How To Dry Swimsuit In A Hotel Room (In 4 Easy Ways)


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Sometimes in life, we can be caught in situations that tend to be demanding. By demanding, I meant we’re being placed on pedals where we’ve got no choice but to accomplish some goals. Funnily, this has become a norm in our daily living. But in all, we often get to find solutions to such problems.

In answering the question above “How to dry swimsuit in a hotel room”, there are a few factors to be taken into consideration. No doubt spending some quality time at the hotel can be pretty fun. Aside from being given nice rooms and enjoying the services rendered, the pools are never neglected because it is something to be looked out for.

The pools are usually massive and fun to be in. Also, the majority of the pools are situated in places with breathtaking and mesmerizing views. However, the few moments of enjoyment would certainly have to cost you quite a lot. That is, figuring out where to air dry your swimsuit. Although, this doesn’t negate the fact that hotels do not have laundry services that handle this aspect specifically.

A higher percentage of hotels have washable and dryer machines that get one’s clothes ready in some minutes. Nonetheless, such doesn’t work for swimsuits. Before finding solutions to the question-based keyword above, let’s look at a few reasons why you mustn’t give your swimsuits to the laundry service department at the hotel.

Reasons You Need To Avoid Laundry Department In A Hotel Room

1. Swimsuits Can Be Torn In Washing Machines

This is one subject we’ve flogged in a couple of our articles ( such as this, Can swimsuits go in the washing machine). As we all know, washing suits in the washing machine isn’t allowed. Swimsuits are made of materials that are usually light and not too strong as our clothing materials. Hence, if they’re to be washed in such an enclosed machine, the tendency of the suits getting torn is very high.

In other words, giving the suits to the laundry department at the hotel isn’t a good idea. The elasticity of such suit would be weakened thereby, damaging the suit and making it less attractive. Please note, this differs in some places though, and the material of the swimsuit you are putting on. There are some thick suits that can be machine washed. But regardless of that, do not machine wash. If they’re not weakened, they might end up getting torn.

2. Swimsuits Should Be Air-Dried

This is how a suit is being dried. They are not to be kept in the dryer section of the washing machine. Suits are hand washed and placed on a board or underneath a shade to dry up completely. On no condition should they be kept in the sun directly. Here’s why.

The sun hitting the swimsuit directly will lead to such a suit fading in no distance time. And the instant a suit starts fading, it’s usefulness has been sapped out then.

How To Dry Swimsuit In An Hotel Room

There are four methods to dry swimsuits in a hotel. We’ll be looking at each of these four methods specifically.

Method 1: Clothing Line

The first method would be drying swimsuits through the bathroom. Now, the majority of the bathrooms in the hotel come with a clothing line over the shower. This clothing line is built for the sole purpose of hanging clothes on them. So this would as well serve as a means of hanging our swimsuits as well.

To achieve this, get a piece of clean cloth to wipe the clothing line ensuring that it is totally clean and free from dirt or dust. If you can’t get any pieces of a clean cloth to do just that, then use your hands to scope up water and pour the water on the line while at the same time, using your hands to rub the line. In this way, you’re washing or cleaning the line.

Once you’ve accomplished just that, you can proceed to hang the suits on the line. Before spreading on the clothing line, squeeze out enough water as you can so that it doesn’t take a long time for the suits to dry. Please note, you shouldn’t use a hanger to suspend your swimsuits.

Using hanger to hold your suits would drag it down. At that moment, the suit must have been soaked in water. If you’re to use a hanger for it, the weight of the water would certainly drag it down, leading to the suit not being stretched.

Hence, spreading directly is the best way to get the swimsuits really dried, with the elasticity intact. But always remember to get the suits clipped. In one way or the other, the suit could possibly slip resulting in it not being placed accordingly.

A suit falling onto the ground or the bathtub can be pretty disastrous, being that it is a hotel that has housed quite a number of persons and the ground could have been tampered with on some occasions. So, use some clips on them because they are what we put on to cover our private parts.

