Can Guys Wear One Piece Swimsuit? (8 Men’s One-Piece Swimsuits)

In the modern world, the term impossible no longer seems to have an hold as it has been scrunched down and trampled on like a piece of paper. What society would tag weird and absurd has now become the hallmark of the new world. This is evident in all spheres of our lives and even down to swimming wears.

Gone were the days where a specific type of swimsuit was allocated to just the female gender. Gone were the days where swimsuits were manufactured according to each gender. Now, both wears are being worn interchangeably regardless of your genitals. Like someone asked, “Can Guys Wear One Piece Swimsuit“?

The answer is Yes, guys can wear one-piece swimsuits. However, it is yet to become a popular trend outside sports-related. But, some guys now put on one-piece swimsuits to pool parties, etc. Although, it it does invoke some social reactions which would certainly be expected as it isn’t a common trend yet.

Having answered the question “Can Guys Wear One-Piece Swimsuits”, we are going to take a deep look at some of the reasons why guys tend to wear one-piece swimsuits.

Reasons Why Guys Wear One Piece Swimsuit

1. Sport Purposes

From the beginning of time till date, there have been numerous sporting activities or sports that have graced our screens. As each day passes by, new ideas for sports are birthed year in, year out. And with these sporting activities, comes costumes. Ideally, no sport exists on earth where costumes are not worn or produced specifically for.

These costumes being used, vary from individual to individual, gender to gender. Hence, swimsuits that allow one to be flexible while engaging in the sport are mostly produced to give freedom rather than restraining them. This is where the one-piece swimsuit for guys came into existence.

As a result of this, the one-piece swimsuit became a bit rampant for guys who engage in sports like rowing, wrestling, cycling, swimming, and sprinters. For anyone who plays any of the aforementioned types of sports or, wishes to, he is expected to put on a one-piece swimsuit. This costume is the recognized costume for the sports that have been briefly mentioned above.

They are found in a variety of designs, sizes, and qualities that permit topnotch delivery, movements, and ensuring comfortability along the line.

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2. To Express Their LGBTQ Right

For persons who are in the LGBTQ community, they may feel the need to express themselves, their rights, and freedom by putting on wears of the gender they have come to terms with or accepted. It is no longer news that there are men who adorn themselves with feminine wear, accessories, and so on because of their LGBTQ identity.

As such, you see some of them wearing swimsuits at the pools, beach, and other fun or swimming activities that require a swimsuit. They either put on a two (2) piece swimsuit or a one-piece swimsuit as the case may be.

3. For Protection

As awkward as it sounds, some guys put on a one-piece swimsuit for protection. Where there are skin reactions, covered swimsuits are worn in a bid to protect the entire skin from sun rays, rashes, and sunburn. This is where suits like Speedo and Tyr come into play.

They are produced to act as a coverall for the body so no issues are arises from exposure to the sun. One other reason why guys wear one-piece swimsuits is to protect their bodies from skin diseases that could be triggered by the sun.

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4. To Hide Flaws

Flaws are part of our being that sometimes, can’t be concealed. They do not in any way make one less of their selves, but are there, as a remembrance of one’s past or present. Nonetheless, not everyone feels safe putting their flaws out there no matter how small they may seem.

While some are perfectly cool with their flaws being exposed and sees it as a medium of boosting their confidence, others may not have the same school of thought. And this is perfectly okay since we are all wired differently. Such a situation leads to the wear of one-piece swimsuits as a way of hiding their flaws so they can feel great in themselves.

One Piece Swimsuits for Men

Here are some one-piece swimsuits for guys that you can possibly check out.

1. EcoStinger Men Full Body Swimsuit

Adults Full Body Swimsuit Sun Guard Stinger Suit Dive Skin UPF50+ Black Yellow (XXL)


The EcoStinger Men Full Body Swimsuit never fails to deliver perfection when answering the needs and plight of its buyers. There are so many amazing features that make it stand out when placed side by side with another one-piece swimsuit for men. Some of these features include;


1. Quality

Without quality, the purpose and usefulness of a wear drop to the barest minimum. A quality one-piece swimsuit speaks volumes as opposed to others. The EcoStinger Men Full Body Swimsuit has one of the best quality wear one can think of.

