How To Wash A Speedo Swimsuit With Steps In 2023

How To Wash A Speedo Swimsuit With Steps In 2023

Speedo swimsuits are a variety of suit that graces the body perfectly with its topnotch designs and quality materials used in rendering the best moments of our lives at the beach. Generally, swimsuits are found in a variety of designs, style, and the material that is being used in the production of the suit.

Ranging from one-piece swimsuits, flounce, halter, trunks, and so on. For today, we’ll be talking on Speedo swimsuits, how to wash, care, and maintain a Speedo swimsuit.

However, before plunging deeper into Speedo swimsuits, let’s quickly check out the specific needs behind the production of Speedo swimsuits. What is known as Speedo swimsuits are specifically designed for the main purpose of swimming competition.

For instance, Speedo swimsuits can be worn in swimming tournaments, by lap swimmers and other aquatic purposes. Aside from these major reasons that lead to their production, they can be worn by all individuals in swimming. Speedo suits come in various sizes including that for children and adults.

Speedo swimsuits are one of the best types of suits out there. This is as a result of the fact that they are produced to fit into all body types while at the same time, having a long-lasting quality fabric over several suits we’ve got.

Speedo swimsuits fall into the category of one-piece suits and two-piece suits. By one-piece suit, we are referring to suits that come in just one piece. And by two-piece suit, it refers strictly to suits that come in two pieces. That is, suits worn around the chest region and the thigh region.

In addition, with regards to the one-piece suit, they are worn over the body which stretches to the torso region acting as a high waist most especially for the ladies. Let’s go to the procedures involved in washing a Speedo swimsuit.

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How To Wash A Speedo Swimsuit

Washing a Speedo suit requires minimum effort. Just like every other suit that follows the same pattern of washing, so is the Speedo swimsuits. Nonetheless, there happen to be a few exceptions. Since the Speedo swimsuits are mainly used in swimming competitions, it should be given utmost care such that it can be used over and over again. The procedures below would involve three (4) steps to which we’re going to look at each step extensively.

Things Needed

  • A bowl
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • A flat board

Step 1

Get the Speedo swimsuit into the bowl of water. Mind you, you’re to get cold water and not lukewarm water. First, you’re to rinse the Speedo swimsuits preferably before proceeding to wash the suit. Want to know why? Rinsing the suit first will wash out the chemicals that have clung to the Speedo swimsuits during the swimming process.

Ensure that the water is cold. Using cold water to wash Speedo suits works best because it penetrates into the depths of the fabric erasing every traces of dirt and chlorine from the suits. Then, you proceed onto the next step which involves the proper washing of the Speedo swimsuits.

Step 2

In this step, you’re to apply the detergent. In using the detergent, it is expedient to take into consideration some factors. One, the kind of detergent that will be used in washing the Speedo swimsuits.

Normally, swimsuits are washed with mild detergent. If peradventure the individual tends to use a harsh detergent in washing the Speedo suit, the percentage of the suit getting faded will be high. Two, do not add bleach to the Speedo swimsuit.

Bleach and suits do not go hand in hand. They ruined the outlook and texture of the suits. Hence, the need to use a mild detergent for your Speedo suit is necessary.

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Step 3

At this stage, you can then bring out the Speedo swimsuit. Ensure the suit is totally clean, free from dirt, and chlorine. Now, transport the suit in another bowl of clean water or you could possibly throw away the first water and replace it with another.

Rinse properly and squeeze out the water remaining. Please note, do not be aggressive with the Speedo swimsuits. Gently squeeze the excess water out so you don’t end up stretching the Speedo swimsuits in ways that would cause it to slack drastically. Now, let’s proceed to the last step left in the washing of Speedo swimsuits.

Step 4

The last step involves air drying. When it comes to drying of Speedo swimsuits, quite a number of things should be put into consideration. First, swimsuits aren’t air dried directly. When the sun comes in contact with the suit, it can cause the suit to start fading thereby weakening the material used.

Second, there are ways to perfectly air dry Speedo swimsuits. Get a flat board and lay the Speedo suit on it. Move it to the balcony, under a shade or beside the house where the sun doesn’t in any way come close to the suit.

Third, do not hang the Speedo suit on a hanger. Reasons being that the weight of the Speedo suit when wet can lead to the suit getting slack. With this, we’ve come to the end of how to wash a Speedo swimsuit.

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Please Note:

  • If the tag of the Speedo swimsuits has machine washed on it, it simply means the Speedo swimsuits can be washed by the washing machine.
  • Swimsuits must not be placed in a dryer so it’s Speedo suit. It can lead to the suit getting faded
  • On your way from the beach or pool, do not wrap your Speedo suit in any clothing. Hold it with your hands or you can lay it flat in your car.

How To Maintain Speedo Swimsuits

To keep your Speedo swimsuits intact, arrange the suits in your wardrobe free from dirt and dust. Also, you can get a Ziploc bag, insert the Speedo suit into the bag, and zip it up. Gently hang the Ziploc bag in the wardrobe.

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Some Speedo Swimsuits To Check Out On Amazon

Let’s hastily show you some Speedo suits that you may find attractive. The links below would be on suits for both genders.

1. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece High Neck Contemporary Cut

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Where are the ladies? Presenting to you is a Speedo swimsuit for ladies with the best quality material there is. It comes with lots of amazing features starting with its hydro bra whose cup can be taken off and placed back at any point in time. Alongside are its mid-length cut and its quick-drying nature. For persons who wish to have suits that wouldn’t take long to dry up due to the nature of their swimming competition, this suit is preferably the best for such an occasion.

2. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One-Piece Power Flex Mesh Half Zip

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Here’s another Speedo swimsuit made specifically for the female folks. It is produced with a zipper at the front which grants comfort when in use. One awesome feature of this one-piece suit is the ability to resist chlorine. So while swimming, the possibility of the chlorine clinging to the suit is minimal. The last feature to look at its durability. The Speedo suit can span for a long time. However, depending on usage and maintenance.

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3. Speedo Plunge Zip Ombre 1pc Swimsuit, Deep Teal, 12

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The last female Speedo swimsuit to be looked at is the deep teal Speedo suit. As with the former, it is produced to have a zip at the front with a mid-length cut that gives the suit that high waist look.

4. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Jammer Endurance

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Endurance swimsuit is the best jammer suit for the male. On a simpler note, it one of Speedo’s best seller suit which unarguably equates it to be the best. It covers the entire lap region, it dries quickly with it being lightly weighted as well.

5. Speedo Men’s Uv Swim Shirt Long Sleeve Loose Fit Easy Tee

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Another Speedo product on the list is Speedo men’s UV swim shirt. Truth is, not everyone fancies the idea of going shirtless or wearing short sleeves to swimming competitions or to the beach/pool. Hence, we’re introducing the UV long sleeve loose tee to act as a cover against the sun. You can check it out below.

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6. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Brief Endurance+ Splice Team Colors

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The last product on the list for the male folk is the Speedo suit brief. This is perfect for all swimming occasions. The best aspect is the suit having a chlorine resistance, being light-weighted, and the ability for the suit to dry as quickly as possible. All these amazing features are found in just one suit. Kindly click on the link for a lookout on the suit.

How To Wash A Speedo Swimsuit – Conclusion

Washing, caring, and maintaining of Speedo swimsuits isn’t much of a problem. Regardless of the fact that we’ve got to be extra careful not to mess up the suits, following the rest procedures on how to wash, care and maintain is a lot more achievable. For those who would love to check them out, you can click on the links above to do just that.

You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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