21 Best Swimsuits For Size 12 Or Plus Size in 2022

Choosing a swimsuit can really pose to be difficult sometimes. When we have to consider our body sizes and what would suit our body shape, we lost the vibe to even go out or go online to search for that piece of the suit we know would fit.

Now, for plus size ladies, we’re here to place you on the right track in getting the best plus size swimwear. Before we forge ahead with some of the best swimsuits for size 12, let’s understand that as humans, we’re perfectly made. Along the line, we may start adding weight.

However, regardless of how we end up becoming, that shouldn’t stop one from rocking a swimsuit. We’ve got tons of swimsuits that have been manufactured for all sizes.

Go through these procedures to know the different categories of swimsuits you fall into and which one would be best for you.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks Of The Best Swimsuits For Size 12

Best Swimsuits For Size 12 – What To Consider

Know Your Measurements

This is one challenge people find themselves in. They just go out or go online to get a swimsuit without knowing what their measurements are. This isn’t just about knowing your size, but also have a knowledge of the rest body sizes. Like the hips, waist, and bust.

You’ve got to know them so it doesn’t become difficult when picking suitable wear for you. Mind you, you’re to use a measuring type so that you are accurate in your measurements.

Secondly, you can judge the measurement from some of your old wears. Look through your wardrobes to check the previous suits you’ve worn or the suit you own. With this, you can get access to exactly the type of suit you would want to purchase over again.

You can tell if they were too loose or too tight or a bit smaller which in the long run can help you detect the next suit to acquire.

Now after checking out for your body sizes and taking the right measurements, you can proceed to look for the specifications and designs you will want to choose from.

Best Swimsuits For Size 12 Or Plus Size

Size 12 swimsuits are for ladies with moderate bodies leaning between the small and plus size. Their suits are the most-made swimsuits as most ladies fall between this body size. There are many great swimsuits for size 12, but here are the best ones for money’s worth:

1. Tutorutor Women Plus Size Swimsuits

Tutorutor Womens High Waisted Plus Size Swimsuits Bikini Floral Peplum Tankini Tops Tummy Control Two Piece Bathing Suit


Tutorutor high waist suit got to be a product that matches the expectations of all. With such suits, you’ll experience comfort in a new realm. This is beauty at its peak.

These suits are produced to not only control tummy via the tops but to endeavour that it serves its purpose of production. Who wouldn’t love it?


  • One most prominent feature of this type of suit for plus size is the different materials that are used in producing them. It is found in polyester and spandex to which customers can choose their preference.
  • The second feature is its flexible and stretchy nature of the suit. So it can be worn with a lot of ease without having struggles when putting it on.
  • These two-piece swimsuits are of floral designs with outstanding and beautiful colours to compliment the suit. Alongside are ruffles found at the bust region with peplum.
  • The suit bra can be removable and fixed whenever you deem fit. Isn’t this lovely? Here, the choice is yours to make.
  • Let me hastily inform you that this suit will definitely bring out those little curves you’ve got in there. The tummy control that accompanies the suit will do just that for you. It doesn’t have to be too revealing to get a superb look.
  • The last feature of this suit is that the manufacturers did not only put into consideration the beach aspect of the suit’s usage but made it in such a way that it can be worn for some specific occasions like holidays, surfacing, pool partying and so on.

Product Description

  • The bottom of the suit is 0.7 high, while the width is 14
  • The plus-size measurements include; 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.
  • Found in different colours.


  • Very flattering
  • Bright colour
  • Strong material


  • The bottom is a little big

2. Esprlia Plus Size Floral Print

ESPRLIA Plus Size Floral Print Halter Swimwear One Piece Pin up Tankini Swimwear


Esprlia swimsuits keep wowing thousands of people. This is a beautiful suit right here is wonderfully made to look gorgeous on plus size.

From the different floral print patterns, you don’t need anyone to tell you it’s of a great material meeting the desires of its customers.


  • The first noticeable feature of this suit is the little triangle shape like design found at the tummy, with a 3 step design at the back. It makes it look adorable.
  • The straps of the suit are non-adjusted. Even at that, they are quite comfy acting as a support to the bust region. The width is 2cm which makes it convenient on the skin.
  • The fabric of the suits is of quality material such that they can be stretched over the body.
  • This tankini suit will surely have an effect on our look. By look, I mean bringing your figure to display. This is a suit you’ll rock without having a second thought or not feeling comfortable in it.