2. Long Lasting

A one-piece swimsuit that fails to span over a year or more should not be compared to a topnotch suit as EcoStinger Men Full suit. They are made from top-class materials that enable them to last for a long period. Regardless of the number of times, it is being worn, it never slacks or wears out.

3. Chlorine Resistant

Are you in any way scared of having your one-piece swimsuit ruined by chlorine? Well, I’ll suggest you fret not. The EcoStinger Men Full Body Swimsuit is a chlorine resistance suit that will help to increase the period that it is going to span.

4. Light Weight

When on the verge of purchasing a swimsuit, it is advisable to go for a suit that is light weighted. Flexibility and comfortability can only be achieved with a lighter swimsuit. This is why EcoStinger Men Full Body Swimsuit is just the best option.


1. It is stretchy
2. It gives value for money
3. It dries faster
4. It is a multipurpose swimsuit


1. It is found in color black only

2. Ecostinger Men Sun Protective Sunsuit

Men Sun Protective Sunsuit Full Body Swimsuit Short Sleeves UPF50+ Black Blue (XXL)


A specific one-piece swimsuit brand for guys that have dominated all other brands is Ecostinger. There is nothing you desire to see in a suit that can not be found Ecostinger bodysuit. This is why they are endlessly sought after being that they are produced to suit one’s desires. Let us look at some of its features.


1. Valuable

Over the years, we have seen how the value of an item usually surpasses other features. Knowing if a swimsuit is valuable or not will greatly determine if the swimming suit will be worth it or not. And this is where Ecostinger Men Sun Protective Sunsuit.

This one-piece swimsuit is valuable on its own. If peradventure you end up purchasing this suit, be rest assured that you have gotten nothing but value for your money.

2. Sun Protection

Who wouldn’t love a one-piece swimsuit that protects the skin from the sun rays? For those who aren’t fans of the sun rays piercing their skin or bodies directly, the Ecostinger is your best bet then.

3. Chlorine Resistant

The suit is a chlorine-resistant suit which means chlorine has got no hold on the suit. You don’t have to worry about chlorine destroying your swimsuits because Ecostinger has taken care of that aspect for you.


1. It protects the skin against sea stingers
2. It is durable
3. It is light weighted
4. It is a multipurpose suite that can also be used for other sport
5. It is stretchy


1. Limited color

3. JanJean Men’s Sun Protective Short Sleeves Full

JanJean Mens Sun Protective Short Sleeves Full Body Swimsuit Shorty Wetsuit Surfing Diving Wetsuit Royal_Blue L


JanJean is a suit brand you can trust with handling one-piece wear that will take on all body sizes. The image above depicts wear that can be worn in diverse swimming occasions with sun protection, baring your skin from getting burned from the sun.


1. Quick Dry

The Janjean suit dries faster than others that take so long to dry off. This is because of its light-weighted material that lets the suit dries out as fast as possible.

2. Protection

The suit protects one’s skin from the sun and also, from cold. That is, be it sunny weather or cold weather, the Janjean suit got you covered up.

3. All-Rounder

I used the word all-rounder because it isn’t a suit for swimming only. Be it cycling, diving, snorkeling, and others, the Janjean suit can be used for any of the aforementioned sports or swimming activities.

4. Comfortability

Tons of swimsuits bring about comfortability and the Janjean Men’s sun protective suit makes the list. The suit makes one feel comfortable in their skin without having to twitch their bodies from lack of comfortability.


1. It has quality
2. It is highly valuable
3. It is less expensive
4. It dries faster
5. It is stretchy


1. It is found in color black only

4. Full Body Dive Wetsuit Sports Skins Rash Guard for Men Women, UV Protection Long Sleeve One Piece Swimwear

Full Body Dive Wetsuit Sports Skins Rash Guard for Men Women, UV Protection Long Sleeve One Piece Swimwear for Snorkeling Surfing Scuba Diving Swimming Kayaking Sailing Canoeing (XXXL)


Stay warm in the water and look good doing it. Our full body scuba diving wet suit sports skins are designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you dive, as well as provide a UV SPF 50+.

They are made with a water-friendly print that helps prevent rubbing, chaffing and rashes while you swim. Designed with nylon/lycra material, they are easy to take on and off, quick drying and are designed to fit snug to reduce drag in the water.

