How to Add Padding to Swimsuit With Steps in 2022

How To Add Padding To Swimsuit: The idea of adding padding to a swimsuit may seem obnoxious, but it’s one great innovative idea that has made us feel comfortable in our skin and confident in ourselves.

Looking through some of the online or beauty shops, one will notice that not all swimsuits come with padding. They are often plain fabrics adding little or no support to our bust. Although, a lot of persons may want to rock their suits in such a manner, without wanting to add extra cups to sharpen it.

For others, they won’t buy the idea of just going to the beach or pool with a suit that has no padding. Not everyone may feel comfortable wearing a nipple cover either. So they come up with an alternative or look for suits with good pads. Well, for those who are going for the former, we can help you with that. Continue reading to learn how you can add padding to your swimsuit.

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How To Add Padding To A Swimsuit

Adding padding to a suit isn’t much of a task. You can fix in pads of various sizes into the suit. All that is required are a few sewing tips and things to get you to work.

So what are the necessary steps to take?

1. Choose Which Pad To Get For The Suit

For a situation like this, you don’t go about getting any pad that you feel would be suitable for it. You have to ensure that the pad you want to use would fit right into your bust without any inconveniences or what have you.

You’re to consider padding of different designs and sizes. There are some that would do justice to the fitting of a suit.

They are;

  • Enhancement pads for bust – These give your bust a whole new look. They help to make the bust firmer giving it maximum support.
  • Push up pads – The essence of the push-up bra is to push the bust forward, so the chest can be properly seen. You can as well get this type of pad for your suit
  • Penetrable pads – Don’t be deceived by the name. They can also be called waterproof pads. You can go swimming with it and have zero worries.
  • Shaping pads – Such pads will certainly give a unique touch to the bust region of your suit. They are to make the bust look fuller when the swimsuit is worn.

2. Look Out For A Perfect Spot To Insert The Pads

The instant you’ve been able to figure out what type of padding that would fit into the bust region of your suit, the next thing to do is looking for a spot to insert the pad. At this stage, you just don’t place it anyhow.

How To Add Padding To Swimsuit

You have to be meticulously careful of the exact location it ought to be. The goal is to get fitting and make you feel good in your suit, and not to look out of place when you mistakenly place the pad in a wrong location.

Now, to know the exact spot to place it, you’ll have to take the pads and place it directly on the spot where it should be. Before then, you should put on your suit so you don’t miss the spot. Putting on the suit will let you know if you’ve gotten it right or not.

There should be adequate coverage of the bust such that no part is left out. Moreover, it should blend with the suit so it doesn’t look bad. So don’t mark the spot and leave it that way. Use something like a pin to hold it to the suit. This will make you not to lose track of what you’re engaging in.

3. Sewing In The Pad Into The Suit

At this point, you’ll be needing a needle and a thread to sew in the pad into the suit. Before then, you must have discovered the exact place to place the pads. So, turn the suit inside out, hold the suit with your other hand clipping the pad to the suit and sew from the bottom first. After that, go round the suit with the needle till you’re done sewing.

However, this is one crucial aspect not to be taken for granted. It is sewing the pad to the suit without the line of thread showing from the outside of the suit. If it’s showing, then you’ll have to loosen and go over it again. So you’re to sew it into the inner lining of the suit and try as much as you can not to let it cross to the front.

Please Note: You really don’t have to go get a pad for the suit. It isn’t a must. You can as well look for another alternative. And what is this alternative? Using an old bra cup to act as a pad for your suit wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you don’t have an old bra, you can get a hold of any bra to achieve this. Perhaps, a bra you least love. Then, cut off the straps and the rest part surrounding the cup in a particular order cause that’s what is needed. Place the cups on the exact location where they would accentuate your bust and hold down with pins.

After that, simply sew it round till you are fully done sewing. Lastly, endeavour you don’t sew the suit outside the lining. So that’s how to add padding to swimsuit. For lovers of suits without pads, we’ve got you covered. Below are some suits that do not have pads.

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Swimsuits Without Padding

1. Dixperfect Women Cut Out Swimsuit

Dixperfect Women's One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Ruffle Monokini Bathing Suit Cut Out Side Padded (M, Black)

You can check the price out HERE

I have been a swimsuit expert for years and I can say the new generation swimsuits have overthrown those of the latter days. And one of these beautiful manufactured suit is a dixperfect women suit made to perfection.

With its beauty and side cut, there’s no worrying about being great in it or not because you definitely will.


