How To Get Sulphur Smell Out Of Swimsuit

With swimsuits, expect the worst. There is never a moment when one is at peace with their swimming suits. The reasons aren’t improbable. Since swimsuits are light and not as thick as clothes, they are susceptible to stains and offensive smells emerging from our immediate surroundings. Is it mildew, urine smell, pilling, or period stains? The list is endless.

There are so many issues that can harm the swimsuit if one doesn’t use a sixth sense to quickly detect these things. And if we are being honest, the swimsuit must be well cared for if visiting the pool or beach is something we are fond of. And one best way to help halt the arising issues of swimsuits would be to answer some of the questions asked as a guide to ease the burden of figuring out the right way to get your swimsuit from a messy situation. Here is one, How To Get Sulphur Smell Out Of Swimsuit.

To get the sulphur smell out of a swimsuit, you can use different methods such as using baking soda, vinegar, cool breeze cleansing, filling hot water in a tub and using super washing soda. Choose any of the methods below, to find that which would be great in helping you get rid of the sulphur smell out of your swimsuit. But first things first, let’s find out what causes swimsuits to have a sulphur smell.

What Brings About Sulphur Smell In Swimsuits

Sulphur on swimsuits is oftentimes found within one’s locale resulting from nature or man-made actions. For those who treat acne with creams that have sulphur in them, such a cream is likely to spill on the suit, or a slight portion rubbed on it, which can result in sulphur having a gorge on the swimsuit.

Also, water from tanks, heaters, or the borehole that has generated numerous buildups, can cause the water to have a sulphur smell. Using such water to wash the swimming suit, will leave it smelling gross because of the sulphur produced through the buildup process.

It doesn’t end there, washing your swimsuit with water that has been contaminated with deposits from an organic source and has the sulphur smell in it, will certainly rub off on the swimsuits.

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In addition, washing your swimsuits in areas or bathing in them in water that collides with sulphur, especially areas with minerals, your swimming suit will begin to have the sulphur smell all over it.

These are some of the major causes of sulphur in swimsuits.

How To Get Sulphur Smell Out Of Swimsuit

Method 1: Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda to remove sulphur smell out of swimsuit can be done in three ways and they are;

1. Soaking

Measure 1 cup of baking soda into the water, and drop in the swimsuit. Wait for about an hour or two, so the baking soda can infiltrate into the swimsuit.

Take out the water, and run clean water on the bowl or sink. Add your detergent and wash. You are to wash so the baking soda doesn’t stick to the swimsuit. Rinse with clean water and take outside to dry under a shade and not in the sun.

2. Washing With Detergent

For this, you will be washing the swimsuit with baking soda and the detergent added at the same time. The same measurement used in the first step applies here as well. Just 1 cup of baking soda is all you need.

Measure it into the water, dip the swimming suit in it. Pour your detergent into the water and allow it to settle. Or you mix with your hands. Start washing as quickly as possible. Do not use too much force as swimsuits are delicate. Rinse and take out to dry.

3. Package the swimsuits in a bag with baking soda

This method isn’t as common as the rest. To achieve this, get a bag that can be properly sealed, pour a portion of baking soda into it, and drop the dry swimsuits into it. Zip it and leave for a couple of days.

On the third day, get the swimsuits out and soak the suits in a bowl of water containing baking soda. Soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and wash with detergent. Rinse and air dry.

Please note, this step should be carried if the rest fail to get the sulphur smell out of the swimsuit. More like the last resort with baking soda.

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Method 2: Using Vinegar

Vinegar works magic on swimsuits that have been bombarded with awful smells or stains. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on this, because vinegar is many a time, found in the kitchen or bathroom.

Please note, the vinegar needed here is plain vinegar. Don’t use the rest types of vinegar which can harm your swimsuit. The plain vinegar is what is used for cleaning and taking awful smells out of wear.

Measure at least a cup or two of vinegar into a large bowl with water. If you don’t have a bowl, be sure to use your sink. Soak for 30 minutes and rinse off. Your swimsuit shouldn’t stay in the vinegar for more than 30 minutes, so it doesn’t destroy your swimsuit due to its active ingredients.

Replace with clean water and add half a cup of the same plain white vinegar with detergent. Drop the swimsuits in it and wash. Replace with water again and wash with just detergent. Rinse well and take the suits out to dry.

Method 3: Breeze Cleansing

This is one technique I’ve used in the past and it worked quite well for me. Well, mine wasn’t as severe as others as the sulphur smell on the swimsuit was mild and not overpowering. Here is what I did. One, I took the swimsuits outside, and let the cool breeze cleanse the awful smell out of the suit.

The fresh air will help to rid the suit of whatever smell it has on. You are to leave the swimsuit out there, for some hours. Do not spread the suit outside in the cold, but when the day is sunny. If there’s cold, spread the swimsuit indoors.

Method 4: Using Hot Water

Here is another technique to get the sulphur smell out of swimsuits. Fill your tub with hot water, and pour some amount of vinegar into the water. Let the tub be filled almost to the brim or at the average.

Get your clothing line and spread it across the tub. Then, place the swimsuit on the clothing line, without making use of a hanger. The steam emanating from the tub will help to get rid of the sulphur smell on the swimsuit. If you are using such a method, please apply caution so the swimsuit doesn’t fall into the tub.

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Method 5: Using Super Washing Soda

This is the last method we’ll be discussing on. This last method requires the purchase of a Super Washing Soda which is tagged two in one (2 in 1). That is, as a booster and as a freshener. In place of the plain white vinegar and baking soda, the Arm and Hammer washing soda (check here) can be used.

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda Detergent Booster & Household Cleaner, 55oz.

As usual, pour at least, half a cup of the soda into a bowl or sink with water. Soak in the swimsuit for a couple of minutes. A minimum of 30 minutes is perfect. Wash with detergent and rinse after.

Note; Always check the tag attached to the swimsuit, so you know if the swimsuit requires hot or cold water to be used. This will protect the suit from the possibility of shrinking or fading.

Moreover, placing the swimsuit out in the sun directly is forbidden or prohibited. Get a shade and place the swimsuit underneath the shade. If you can’t locate a shade, get a flat board, and place the swimsuit on the board, away from the sun.

Lastly, do not use a clothing hanger for your swimsuit. Using a hanger will cause the suit to drop thereby, making room for the suit to shrink.

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How to Keep the Swimsuit From Getting a Sulphur Smell

To keep your swimsuit from the possibility of it coming in contact with sulphur, always watch out for the environment where you are about swimming. Getting into the water in places that are exposed to minerals, will get your swimsuit smell badly as though, sulphur was rubbed on the suit.

Moreover, cleaning your tanks and heater will go a long way to keep the sulphur smell out of the swimsuit. Ensure the aforesaid are clean and free from deposits or buildups.

Lastly, watch out for your creams, oils with the sulphurate smell. Such can be transferred on the swimsuit unknowingly.

Conclusion – How To Get Sulphur Smell Out Of Swimsuit

Getting sulphur smell out of the swimming suits isn’t as tiresome as one might forecast. Just like mildew, the sulphur smell is one of the easiest things that doesn’t require you to do much.

With the barest minimum effort, the sulphur smell will be out of the swimsuit in a jiffy. Provided you have all the materials you need to pull through this. Included in the posts, are different methods to which you can choose which is more suitable for you.


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