Best Swimsuit Storage Bags

Swimsuits are the most essential clothing category for those who actually reside on the beach or simply enjoy lounging by the pool.

While shopping, you may spend a fortune for the perfect match and color but end up struggling so hard to maintain each piece in a perfect condition. Given how expensive high-quality swimsuits seem to be, you’ll want to make sure you’re storing them properly.

Well, you may think that such small pieces of clothing will take up just a little space and necessitate little extra effort to store. However, if you’re a self-professed beach bum or pool shark, you’ll recognize the flaw in this theory.

You can’t just take your swimsuits off and throw them in the plastic bag. You’re likely to encounter snagged straps, unbearably wrinkled swimsuits, and matching pieces that are indefinitely separated from each other.

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A swimsuit needs special care because it is constantly wet. Lingering moisture in your bathing suit can cause mildew, which is unpleasant to cope with no matter what time of the year it is.

More so, the smell of chlorine, saltwater, or the lake seems to suffuse any other clothing you store nearby, which may lead to a thorough cleaning of the entire closet. Dealing with so many issues may appear to be a chore that is easier to avoid than to face – but why waste all that money and those gorgeous swimsuits?

To save you time and trouble, we’ve put together a handy list of swimsuit storage bags to help you on your way to better swimwear care and storage.

You’ll have much better luck avoiding these issues and getting the most out of your beach and pool attire if you take proper care and store them in the ideal swimsuit storage bag.

Best Swimsuit Storage Bags at a Glance

Best Swimsuit Storage Bag (Our Top Picks)Outstanding FeaturesPrice
1. Drawstring waterproof string backpackMade of waterproof polyester
Double layer inside
Has straps
Check Price
2. Neoprene waterproof reusable swim bagMade of soft PEVA
Easy to clean and reusable
A better alternative to plastic bag
Check Price
3. Flow mesh gear bagMade of polyester
Has straps
Has hook for hanging Dries fast
Check Price
4. Arena spiky bag for swimming equipmentMade of 60% nylon and 40% polyester
Variety of colors
Adjustable shoulder strap
Check Price
5. D-wolves waterproof drawstring backpackMade of high-density polyester
Available in a variety of colors
Machine washable
Check Price

Major Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Swim Bag

1. Size

This is largely determined by your requirements. For some swimmers, the larger the bag, the more useful it is. For others, a small bag is preferable.

If you won’t be bringing a lot of items to swimming, it’s a good idea to get a small portable swim bag that you can carry around conveniently and easily fits in your car or your seat on the bus.

If you’re going to the beach or pool for a quick swim, a portable swim bag is a way to go. Something simple and transportable to hold your sunglasses, sunscreen, and bottled water.

It all depends on what you need to bring with you. If you’re going to the pool by yourself, the basics are sufficient. If you’ll be bringing the kids, you’ll need something larger that can also carry their belongings.

If you’ll be participating in an activity that requires you to bring your gears with you, such as kayaking or snorkeling, you’ll need a swim bag large enough to hold your gears.

2. Material

There are several factors to consider when selecting swim bag materials. Are you looking for a water-resistant material or one that feels soft against your skin? Or, better yet, are you looking for a material that combines the two? Simply choose a swim bag made of both materials.

Investing in a water-resistant swim bag is essential for keeping your belongings safe at the beach or pool, especially if you’ll be bringing your phone or other important items with you.

You won’t have to worry about your bag getting wet this way. You should also look for a long-lasting swim bag. A swim bag can last for many years if properly cared for. However, none of this matters if the bag is of poor quality.

3. Design/Features

Choose a swim bag with multiple compartments for design. A good swim bag should have compartments to separate different items. Even if you have a water-resistant bag, you will still need one with various compartments to separate your wet and dry items.

A compartmentalized bag also aids in the organization of your belongings. If you’re just going to the pool for a quick swim, a swim bag with multiple compartments may be more of a burden than a convenience.

You don’t need to waste time trying to sort through different compartments to find your swimsuit or sunscreen. Even if the swim bag has many compartments, it may not be ideal for organizing items.

A bag with too many small compartments, for example, may not have enough space to carry clothing items. It’s critical to look for the best combination of compartments so you don’t end up with a bag that has more trouble than it’s worth.