Product Description

  • The suit is made up of 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex


  • Perfect fit
  • Comfy


  • Maybe too big for small size ladies

3. Antsang Women Plus Size Swimsuits

Womens Plus Size Swimsuits Swimwear Bathing Suit Two Piece Tankini Floral Print (Blue, US14 / 48)


Antsang suits are one of those suits you just need to slay that body on. This beauty right here is everything you’ll need to have a cool time at the beach with.

It’ll cling to your body showing just the right amount of skin needed. This two-piece suit will absolutely look fabulous on you.


  • This suit speaks of quality. The materials are really gonna cause it to last for a long period of time.
  • The comfortability of the suit from the top down to the short is something to love about Antsang suits. This will be cooler than you expected.
  • With its backless design, you’ll be exposed to the cool air at the beach. Also, the top has ropes that can be tired at the back of one’s neck.
  • Now, for your information, this suit comes with a padded push-up bra. Sounds great? That’s more like it. So you ain’t just gonna let your boobs down, but supporting them with the help of the push-up bra.
  • For those who admire suits with complete coverage at the waist region, this is what you’ll love. This two-piece suit will make you feel really charming.
  • The floral print dress is everything you dream of. It varies from sizes to sizes and not just for plus size ladies only. A look at this beauty will mesmerize you. The colours blend well to suit our banging body figure at the beach. This is to be considered.
  • The good news here is this, the suit can not be used for swimming or hanging out at the beach alone. This can be worn for hiking, pool party or even an indoor party.

Product Descriptions

  • The package includes a plus-size swimsuit x 1 + boyleg swim bottom x 1.
  • The materials are made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex


  • Fits great


  • Just 3 floral designs

4. B2prity Women’s Tankini Plus Size Swimwear

B2prity Women Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits Tummy Control 2 Piece Bathing Suit Ruffled Flounce Swimwear with Shorts


With the numerous floral designs produced by B2prity, trust me when I say you’re gonna fall in love with this suit right here.

The suit will provide the right fitting you desire. Very supportive and friendly to the skin. Though for plus size but it make you stand out.


  • This suit has straps that can be adjusted to any adjustable length you feel would support the weight of the top on you.
  • The suit has a wire bra pad in it to support the bust region down to the band as well.
  • With the picture displayed above, you’ll see how relaxing and durable the boy short is when worn. Likewise, you’ll experience such when you purchase this product.
  • The most tantalizing aspect of this suit is the ruffle design. The entire top is designed with 3 steps ruffles displaying the explicitness of its beauty. It can also conceal your tummy from protruding.
  • For the shorts, they’ve got elastic bands that would make it cling to the waist so it doesn’t pull off. You can tan your body all over for the shorts do not get to your thigh.
  • This is a multipurpose suit. It isn’t restricted to just the beach use alone but for other outdoor activities. It can be worn for volleyball, camping, swimming, running, the family pool party, vacation, and other water activities.

Product Description

  • The top is 0.7″ high
  • The width is 1r”
  • There are normal suit sizes ranging from S, M, L, XL.
  • There are also plus sizes ranging from XXL to 18 Plus, 20 Plus, and 22 Plus.


  • Fully lined bottoms
  • High waist boy shorts


  • No underwire

5. Wavely Plus Size Women Swimwear

Wavely company has been around for years. They are well known for their excellent production of swimwear that never fails to its customer’s expectations.

Waverly suit will serve for as long as you want to be provided you follow the instructions attached to the suits for washing and storing. I bet you wouldn’t want to let this slide away so as not to miss the charm and glow you’ll feel wearing this suit.


  • The first attraction of this suit is the flounce design that comprises of the top. What a sight? The one-step ruffle enables the suit to be noticeable from afar of.
  • Let’s go over to the adjustable suits. Like almost every review here, the same adjustable straps ascribe to this as well. They are placed to act as support and can be removed.
  • Along with the top is a soft padding bra for the bust.
  • Another feature is the different vibrant colours that give life to the suits. Beautiful is an understatement. They are gorgeous colours to give us that daring look we want. Who wouldn’t want to see a fierce lady looking awesome in their suits?
  • The waist may be open, but the suit you’ll surely be flattering and striking.
  • For lovers of a high waist bikini bottom, take a look at this suit again. Isn’t this what you’ll love to quickly acquire? The shirred high waist is also a tummy controller to hide that bulging tummy you don’t want to expose to the public.
  • A great quality awaits you if you ever decide to try this suit out. The softness of the suit will keep you cozy at all times. If you feel that you want to rock it to a summer holiday, pool party or to any other occasion, then you go ahead and grab one now.

