Are Speedo Swimsuits Supposed to Be Tight?

Speedo is a swimwear brand that produces everything relating to swimwear. They offer ranges of sportswear, footwear and even accessories for men, women, and children. Their products are known to focus on great performance and designs. They also offer a line of men’s underwear just for men and another line of underwear called Speedo Underbody for both men and women.

Over the years, the brand name speedo has been mainly associated with any style of men’s swim trunks and swim briefs. This is because they are quite popular when it comes to swim trunks and briefs for men. Speedo is a brand that prides themselves on excellence, efficiency and durability. It’s no wonder a lot of people want to know more about their swimsuit products. Hence the question, are Speedo swimsuits supposed to be tight?

Yes, the Speedo swimsuits are supposed to be tight. They are supposed to fit snugly on the body, not to the extent of painful or uncomfortability but just tight fit. Make sure that when you are wearing them, they are not so tight that you find it unable to breathe or irritated. To know if it is okay, you can just take a walk around in it, squat, jump and sit in it to make sure it is comfortable. If you feel comfortable doing all these in it, then it is comfortable for you to use.

How Should a Speedo Swimsuit Fit?

This is quite simple. The Speedo swimsuits are designed to fit your body closely. This will help you to have the best swimming experience. However, if you aren’t comfortable with it fitting close to your body, you can order a size larger than your size. In case you do not know which size will fit, you can simply go to their website and search for the measurement chart of the swimsuit you want to get, you should be able to get the size that fits you there.

How Long Does Speedo Swimsuit Last?

Knowing when to replace your swimsuit is very important because you do not want them to break down and lose elasticity when you need them the most, just like other swimsuits, it is important to ask, how long does Speedo swimsuit last?

A Speedo swimsuit that is used frequently lasts for about 6 months before you need to start considering replacing it. Some Speedo swimsuits last even longer than a year before they even start showing signs of needed replacement.

However, this is how you know that you need to change your Speedo swimsuit

When to Change your Speedo Swimsuit

1. The color starts to fade

When your Speedo swimsuit starts to change color then you know that you need to change your swimsuit. You can decide to go for the same products or decide to get another design entirely.

2. The fabric starts to snag

Snagging can make any swimsuit look old and trust me, you don’t want this. What you should do to prevent snagging is to wash well and wash properly, you can check on the official speedo website on how to launder your Speedo swimsuit properly. But once you see snags, then it’s time to let your swimsuit go.

3. The elastic no longer holds

There is nothing as bad as a swimsuit that looks drab on the body. Once your Speedo swimsuit loses its elasticity then you know it’s time for a change. This is because elastics make the swimsuit fit snugly on your body but the more your swimsuit is exposed to chlorine, UV radiation, iron and other minerals in the water then over time it breaks down. When this happens, do yourself a favor and replace it.

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4. The cups no longer fit

The worn out cups might be all the signs you need that your swimsuit now needs replacing. Though for removable cup pads you can easily replace the cups but it’s only a matter of time before the whole swimsuit breaks down completely. So, it is important that you replace them as soon as possible.

5. There are stains that won’t go away

Even though the Speedo swimsuit is one of the best out there, it is also fallible. Over time, stains from deodorant, sunscreen( Check our previous post on How do you get sunscreen out of a bathing suit? ), etc can accumulate and permanently stain your swimsuit. When this happens it is best that you replace your swimsuit no matter how much love you have for it.

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Will a Speedo Swimsuit Stretch?

Will a Speedo swimsuit stretch? Yes, a Speedo swimsuit will definitely stretch. When you first get them, Speedo suits can be very fit and snug but as you use them over and over, they stretch and become even more comfortable. This is why you shouldn’t get a size bigger, when they stretch they become loose on your body. And if the size you ordered is too tight for you, you can put your swimsuit under water and wring out over and over again. This will stretch the swimsuit a bit until it stretches better the way you want.

How to Care for a Speedo Swimsuit

Caring for your swimsuit is important, it makes your swimsuit last longer and you get to enjoy using them. It is important to wash your swimsuit regularly to keep it clean so that it can perform longer than expected. Moreover, due to the minerals in the water and the sunscreen you have on getting on your swimsuit, they need to be washed off to avoid early breakdown of your swimsuit.  Here are a few tips on how to care for a Speedo swimsuit.

1. Get a mild detergent to wash with

Caring for your swimsuit starts from the type of detergent you use to launder your swimsuit. Get detergents that are specifically labeled for swimsuits or fabrics like those of swimsuits. Get just a handful and use it. If you do not have them then you can simply make a solution with water and baking soda.

2. Hand wash your swimsuit

Handwashing your swimsuit is a safer way to care for your swimsuit other than using a machine. Though a lot of these swimsuits have been cleared for machine use. Due to constant washing with the machine, the swimsuit is bound to break down very quickly.

However, you can just soak your swimsuit in the special detergent or the baking soda cleaning solution for about 30 minutes and then rinse with clean water. That’s all. Once you are done, put on a flat surface and air dry.

As simple as these things look, there are some things to avoid doing as you care for your swimsuit;

  • Do not soak your swimsuit overnight. Over time, the fabrics can start to lose their elasticity.
  • To prevent discoloration or fading of your swimsuit colors, do not dry directly under the sunlight.
  • Ensure that you are not hanging your swimsuits after washing, this will change the structure of your swimsuit. 

Once you follow each and every one of these care tips, then your swimsuit will last.

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Speedo

Apart from the fact that Speedos are one of the best swimsuit brands you will see in the market, there are also a few other reasons why you should get yourself a Speedo swimsuit;

1. They are stylish

Speedo swimsuits are a combination of efficiency, great performance, and stylish designs. One of the reasons why you should consider a Speedo swimsuit is because you will be able to use them for an extended period of time while still looking stylish at the same time.

2. They are flattering

All Speedo swimsuits are made to fit snug on the body, therefore they bring out all the curves and dips in the right places. They flatter your figure and give you the extra confidence you need for you to wear them.

3. They are comfortable

Speedo swimsuits are very comfortable, lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, and fit right. They do not give you wedgies or make you uncomfortable. They fit the body well but not to the point of uncomfortably or pain. They are light and you will barely feel them on your body. They won’t weigh you down and you will enjoy wearing them.

When getting new swimsuits, I would advise that you go for Speedo swimsuits. You will definitely love them.

Conclusion – Are Speedo Swimsuits Supposed to Be Tight?

Speedo swimsuits when ordered in your true size fit snug on the body and hug the skin, this has brought a lot of questions such as, are Speedo swimsuits supposed to be tight? Yes, they are supposed to be. The reason is that the fact that they fit close to your body gives you a better advantage when swimming in them. However, as time goes on they stretch and loosen up a little.

To care for your Speedo swimsuit do not wash with any detergent and a machine, rather go for specially made detergents for swimsuits and dry properly that’s all. Once your Speedo swimsuit starts getting loose stitches, snags, cups that no longer really support and other factors then you might need to change them soon. Get yourself a nice Speedo swimsuit today, you will definitely enjoy them.


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  1. Thanks a lot for your clear and very useful information. I just got a speedo today and it was my normal size M, and when I compared it with my old one, an arena one, I was a bit worried because the difference in size was enormous hehehe but everything you said here clarified exactly what I needed to know. Thank you again, very much!

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