How To Get Tanning Oil Out Of Bathing Suit With Steps

The fun of summer can lead to getting one’s swimsuit stained with tanning oil. The excitement of wanting to tan your skin could cause one to just slip off and ending up getting tanning oil to be poured on your skin. Often times, we do not realize this till we’re about to dive into the pool or about to go home or even feeling the dampness while still at the beach.

Though, you may not always find it easy to take off the oil stains fully being that it comprises of some chemical and biological makeup particle which centers on what is called fats and oils.

However, treating the stain as soon as possible is best such that it doesn’t become a permanent stain. So if you should attend in time to the stains via the right methods, then you will be able to save your clothes from getting damaged.

So what’s the right method to get tanning oil out of your bathing suit? Continue reading to learn how to.

How To Get Tanning Oil Out Of Bathing Suit

For tanning oil stains, you can use a dishwashing detergent, spot treat solution (Such as Laundress Wash & Stain bar), stain removal or white vinegar to remove the stains.

1. Get a dishwashing detergent

Firstly, we know that going to the beach would involve taking along with you a tanning oil to get a deep bronze colour on your skin. Well, this process of application could get your bathing suit tanned also. Here, you can get a dishwashing detergent to remove the tanning oil stains from the suit.

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Pour a little amount of the dishwashing detergent onto the affected part/parts, use your fingers to rub it on the suit such that it goes right into the suit and leave it throughout the night. After that, rinse off with warm water. If you notice the stain hasn’t fully cleared off, please repeat the same process.

2. Apply stain remover

For those that would be using a spot tread solution, Laundress Wash & Stain Bar and use your hand to massage it in places that need utmost attention. They are the straps, ties, underarms area, the edges along a bikini top, and the waistband.

You can use a stain remover to take off such tanning stains from the bathing suit. However, it would be great to try it out on the bathing suit to ensure the colours do not fade.

3. Soak in water with white vinegar

Lastly, pour a little amount of white vinegar into a bowl. Take the suit and soak it for about an hour in the water mixed with white vinegar. Wash the suit with either warm water or cold water. Then, air dry. If the stains don’t clear off, repeat the process.

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Why Do We Need Tanning Oil

How To Get Tanning Oil Out Of Bathing Suit

Having an idea of how to use tanning oil products very well is one great thing that is recommended. Most importantly for those persons who are trying hard to get that perfect sun-kissed bronze colour of their tanned skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get a natural tan through sunbathing or by means of using another tanning method that is sunless.

This is what you stand to get when you use tanning oil products. it will;

  • Give you the best complexion needed
  • Provide for you protection from the sun
  • It’s a quick way to get a tan faster
  • It protects against anti-ageing
  • It is antioxidants
  • It moisturizes our skin
  • It gives one instant tan by means of their natural colour
  • It is a skin vitalization
  • UV protection (to a limited extent enough to keep you safe from damage)
  • It repairs damaged skin

So What’s The Function Of Tanning Oil And How Does It Work On The Body?

The application of tanning oil on your skin will bring about the ultraviolet rays coming directly from the sun and narrowing or focusing these rays on your skin. With a high degree of UV exposure, you’ll notice the fast production of the melanin on the skin. This leads to the process of getting a good tan which is fastened and intensified around the places where you’ve applied tanning oil on.

1. Protection From The Sun Is Necessary

Getting a high level of UV rays implies the fast rate of tanning effects which also implies that the skin will need more protection from the sun. If you want to get some tanning products, do well to choose the ones which comprise of high SPF levels. It would be more ideal to get 15 or a bit higher SPF so your skin does not experience dryness and redness.

Well, of course, some of these products with SPF have a tendency of regulating the speediness of the sun rays taken in by the skin, and that is why using an SPF product will act as a counterproductive from dryness and redness.

At such, we had earlier said you go for a higher 15 which is the best combination to use with your tanning oil for it will stop you from having sunburns. And then, the oil will act as a catalyst on your natural sun tanning endeavours and none will have to strike out the other.

Please note that if the tanning oil products you have with you lack the zero SPF, it is best that you go for some sun protection cream or even gel. Not together but buy them separately.

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Application Of The Tanning Oil

You will first have to pour the required amount of the tanning oil onto the palms of your hands and rub the oil all over your body or the areas of your body that you want to tan. If you’re to use it on some delicate areas of your body like the face, make sure it is even and rub it gently on the face.

The reason for the even application of the tan oil on your skin is because we don’t want you to end up having an uneven sun-kissed complexion.

How Often Should One Re-Apply Tanning Oil On The Skin?

