Full Body Swimsuits For Men (2022 Reviews)


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As a swimmer myself, I always lookout for the latest swimsuit fashion trends. Swimming is not just about the sport, it is about rocking outfits that make you feel good about yourself while exercising your body and mind, and carrying out leisure activities.

One of the most recent events that shook the swimsuit fashion world was the advent of full-body swimsuits which made the splash.

The Uniqueness of Full Body Swimsuit

The full-body swimsuits came to light at the world swimming championship, in July 2009 in Rome. The whole spectators went into a loud roar when they set their eyes on the new suits that came with all sorts of appeal.

Full body swimsuit seemed like a reasonable upgrade to the normal suit in form of design and outlook, the suit for men came out even brighter. Enabling the chest and muscles, it was almost as if they were inspired by men in their design. You would think that is enough until you find out what makes the suit special.

They are unique in the material from which they are made, which is polyurethane, a thin layer of foam enclosed in tiny pockets of gas. This material makes swimmers more buoyant than ordinary suits, and it, therefore, gained more recognition for professional usage.

The buoyancy feature made swimmers float high inside water, therefore allowing less drag as they swam on with speed.

With a good fitting on men’s bodies, they offer a flexible movement for easy maneuvering mid-swim. Full body suits also had tiny fibers that change the shape and flexibility as the user moves, which in turn also mitigates the drag in a regular swimsuit.

You can enjoy swimming a lot with these full-body suits, and your movement will be more facilitated than ever before.

Best Full Body Swimsuits For Men

There are many full-body swimsuits for men, but listed below are the best selected from rigorous research, consideration, and review from users. 

1. Copozz Diving Full Body Wetsuit

COPOZZ Dive Skin, Diving Snorkeling Surfing Spearfishing Rash Guard-Full Body UV Protection - for Men Women Youth Thin Wetsuit Jellyfish Skin (Black Gray, X-Large for Men)


Copozz full-body suits provide full body cover, ideal for any water sport, kneeboarding, swimming, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, pedal boarding, white water rafting, and other water sports. This suit has the following features:


  • It is made of luxurious and soft Lycra spandex
  • It is extremely stretchy 
  • The varieties come in bright colors for better visibility underwater and easier identification of peers.
  • There’s a long front zipper for quick and effortless wearing and pulling
  • The elastic stirrup wraps on the wrists and feet keep the diving skin in place despite water resistance 
  • There’s a one-piece wetsuit dive with a skin design that is soft and elastic, and it does not restrict movement underwater
  • The suit has a full body and long sleeve design 
  • It has a special UV protection coating that helps reduce harm from sunlight
  • It offers less skin exposure, therefore, protecting your skin from sunburn


  • It offers full-body coverage
  • It offers the best protection against a coral reefs, sea lice, jellyfish, and other biological irritants of the ocean
  • Say goodbye to stings and bruises, and enjoy a wonderful diving experience 
  • You can wear it alone in the summer or under wetsuits when it’s cold
  • It is comfortable to wear with a good amount of ventilation 
  • The spandex assures a perfect fit
  • Its color does not fade
  • The suit is perfect in all conditions
  • The total body cover is ideal for beginners and fans of the sport


  • The back of the suit doesn’t lay flush
  • There is also the problem of sizing
  • It may sometimes be loose from the chest down

 2. Rash Guard UPF 50+ UV Full Body Diving Suit

Rash Guard UPF 50+ UV Sunprotection for Men Women Lycra Full Body Diving Suit Full Wetsuit & Breathable Sports Dive Skins for Running Snorkeling Swimming Kayaking (3mm-Male, X-Large)


Rash Guard is another men’s full-body swimsuit with great features that are worth a buy. It is suitable for all types of water sports and it does not irritate the skin when underwater. It has the following key features:


  • It has a Lycra lining 
  • It offers full body closure
  • It is 15% spandex and 85% polyester
  • The long front zipper is easy to put on and off
  • It has a stretchy stirrup wrap on the wrists and feet that keep the wetsuit in place despite water resistance


  • The Lycra UV protection and long sleeves are perfect for exercising, swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. 
  • The full-body wetsuit provides protection against a coral reef, sea lice, jellyfish, and other biological irritants
  • It is perfect for underwater exploration in the ocean and other water bodies
  • It gives no stings and bruises, only a wonderful diving experience
  • The swimsuit is extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable
  • It has excellent stretch and recovery potential
  • It is deal for exercise in and out of water
  • The long sleeve and full-body design are reliable for UV protection and sunburn minimization 
  • It helps block 97.5% of UV radiation
  • The perfect form fit allows a range of motion and supports easy movement underwater. 
  • The wet suit is of great quality and it fits well


