How To Get Lake Water From Swimsuits With Steps 2022

There are several things like swimming activities that you engage in which can be harmful to your bathing suit. In other words, it is important to adopt preventive measures towards caring for your suit even as you plunged into the water.

Though it may seem fun and relaxing, however, there are lots of factors to take into consideration for the sake of the safety of your swimming suit. If you fail to do what you ought to do at the right time, your swimming suit will be the one to suffer most for it because they will end up getting the suit damaged.

An example of this is seen with lake water. Like someone has rightly asked, “does lake water ruin swimsuits”? This is one question that has plunged the minds of hundreds of people and even you as well. It is because you want a solution or rather an answer to this question hence, your reason for coming here.

Nonetheless, we’re here to serve you and to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction with everything about your swimming suit. So let’s answer the question by providing you with some answers in a bit to know if lake water ruins swimsuits or not.

The answer to the question above is Yes. Lake water ruin swimming suit. However, it highly depends on the acidity/alkalinity of the lake water, swimsuit type and the chemical present in the lake. Let’s look at them ineptly.

1. Acidity and Alkalinity

Acidity and alkalinity is a known element when it comes to lake water. They are the terms used in explaining how much acid is present in the lake water. So what this acid does is to release ions of hydrogen in the lake as they merge with some metals. In a simpler word, if the lake happens to have these elements, then it’ll be dangerous for your swimming suit.

2. Swimsuit Type

This isn’t new. Swimsuits are found in various types and textures. Cotton, silk, and the rest. So the type of bathing suit that you put on to go swim matters a lot. If you put on suits that aren’t compatible with lake water, then expect the properties of the lake water to get into your bathing suit which would lead to suit damages. So consider swimming suits that can be worn anywhere preferably, suits that are both lake water and chlorine resistant.

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3. Chemicals Present

Believe it or not, some chemicals can be found in lake water. It doesn’t matter the number of minutes you spend in the water. What matters is that they are present right in the lake water and can be dangerous to our bathing or swimming suit.

Moreover, in some countries lake water, chlorine is added to the lake to protect and prevent it from bacteria that are not ideal for our body not to make mention our swimsuits. And then the chlorine, in turn, affects our wear such that when you put on your suit to swim in such water, the chemicals and chlorine stick to the suit.

How To Get Lake Water From Swimsuits

The environment, the water can all affect your swimsuit. The sad thing is that majority of persons don’t care about these aspects because they just want to relax and let the water take care of them. But this shouldn’t be the case at most times.

For instance, lake water affects the swimming suit badly. This is why you’ve got to take off the lake water as soon as possible. So, “how do you get lake water from swimsuits”?. By following these steps;

Step 1: Rinse

I would advise that you get your swimming suit rinsed once you step out from the lake water. Do this first before embarking on a different step. You necessarily don’t have to wait till you get back home before you can take off your swimming suit to have it rinsed.

You may be wondering why. Well, this is because the suit must have absorbed the lake water and its dirt, thereby, damaging the swimsuit. Since most pool or beach has a place for showering, you can go into it to shower with your swimsuit ensuring the lake water is washed off totally before taking it off.

Step 2: Wash With A Mild Detergent

When you’ve finally gotten home, you can then proceed to have the rinsed swimming suit washed with a mild detergent. Get the swimming suit into a bowl and add cold water with your detergent in the bowl.

Mind you, wash the suit with lots of care since they ain’t as thick as the clothes you put on. The goal is to ensure that they don’t get torn from aggressive washing. Avoid using a washing machine too so your swimming suits won’t get torn.

Step 3: Air Dry

This is the last part as it concludes on how to get lake water from swimsuits. When it is time to air dry, know a few facts which would go a long way in helping you to get the best out of a swimming suit. One is, knowing the exact place to air dry your suits. You’re not to spread it on a rope as though you’re hanging your clothes. You’re to place the suit on a flat board or a flat surface (it must be clean). Second is, don’t spread the suit directly in the sun. Either under a shade or beside your home.

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How To Get Lake Smell From Bathing Suit

At this juncture, we’re going to talk about how to get the lake smell out of a bathing suit. When the suit comes in contact with the lake, there is this smell that oozes out from the bathing suit that isn’t pleasant.

This is as a result of the chemicals and chlorine that are being used in the water as a means of preserving the lake. As such, you should look for ways to get the lake smell from your bathing suits. You can follow these steps to get them out.