4. Comfort

Comfort is essential, especially if you intend to use your swim bag regularly. A large swim bag with thin straps, for example, can cause shoulder pain. Even if you don’t carry the bag all the time, it can be uncomfortable even over short distances.

Choose a swim bag with padded, wide, and adjustable straps to avoid discomfort. These are ideal for carrying your bag for an extended period.

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The weather is another factor to consider. During the summer, you don’t want to be carrying a bag that adds to your discomfort. Choose a bag that is made of lightweight materials and has a well-ventilated design to avoid sweaty discomfort.

Your best bet is to go with a swim bag made of mesh fabric. This keeps the bag dry and cool and prevents you from sweating while wearing it.

5. Weight

In terms of weight, keep in mind that the larger the bag, the heavier it will be. If you won’t be carrying it as much, this won’t be a problem.

If you only go to the beach once in a while, a heavy bag isn’t a concern, especially since they often come with additional compartments that can be very useful.

A heavy bag is not the best choice if you will be using it frequently and carrying equipment. If you must have one, choose one with extendable and padded straps.

The Best Swimsuit Storage Bag

1. Drawstring Waterproof string backpack

Dry Wet Drawstring Bag Waterproof String Backpack Swim Pool Beach Travel Gym Bag


Material: The inner lining is waterproof TPU while the outer lining is waterproof polyester. It is made of a great water-resistant vibrant polyester lining, a great outdoor fabric for your need.

Color: Bright color.

Dimension: 13″L x 6.7″W x 15.7″H

Closure: Drawstring

Double Layers Inside

The inner is divided into a dry and wet Compartment. The wet compartment is for wet items, it completely separates your wet items from dry items, solving the mess of wet bag or bag leakage after swimming or diving. The inner transparent material is soft and elastic to touch, durable, and waterproof.

Bottom Compartment

The underlayer space can fit your shoes or swimming gear perfectly. This swimsuit bag has many pockets for your small items.


The Straps are lightweight but durable. They are very strong and the fabric is hard to scratch or tear. This drawstring backpack can last a long time even in a harsh environment.

Great Sports Gift

This drawstring backpack is perfect for sports. It is a great sports gift for men and women. The large capacity bag can accommodate several sets of swimsuits, cosmetics, and daily necessities. Wet and dry areas, perfectly solve the storage trouble. It is the ideal gift for a swimmer.

2. Neoprene Waterproof Reusable Swim bag

Wet Bag for Swimwear - Neoprene Waterproof Reusable Swim bag for Period Swimwear, Period Underwear, Swimsuits, Bikini, Gym Clothes, Travel - Store Wet and Dry Essentials – 10.2” x 7.9”



Unlike other wet dry bags, the inner is made with sealed soft polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) lining while the outer lining is made of thick, soft neoprene wetsuit fabric. It is 100% waterproof.

Dimensions: 9.96″L x 7.87″ W x 1.18″H.

Weight: 0.11 kilograms.

Closure: Resin zipper.

Cleans Easily & Reusable

Your wet dry bag can be used over and over again, and once dirty, you can clean it by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. It is also washable; all you need to do is place it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Easy to Move Around with

This wet dry storage bag can be used in place of a packing cube in your suitcase when traveling, easily placed in a bag back, beach bag, or carried on its own with its convenient wristlet for hanging. You can take it with you like a clutch.

Stylish & Elegant Accessory to Your Period Swimsuit

Can be used to keep your regular swimwear, period bathing suits, and period panties. This fabulous portable pouch with a wristlet handle and resin zipper is soft to the touch, yet resistant, insulated, and easy to carry.

Feel Safe Carrying Wet Items in Dry Places & Dry Items in Wet Places:

Feel completely secure placing your wet bag containing your wet clothes and swimsuit in your bag pack or car seat. Also, feel protected carrying dry items around wet areas like the beach and pool in your bag. It keeps liquid in or out.

Multifunctional & Better Alternative to Plastic Bag

A more economical and environmentally friendly option than using a regular disposable plastic bag. TWomen, girls, and teens can use this multipurpose reusable wet/dry bag

3. Flow Mesh Gear Bag – Drawstring Swim Bags for Swimming Equipment

Flow Mesh Gear Bag - Drawstring Swim Bags for Swimming Equipment Available in 8 Awesome Designs (Glow Skulls)


Material: Polyester


Glow skulls, beat street, make waves, black, oblivion, maze craze, tropical punch, sound system.