  • The hood is not always too tight around the head
  • Inaccurate sizing reports from verified buyers 

3. Hevto Wetsuits for Men

Hevto Wetsuits Men 3mm Neoprene Full Scuba Diving Suits Surfing Swimming Long Sleeve Keep Warm Back Zip for Water Sports (ML1-Yellow2, XL)


Regarded as the second layer of skin, this product is an excellent full-body swimsuit. Hevto makes great men’s and women’s swimsuits with great, quality materials and high offers them at highly affordable rates. This product has the following features:


  • It is made of harmless, high-quality materials
  • The combination includes Neoprene SBR and Nylon fabrics of two layers 
  • It has a back-zipper closure of about 3MM thickness 
  • It is a full wetsuit with long sleeves
  • It has three layers of fabrics combination
  • The full-body design swimsuit has large areas covering the entire skin
  • It has a flatlock stitching that helps reduce water flushing into the suit
  • It comes in different structure designs with more flexibility for surfing and diving experience 
  • The material is of high density and high quality to ensure durability 
  • The zipper to wear it through is on the back
  • The long nylon belt and the metal zipper enable easy putting on and off.


  • The three layers of fabrics combination provide all-round warmth
  • The swimsuit is designed to shelter you from cold in all aspects 
  • The swimsuit ensures a comfortable wearing experience
  • The well-fitting swimsuit makes you look fitter and professional
  • It is made from quality material and stitching to ensure durability
  • The colors are cool and vibrant 
  • The suit feels warm to the skin


  • The size chart for the product may be confusing 
  • The suit may be cut differently than in the product photos
  • The zipper across the collar chokes and the neckline and shoulder region may be uncomfortable when zipped up
  • There’s also the problem of correct sizing 

4. OMGear Male and Female Spandex Diving Skins

OMGear Dive Skin Women Men Rash Guard Full Body Swimsuit Thin Wetsuit UV Protection One Piece Water Sports Suit for Surfing Snorkeling Swimming Diving Kayaking Paddling (Aqua&Navy Blue, S)


OMGear is a manufacturer that specializes in surfing, diving, and swimming gears. They have been delivering quality water sports products for well-known brands for more than 11 years now. They have now incorporated themselves to sell directly to customers. This product has the following features, pros, and cons:


  • This swimsuit is of 83% polyester and 17% spandex which makes it super stretchy and breathable 
  • This full piece rash guard is made with UPF 50+ fabric coating
  • There is a long front zipper on the adult spandex swimsuit that makes it easy to put on and off
  • It is a full-body long-sleeve surfing suit 
  • It is triple stitched to ensure lasting usage 


  • This diving suit is made thin to enable quick drying 
  • Its UV protection can shield your skin from sunburn
  • It is durable and comfortable for a long usage 
  • OMGear full-body snorkel wetsuit can protect you from all oceanic irritants as well. 
  • You can comfortably use it for all water sports like freediving, scuba diving, or spearfishing.
  • Though not so thick but it can still keep you warm 
  • The slim-fitting suit stays close to your body like a second skin
  • It is also form-fitting to mitigate drag in the water and bring no restriction to movement underwater
  • It is thin and therefore dries out water quicker
  • It is also thin enough to prevent overheating


  • Stitching is visible instead of hidden
  • The zipper may sometimes be difficult to put off
  • A longer zipper would have been better
  • The material may be too thin and revealing 
  • Putting off the swimsuit may be problematic
  • Getting the right may be difficult 
  • The size may be misleading and needs adjustment 

5. Skyone full Body Dive Wetsuit

Full Body Dive Wetsuit Sports Skins Rash Guard for Men Women, UV Protection Long Sleeve One Piece Swimwear for Snorkeling Surfing Scuba Diving Swimming Kayaking Sailing Canoeing (S)


Skyone products are not only to keep the body warm or offer it protection, but to also upgrade the user experience to a more wonderful and immense taste with better comfort, flexibility, and design performance.

