How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Bathing Suit With Steps 2022

There are this disappointing look and feeling that comes with watching one of your most treasured and beautiful wear having unpleasant look which must have arisen from several factors that have deterred its look. Like I would often say, a bathing suit has its challenges just like the clothes we put on.

Just like our clothes are being affected by a couple of things, in the same way, is the bathing suit affected by a variety of items. And why the bathing suit tends to be worse in such an aspect is because they are easily seen by all due to their skimpy nature.

They don’t do much in covering our entire body hence, they are always visible. So in providing an answer to the question, follow the following steps

How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Bathing Suit

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is known for several household uses. They work best for cleaning such as your wears. They’ve got a sort of nutrients in them that can be used in removing rust stain from a bathing suit. So let me show you how to go about it so you can replicate this same procedure to be shown here in your home. The number one thing you’re to do is to get an old towel or cloth.

It is this towel or cloth that you’re to place on a flat board or surface before laying the bathing suit with the rust stain on it.

Bring out the vinegar and pour it gently on the part that has the rust stain. Try as much as you can not to pour it on areas that aren’t affected by rust. Now, get another clean cloth to blot the rust out.

Blot for minutes and take it outside to air dry so the rust stain starts fading. When you’re certain it has faded, you can begin to launder the bathing suit.

2. Lemon

If you don’t have white vinegar but lemons, you can use it on your bathing suit. Follow the same steps of the white vinegar but rather than using this vinegar on it, you use lemon instead. Cut the lemon into two equal parts and squeeze one part of the cut lemon on the bathing suit. The next course of action should be to use either a clean towel or a piece of cloth to blot out the rust stain. Take it out for it to fade and have it washed.

3. Rust Stain Remover

Some persons would prefer to go for rust stain remover (such as this Iron OUT Rust Stain Remover Spray Gel) than having to adopt any of the home remedies mentioned above. These rust stain removers are quite easier just like every other procedure or step that can also be adopted.

You can get the rust stain remover from the online market. Or better still, you can check around your vicinity for the rust stain remover. All you need do is to spray directly into the bathing suit and scrub a little with a brush gently or blot with a clean cloth. Wash afterwards.

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How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Clothes

Having looked at the three ways to get rust stains out of bathing suits, the next step would be to get rid of this same rust stain in clothes. We should go through both simultaneously. Rust stain isn’t peculiar to our swimsuits only.

They go as far as making their way into our clothes and other household items that may seem shocking to you. So follow the procedures and instructions that I will show you on how to get rust stain out of clothes for good.

1. Lemon Juice And Salt

To get rust stain out of clothes, get both lemon juice and salt for it. The elements found in both the salt and the lemon juice are more than strong and capable to get the tough stain out. Now, sprinkle the salt first before applying the lemon juice on the stained cloth.

It is the lemon juice that would seal the salt in while on the other hand, unleashing its natural ingredients. Don’t just bolt out the stain instantly. Leave for 10 minutes before you forge ahead to have it bloated out with a white towel. Take it outside to dry and have it laundered.

2. Cream Of Tartar

Cream of tartar isn’t that common in diverse places but it is usually used during winemaking due to its acid salt. Cream of tartar can get that rust stain out of your bathing suit and clothes in less than a day. The reason being that it has some abrasive elements that make it easier to remove such a stain. Nonetheless, you won’t be using the cream of tartar alone. It is to be mixed with 2 other elements like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

To get the rust stain out of your clothes, you’ll have to mix these three elements. Bring out a bowl and pour in the cream of tartar into the bowl alongside the baking soda. Mix extensively such that it is even. The next course of action would be hydrogen peroxide.

Since it’s liquid, it should come last before applying the mixture to the affected part where the rust stain is. Let it sit for a minimum of 25 minutes before laundering the cloth and taking it out to air dry.

3. Rust Stain Remover

Some persons wouldn’t want to use lemon, cream of tartar, and the rest. They may want an easy way out of it which isn’t bad at all because it sure would save them from the stress of applying the aforementioned elements on the clothes.

Rust stain remover takes off the rust stain out speedily, provided you carry out the procedures the right way. Spray the stain remover and blot out the stain with a clean piece of cloth. Please remember to have it washed after the rust stain has gone out from the cloth.