Dimension: 11.5″L x 9.2″W x 1.7″H

Weight: 0.14 kilograms


Drawstring Cord with an adjustable cord lock that keeps gear secure in the bag.


An adjustable strap can be carried over one shoulder or across the body. It can be adjusted to fit different age groups.

Hook: It possesses a strong loop for hanging.

Quick Drying

100% polyester. It is made of quick-drying mesh fabric for ventilation and drainage of wet equipment.

Mesh Swim Gear Bags

The Flow Mesh Gear Bag is the ultimate bag to carry and store your swim accessories. It is big enough and ideal for carrying and storing wet swimsuits and gear.

Made from quick-drying lightweight mesh that allows your wet swimming gear to drain and ventilate. Unlike most nylon mesh bags, the Flow mesh gear bag material is soft, comfortable, and non-scratching.

There is a drawstring closure at the top for easy open and close access to all your stuff. With stylish patterns and colors, you’re sure to find the right bag that is sure to stand out at the pool. Suitable for all swimmers including kids, teenagers, and adults.

4. Arena Spiky Bag for Swimming Equipment

Spiky 2 Bag for Swimming Equipment


 Material: Made of 60% nylon and 40% polyester

Color: Available in fuchsia, water black, batman, royal team, black team, purple, navy team, red team.

Dimension: 17.72″L x 13.98″W x 1.18″H

Weight: 0.64 kilogram

Features: The compartments are for storing both dry and wet swimsuits while keeping moisture under control. The reinforced bottom is abrasion resistant and waterproof and is easy to manage with double zip openings; Ventilated compartments and mesh inserts for moisture control.

Strap: Adjustable, anti-slip shoulder straps and padded handles for comfortable transport. You can opt to wear it over your shoulder or hand-carry it.

Closure: Doubled zipper.

Extra Value: Arena spiky bag is upgraded with a high-contrast design in a variety of color combinations that has logo-stamped front and sides. This swimsuit storage bag has a large main compartment and a U-shape opening for easy access to your items; multiple inside pockets and spacious side pockets.

Spiky Swim Gear Bag: This is the ultimate carry-all for swimmers; This swim bag is engineered for swimmers for easy hauling of their essential swimsuit and swim equipment & gear.

5. D-WOLVES Waterproof Drawstring Backpack

D-WOLVES Waterproof Drawstring Backpack Retro Colorful Roller Skates Pull String Bag Swimming Football School Sports Gym Bags With Zipper Pockets Beach Yoga Sackpack for Girl Boys Teen



Made of high-density polyester fiber and durable braided drawstring. The material is thick, soft but durable, lightweight fabric that is very sturdy and can withstand harsh conditions.


Available in roller skates, Flamingo camping, manatee, leopard, and mermaid scales.

Dimension: 14.8″L x 7.2″W x 1.81″H

Weight: 10.5 ounces

Functional Design

This storage backpack has a wet-dry compartment and shoe compartment. Despite its minimalistic design, it features a TPU waterproof isolation layer inside the bag, which is convenient for you to carry dry and wet items at the same time.

This functional compartment can solve the mess of the wet bag or bag leakage after swimming. The bottom is a separate large shoe compartment, suitable for sneakers, shoes, or swimming gear. 3D environmentally pattern printed, waterproof, not easily deformed, no odor, no fading.

 Draw Cord Closure

There is a zipped pocket and TPU waterproof bag inside to stash your phones, wallet, keys, etc.

With two flexible cords on each side, adjustable straps are comfortable and wear-resistant, different lengths fit for both adults and kids, it can free up your hands and help you reduce your shoulder burden.

 Machine Washable

This drawstring backpack is machine washable, Recommend Mild Detergent and Hang to Dry.

Perfect Size Fits All

The Drawstring Backpack is suitable for most adults, teens, students, and kids. This string bag is lightweight and foldable, pretty comfortable, and convenient to carry.

Make you store things quickly and take them in/out easily, time-saving! Suitable for any indoor and outdoor activity. It is also a great replacement for plastic and paper bags, a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and parties.

