How To Remove Pilling From Bathing Suit In 5 Easy Ways

Bathing suits are one hell of a delicate material that must be attended to and possibly treated with utmost care. The same care we render to our clothes should be adopted full time into our bathing suits to avoid even the tiniest problems.

However, if the suits failed to be properly catered for, there are bound to be issues. The bathing suits come with several factors that may seem to hinder one’s activities or movement to the beach or pool. Like someone asked, “How Can I Remove Pilling From Bathing Suit”?

Before we dig in further on how to get pilling out of bathing suits, let’s look at what pilling is.

What Is Pilling?

Pilling is usually found on clothes and bathing suits as a result of the balls formed on either the cloth or the suit. These pills are often seen at the surface and not underneath the material.

They are visible to all thereby making them inappropriate to be worn in public. Pilling in bathing suits has a way of bringing down one’s esteem or disappointment. The pilling is mainly at all sides of the wear and not the other way round.

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Expert Ways To Removing Pilling From Bathing Suit

1. Shaving Stick (Razor)

The first way to remove pilling from bathing suits that we are going to quickly discuss is the shaving method. You’ll be needing at least one shaving stick or razor. It is best that you get a new stick specially for this purpose and not the shaving stick that you have been using for your body parts.

Now, lay the suit on a flat surface or a flat board. The only way to get a better result with this is to have the bathing suit spread on the board. Here, you are having a full view of the pilling and keeping tabs on your progress, as you proceed to use the sticking shaving stick such that nothing hinders you.

Hold the stick and use a part of your hand to flatten the suit perfectly well. Then use the stick to gently scrape out the pilling that has formed a ball. If you ever notice that the stick is clogged with pills, carefully take them out with your hands or using an object. Proceed again till you are certain that the pilling is gone completely from the bathing suit.

2. Velcro Strip

This is the second item that can be used to remove pilling from the bathing suit. The Velcro strip is found virtually in some of our wears like shoes and can as well be found on our bags. The Velcro strip has tiny sharp strands that can help take off the pilling from the bathing suit with enough ease.

However, in this scenario, I would suggest that you use the Velcro strip that is attached to shoes. That would work best for such. Not saying the rest wouldn’t do justice to your suit, just saying the shoe Velcro strip is more effective. Now, get the bathing suit out and have it spread either on any flat surface or board as stated in the first ways.

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This is because they will ensure that you get maximum results as it paves the way to all the pilling found on the suit. Mind you, the surface or board should be thoroughly cleaned so you don’t end up staining your bathing suit.

Gently use the Velcro strip to pull out the suit till the pilling on the suit can no longer be seen. With this method, you have successfully removed the pilling from your bathing suit.

3. Sweater Comb

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this before, but, there is a comb that you can use to get those pilling out of your bathing suit for good. This comb is what is called the sweater comb. And the most beautiful thing about it is that the comb is produced specially for taking off pilling from suit.

The sweater comb is usually small at the tooth just like a perfect comb that is used for combing one’s hair. Hence, it was produced to adopt the comb’s nature, except that the sweater comb teeth are closer than that of the normal comb. So how do you go about it?

Use a part of your hand to gently pull the bathing suit closer, while you use the other hand holding the sweater comb to comb out the pilling on the suit. Exert a little pressure so you achieve your results. As usual, go about it with so much care so as not to have it ruined.

Here are some sweater combs that you may want to check from amazon.

4. Scissors

Without a doubt, this is one of the most common pill removers there are. So many persons subscribe to this because they feel it’s easier and quicker to get the pilling out unlike the rest ways or methods.

Well, it all depends on what works for you. While some may use the scissors method and end up ruining their bathing suit, others will use it and get the pilling out of the bathing suit faster.

Using scissors is quite convenient I must confess, but, there are other ways to choose from. Aside from having to choose from other ways or methods, scissors work best when the pilling on the bathing suit isn’t much. If they are much, you will have to succumb to using any of the rest methods.

Lay the suit and use your other hand to bring out the pill. Pull them and use the scissors to cut the pilling out. In situations like this, you are highly advised to be extremely careful so you don’t cut off your bathing suit accidentally. If possible, use scissors that are small like nail scissors.

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5. Hair Rollers

By hair rollers, I ain’t referring to the hair rollers that you are accustomed to. The hair roller in this category is the Velcro hair roller. This particular hair roller is one way or method of removing pilling from a bathing suit. I know at some point, you may be wondering why Velcro hair rollers should be used for a job like this.