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Method 2: Dry With A Towel

The second method to be looked at is the drying of swimsuits at the hotel with towels. Sounds funny right? As funny as it sounds, it works perfectly well. The only requirement is enacting energy into it so you get the end product of what you want. Now, over to what the method is.

In this method, you’ll be needing at least two (2) towels, to get the work down. Foremost, place the wet suit in between the towels. If you can’t get the two (2) towels, you can make use of one if available. Once you’ve placed the suits between them, you put them on the floor. You’ll be required to stand on it. The essence of going through this medium is to ensure that the suit that is absorbed by water releases more than half if not almost all the water present in the suit.

So, you’re to stand on the towel that encompasses your suit for nothing less than 4 to 7 minutes. By doing such, the water is being absorbed by the towels. Once the time has elapsed, take the suit out from where it is being placed to place on the clothing line.

This is for those that want their suit to dry up on time. With this method, the tendency of the suit drying earlier becomes high. Mainly because the water present in the suit would have been squeezed out completely giving room for your suit to dry quickly. ( Read Also: How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry?)

Method 3: Wring A Little Before Drying

The third method to be implored on how to dry swimsuit in a hotel room is drying of suits using towels as well. Likewise, what was discussed in method 2, in the same manner, would this method be tailored to. Get your towels ready and place the first one on the floor. Get your washed or wet suits and place them on the towel that was spread on the floor and then, cover them with the second towel.

Peradventure you were able to get just a towel, spread it on the floor, and wrap the suits inside the towel. The next step would be to wring the towel with the suits in between. Unlike the first method that involves standing on the towel for minutes, this is similar but not with the use of the legs. For this method, your hands would be needed to get water out of the suit.

Use your hands to squeeze or wring the towel in a way that the water absorbed by the suit is being sapped by the towel or towels use in holding the suit. Do this for about 5 minutes ensuring the towels have soaked as much water from the suit. You can proceed to air dry them on the clothing line or somewhere around the bathroom.

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Method 4: Dry Using The Balcony

The last method on the list is air drying swimsuits on the balcony. If you happen to be in a hotel that has a balcony, then you’re more than lucky. With such an arrangement, needless to say, the towel and bathroom method isn’t required. Provided that the sun rays do not penetrate into the balcony. Like I earlier mentioned, swimsuits mustn’t be air-dried directly in the sun.

So get the balcony ready for the suits to be spread. After that, take the wet suit to the balcony and place them there. Look for ways to clip them so they don’t fall to the ground. Moreover, do not use hangers to hold any of the suits nor allow the sun to come in contact with the suit either.

These methods are the best methods to dry swimsuits in a hotel room without much stress. Now, let’s quickly look at the drying of clothes.

How To Dry Clothes In An Hotel Room

The idea of giving the laundry department our clothes to be washed isn’t seconded by all individuals. For most persons, washing and spreading their clothes all by themselves at the hotel is more preferable than giving it out to be washed.

Get the dirty clothes and wash them right in the bathroom sink or basin. Squeeze enough water out from the clothes. If the room comes with a balcony, you can place the clothes right in the balcony with hangers and clips. If the hotel room happens to have a warmer, get the clothes to where the warmer is so it can help in drying them as soon as possible.

Additionally, you can place them somewhere around the room where the air conditioner or fan can dry them quickly. Lastly, you can use travel cloth line and inflatable hangers to help in drying your clothes. For the travel clothesline, you can link it from one handle of the door to another. Then place the clothes on them. Please endeavour to squeeze out enough water from them so they don’t get the whole room soaked with water. The bottom line is to ensure no dripping of water.

The inflatable hangers can be used to hang the clothes on the line or in the balcony or somewhere else where they can dry on time.

Here are some awesome travel cloth line you might be interested in.

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How To Dry Swimsuit In A Hotel Room – Conclusion

Drying of swimsuits and clothes in a hotel room is a lot easier than we ever envisaged. If you’re to keenly follow through the procedures, you’ll achieve more than expected to get your swimsuits and clothes dried.

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