How Do You Dry Swimsuit On A Cruise?

Have you ever been in a not so pleasant situation where you got stuck in your inability to hastily develop ideas on how to subdue little challenges? Pretty much I must say because almost everyone has at a point in their lives placed the sole of their feet in that awful scenario.

The ugliest part of it is that such kind of incident, places you in a position that can deter you from wanting to badly explore or achieve something at that given period. And with this article, I’m going to unravel methods on how to ace your way out of endangering circumstances. Here’s a question someone asked “How Do You Dry Swimsuit On A Cruise?

To be able to dry swimsuits on a cruise, you will be using the natural method and the artificial methods to dry swimsuits on a cruise. Both of the prior mentioned methods can be applied, notwithstanding, the cruise will dictate if you can apply both methods simultaneously.

If you can’t, then you can choose the drying method that will work best for your swimsuits on the cruise. Here is how to go about the first method (the natural method).

Method 1

Using The Balcony

If you are on a cruise with a balcony, then you are in luck. Take out the swimsuit and place them in the balcony to air dry. Mind you, do not place the swimsuits directly. It is best to make some findings first before embarking on spreading the swimsuits.

Check the balcony for dirt. Ensure the place is well cleaned and taken care of before you air dry the suits. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to have your suits tempered with dirt. So it’s advisable that you have a portion of it cleaned if it isn’t, before laying out the suit to air dry.

Mind you, you are not to put the swimming suit directly in the sun. Leaving them in the sun will result to complications which would end up having the suit ruined. Air drying is the best and surest air to keep the swimsuits in their perfect condition.

Also, you could decide to watch over the suit if need be. With cruise, there are bound to be uncertainties. To prevent the breeze from flinging off the suit from the balcony, you could standby to watch over them. Or better still, get a clip to clip them if you can lay your hands on any.

2. Using The Cloth Line

In some ship cruise, you are allocated to a bathroom but not for everyone. If you happen to have your own bathroom, get the swimsuits on the cloth line provided for those who be making a good use of it.

The only issue that would arise from this, is the inability of the swimming suits to dry on time. It could take a couple of days for them to completely air dry depending on the texture of the swimsuit.

3. Bathroom Hanger

In some cruise, they provide hangers in the bathroom for their customers to use. You could seize that opportunity to take care of your swimsuits. Get the hanger, clean them pro with a clean piece of cloth, or you rinse the hanger in clean water.

The bottom line is, ensure the hangers are well cleaned so the dirt or stains on it doesn’t rub off on the swimsuits. Place the suit in the hanger and allow to dry in the bathroom. Better still, you can take it to a part of the room to properly air dry. When going for the latter, do not let droplets of water ruin the floor. Let it dry a bit before moving it to any part of the room.

4. The Towel Method

This is one of the commonest method use in air drying swimming or bathing suits. If you are opportune to get two (2) towels, lay the first one on a flat surface or board, put the wet swimsuit in the middle and cover it up with the second towel. More like, spreading the towel on it.

Now, exert a little force on it with your hands so the towels can absorb enough water from the wet swimsuit. You can squeeze also if you wish to. Repeat any of the method before taking the swimsuit out to air dry.

Now, there won’t be much water left in the swimsuit. So look for a nice spot to finish up with the drying process. Like I made mention of earlier, do not place the swimming or bathing suits directly in the sun. Get a cool place with penetration of air to air dry the suits.

4. The Dryer Method

On a normal day, I would not advise that you use the dryer on the cruise to dry your bathing suits. Machine dryer has a way of having one’s suit completely ruined as a result of the heat emanating from the dryer.

In this case, you can take the risk if only the dryer can be reduced to to a minimum or low heat. It will certainly take a long time to dry up, but it is the safest method to get the swimsuits dried up.

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Although, there might be restrictions because some cruise ships do not permit people to go into their laundry room except staffs. If it so happen that this is your situation, then it will be nice to speak to those in charge of the laundry room. You could inform them the method to go about handling your swimsuits.

Pre-inform the workers to use a medium heat in drying your suits so they do not end up shredding your suits for you. Please note, doing this would involve some risks because, you may not be satisfied with the outcome. If you wouldn’t want to go through this, then choose from the rest methods.

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Method 2

For the second method, we’ll be looking at man-made alternatives that can be used in drying swimsuits.

1. Dodxiaobeul Pressa 8-Claw Octopus Hanging Dryer


The dodxiaobeul octopus hanger is a common type of hanger used in drying undies or swimsuits on a cruise. Would you want to know what is there to love about this hanger in particular? Well, I’d say everything.

It is perfect for every cruise or vacation as it takes away the burden involved in looking for ways to get your swimsuits dried.


1. Foldable: The octopus hanger can be folded in your travelling bags which doesn’t require much space.

2. Durable: It makes you worry less because it is sturdy and durable to withstand harsh conditions.


1. It gives you value for your money
2. It has quality
3. It is easy to use
4. It is cheap
5. It can be used for other purposes


1. The hook for hanging isn’t that wide

2. GorillaLine – Retractable Clothesline Indoor


The Gorilla cloth line should be your second option when sourcing for clothing line to be packed in your travelling bags. This isn’t the usual clothing line pattern. It is designed to blend with the interior of a room while at the same time, looking so stylish.


1. Easy Installation

You don’t have to crack your head and neck with sweat evaporating from your body to be able to get this installed. It is made in ways that make it a lot easier to install with less stress.

2. Space Saver and Money

Rather than occupying a large portion of the room, it saves space and give room for other activities to be carried out within the room. You also do not need to save thousand of dollars to purchase this. It cost way less than expected.

3. Design

Not all clothing line can come up with a dope design as this. This is absolutely breathtaking. It adds a unique touch and fitting to the room where it is installed.


1. The cloth line can be stretched to accommodate lots of swimsuits
2. It is sturdy
3. It is perfect for cruise
4. It is easy to use
5. The cloth line doesn’t sag


1. It comes with just one line

Things To Take When Going On A Cruise

Going on a cruise requires a lot of time for planning, strategize and packing so nothing is left out. To be on a more safer side, here are a few things to take along with you going on a cruise.

1. Clips: Clips are a must because you’ll be using them to clip your swimsuits.

2. Hangers: Normally, you can’t toss this aside. It is a requirement to help straighten your suits and to help in drying them too.

3. Cloth Line: If you are on a cruise with no balcony, the cloth line should be used in place of it. Pick a durable and sturdy cloth line that would not end up getting spoilt.

4. Take More Than One Swimsuit

Do not fail to do this. Go on a cruise with more than one or two swimsuits to avoid being stranded nor having to wait for a suit to dry up first.

Conclusion – How Do You Dry Swimsuit On A Cruise?

Drying of swimsuits on a cruise requires two methods which are the natural method and the man made products like clothing line, hangers and the likes. And so, why ruin your days at the cruise when you can put things in check before heading out?

At such, we’re stretching a helping hand to help prep you so you need where to dry your wet swimsuits, as you get ready to have a blast on the cruise


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