This is because the Velcro hair rollers are soft and simple to use. They are not strong which makes it simpler to be used in removing the pilling from our swimming wear. How do you use the Velcro hair roller to get the job done?

Spread the bathing suit on a place where you can get the pilling out easily. This is why we suggest that you either get a board where the bathing suit can be spread or you look for a flat surface that you can spread it on. Provided it is clean. Roll the Velcro hair rollers on the suit and as you roll, it is going to pick up all the pilling in the suit out.

It is then left for you to handpick the pill from the suit when the whole suit is free from pilling.

How To Prevent Your Bathing Suit From Getting Pilled

At this juncture, we are going to show you some of the methods to prevent your bathing suit from pilling. Since suits can pill easily, we should let you know the steps you’re expected to take to prevent your bathing suit from ever pilling.

Kindly follow through with the methods on how to adequately prevent pilling from ever taking place amongst your suits.

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Step 1: Get Bathing Suit That Wouldn’t Pill

Did you know that there are some bathing suit that tends to pill? The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. We all know our bathing suit are produced in different materials. Just like the clothes that we put on to cover our bodies.

Likewise, are bathing suits found in numerous clothing materials like wool, fibre, polyester, and so forth. Nonetheless, the materials used that mainly promote the pilling are suits that are produced from a blend of several suit material. Such kind of bathing suit is likely going to have pilling in them after a while.

So what you are to do is to stay clear of such bathing suit materials.

Step 2: Do Not Sit Around Rough Edges/Places

What else can cause pilling in bathing suits? Sitting around rough edges/places around the pool or beach. Such kind of places is also likely going to get your bathing suit pilling. The reason being that sands and tiny stone particles can be found at those places or edges.

To save your bathing suit from always pilling, you should be mindful of where you choose to sit at the beach or pool, or, you spread some sort of fanciful cloth on the edges before sitting.

Step 3: Store Properly

Some persons suck at getting a bathing suit properly stored. The moment they are done air-drying the suit, the next thing they do would be to throw it in their basket/bag or wardrobe of clothes.

If you are the type that engages in such, then you should put a halt to it because it is wrong. In an ideal way, the bathing suit should be stored separately from your regular wears. You are expected to have a separate Ziploc bag or drawer for storing suits only. (Read Also: How To Organize Bathing Suits (Step-By-Step Guide))

Do not have it thrown in different places so they don’t rub against other objects and clothes that can cause them to pill.

How To Remove Pilling From Clothes

1. Sandpaper

The number one thing you can use to get those pilling in a matter of minutes is sandpaper. Using such a paper works great. Sandpaper can be used for quite a several items which make them stand out sort of.

Get your sandpaper and have your clothes spreading on a board or surface. Then, proceed to start scrubbing. Having the suit scrubbed with the sandpaper will get the pilling out of the bathing suit in less than an hour.

2. Stone For Sweater

The number two thing you can use to get those pilling out is a stone that is made for removing pilling from the sweater. If your wear happens to be a sweater, you can easily use this stone produced for a sweater to get them out.

Now let me show you what you are to do to get those pilling out. As usual, spread the clothes then use the stone for the sweater on the clothes by rubbing the stone on it. As you keep on rubbing the stone on the sweater, you will discover that the pilling will be pulling out.

I recalled using this particular stone for a sweater some time ago. I had quite some pilling on my sweater that wasn’t fit to be worn out. Decided to get something to get them out because that was one of my favourite sweaters.

Luckily, I stumbled on one online and decided to instantly check it out on Amazon is that they have quality and top-notch products. All of my stuff is from there funnily. Saw one, bought it and I have been using it for a long while now. It works so well. You can check it out here (Dritz Clothing Care Sweater Stone)

3. Scissors

I know I have stressed this why talking about the ways to remove pilling from a bathing suit, nevertheless, we are going to stress on it a little over here. This is the third way to get pilling out of clothes. If we are, to be honest, the importance of scissors can not be overemphasized.

We need it for a lot of stuff and this is one of them. You can use scissors to get those pilling out by cutting off the pilling as you use your other hand to pull the cloth together for quick access.

How To Remove Pilling From Bathing Suit – Conclusion

I used to think pilling was one huge challenge of bathing suit that doesn’t have a solution. But am glad I was so wrong as the world’s advancement has brought about diverse ways to get pilling out.

Follow the instructions and steps on how to go about removing pilling from your bathing suit with so much ease.


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