4. Baking Soda

This is best for rust stain that comes from ironing of clothes. You know at times when you iron your wears, you may discover that there is some kind of rusty stain that would cling to cloth through the iron which must have risen from an old metallic iron.

Use baking soda in this kind of predicament. Get a bowl of water and add the baking soda (half tablespoon) to the bowl and soak in the cloth. Don’t start washing immediately. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes and take to the sink to wash.

5. Washing

Not all rust stain on clothes requires the application of some of the aforementioned items on your clothes. There are some rust stain that is not too pronounced. Meaning the rust stain on them are minor stains.

Let’s say this is the kind of situation you find yourself. I think the best or the right thing to do would be to have the cloth washed ordinarily. Get the normal detergent you do use for clothes and use them to wash your clothes. Take it out to air dry.

What Causes Rust Stains In Bathing Suit And Clothes

Rust stains don’t just spring forth. They must have been birthed from your doings and your immediate environment. That is, from the work of your hands and also from the surrounding. Imagine waking up only to discover that one of your favourite cloth has a or some rust stain on it.

Pretty devastating right? Don’t get so worked up with such an issue because there are ways to get the rust stain out from your bathing suit and to say goodbye to rust forever. They are;

1. Home Pipes

Iron pipes are found in almost all homes being that they are the only source of water. And the longer they stay, the higher the possibility of the iron pipe getting older and older to the extent that they would tend to become rusty.

This can be disastrous if the pipes aren’t changed soonest. When you wash with such water that comes from a rusted pipe, the bacteria can come in contact with the water as a result of reacting to it thereby, affecting your bathing suit and clothes and making it have those rusty looks.

2. Washing Machine

Since you’re not to wash your bathing suit with a washing machine using the fact that bathing suit is light, we’re going to streamline your focus to clothes. We’re talking about not just the causes of rust stain in bathing suits alone, but also clothes.

Washing machines can affect your clothes by making them rusty if the washing machine tub is old and rusty. More importantly, if it’s an old washing machine. This is why it is best to change the tub of the washing machine the instant you discover it is becoming rusty or else, your clothes would suffer for it.

3. Heater

There are some homes where you would find old water heaters still in use rather than having them changed completely or some of its parts. If you’ve got such kind of heater in your home and you’re using the water coming from it to wash your bathing suit and clothes, then you’re paving the way for rust to be found on your wears.

Also, if the water heater isn’t being cleaned as often as it should, the deposit coming from the rust would mix up with the water which would be transferred to your wear.

4. Maintenance

Once in a while, you will have to carry out some maintenance where your pipes or the water flowing in would be tempered with. The maintenance process will certainly cause your water to be mixed with some metallic debris that can result in rust stains on your bathing suit and clothes.

When the pipes aren’t washed, your wears will have to suffer for it in the sense that the debris that has come in contact with the water would reflect in the wears by leading to some kind of yellow or brownish rust stain.

5. Drought

Drought can cause rust stains in bathing suits and clothes. If you think this isn’t possible in any way, am here to inform you that it is very much possible. In an environment where there’s drought, the water flowing in becomes restricted or the water coming in will be in shortage using the drought.

And when such is happening, there will be sediments in the pipes which must have arisen from accumulation. And the instant you get the water supply, you start noticing the changes in the water. Worst case scenario is that if it used to wash our wears, they will certainly have a rust stain on them.

6. Others

Aside from these five major causes of a rust stain on clothes, other things can lead to these stains like our locks with rust stains which can rub off on our clothes and metal furniture as well.

Please Note;

Having identified the major causes of these rust stains on both clothes and bathing suits, it is left for you to look for a means to put a permanent end to it or you could look for ways to prevent the rust stain from occurring all the time.

How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Bathing Suit – Conclusion

Rust stains are caused by several factors which result in getting our bathing suit affected by it. Being that this is a common issue, we took it upon ourselves to list out some of the steps involved in taking away rust stains from bathing suits. We didn’t just stop there, we proceeded to discuss how to get rust stains out of clothes, their causes, and how they can be prevented from recurring.

Having listed all the steps involved because we want simply the best for concerning your bathing suits and wears, it is now time to embark on wiping off those rusty stains and putting an end to its source.


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