighing some pounds. Lay the cloth on a board, take up the book, and lay it on the cloth. Press the book on it and wait for the results.

6. Wrinkles Spray Remover

I talked about using a wrinkle spray remover on how to get wrinkles out of the suit and the same can be used here. Spray the wrinkle remover on your cloth and you’ll be amazed at how fast the wrinkles would dissipate. You can check this spray remover (Downy Wrinkle Releaser) that I’ve been using for my clothes and suit.

7. Pot

Add water to a pot, heat it to the extent that it is extremely hot and throw away the water or you can choose to use it for something else. Get the heated pot and place it on the wrinkled cloth to erase the wrinkles.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Bathing Suit – Conclusion

I presume that with the different methods implored on how to get wrinkles out of a bathing suit, you’ll be more than ready to do likewise on your bathing suits, suit, and clothes.

Lastly, if you do not have some of the items mentioned, you can click on the few links that are being stipulated in between to check out the items to which you may find desirable.


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