Product Description

  • The sizes include; L(US 12-14), XL(US 16), 16plus, 18 plus, 20 plus.
  • Please refer to the detailed size chart below the product description before purchase.


  • Perfect fit
  • Figure flattering


  • A bit small for large chested

6. Charfille Plus Size Halter Swimwear

Charfille will leave you gasping for more of its products. As pretty as this suit is, it will swipe you off your feet with its top-notch quality and skin-friendliness.

For history, Charfille has been into the production of women’s clothing for a decade. Serving the women world with yielded results over these 10 years. As a part of their goal, their clothing designs are produced to show the beauty of women around the world.


  • It is made up of polyester and spandex such that it doesn’t get torn, worn out or less stretchy after some time.
  • If one is to rub it on their skin, you’ll see how soft it actually is on the skin.
  • The suit top comes with a tummy controller and padded bra. Getting worked up on how to keep the tummy from becoming visible wouldn’t be much of an issue, because this right here got you covered.
  • The suit has a particular colour to bring you comfort and fitting. It is found plainly in Cherry printed design.
  • The straps can be unstrapped or can be adjusted to whatever maximum comfort you’ll feel great in. They are adjusted so they can carry the support of the top thereby, keeping one’s figure in check.
  • A suit for multi-purposes. Yes, you saw it right. This cherry design top can be used for a few other occasions like a workout, cruising, swimming and many more.

Product Description

  • The swimwear type is Tankini with a padded bra
  • The materials used are polyester and spandex
  • It comes with a wire-free support
  • It’s a V neck Halter neckline
  • The weight of the suit is 0.499 kg
  • Included in the package are 1 top and 1 brief

7. In’voland Women Plus Size Ladies Swimsuit

IN'VOLAND Women's Plus Size Halter Bikini Set Vintage Polka Dot 2 Piece Swimsuit High Waist Bathing Suit Swimwear Swimsuits Black


Keeping up with trends has been the lifestyle of In’voland. They know just what you want need and then producing just the right quality and texture of suit that millions will so love. In’voland suits has been on ground for years. So they know exactly what this century would long for.


  • The number one feature of this suit is the comfort that it offers from the texture of the material used in production through the lining.
  • A common feature of this suit that is common with other suits are the removable padding. For those that wouldn’t mind taking it off, you can do just that.
  • It’s a high waisted suit that would be able to give fitting to our figure. It hugs the waist perfectly well. High waist suits just have this exceptional look it gives to one when worn. Having a feeling to check it out? Please do and you won’t regret doing such.
  • As always, expect to have a flattering look that would give you an aura of confidence. The thickness and draping of the material will be great on you.
  • At the back of the suit top, is a clasp that you can tire to ensure the safety and support of your bust so you don’t end up having a nip slip at the beach.

Product Description

  • The material is made up of 85% nylon and 15% spandex.


  • Great fitting
  • Topnotch quality


  • Bottoms may be a bit loose for small size ladies

8. Coastal Blue Women Plus Size Swimsuit

Amazon Brand - Coastal Blue Women's Plus Size Lace Up Front Tankini Top, Black, 1X (16W-18W)


Coastal suits aren’t of the usual kind of suit. It has a unique style that isn’t peculiar to other suits. The one-piece suit has a high neck that supports one’s frame.


  • The suit has an adjustable s-hook back closure.
  • It has a power mesh lining
  • It has different shades of plain and floral print design
  • At the back of the suit are straps joined to suit with a little open-back design.

Product Description

  • The suit is made up of 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex; 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex


  • Right cut


  • Top cut could be too revealing for some.

9. Coastal Women Plus Size Swimsuit

Amazon Brand - Coastal Blue Women's Size Plus Harper Double Strap 1 Pc, Black, 2X


I’ll repeat the same things I earlier said. Coastal suits aren’t your usual type of swimsuits. Their suit products will get you on your toes to go get a suit for yourself.


  • It’s a one-piece suit with a shirred bodice that has an elegant look on the skin.
  • It has cups that aren’t removable.
  • It has a zip located at the bust region down to the mid-waist.
  • Looking at the suit, you’ll see a criss-cross shoe-lace design.

