Should We Wear a Swimsuit to Kayak?

When we talk about aquatic activities it also includes kayaking. Kayaking is a pleasant hobby that entails traveling on water. To travel on water, the boat driver uses a double-bladed paddle for navigating waterways. Most times, Kayaking is associated with outdoor activities. But, that does not mean you cannot enjoy it as an indoor activity. You can paddle on pools though it cannot be interesting like participating outside. It is an excellent exercise for aficionados of all skill levels. It may be a relaxing way to explore the waterways at the shoreline of a lake, or it can be a thrilling elevated sport to race through rushing rapids.

Kayaking is accessible to everyone, demanding no prior expertise other than a desire to explore open seas. With all the uniqueness of swimsuits, many often ask if they should wear a swimsuit to kayak?. Generally, swimsuits are the type of clothing that is worn for water-based activities though some use it for other purposes as well.  There are different varieties of swimsuits. This means each water activities have a swimsuit suitable. Recently, there has been a controversial issue on clothing applicable to kayaking. For kayaking there is no fixed season, you can participate in kayaking at all seasons whether summer or winter.

Unlike, some of the aquatic that is commonly done during summertime. Because of this, you need a more revealing and breathable cloth. This is why people ask should we wear a swimsuit to kayak? 

The answer is yes, you can wear swimsuit to kayak. There are two phases to this, because kayaking activities go with all seasons. If you are planning to do kayaking during the summer seasons, then going for a swimsuit will be the best option. I can say you should wear a swimsuit to kayak during summertime. Because of the pros, they provide for users during the summer season. On the hand, it is not suitable to wear swimsuit to kayak during the winter season.

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The Benefit of Wearing a Swimsuit for Kayaking

1. To stay cool

During the summer, it gets quite hot in some areas. Then you’ll want to make sure you’re remaining at all costs. In a situation like this, the best wear you should consider is a swimsuit. Wearing a swimsuit for kayaking makes you enjoy the activity more. Aside from the comfort-ability it offers, there is no how you will not get wet while participating in kayaking. To avoid getting soaked with water in your butt consider getting a swimsuit. If you will be participating in whitewater rapids, then you are not left with any other choice than to get a swimsuit.

2. Swimsuit to kayak protect from sun and for effectiveness

Wearing a swimsuit to kayak protects you from direct sunlight. Swimsuits are made in such a way that serves as a savior from getting contact with UV rays. Also, you should wear a swimsuit to kayak to aid effectiveness. Helping you to move swiftly while kayaking and making you feel at ease.

Like I said earlier, there are two-phase to the question asked. Coming in from the second phase, it may not be suitable to wear a swimsuit to kayak during winter seasons. During winter the weather is not always conducive for the body. Medically, you are advised to cover up during this time. Wearing a swimsuit to kayak may cause damages to your health (health is wealth). You can participate in kayaking during this period but wearing a swimsuit to kayak seems risky.

Do You Wear a Swimsuit While Kayaking?

They may point of swimsuits is to enhance comfortability while participating in aquatic activities. Kayaking is also an activity in aquatic activities which means wearing a swimsuit to participate is not taboo. You are free to wear a swimsuit while kayaking in as much you find ease in it. Although, some kayaking activities do not permit you to wear a swimsuit for participating. For instance, sit-on-tops kayaks already have a sitting position which means in the process of paddling your paddles may hook your swimsuit and sweep you under.

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What Do You Wear When Kayaking?

There is a lot of wears you can consider for kayaking. But before dwelling on your considerations there are some vital details you shouldn’t leave behind. You must go for wears that are comfortable and easy to flow with. You should note the following while considering what to wear when kayaking.

1. Consider the water temperature

The water temperature can be warm or cold. Knowing the temperature of the water will help in deciding on either a wet suit or a dry suit.

2. Don’t go for cotton cloth

Try and avoid cotton cloth. Cotton clothes easily absorb water and stay wet. Once a cloth stays wet for a long time on the skin, it can cause rashes or irritation. While considering the wear for kayaking, it is wiser to go for nylon or polyester fabric. Also, go for fabrics that can accommodate high abrasion from water or rough edges on your kayak.

3. Go for clothes that make you comfortable

To enjoy all the fun that comes with kayaking, you must go for clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Simply, choose wears that make you feel at ease.

