How To Wash Swim Trunks The Right Way

How To Wash Swim Trunks The Right Way

Washing is a repeated cycle that has no end. It is done on a consistent basis to make clean our wears. Ranging from our clothes down to the tiniest of things like our trunks. In washing swim trunks, the individual got to be extra careful not to mess the trunk up.

Now how do you wash swim trunks? Washing of swim trunks doesn’t come with so many ways or procedures nor does it require a lot of enacted efforts. With your hands, you’re good to go. Curious to know the right way to go about it without ruining your swim trucks? then continue reading to find out.

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How To Wash Swim Trunks With Steps

Step 1: In Cold Water

Swim trunks are hand washed in cold water and not lukewarm water. Trunks aren’t as stretchy as women’s suits are. Alongside this, the materials used are different from those of the female folks. Hence, washing in cold water is essential. Take the trunks into the water for easy washing.

Step 2: Get A Detergent Without Bleach

Using a bleaching detergent to wash a swim trunk would lead to fading thereby killing the beauty of the swim trunk. So endeavour to use a bleach-free detergent in the washing process.

Step 3: Wash With Extreme Care

Swim trunks mustn’t be wasted aggressively. Such kind of washing could lead to damage or to the trunk getting torn. At all times, wash with extreme care due to their weak nature. You can continue with the cycle for about 10 to 15 minutes, then, proceed onto the next step.

Step 4: Air Drying

At this stage, you’re to wring out water from the trunk ready for air drying. Please take note. Wring the water out with little force. Excessive and aggressive wringing may lead to loss of swim trunks elasticity. So gentle washing is recommended.

You can then move on to drying it after rinsing. In the drying of trunks, the individual isn’t expected to dry the swim trunks directly. Air drying the trunk is the best way. Get a drying rack (such as this Hanging 3 Tier Drying Rack) and spread the trunks on it. Or better still, you can air dry underneath a shade where sunlight isn’t penetrating.

In some cases, the clothes can be transported into a washing machine to be washed and dried if possible, but not with some swim trunks. The reason being that swim trunks are delicate and must be handled in a delicate manner unless it is stated on the tag to be machine washed.

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Well, let’s quickly go through some of the reasons why some swim trunks can’t be machine washed before delving into how to wash trunks with hands.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Machine Wash Your Swim Trucks

First, trunks exposed to machines may get them torn during the washing process. The materials used in the manufacturing of the trunks aren’t as strong and thick as compared with our clothes. This is because they are expected to be free with lighter materials to allow the permissible flow of the natural air into our bodies as we swim.

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Second, swim trunks do not comply with dryers. When placed in dryers, the heat emanating from the dryer may affect the trunks by means of getting the trunk torn in some places.

Please Note:

As earlier mentioned, some of the swim trunks are machine washed. At such, you could place your trunks into the washing machine. However, regulate the machine in the right method so it comes out well.

Lastly, if on the price tag it wasn’t specified, then do not in any way get the trunks into the washing machine. It only means the trunks shouldn’t by no standard be placed in the washer.

Rather, hand wash the swim trunks.

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Can You Iron Swim Trunks?

In the general sense, swimsuits are not to be ironed or pressed with iron by any means. Likewise swim trunks. They do not go hand in hand with pressing irons. This generates from a couple of reasons which we’re going to look at one after the other.

First, swim trunks aren’t manufactured with thick materials like our clothes. The material mainly used are synthetic materials that are highly susceptible to heat. That is, they often burn out when iron comes in contact with them. So, swim trunks cannot be ironed to avoid damaging your trunks.

Second, the temperature of the iron may be too hot for the trunk leading to it getting burnt. Some irons can’t be regulated. Hence, you would experience difficulties with the swim trunks in the process of ironing the trunk.


The best way to get rid of the trunk’s rumpled look is by placing the trunk inside water again so the rumpled look would be out perhaps not totally but more than half of the rumpled look would disappear. Nonetheless, the individual may as well choose to put the swim trunks on due to the fact that it covers up a little part of the body.

Can You Put Swim Trunks In The Dryer?

No, a swim trunk can’t be placed in a dryer. From the beginning of this post, we mentioned that on no account should a swim trunk be placed inside a dryer. The reasons why a swim trunk shouldn’t be placed in a dryer are clear enough. Swim trunks aren’t found in the strongest of materials. They’re extremely light such that the water can flow into our body-calming are nerves as we relax to get the best out of water.

Hence, getting your swim trunks dried with a dryer isn’t the best way. You’re to place the trunk outside and in an area where they are no sun rays facing the trunks directly. Besides the home or underneath a shade is the best. With these, the tendency of your trunk staying longer is certain.

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How Do You Dry Swim Trunks Fast?

For most individuals, having their swim trunks dried on time is a huge deal. It saves them time from having to monitor their trunks or having to wait long for it to dry before embarking on other activities. There are several methods to dry swim trunks faster. We’ll go through a few of these methods on how to quickly get your swim trunks dried in no distant time.

1. By Wringing Out Enough Water

The tendency of a trunk drying faster boils down to the degree of water that is being wrung out from the trunk. When a cloth is soaked up with water, it takes a longer time for such a cloth to get dried on time. Likewise the same trunk. It’ll take quite a while to dry up regardless of the material that is being used in the production of the swim trunk.

2. Where It Is Being Dried

Another aspect to wash out for in a bid to get the swim trunks to dry faster are the places where they are being air-dried. Getting your trunks spread out in places where natural air does not get through will result in the trunk not getting dried on time. As stated earlier, the best place to air dry the swim trunks is right underneath a shade on a flat board or close to your home on a board where air would come in contact with the trunk.

Moreover, we’ve got swim trunks that dry faster when watched.

Do Swim Trunks Shrink?

Swim trunks do not necessarily shrink. Though it possibly can on some rare occasions depending on the usage and the maintenance culture of the swim trunks. As we all know, trunks are basically made with synthetic materials. Whenever they are being worn on our bodies, they tend to stretch over our body making it quite impossible for the swim trunks to shrink.

The swim trunks can be shrieked when placed in a hot temperature like a washing machine or a dryer. This is as a result of the heat produced by these home appliances.

How To Shrink Swim Trunks

For lovers of shrink trunks, here’s a method of shrinking swim trunks if you wish to. Kindly follow through with the steps

Step 1: Boil Hot Water

Hot water works best with swim trunks shrinking. Ensure the water is hot enough for the trunk so it can properly be shrunk.

Step 2: Place In The Trunk

Get the swim trunks into the hot water which the individual must have poured in a bowl or bucket. Place the trunk and leave for a while.

Step 3: You Can Proceed To Take Out The Swim Trunk

Also, you could shrink your swim trunk by ironing the trunk with a low heat provided the trunk is damp or wet.


Washing of swim trunks doesn’t require much procedure. As long as you follow the stipulated methods and that of the rest on swim trunks, then you’re good to go.

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