Product Description

  • It is made up of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex


  • Fit at waist

10. PERONA Women’s Vintage Bathing Suit

PERONA Women's One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Bathing Suits Ruffled Plus Size Swimwear


PERONA swimwear is all about class, style, smart coverage, and ideal comfort. Whether you are seeking traditional, floral, or an attention-seeking print. Their collection composes of contemporary colors and designs that fit regardless of body and shape.

Their products are bound to make you the center of attention at the pool or the beach when you wear them. This product has the following key features:


  • It has great mesh support 
  • It has excellent tummy control comprising a front ruching and an inner compression mesh
  • It features a V – neck and backless one-piece swimsuit
  • It has wide adjustable straps
  • It has an original retro print with mixed clouds and flower elements for elegance
  • It also features a liner and built-in bra made with soft and environmentally friendly materials to make you comfortable and boundless


  • The mesh creates a slimming silhouette that hides all flaws and perfectly contours your curves
  • The fabric is ultra-soft with great quality and sponge padded
  • The adjustable straps give women a neat and decent look without having to worry about falling down no matter the height or chest size
  • The classic prints are evergreen 
  • It fits well and is comfortable 
  • The bust has great padding making you feel supported and enhanced 
  • It also helps tuck the tummy


  • It sometimes doesn’t do well in a swimming pool

11. American Trends Women’s Training Athletic Swimsuit 

American Trends Women's One Piece Swimsuits for Women Athletic Training Swimsuits Swimwear Racerback Bathing Suits for Women A Blue Medium (fits Like US 6-8)


American trends are all about women’s bathing suits that will make you look cute and flattering. Their one-piece athletic bathing suit for women offers a lot of great features that are highlighted below:


  • The fabric composes of 82% polyester and 18% spandex 
  • The material is of high quality, quick-drying, stretchy, and comfortable to wear
  • The soft and subtle finish rhymes nicely with the body 
  • The design features a wire-free, padded, shelf bra for shaping and support 
  • The swimsuit features a soft front lining with contrast splicing that creates a sporty and slimming effect 
  • The suit selling back also features wide straps for support and comfort 


  • The athletic one-piece suit with a race-back and wide shoulder straps has a unique design to make you look sexy, charming, and special 
  • The women’s bath suit is perfect for training or exercises, swimming classes, surfing, and other water activities 
  • It is also suitable as a gift for loved ones and family members 
  • The sporty design can cover your belly and add to your sexiness 
  • It is sturdy and doesn’t easily snag on swimming pool surfaces 
  • It stays put on the body when active 
  • It is modest, making it suitable for teens 


  • The cup lining would have been better being removable 
  • Incorrect size ordering persists.

12. La Blanca Women’s Standard One Piece Swimsuit 

La Blanca Women's Island Goddess Multi Strap Cross Back One Piece Swimsuit, Indigo, 12


La Blanca is inspired by real women. Their products are designed for all shapes and sizes through exceptionally fit and sophisticated iconic silhouettes. They are also inspired by the passion to travel, vibrant cultures, and international markets. Their swim and beach collections fit a global lifestyle whether it’s a vacation destination or hanging out with friends at a beach or poolside. The product has the following features:


  • The fabric is 17% elastane and 83% nylon
  • It has a pull-on closure 
  • The fabric is hand washed only
  • It is a pre-designed summer swimwear 
  • It features a horizontal band beneath the sexy plunge neckline around your waist
  • It carries a built-in tummy control of a flat front 
  • You can also customize your size via the size chart to determine the size that best fits you


  • It is excellent whether you are lounging at the poolside or snorkeling in the sea
  • It is designed to keep up with your itinerary no matter what it is
  • The horizontal band below the neckline accentuates any figure
  • The belly control gives the perfect amount of shaping to give a sleek and toned look
  • It is flattering and the coverage is nice 
  • It is sturdy and cute
  • The back straps are strong and flexible and the cross pattern is fabulous 


  • The straps aren’t adjustable 
  • The fabric may not be thick enough 
  • There is no tummy control in the plus-size suit and the torso may be shorter 
  • The cups may be a little bumpy in outlook

13. YUEHUI Women’s One-Piece Swimsuits 

This is a very nice size 12 swimsuit for women from the YUEHUI store. This swimsuit offers tummy control and a bathing suit for plus-size women. It has the following key features:


