Can You Add Cups to a Swimsuit? (How to Add Cups to Swimsuit)

Swimming is one amazing activity that most people love to be involved including me. There is something about swimming or lounging at the pool or beach on a sunbed that is very appealing. Add a beautiful, exotic, swimsuit and that makes it even better.

One of the beautiful things about swimming is the swimsuits. Imagine the confidence when you strut to the beach with all eyes on you and your beautiful swimsuit. I don’t know about you but there is always a spring in my step. However, there are situations where you want to look so good at the beach but the bra support in your swimsuit is messing up and does not fit. It’s a little devastating. Hence the question, Can you add cups to a swimsuit?.

Absolutely, you can, what this means is that you can still wear your beautiful swimsuit to the beach as long as you can add cups, awesome. Adding cups to your swimsuit isn’t so complex. So, let’s see how you can add cups to your swimsuit.

How to Add Cups to a Swimsuit

Adding cups to your bathing suit is one of the easiest things to do. Here’s how you can add cups to your bathing suit;

1. Choose the Type of Cup That Fits You

There are many types of bra cups in the market, the biggest work is figuring out which bra cup gives you comfort the most. If you like modesty and coverage then you can go for foam cups, however, be sure that they are chlorine resistant, do not retain water when wet and do not irritate your skin when you wear them. Or, you can just get cheap swimsuits, cut out the bra cups and use them.

2. Choose Your Bra Cup Size

When it comes to choosing your bra cup size, it is advisable you choose a size that is slightly bigger than your normal size, it is better to be too big than too small. This is because you can easily trim down foam cups that are too big.

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Do not let the cup be too big because you might not be able to trim it down to more than a cup or two.

3. Insert the Bra Cups

To insert your cups into your swimsuit, slide them between the fabric and the lining in your bathing suit. If it is a ready made bathing suit, You can cut a slit in the lining by the side and easily insert your bra cup in. After you have inserted them, see if they stay in place or they tend to slide out of place. If they slide out of place then pin the cups in place and tack them through the lining to keep them in place.

How Do You Put Padded Cups in a Bathing Suit?

Padded bra cups can be inserted into your bathing suit if you want more cleavage than the one your bathing suit offers. What you need to do is quite simple;

1. Select the Padded Cup You Want to Choose

The first thing you need to do is to choose the padded cups that will fit and will be comfortable for you. Getting something contrary might cause you irritation and discomfort. Even though there are different types of padded cups, only a few are suitable for the coverage and support you need when it is fixed into your bathing suit. Some of them are;

Push Up Padded Cups

These padded cups lift your breasts and push them forward. They support your breasts and give them a certain kind of perkiness.

Penetrable Padded Cups

These padded bra cups are also known as waterproof pads. These are specifically designed for swimsuits and do not give you any form of discomfort, inconvenience or irritation.

Shaping Padded Cups

If the purpose of adding padded cups to your bathing suit is for shape and for your breasts to look fuller inside your bathing suit.

Enhancement Padded Cups

These padded cups are meant to give more support to your bust. They make the breasts look firm and very supported. If more support is what you have been looking for then get yourself padded cups that fit in this group.

Knowing which one of these fit you and getting padded cups according to the category your purpose of getting padded cups is, you will realize that you can easily find what you are looking for.

2. Place the Padded Cups Properly

One of the tricks to placing paddings on your bathing suit properly is placing the padded cups in the right spot. Be careful not to just add your padded cups anyhow you think it’s best, rather look for the bust region of the bathing suit in order to figure out where exactly will your padded cups fit without irritation and discomfort.

Place your padded cups where you would like them to be on your bathing suit, to be able to get this done, wear your swimsuit and mark out the spot in order not to make a mistake when placing them. Also, make sure that your padded cups should adequately cover your bust and at the same time blend in with your bathing suit. This is so that it won’t stand out when you finally wear your bathing suit.

3. Sew the Padded Cups into Your Bathing Suit

Now that you have properly located where to place your padded cups, get yourself a needle and thread and start to sew the padded cups into your bathing suit. Turn your bathing suit inside out then clip your padded cups to the space between the fabric and the lining of your bathing suit. Sew from the bottom to the top until your padded cups are completely stitched into your bathing suit.

As you sew, ensure that the thread line cannot be seen from the outside, ensure that the thread does not cross over to become visible on your bathing suit.

To get your padded cups, you can look around in case you have a bra with removable paddings, you can easily just go ahead and use this for your bathing suit. Don’t forget to make sure that the pads are exactly what you need for your bathing suit.

Benefits of Sewing Padded Bras into a Swimsuit

Sewing padded bras into your swimsuit can have different reasons and purposes, however, there are benefits to sewing padded bras into your swimsuit. Let’s take a look at some of them;

1. They Enhance Your Bust Line

Sewing a padded bra into your swimsuit will help to enhance your bust line and also keep your breasts firm and in place. You don’t have to worry about them shifting out of place anytime you are swimming.

2. They Give You Added Cleavage

Padded bras in your swimsuits give you additional cleavage. Because of the way they lift forward and upward your breast, they enhance your cleavage by making your breasts perky and smooth especially when your swimsuit is a plunging neckline design.

3. They Give Added Size to Small Breasts

In case you do not like the way your boobs look in that swimsuit, say no more. Just get a padded bra sewn in and voila, you go up a size or two. It will also ensure that there is no shifting and more coverage and support.

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4. They Give Coverage and Support

Sewing padded bras into your swimsuit give more support and coverage to the breasts as they can hold firm and prevent your breasts from shifting out of your swimsuit anytime you swim or perform other activities.

Or, you can just decide to get one sewn in for the fun of it, any reason why you do, enjoy your newly padded swimsuit (winks).

Can you Sew a Bra into a Bathing Suit?

Bathing suits are pieces of clothing for swimming complete with all the requirements needed for the person wearing them. However, sometimes these might not be enough depending on the person who wants to wear the bathing suit, especially the bust part of the swimsuit. For this reason, a lot of people ask, “Can you sew a bra into a bathing suit?”

Yes, you can. You can sew a bra into a bathing suit. There are lots of swim bras that are waterproof that you can buy and sew into your bathing suit. You can also decide to make your own bra and add it to your bathing suit if you are up for some adventures.

Conclusion – Can You Add Cups to a Swimsuit?

The world is evolving and there are things that we could not do several years back that we can do now. Really? “Can You Add Cups to a Swimsuit?” Yes, you can. There is really little to nothing you cannot do these days and sewing cups into a swimsuit is just an icing on the cake. While this might sound impossible to you at first, know that this is not impossible, in fact it is pretty easy to fix. Just choose a proper cup for you, choose the spot you want it and sew it in, that’s all.

Wow, amazing right? That’s what you get for asking the right questions. If you want, you can even go a bit further and add padded bras( no way). Actually, this is pretty easy too, as long as you have the right paddings, choose the best spot, place them in and sew it around until you are done. That’s all.

Bra cups help to give you more cleavage, support and coverage, whatever you want. You can decide to be adventurous and try this with old bra cups and a swimsuit at the back of your closet. You will be pleased with yourself when you are done. Best of luck with your new swimsuit (hahaha).


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