Step 1: Fill The Bowl Or Sink With Water

You’ll first have to fill either the bowl or the sink with water. And you’re not to use warm water or lukewarm water. Using any of the above would get your suit ruined rather than putting the bathing suit in the right direction. Use cold water instead. Fill the bowl or sink with only cold water. Using such water for your suit has a way of getting into the suit to make its elasticity intact such that the water is easily permissible.

Step 2: Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular home item that can be used in almost everything and anything. Its usefulness isn’t restricted to just the kitchen alone. It goes beyond that. For instance, baking soda can be used to revive, freshen, and to remove the awful smell from bathing suits.

If you want to get a lake smell from a bathing suit, you’ll be needing half a cup of baking soda. The purpose of using this baking soda is because they have what it takes to drive away from the smell. Measure it with a measuring cup so you get the right quantity of adding it to the sink or bowl of water. Please mix to ensure it is even.

Step 3: Leave To Soak

So you don’t just go about placing the bathing suit into the mixture and washing instantly. This isn’t like washing your suit the normal way that is known to all and sundry. The essence of using the baking soda is to remove the smell from the bathing suit. What you’re expected to do is to place the bathing suit into the mixture and leave it to soak for some minutes like 10 – 15 before taking it out.

Step 4: Rinse And Air Dry

After leaving for the bathing suit to soak for the stipulated minutes mentioned, you can then proceed to have it rinsed and air-dried. So, gently take it and either place it in another sink or bowl to rinse or you throw out the water and fill it in with another.

Provided you get the suit rinsed in cold water. Warm water and lukewarm water are both cancelled for such. When it is time to air dry, carefully place the suit on a flat board or a flat surface underneath a shade or beside your home. I keep repeating this air drying process for emphasis so you don’t ruin your suit by placing it directly in the sun.

Will Lake Water Stain White Swimsuits?

This question has been asking countless times with no answers provided. Well, we can do justice to it so you get to know if you should put on white swimsuits to the lake or not. Now, in answering the question above, the answer is Yes. They’ll get stained for these reasons;

1. The Presence of Saltwater And Acidity Present In The Lake

The presence of these elements would cause your white swimsuits to stain and even reduce the quality of the suit. Saltwater, acidity, and alkalinity are very strong and active such that their presence in lake water affects every other thing greatly. So in wearing white swimsuits, I’d advisable that it should be avoided. Because, it can endanger the life of your suit, making it lose its quality and value because you won’t be able to wear them again.

In some cases, the stain doesn’t just occur immediately. It’ll become prominent from the continuous wearing of the white swimsuits to the lake. While in other cases, just once wear will get the white swimsuits in a different colour. Either the elements present are too high or aren’t being rinsed immediately after leaving the lake.

2. Bright Fabric

Lake water and bright bathing or swimming suit fabrics don’t go hand in hand. Being that white is a bright colour, the tendency of it changing to a different colour would be very high using its brightness. Hence, the more reason why lake water would stain white swimsuits. This is why it is advisable to go swimming at the lake in a dull colour because it won’t stain the dull or dark swimwear so easily.

How To Get Lake Water Out Of Your Ear

As you swim, you may discover that lake water has entered into your ear unknowingly which can make you feel unsettled by its intrusion. What do you do next? Let’s help you through it by listing some of the ways to get lake water out of your ear so your ear doesn’t get infected.

1. Gravity

This is a simple technique. Get a towel and place it on a spot. Lie on one side where the water is and hold the towel close to the ear. This way, the lake water would drain out little by little.

2. Hit The Earlobe

This technique is a well-known technique. You hit your earlobe severally so that the lake water would gush out from the ear. Do this with the side of the ear tilted in a downward direction.

3. Hairdryer

Yes, you can use your hairdryer to get lake water out of your ear. Turn on the dryer and reduce it to the lowest heat. It should be one foot from your ear as you move it back and forth so the water can dry up. Please apply caution so you don’t cause harm to your ear.

4. Eardrops

You can use eardrops to stop the lake water from causing some sort of reaction or problems to your ear. Mind you, you shouldn’t use this ear drop if you have issues with the ear like an infection.

How To Get Lake Water From Swimsuits – Conclusion

Having dealt with this subject on how to get lake water from swimsuits, I believe you’re more than capable to handle this aspect and get your swimsuit in a better condition in years to come.


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