  • The fabric is 100% polyester
  • The suit has a tie closure 
  • The one-piece swimsuit for women has a tummy control
  • The V-neck suit has a ruched design with a detail at the front 
  • It features a padded push-up bra for support 
  • It also features a side tie and plus size that is perfect for all water activities 
  • It is recommended for machine washing without bleach 
  • It also has quick-drying features 


  • The tummy control feature will make you look slimmer and thinner
  • The light padding and full lining prevent it from being a see-through suit
  • The flattering one-piece suit offers moderate coverage for the bottom 
  • It also elegantly contours the curves making you look more attractive and flirtier
  • It can make a very nice gift for friends and loved ones
  • The fabric is stretchy, comfortable, and durable
  • It comes in multiple sizes for you to choose from

14. Miraclesuit Women’s One Shoulder Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Slimming Swimwear Jena One Shoulder Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit Bathing Suit, Black, 16


This amazing asymmetrical swimsuit from the Miraclesuit store proves that point miraculously. Be awed as it slims down your figure, giving you an enviable hourglass shape and curves all day. It’s made for attention with a cleverly designed style that elongates your figure, minimizes your bust, and gives you much confidence the whole time on it.

Their close to magical Miratex fabric joined with the deliberately flattering shirred side design combine to leave you looking your absolute best. The solid hues are classic and evergreen.


  • It is 69% nylon and 31% lycra spandex
  • It has a button closure 
  • It features an unlined shelf bra that is comfortable 
  • There is a fashionable one-shoulder design
  • The suit offers full bottom coverage
  • Hand washing is recommended after use
  • It is not compatible with chlorine bleach, ironing, or tumble drying


  • The miratex fabric provides an all-over-body control that shapes and slims your figure
  • The suit adds curves and helps elongate the torso with a unique cut at the front and back 
  • The broad one-shoulder strap is comfy and stays put all-day
  • You can order in your usual size or size up depending on your preference 


  • Sizing instruction may be misleading 
  • The back may sometimes be unflattering 
  • It may also leave the butt crack revealing

15. Hilor Women’s One-piece Swimsuit 

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric Ruffle Bathing Suit Monokinis Aquamarine Blue 12


Hilor specializes in women’s and children’s swimsuits. Their objective is to provide high-quality products to customers and offer excellent services at an affordable cost. The product has the following features 


  • The fabric is 82% nylon and 18% spandex
  • The off-shoulder one-piece suit features ruffle trim and an asymmetric one-shoulder neckline 
  • It has a front ruched detail with a form-fit and slimming silhouette 
  • It also offers a moderate bottom coverage 
  • The fully lined one-piece suit features a tummy control mesh panel
  • It has a soft, removable bra padding 
  • It has an encircled shelf bra and bust supports  


  • It is cute and super flattering 
  • It is of great quality at an affordable price 
  • It offers lots of support throughout the body, especially the tummy
  • The size chart is accurate 
  • The fabric is lightweight and not see-through 
  • It is very supportive and comes with pads for the boobs 

16. Anne Cole Women’s Standard One-Piece Swimsuit 

Anne Cole Women's Twist Front Shirred One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 12


This Anne Cole swimsuit comes with a molded sewn cup, removable straps, and side shirring to give you that sexy look in your swimsuit. The product has the following key details 


  • The fabric is 18% spandex, 82% nylon
  • It has a pull-on closure
  • It is washable by hand only 
  • It features a side shirring that gives it a flattering look
  • It has a sewn-in molded cups
  • It has adjustable and removable straps 
  • It offers full bottom coverage 


  • It is a fun and easy to wear one-piece suit
  • It is soft, comfortable, flattering, and snug-fit 
  • It is perfect for any age 
  • The material is of great quality, not flimsy, and cheap

17. COCOSHIP Women’s Long Sleeve High Waist Swimsuit 

COCOSHIP Black & White Striped Women's Multi-Purpose Long Sleeve Swim Shirt Rash Guard Top Tankinis High Waist Bathing Swimsuit 6


The rash guard set makes for a glamorous vacation suit. The cocoship swimsuit offers a stretch fabric that protects you from direct UV radiation from the sun after swimming. It includes a long-sleeved tankini top and a matching high-waisted swim brief. It is perfect for swimming and surfing exercises. 