  1. The material of the suit is made up of polyester making it feel so good on the skin.
  2. From the top of the suit, we can see that it has asymmetric ruffles from the end of one shoulder down to the second bust. At that same shoulder angle, we can see the cut that makes it peculiar.
  3. It is fully lined down to the waist

Product Description

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • It is made up of 82% nylon and 18% spandex

2. Cocoship Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Black & White Striped Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit High Waisted Pin Up Swimwear Monokini M(US6)

You can check the price out HERE

This high waisted suit is one great suit ever manufactured by Cocoship. It is made in a way that gives fitting to our curves. They are found in different colours and sizes to give beauty to customers.


  1. It is a vintage backless high waisted one-piece swimsuit with a cross front rope that stops below the thigh.
  2. Excluding the backless aspect of the suit, it has a full coverage just below the thigh.
  3. A floral print suit without cups serving its purpose of production.
  4. It’s a one-piece swimming suit that can fit into any body sizes
  5. The cross long halter style is primarily for those who do not appreciate the less supportive nature of the suit but would settle for the former.

Product Description

  • The sizes(recommend): Small: US2/US4 Medium: US6 Large: US8 X-Large: US10 XX-Large: US12 XXX-Large: US14/16
  • It can be hand wash cold or flat dry
  • It is a garden floral monochrome stripe print
  • The pattern is a gorgeous vintage-inspired backless high waisted one-piece swimsuit
  • The package includes: 1 x Swimsuit

3. Rip Curl Women Swimsuit

Rip Curl Women's Classic Surf One Piece Swimsuit | Black L

You can check the price out HERE

Rip curl suit has a blend of two stripe vintage designs. This is one suit you’ll put on, and you’ll feel cool in it. A high waisted suit with a spectacular look.


  1. The straps of the suit are pretty much adjustable.
  2. It has a cross-line strap at the back with the bottom giving one a cheeky back view.

Product Description

  • It is made up of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane
  • It is pulled on closure

Best Swimsuit With Padding

1. Lapaya Women Bathing Swimsuit

LAPAYA Women's Bathing Suit Scalloped High Neck Halter Backless 1 Piece Swimsuit, Black, Tag Size S=US Size 4-6

Click HERE to check the price out

Lapaya is a renowned international name that focuses on swimsuits accessories for all. With their long era of endless topnotch delivery of wonderful products, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you how unique and fantastic are their wears that leaves its customers in awe.

As it is with the first pad less bra, the lapaya is a backless pad less suit with beautiful designs at the shoulder angle. They can be seen in various colours for users to pick from.


  1. They are made up of scalloped edges of designs for better coverage
  2. Looking at the pictures, you can see its high neck that makes it stand out
  3. They can be found in six different colours as mentioned in the introduction, so customers can choose any they find attractive.
  4. Its adjustable halter neckline is something worth admiring
  5. The back of the suit is open just like the former.
  6. It’s a one-piece suit with straps that can be adjusted at all times.
  7. It is high waisted without pad.

Product Description

  • The size on the product detail page is US size
  • It is made up of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex
  • It can be pulled on closure
  • The height is 0.7″ high while the wide is 14

2. Tempt Me Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women Black Two Piece Swimsuit Wrap Push Up Bikini Set High Waisted Twist Front Bathing Suits with Bottom M

You can check the price out HERE

As the name goes, this swimsuit does look tempting and way classy than you lest imagined. Tempt me swimsuits are not the usual kind of swimsuits you see daily. The design is impeccable fitting rightly on the body like a second skin. This swimsuit would be perfect for you choosing from the various colours they’ve got in store.


  1. It’s a lace-up closure swimsuit
  2. It’s a swimsuit that feels so good on the skin. It can easily be worn without any stress. The one-piece suit has removable straps to aid the comfort of all those who would kindly get one for themselves. If you don’t see any straps, kindly contact their customer service.
  3. I’ll keep repeating this. The designs of these suits are a great sight to behold. From the straps down to the high wasted suit, the suit offers a lot of coverage. Shockingly, you can wear something different underneath it for an outing or a stroll.
  4. The lace is crossed like an interwoven laced shoe. The crosses and ruffles add to the beauty of the suit. For those with curves, you’d truly appreciate this beauty. The manufacturers ensured ladies of different sizes can rock this wear.
  5. The quality of the fabric is of a high-quality material. This is one fabric you can use for as long as you want. That doesn’t mean you should keep wearing it often without swapping. Of course, we all know everything has an expiry date. But with its quality, it can be stretchy and really comfy.

