How To Get Sticker Residue Off Bathing Suit In 2022

Stickers are attached to bathing suits to display the brand’s logo as a means of displaying their quality products to the world. As beautiful as it may seem, they’re hard to pull out when it is time to rock them to a beach, pool, or suit party.

Moreover, they pose to be hard to take off which could result in one or two awful incidents like ripping the suit accidentally or getting it torn in that direction in the name of getting the residue out of the suit. Well, there is a simpler and better way to go about it and that is what we’re going to discuss on.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Bathing Suit

Here are some of the ways you can do such by using sticker remover agent like;

1. Perfume

Aside from using it as a spray, other things can be done by using perfume. You’re not to spray directly with the perfume. You should spray the perfume on a cotton ball or clean cloth and apply it to the spot. You can take it to your sink to hand wash after application.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

You can do the same with tea tree oil. This oil works perfectly well in removing sticker residue off the bathing suit. Follow the same procedure by using either a clean cloth or cotton ball. Apply and rub on the bathing suit. Then hand washed.

Let me share with you the tea tree oil I used for my bathing suit

  • Ethereal Nature 100% Pure Oil, Tea Tree: You don’t want to be told how effective this is in getting rid of sticker residue from the suit. Provided you follow the right procedures as stipulated there on how to get it done.

The ethereal nature of 100% pure oil tea tree is what you need to get that residue out of your suit in a jiffy without much stress. Peradventure you have other tea tree oil at home, you can use it instead. Or would you want to go through the one I purchased from Amazon? Let me share the link with you then.

3. Mineral Oil

For mineral oil, you should use the one with no acetone. The mineral oil would neutralize the residue such that it comes off within a couple of minutes after washing. Please use a cotton ball or cloth and wash. For mineral oil, there are different types. But I can’t tell if all the mineral oil would work for this purpose because the one I used has been the one I’ve been using whenever am faced with this adhensive residue issue.

Using it on my bathing suit took out all the sticker residue like I expected it to be. Adorable right? Here’s the name (Food Grade Mineral Oil) and the link on Amazon so you can check it out yourself.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

If you have eucalyptus oil in your home, then start putting it to use in taking off that sticker residue. You should follow the rest procedure of applying it on a cotton ball or a clean cloth before application and washing.

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Other Ways On How To Get Sticker Residue From Bathing Suit

1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has quite several benefits that people seem oblivious of. Having lemon oil in your home isn’t restricted to just one uses. You can use lemon oil to take off sticky residue. There are two ways you can go about it. It’s either you have it soaked with the lemon oil or you use your hand to rub the oil on the sticky part and leave for some minutes before pulling it out. Trust me, you’ll be surprised when the residue starts coming off easily without stress.

If you want to get quicker and better results, use the right lemon oil that can pull this off quickly. There is some lemon oil that you may use that wouldn’t do even half of your expectations.

This is why I stress the need to get the right items or elements that are going to get the residue out with the speed of light. This is the one I once used (Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil – 100% Pure and Natural) and have recommended to friends and family too who gave great testimonies regarding the oil.

Please Note;

I’m recommending these different ways because I’ve carried out each way and they worked out perfectly well for me. On several occasions, I had issues with my bathing suits because while wanting to take the glue residue off them, they got torn and became sticky thereby making it hard to get it off. So my friends told me about these steps which I implored and they’ve been working Out well in helping to rid the sticker residue off my bathing suit.

2. Alcohol

The importance of alcohol to man shouldn’t be less emphasized. Alcohol can be applied basically on anything using its ingredients that prove to be useful and productive in almost anything and everything. So the particular alcohol you should use here should isopropyl which works best for removing sticker residue out of a bathing suit.

You can also use other types of alcohol but ensure they can be used for external purposes. So gently apply the alcohol on the affected part, you can choose to wait for some time before washing it off as the residue pull out.

3. Gel Detergent Or Gel Soap

The third method we’re going to look at is the use of gel detergent or gel soap to take sticker residue off bathing suits. I remembered using this particular gel but I messed up because I didn’t get it right till a friend walked me through it. So here’s how to go about it. Soak the part that has the sticker residue in the gel detergent or gel soap. Then let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Well, that’s the first step. Now it’s time to get the right thing done so you don’t end up making a mistake like I once did. Soaking alone isn’t the requirement needed to take the sticker residue out from the suit. You’ll have to get a solid and strong spoon to get the rest of the job done.