  • The fabric is 82% nylon and 18% elastane 
  • It comes with an elastic closure 
  • It is washable by hands only 
  • The pattern offers a chick, multi-purpose long-sleeved dropped waist swim shirt 
  • It is a high-waisted brief rash guard tankini set 
  • It also offers a molded padding cup with a high waist ruched line bottom 
  • It is inspired by the rash guard fashion style 


  • The bottom stays snug-fit when ordered in the right size 
  • It is soft, comfortable, and flattering 
  • The long sleeves are a good protector for floating around in a river
  • The elastic band is adaptable for small and larger busts 
  • It is made of good quality materials 


  • The bra liner may be weak 

18. CUPSHE Women’s Bikini Swimsuit 

CUPSHE Women's This is Love High Waisted Lace Up Halter Bikini Set, Pink, Large


CUPSHE store is all about living life to the fullest. Which involves exploring the world, creating beautiful moments that matter most, and seeking adventure. All their swimwear is constructed to help you look beautiful and feel confident. Their swimwear is designed to make you feel your best since they are personal items.

They are keen on details and they design with different body types and people to keep everyone in mind. Everything from their store is timeless and elegant and with sophisticated prints and accessories.


  • The suit is 80% chinlon and 20% spandex 
  • It has a lace-up closure 
  • The design composes of a halter floral print and a lace-up bikini top
  • It is paired with a high-waisted bikini bottom
  • The top has a cup style with a padded bra
  • It is not suitable with a bleach and tumble drying 
  • It is available in all sizes using the size chart


  • It is compatible with cold water and regular washing 
  • It is the perfect gift for friends and loved ones
  • It is very cute and flattering 
  • It fits perfectly 
  • The bottom is roomy and not too big 
  • It is also suitable for postpartum bodies 
  • The fabric is of great quality and affordable 
  • It hides the belly well


  • The strings may be a little excessive 
  • Sizing may sometime come off

19. Ekouaer One-piece Swimsuit 

Ekouaer Swimwear Womens Monokini Swimsuits Sexy Cross Lace up Low Back Print One Piece Bathing Suits,6043-white Flower,L (fit US 10-12)


This swimsuit from the Ekouaer store is very distinctive. It flaunts your curve figure and your D-cup, making you the brightest at the pool or beach. The suit is perfect for summer vacation and outings with friends. Check out its features below:


  • It is 85% polyester and 15% spandex
  • It has a lace-up closure 
  • It is a sexy design suit with V-neck and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • The halter neck flaunts the sexy style from all angles 
  • It is a one-piece bathing suit 
  • It has a detachable chest pad that can cover the chest completely if wished
  • The back is well shaped to show your perfect figure 
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap 
  • It is available in all sizes using the size chart


  • The high-quality fabric is very elastic, quick-drying, breathable, and comfortable
  • It is affordable and comes in great colors
  • It is suitable for leisure and other water activities. 
  • It is soft, comfortable, and flattering 


  • There is a report of camel toe using the product 

20. Yonique Women Two-piece Swimsuit

Yonique Women Two Piece Swimsuits for Teen Girls Sporty Bikini Tops Athletic High Neck Bathing Suits Red S


As an international fashion retailer that strives to provide ladies with charming and stylish swimsuits, Yonique is a professional designer. They combine elements such as geometric patterns, printing, stripes, and laces. Their various styles spread across sports, cultures, and tribes.

There is a product for you whether you are an office lady or a stay-at-home mom, preference meets every taste. This product has the following key features:


  • The fabric is 18% spandex and 82% nylon
  • It is washable by hand only 
  • It features a two-piece high-neck bikini top that doesn’t expose too much 
  • The cross back and cut-out design show the line of back 
  • It consists of a push-up sports bra with an adjustable strap
  • It is available in all sizes on the size chart


  • The bikini top provides great support and looks cute 
  • It is very stylish 
  • The soft and removable pad ensures a comfortable and flattering fit
  • The high-cut bikini bottom is suitable for various sports activities and makes you free and comfortable 
  • It provides coverage in the right areas, boosting your confidence
  • It makes an excellent gift item for friends and loved ones
  • It is a soft and perfectly elastic swimsuit  


  • The bottom does not offer the same coverage as the top
  • The back may be a bit revealing 

21. Reebok Women’s Swimwear

Reebok Women's Swimwear Sport Fashion Prime Performance Scoop Neck Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit, Pink, 14


Winning comes easy every time you wear this stunning swimsuit from the Reebok store. The suit flatters your figure and will give you the sporty style you crave. The neckline is built within soft cups that will shape your bustline, giving you the hourglass shape. Check below for more features:


  • It is 81% nylon and 19% spandex
  • It has a button closure 
  • There is a scoop neckline with a cup bra which provides support and comfort enough for an entire day
  • It is only washable by hand in cold water
  • Do not use chlorine bleach or iron it


  • The fabric lining offers figure-flattering support and tummy control 
  • The general support helps shape and carve your curves


  • No cons 

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Trending Today

What To Look For When Choosing A Swimsuits

We all know there are different types of swimsuits. Ranging from one piece down to two pieces, high waist, flounce, tankini, hipster, bikini and so on. These listed above are some of the most popular suits we know.