Product Descriptions

  • You have specially designed different U.S. sizes to choose from S (U.S. 4-6), M (U.S. 8-10), L (U.S. 12-14), XL (U.S. 16), XXL (U.S. 18), 18 Plus, 20 Plus.

3. Heat Move Women Retro Flounce High Waisted Bikini

Heat Move Women Retro Flounce High Waisted Bikini Halter Neck Two Piece Swimsuit (Orange, S)

You can check the price out HERE

Now, this is one swimsuit that should be added to our suit wardrobe. Heat move high waisted suit is designed in a lovely pattern that permits easy wearing without stress.

Made in varieties of colours as the rest, this suit will do justice to your body to give you that classic and daring look all around.


  1. The suit has two pieces. A top and a high waisted hugging our curves perfectly well.
  2. Behind the suit, it’s the adjustable ties located at the back of the suit to keep the suit top together
  3. Aside from the exposure of the waist, the heat move suit still gives a little bit of coverage to the body. The retro swimsuit will definitely make you feel so glamorous about yourself as you slay in it.
  4. Aside from swimming, it can be used for solarium and SPA.

Product Descriptions

  • Please refer to our detailed size chart below the product description before you purchase
  • It has 82% Material and 18% nylon and 18% spandex
  • It has a ruched double ruffled flounce top
  • The ties of the top are adjustable
  • The pads can be removed
  • The high waisted suit is a fashion printed kind of suit

How to Remove Padding From a Swimsuit

Having discussed how to add padding to swimsuit, I will also show you how to remove padding from a swimsuit.

There are few reasons why you will like to remove padding from your swimsuit. It’s either the padding is messed up, or it is too lumpy or it doesn’t fit. There may also be more personal reasons for wanting to remove a bra pad. However, it is easy for things to go wrong while removing the pad, so, here’s what you can do;

What you need;

  • A pair of Scissors
  • A pair of tweezers

1. Cut Open a Layer of the Swimsuit

The first step to removing padding from your swimsuit is to lay your swimsuit on a flat surface and turn it inside out. Use a seam ripper to remove the seam outside of your siwnsyit fabric. These seams are on the left and right sides of your swimsuit. Use your pair of scissors to cut a line in the layer of your swimsuit where the padded cups are. Try to cut open as far as you can until you see the padded cups embedded in the swimsuit.

2. Separate from Lining

Once you have cut open to an extent, remove the padded cups inside the swimsuit. If the paddings are together with the lining, then separate carefully to avoid the ripping of your lining. Use your scissors to cut out the paddings then carefully remove without any damage to the swimsuit fabric.

3. Remove the Rest of the Padding Using Your Tweezers

After removing most if the paddings, you might find out that there is still a bit of paddings stuck to the swimsuit fabric, what you need to do is to use your tweezers to remove the rest of the paddings until none of them is left. To reduce the padding instead, place your swimsuit padding on a flat surface and use a paring knife or scissors to decrease the padding. Make sure you trim your padding into a similar shape as it was when you removed it.

4. Sew Up Your Swimsuit

Once you are done removing the paddings in your swimsuit, you can sew it up again without leaving a trace. In case you need to replace the paddings you removed, all you need to do is to insert new padded cups into where you removed the old one from, make sure it fits before sewing it up. You can make use of straighy or zigzag stitch to sew the seam back into place.  You are good to go.

5. For Removable Paddings

To remove removable paddings from your swimsuit, there are two layers in swimsuits fabrics, separate both layers from your swimsuit and remove the paddings inside. You can also use a pair of cup claw to get this done. Simply turn your swimsuit inside out, insert the cup claw into the opening by the side, grab the paddings and remove. It’s that easy.

It is very important that you check that your swimsuit pads can be removed and are not sewn into the lining before you decide to start removing the padded cups. Another thing you shouldn’t do is to try cutting out a hole in order to remove the paddings, this might totally destroy your swimsuit without remedy. If you think you cannot remove the paddings in your swimsuits yourself, then it will be better you get yourself an expert or get removable padding inserts which are easier to remove without complications.

Wrapping Up On How To Add Padding To Swimsuit

It is essential to understand that the use of padded or non-padded swimsuit is optional and goes according to one’s preference. You know what is more suitable and convenient for you. At such, we’ve handpicked some of the very best swimsuits that you can choose from.

If you want to insert pad cups into a pad less swimsuit, feel free. From the procedures listed above, we believe you’ll achieve a great result.

So that’s how to add padding to a swimsuit. If you have any question regarding this, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Also, if you’ve learned a thing or two from this post, kindly do us a favour by clicking on any of the SHARE buttons below. Cheers.


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