6. Sioglam Wet Swimsuit Bag

sioglam Wet Swimsuit Bag, Wet Bikini Bag with Water-resistant Lining, Gorgeous Waterproof Lined bag, Perfect for Your Bikinis at the Beach or by the Pool, Perfect for Your Wet Workout Clothes from the Yoga or Gym


Material: Made of polyester

Color: Fuchsia pink

Dimension: ‎11.8″L x 9.”W x 0.3″H

Weight: 0.08 kilogram


Super cute embroidery embellishment, fuchsia pink knitted fabric, zipper closure, soft fabric wrist strap, the lining is water-resistant.


Keep wet items separated from clean dry clothes in your beach bag or travel luggage. Tote your swimwear and cover up to and from the pool.

Hide your phone, keys, wallet, or sunglasses in your beach bag to keep them clean, dry, and sand-free. Keeps your laundry or wet swimsuit isolated.

Extra Value

The softer Sponge inter-layer protects your electronic equipment, accessories, and jewelry when you use it as a storage bag at home or traveling.


Reusable and reduce waste; wipe small messes easily, hand-wash, and hang dry to extend the life of fabric; always ensure the fabric is completely dry before storing.

7. Arena Team 45L Swimming Athlete Sports Backpack Training Gear Bag

Arena Team 45L Swimming Athlete Sports Backpack Training Gear Bag for Men and Women, Crazy Tattoos


Material: Made of polyester

Color: Available in army mélange, foliage, crazy tattoo. denim mélange, arena dot, etc.

Dimension: 20.5″L x 14.5″W x 4″H

Weight: 0.79 kilogram

Storage for All Your Gear

Arena swimming backpack team 45 is equipped with 2 side mesh compartments with elastic cinch closure for stashing your wet swimsuit or gripping your favorite pre/post-workout drink container.

With the storage space, this bag is the only one you need for carrying your swim & dry-land training needs to the pool. Oversized and robust YKK zippers on each compartment provide ultimate security for your gear.

Also, the interior and exterior compartments are separated for dry and wet storage, and this helps keep moisture under control. More so, it features a reinforced bottom that is abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

Built to Last

The Arena spiky backpack is heavy-duty and built to last. It is finished with a logo-stamped front ventilated mesh pocket for a quick stash of smaller wet items, nylon pulls on zippers for easy access, and 2 carabineers for easy hanging storage for your keys, goggles, etc.

Oversized and robust YKK zippers on each compartment provide ultimate security for your gear. It includes both interior and exterior compartments for separating dry and wet storage to keep moisture under control.

It is specifically designed for swimmers and athletes, providing space for all swim gear and accessories in a compact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a swim bag?

A swim bag is an essential piece of equipment for both athletes and non-athletes. It is used to store swimming equipment or swimming-related equipment. It is usually resistant to water.

What should I pack in my swim bag?

Certain items must be packed to have the best beach or pool experience. A towel, goggles, water bottle, swim caps, sunscreen, earplugs, and toiletries are among them.

How can I find out if my backpack is waterproof?

Some backpacks have a waterproof label on them. But, just to be sure, immerse the bag in water. If the contents of your bag remain dry, it is waterproof. Of course, do not attempt this with valuable items inside, as they may be damaged if the bag is not waterproof.

Which brand should I purchase?

There is no such thing as the best brand! All of the storage bags are of high quality, supplied by reputable brands. Each manufacturer’s product has a different style and design.

Conclusion – Best Swimsuit Storage Bags

A good swimsuit storage bag can make a difference. Good swimsuits are not cheap and can last for years. So, taking a few precautions to ensure your swimsuits look good and fit perfectly for as long as possible is not too much.

Proper laundering and storage – both in and out of season – can extend the life of your swimsuit for years. A bag designed specifically for aquatic purposes may appear to be an expensive purchase, but it is a wise investment.

A good bag can save you a lot of hassle in the long run because it is designed to keep your swimsuits and gears dry, protected, and organized. Consider your swimming habits and purchase the bag/bags that make the most sense for your swimming needs.

Purchasing any of these best swimsuit bag suggestions will enable you to enjoy your swimsuits and gear for many years.


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