Now, it doesn’t just end there. We have to check out for their quality. We know quality matters a lot when it comes to clothing materials. Of course, we don’t want to wear something that wouldn’t serve us for a long period of time.

Aside from that, out of the numerous types of swimsuits, the fitting differs. Some of them may be free while others may hug the body like a second skin. Moreover, we also have different designs found at each point of the suit from the upper level, down to the hips.

They are;

1. The Tops

Are you the type that likes off-shoulder suits? Then you could settle for a suit with an off-shoulder. Please note that off-shoulder suits can either be plain or with ruffles. These ruffles can be found only at the uppermost part of the suit or placed down to the waistline.

We also have the angle or fluttery ruffles designs. So you know what you want and that is what you have to go for. The ruffles can be one-sided. From one arm of the suit down, with the other hand usually sleeveless.

Also, we have the bandeau. They can be likened to a bowtie with a knot at the middle of the suit. This strapless off-shoulder top can be good for plus size as well.

For the last off-shoulder top we’re gonna be treating is flounce. This adjustable crop top with one step ruffle should be considered for plus size ladies. Flounce is a special kind of design that has an exquisite look.

Let’s Look At Tops With Straps.

  • Sometimes, they fasten around the neck region or across the shoulder. These straps are either thin or thick. Such tops are available for plus size. So you know, straps can also have ruffles.

Tops With High Neckline

  • High neckline tops are a great style of top that can offer support to the body frame. It’s a way of covering the upper neck region of the body, giving us a beautiful look. If you find such design of top fancy or lovely, then you may want to consider a high neckline suit.

2. At The Waist Level

Do you fancy suits that are free at the waist or firm? Or with a band holding and supporting the bottom? Or tummy control or shirring suits?

At this stage, you should know what you ought to settle for. Your preference will determine which of the categories of suits you want to get.

For suits that have tummy control, they can be used to put into place our tummy. They act as coverage to bulging stomach. So in a way, they give you a curvy shape that you would so much admire. Do you want such a suit? Not to worry. You’ll see a few brands from the reviews below.

Shirring is suited that give you a gorgeous look especially at the waist region. They make a suit look so perfect on the human body. They help give you a curvy shape as though a waist trainer is being worn.

You can settle for a bikini suit where the waist is open and not covered. Or even suits with the tops reaching below the waist thereby, exposing the waistline.

3. At The Bottom Level

Bottoms With Skirts

  • Swimsuits with skirts are pretty gorgeous. Besides the outer appearance of the skirt attached underneath is short. The shorts are more like a covering against the sensitive parts. These skirted suits can also give a really nice figure to your shape and help you keep your thigh in place with the shorts.

Bottoms With A High Waist

  • Don’t you just love these high waist bottoms? Apparently, not everyone loves bottoms with a high waist. Like I keep saying, you know what is best for you. But a high waist does enhance our body’s looks. Please note, some of these have pants underneath them while others don’t.

Boy Short Bikini Bottoms

  • Boy short bottoms are great fitting for plus size ladies. They’ll act as adequate coverage to our bum.

Note: All these styles are found in plus size. They are swimsuits that won’t reveal too much but ensuring they look super good on us so well. Now let’s dive straight to the reviews of some of the Trendy plus size swimsuits in the market.

Best Swimsuits For Size 12 – The Take Home

To conclude, going out of your way to get a swimsuit for plus 12 isn’t much of stress after all. As stated in the beginning, all it requires is knowing your exact size.

By exact size, we don’t mean getting just the measurements for a few places but getting the entire measurement of your body. Like the bust, waist, hip and thighs should be taken really seriously. They will determine what to sieve for when scanning through for a swimsuit.

With this, getting the right choice of the best plus size swimwear wouldn’t become much of stress again. Simply look at the different reviews of plus 12 swimsuits and choose the one that measures your measurements.


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