For those that would love to see some changes on their skin by means of speeding up the process should re-apply the tanning oil every 2 hours. If you’re the type that sweats profusely or go into the water often, then you should stick to this. If for instance, you don’t want to over tan too soon, we would advise you to apply the tanning oil 3-5 hours. Well, it all boils down to your preferences and the kind of skin you have.

For those that do love to overstep the necessary boundaries with a different amount of tanning oil, may likely start developing some allergies, acne or even severe sunburn that can cause a serious skin disease which can pose to be a health challenge. Hence, do not use excessive tanning oil by going over the top.

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Can I Go Into The Pool With Tanning Oil?

Going into the pool with tanning oil isn’t really a good idea. This is because the tan oil does rinse off quickly. Some times, it leaves an oil residue right in the pool. Other times, they can make a filter to be dirty. And so, it isn’t used in the water since it can wash off. But whichever way, it isn’t advisable to go into the pool without tanning oil.

Moreover, if you should go into the pool, you could simply re-apply your tanning oil back on your skin after getting out of the water. Well, the dark tanning lotion with SPF 4 covers the UV rays for some time, but its usefulness disappears and should be re-applied after swimming.

Do I Put Sunscreen On Or Before Tanning Oil?

Before answering this question, let’s first look at what sunscreen and tanning oil do to our skin. Sunscreen has elements of active ingredients that stop the sun’s UV radiation from coming in contact with your skin. We have two types of sunscreen. They are physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

The physical sunscreen job is to block and destroy the rays even before they will have access to your skin. The physical sunscreen ingredients include minerals, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

The chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV rays such that they do not damage your skin. The chemical sunscreen ingredients include avobenzone and octisalate.

Tanning oil as mentioned earlier works by collecting and focusing its ultraviolet rays of the sun on our skin. Well, the sun collects a lot of UV exposure during sunny weather to create a tan. The ingredients of this tanning oil fasten the process by increasing the rays. And it is the melanin pigment that it gives your skin.

Rubbing sunscreen and tanning oil on your skin gives it just the perfect shade you want and the right protection from the sun. Just so you know, applying both on your skin can lead to something entirely.

So the answer to the question above is that you should apply just one on your skin rather than applying both.

Either of them would dilute the other, weakening its ability to guide you from the rays of the UV that can destroy your skin. Hence, it’s advisable you stick to the one you desire.

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How To Get Sunscreen Out Of Bathing Suit

Taking away sunscreen from bathing suits will help you a lot in keeping the durability life of the suit. Though you can remove the sunscreen with normal laundering, some of the ingredients present in the cream may need pre-treatment.

You’ll be needing the following

1. Baking soda
2. A white vinegar
3. Detergent

Step 1

Get a bowl, mix baking soda and water together to form a paste. Get something to hold the paste and spread on the affected area. You could use your hands. Leave for at least an hour or so and wash. If peradventure the stains affected almost the entire suit, then soak the entire suit.

Please note, it would no longer be in the form of a paste but more in liquid form if you’re to soak the entire suit. This will break up stains from oil-based sunscreen products. After pre-treating, launder as usual.

Step 2

Here, you will follow the same process. Pour water in a bowl and add white vinegar into it. Stir and soaked in the entire garment. Leave in the mixture for an hour or so. And you can also run the vinegar directly on the affected part of your suit if you don’t want to soak the suit.

Step 3

Pour water into a bowl and make a solution with one teaspoon each of white vinegar and a liquid detergent. Place the suit in the mixture and leave to sit for an hour or so.

Step 4

Soak the suit in a commercial pre-soak or stain remover which has been designed to destroy all down enzymes. Follow the procedures on the product’s tag for mixing with water and what duration of time to soak. There are many products that are sold specifically to pre-treat swimwear.

Note: Get a sunscreen that does have avobenzone. Then at the beach, gently apply sunscreen to avoid getting stains. Also, pre-treat and wash bathing suit immediately you get home and not dump in the trash.

The Take-Home On How To Get Tanning Oil Out Of Bathing Suit

We’ve all seen how the functionality and usefulness of these products to mankind as a whole is something of great importance. There’s no going into the sun without any of these. They’re simply among the best in taking the utmost care of our skin at the beach.

You could either go for both or anyone depending on your preference. But no matter what, never fail to give the best glow to your skin to achieve the best results, as that is what matters more.

So getting tanning oil and sunscreen out of our bathing suit is something achievable if one should set his/her mind to it. All you need do is follow the procedures and instructions above and everything would fall into place for you.

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