The swim skins will fit both men and women and come in different color combinations depending on your taste. Scuba diving wet suit skins can be worn in or out of the water to protect your skin from damage while providing a unique look.


  • It protects the skin.
  • It protects the skin from damage.
  • They are easy to take on and off.

5. UNIFACO Mens Printed One Piece Short Sleeve Zipper Rompers Summer Overall Pocket 

UNIFACO Men's Cool Rompers One Piece Hawaii Printed Playsuit Short Sleeve Summer Jumpsuits XXL


 UNIFACO mens overall printed short sleeve rompers are made of 100% polyester material, which is soft and comfortable.

It can wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly when wet, so as to keep your body dry and comfortable if you engage in any outdoor sports. With the functional pockets on the side, you can put your smartphone, keys, or wallets in them immediately.

The overalls for men feature an adjustable drawstring waist for a more personalized fit, besides that it has a simple style suitable for most occasions.


  • It keeps the body dry and comfortable.
  • The fabric is moisture wicking.
  • It is made from quality material.

6. LayaTone Wetsuit Shorty Men Women 3mm Neoprene Suits 

LayaTone Wetsuit Shorty Men Women 3mm Neoprene Suits Adults Surfing Canoeing Snorkeling Scuba Diving Suits Shortie Wet Suits One Piece Swimsuit Male Female Shorty Wetsuits (Blue,6XL)


The LayaTone Wetsuit Shorty Men Women 3mm Neoprene Suits is perfect for all water sports activities, including surfing, canoeing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other watersports.

The fabric is warm under the water and cools when you’re in the sun to give a great fit. Lightweight and stretchy neoprene ensures comfort and movement, while still being comfortable to wear.

The durable rubber zipper allows for easy entry and exit from the wetsuit. It also has a protective zipper flap making it difficult for sand to get inside your wetsuit or for your keys or wallet to become detached from your suit. This full suit will keep you protected from top to bottom.


  • It is easy to slip on and off.
  • It protects your skin.
  • It is breathable and comfortable.

7. Seaskin Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit Womens

Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit, Premium Neoprene Front Zip Short Sleeve Diving Wetsuit Snorkeling Surfing (Shorty Wetsuit Black, M)


Comfort and flexibility are key features in the Seaskin Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit. If you’re looking for a high performance wetsuit that is also very comfortable, look no further than this Seaskin wetsuit.

It has been designed with the latest materials and features to keep your body warm and dry during any water sport or activity.

Along with the extra layer of warmth, this wetsuit can also keep you cool and dry. Its neoprene material allows water to pass through while letting your body heat out at the same time.

This wetsuit enables you to dive comfortably without having to worry about being overheated.


  • It is comfortable and flexible.
  • It gives an extra layer of warmth.
  • It is moisture wicking.

8. Goodstoworld Male Hawaiian Romper Fashion Zipper Slim Fit Jumpsuit with Pocket 

Men's Wolf Rompers Short Sleeve Male Zipper Jumpsuit Shorts One Piece Onesies Jumper Holiday Overalls Bro Summer Party Animal Shirt Outfits


 Goodstoworld Men’s Hawaiian Romper Fashion Slim Fit Jumpsuit is perfect for anyone who loves what the islands have to offer and loves hanging out on the beach or around the water.

Whether it’s a pool party, spring break at the beach, or a favorite vacation spot, this jumpsuit shows off your style and reflects your passion for visiting a tropical paradise every chance you get.

Made from soft, durable, and comfortable materials that wick moisture away from your body to keep you cool. Dress up for any occasion with this fun jumpsuit.


  • It is comfortable and durable.
  • It wicks away moisture.
  • It is perfect for other outdoor activities.

Conclusion – Can Guys Wear One Piece Swimsuit?

In conclusion, there is no stringent hold that bars guys from wearing one-piece swimsuits. Aside from being popular wear for specific sports, one-piece swimsuits are fast becoming a trend for guys who frequent the pools and beaches. Hence, it is all about individual preferences.

If you feel the need to rock a one piece swimsuit, let nothing stop you. Added are links to one-piece swimsuits that you may find useful while reading. Feel free to explore them.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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