The part of the spoon you’ll be using is the edge of the spoon which would become a lot easier to get the residue out with ease. Use the edge to scrape the sticker residue to see if the sticker can be taken out without transferring it into another part that isn’t affected. So you should lift it as you scrape the residue out.

4. Lotion

This is an old technique but it still works surprisingly. Some lotions can be used to take sticker residue off bathing suits. I can’t count the number of times I used mine to quickly get the residue out after being stuck out there. Had to subscribe to this because I was travelling and didn’t have anything else to fall back on. Rub the lotion on the spot, hold on for about 10 minutes and use the edge of an item to scrape the residue out.

5. White Vinegar

White vinegar is another element that can be gotten to get sticker residue off bathing suit. But you’re not to use the white vinegar on the bathing suit directly. If you have a kitchen roll, then you’re going to put it to use in this circumstance.

You’re to apply the white vinegar on the kitchen roll and roll it on the part that has the sticker residue. Mind you, you’re not to go about it gently. You’ll have to implore little force so the sticker would stick to the kitchen roll thereby, pulling off.

6. Hand Steam

Although this isn’t used to get it out totally, but  can be used to aid the removal process. Hand steam is known to be effective not for clothes alone but can be gotten for situations like this. First, turn on the hand steam and take it close to the bathing suit (the place that has the sticker residue).

Please on no condition should you take it extremely close to the suit so you don’t rip it off accidentally. After doing this, you can proceed to use gel detergent/soap, lotion, alcohol, white vinegar, or lemon oil on it.

Be cautious of the steamer you intend to use and endeavour not to take it too close to your fabric so you don’t ruin it. Hold the hand steamer a bit far off before blowing the sticker residue for quick access to get it out. I still have the hand steamer I got from amazon which I have been using for a long period now. Also, I’ve used it a couple of times for situations like this. Here is the name (PurSteam World’s Best Steamers Chemical Free) alongside the link.

Please Note;

You’re expected to use either a clean cloth or cotton ball in rubbing some of the items or elements into the bathing suit.

When you want to wash off any of the aforementioned items or elements, you should hand wash rather than placing the bathing suit in a washing machine. First, it isn’t safe to get a bathing suit into the machine not to make mention of the damages that may be incurred from using the machine to wash a suit that may still have some element of the sticker residue.

That’s why it is advisable to hand wash. Moreover, dry the suit the right way and not directly in the sun.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Clothes

1. Alcohol

Using alcohol to get sticker residue off clothes is as easy as you can ever imagine. Get your cotton ball dipped with the alcohol and rub it on the cloth in a way that the residue is socked with alcohol. Stop and pick out the residue. If it doesn’t come off immediately, dip the cotton ball inside the alcohol and rub again then pick out the remaining residue. Continue with this till the coast is clear.

2. Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Do you have nail polish remover? If you do, then be rest assured that you don’t need any external factor to get the sticker residue out. Place the cloth on a flat surface, get a clean cloth or cotton ball, and dip it into the acetone nail polish remover then, rub it on the cloth to remove the sticker residue. It may not come off so quickly, so you’ll have to go over it again till they’re out finally.

3. Freeze The Cloth

Pick the cloth and place it in the freezer for about an hour. Take it off and pull the sticker residue out. If you can’t take out the entire residue, place it back into the freezer again. Take it out and continue peeling it off till it is clear.

4. By Hand

This is one way of removing sticker residue from clothes and even bathing suits that we haven’t dealt with. Yes, you can pick out the remaining residue if it isn’t that sticky with your bare hands.

5. Table Knife

This may look kinda risky but as risky as it may look right now to you, it can be used to get rid of sticker residue from clothes. Gently lay the cloth on a table, a flat board, or a flat surface. Hold the knife and use it to scrape the sticker residue out as gently as you can to avoid getting your clothing torn or ruined and even cutting your hands.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Bathing Suit – Conclusion

Nothing here seems so difficult to achieve. I’ve gone through each of the ways and procedures which gives me the leverage to expatiate on these subjects greatly. You want to get sticker residue off bathing suits and clothes, follow the aforementioned ways to get the desired results from them.


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  1. I tried everything and then I found your website! I used my steamer and then the lotion trick and within 15 minutes, that sticker was completely off my bathing suit! You are amazing. Thank you so much.

  2. Acetone seems like it would discolor the fabric? I have used it on many other items to remove stickers but never on clothing. I won’t be trying this one but has anyone else? Just curious

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