Skyone is a dedicated brand to helping customers achieve and enjoy their life pursuits as an independent and reliable diving and surfing partner. The product has the following features 


  • It is made from spandex and is thus extremely soft, lightweight, fit, and breathable
  • It is naturally form-fitting to decrease drag in the water  
  • It offers UV protection with the long sleeve and full-body design
  • It has a slip-on design with a durable back zipper
  • It has a 150% high stretch and recovery ability


  • It is smooth, close to the skin, and super comfortable 
  • It offers a comfortable surfing and snorkeling experience 
  • The swimsuit offers protection against cold temperatures and biological irritants underwater
  • The tidy line stitching help avoid painful friction to the skin
  • The durable back zipper enables easy wearing and outing off
  • It is snug-fit with fast-drying qualities 
  • It is perfect for all swimming activities 
  • It is available in all sizes for men and women


  • No cons

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Things to Consider When Buying Men’s Full Body Swimsuit

Men’s bodysuits can be gotten almost anywhere, and you don’t need to bother about perfection with swimsuits as you would with your regular dresses. All you need is something that will stay up and comfy when you plunge and move inside water.

That doesn’t also mean you should get the cheapest and most accessible swimsuit to you, there are some things to consider, and we will highlight them to you. 

1. What you need the suit for

Think about how intense your activities will be for the suit or not. An ordinary full-body suit for light usage such as the home or hotel pool doesn’t need special requirements. Most full-body suits available in the market can suffice for that.

For more intense and lengthy swimming, you need a suit with extra features, specific to your needs. Think about how much leg movement you will do; loose fabrics can chafe quickly when wet. Professional suits can also be used for casual swimming but a regular suit is better to save cost.

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2.  Style 

Men’s full bodysuits come in different designs and choosing the style that suits you is just as important as buying it. Full bodysuits can be long or short-sleeved, long or short pants. The different manufacturer also includes extra designs that can illuminate the general look. Make to look through for the best for you.

3. Color 

Yes, color. It is important for where you want to use it and your outlook. There aren’t general colors for every dress, especially not full-body swimsuits. Colors can be unilateral or mixed with a precise blend. Some colors are gender-specific or unisex, and some colors rhyme better with one skin than the other. So, consider these color-based factors before buying your suit.

4. Quality 

As you know, there aren’t a few full-body swimsuits for men in the market, and they all present themselves likable by many standards and you can easily choose the wrong one if you aren’t properly guided in your search. Quality will determine your comfortability when using your suit and how long it will last despite your usage.

Though full-body swimsuits are generally made from polyurethane and elastane nylon, some extra materials are included for added advantage and product recognition for popular brands.

5. Brand 

Brands compete with each other for large full-body swimsuit patronages. The most popular brand remains speedo with the highest production and demand. Other suitable brands include; BIKMAN, Zdhoor, JanJean, Mufeng, Hansber, and Kona. Brands have their signature to tell them apart from their peers and competitors, that’s why buyers look out for the ones most preferable to them.

The brand also advertises itself with additional accessories to facilitate easy usage of its products. A lot of users lean towards the ones that include accessories than the ones that do not.

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6. Budget 

While quality and the rest matter, you should also consider the purchasing amount. You don’t need to over-spend on a product that you can easily get at a lesser rate at the right place. Also, using the scale of preference and comparison table is important to stay on budget for the particular suit.

Also, you can try comparing the asking price of the same suit with different vendors to get your chosen suit at the best price.

7. Size and comfort

Because they need to stay snug-fit to the body is why it is important to look for the best size for you. Sizing is important to enjoying and staying comfortable wearing a full-body swimsuit.

They can’t be too tight to get you uncomfortable mid-swim nor too loose for water to clog between you and your suit, which can diminish your buoyancy and pull you towards the bottom of the water. Ensure the product you want to buy has your size before buying it, sizing determines comfortability.

8. Durability 

An excellent swimsuit possesses long-lasting features that can withstand long and heavy usage even in different water bodies no matter the nature and composition surrounding it. it can protect the body from the environmental toxicity that affects the skin directly. So, make sure the material it is made from has strong appealing qualities. 

Can Male Professional Swimmers Wear Full Body Swimsuits?

Can male professional swimmers wear full body swimsuits? No, they cannot wear full-body suits for professional sports. The full-body swimsuits brought a lot of controversies in the swimming world when swimmers consistently broke a lot of records wearing this suit.

The polyurethane and neoprene swimsuits were banned for their ability to cut down on fatigue, therefore giving swimmers more speed and buoyancy, which led to nearly 200 new world records. 

The swimsuit thus rendered the record book worthless by the extra agility it gave swimmers. The swimsuit has remained banned ever since. Swimmers have now returned to shoulder-to-knee-length suits, which are more natural and/or synthetic and non-consolidated. 

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Conclusion – Full Body Swimsuits for Men

With its great features, the full-body swimsuits are an edge over the conventional swimsuits of the past. They offer great body cover and lots of exciting features which is controversial in the sporting world.

See-through for the guide to get a perfect full-body swimsuit and some of the best swimsuit products have been reviewed so you can go ahead and make your purchase. 

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