4. Wear sunglasses

On sunny days go kayaking with your sunglasses and hats. Doing this will protect you from getting in contact with the sun. UV rays have a great effect on the human body system. It is better to avoid them at all costs. (prevention is better than cure).

What Do You Wear for Sea Kayaking?

Sea kayaking is one of the most enjoyed kayaking. Though it is fun-filled not everyone can partake in it. Before you can venture into this kind of kayaking you must be mindful of several things. In this article, I will be discussing what do you wear for sea kayaking. If you are a beginner and you are wondering what to wear for sea kayaking this is the right article to solve your puzzle. Sit and enjoy.

1. Choose wears that protect you from the sun

The most important item to consider while dressed for sea kayaking, especially during summer sun protection. The sun not only shines down from above, but it also reflects off the water, providing you with a double dosage of intense rays that can cause sunburn, fatigue, vision problems, and other problems. Even in the winter period, you may choose to use sunglasses because the reflection from the lake makes cloudy days difficult for the eyes.

2. Wear a t-shirt and shorts

During the winter seasons, you need to cover up. You can go for a t-shirt. If you are sea-kayaking during a cold period, you will have to cover up. Then you can now layer it up with a raincoat to protect yourself from both rain and wind. You can also wear dry pants under your shorts if you hate the idea of getting your underneath shorts wet. Most of the dry pants are waterproof. They will serve you the exact purpose you need them for.

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In the summer season, clothes with sleeves are strongly recommended. Wearing a sleeve cloth will prevent every spray of water from the sunblock from my arms. If you are the type that gets sunburns easily you can get a sun shirt with built-in SPF. Gloves (with or without fingers) are also a viable choice.

3. Accessories

You need the following accessories for sea kayaking

  • Kayaking life vest
  • Spray skirts
  • Paddles
  • Bilge pump
  • Paddle float
  • Dry bags
  • Compass and map (this is needed to guide your paths)

What Should I Wear for 60 Degrees Kayaking?

60-degree kayaking means the outside there is extremely cold. With this kind of weather degree, you have to be careful if you will be going out to participate in kayaking. Most of the common effect of this weather is, loss of breath control, high blood pressure, impaired vision, heart problems, and it also affect the ability to think clearly. With the mentioned effect, you can still participate in kayaking if you are ready to take extra care and stick by the rules guiding it.

You can check below for you to know what to wear in this kind of weather.

1. If the water temperature is above 60℉, you can wear normal clothing that suits the weather. But you must avoid wears that are cotton or easy to absorb water.

2. If the water temperature is between 55-59℉, you can wear a wetsuit or drysuit.

3. If the water temperature is between 45-54℉, only a drysuit is allowed and lastly, if the water temperature is below 45℉, only a drysuit is allowed. A drysuit is allowed because the hypothermia risk is at the end.

2 Best Swimsuits for Kayaking

Are you thinking of getting a swimsuit for kayaking? Relax, because you have engaged with the right source. I am personally, recommending these two products to you.

1. TSLA women hoodie swimsuit

This is one of the best female swimsuits that can be used in kayaking. Here are the unique features of this swimsuit.


  • Resistance for abrasion
  • It has fabric that is both stretchy and water repellent.
  • Quick-dry time
  • It can detent moisture
  • Easier to produce a cool effect


  • It has a zip in the front making it easier to wear and off
  • It is durable
  • Great breathability,
  • Light-weighted

TSLA Women's Hoodie Zip Front Rash Guard, UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Swim Shirts, UV/SPF Sunscreen Wetsuit Swimsuit Top, Sun Block Zip Hoodie Mint, Medium


2. ZCCO Men’s Shorty Wetsuit

This particular swimsuit is peculiar to the male. Some of its features include:

  • It can keep the body warm
  • UV protection
  • It has a smooth steam
  • Easy to put on and off
  • It is made of smooth leather


  • It repels water

ZCCO Men's Shorty Wetsuit, 1.5mm Neoprene Diving Suit, Insulation Back Zipper Wetsuit Provides Warmth, Neoprene Swimsuit for Water Sports, Diving, Surfing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling (1.5mm, 2XL)


Conclusion- Should we wear a swimsuit to Kayak?

Yes, you should wear a swimsuit to kayak. This helps to keep you cool and prevent you from external attacks while kayaking. There are specific swimsuits that are OK for kayaking (the two products mentioned above). All you need to do is to consider the season and abide by the preventives method.


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