The Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50 in 2022

Are you above 50? and you are looking for the perfect swimsuit to rock the summer. Women at this age will need swimsuits that give the body a good shape and offer great comfort. If you are like most women who will be willing to get a little conservative with how they appear, especially when it comes to body coverage, there are lots of swimsuits specifically created to meet that need.

However, in this article, we also considered swimsuits for women who still feel young at heart, and wouldn’t mind something flattering. The swimsuits featured on this list are grouped into “one-piece” and “two-piece”.

Best One Piece Swimsuits for Women Over 50

One-piece swimsuits are known for being stylish, yet offering maximum coverage of the upper body, though you will find some with a cut out back or cut out tummy design, and this adds to the stylishness of the swimsuit by flaunting some skin.

For people who will like to hide their tummy, most of these swimsuits feature tummy control. Besides, the fact that most offer full-body coverage also means a lot of cloth will be used, so they actually offer more freedom to designers to experiment with deep V necks, halter necks, spaghetti styled straps, and several other styles, and most of these designs play a huge role in how the swimsuit looks on the body.

We have created a list of some of the best swimsuits for women over 50 you can choose based on comfort, style, and additional features it comes with. Lest dive straight to the review. (You can also check out this Miraclesuits Reviews & Magicsuit Swimwear Reviews if you have the time)

1. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece PowerFlex Princess Seam Ultraback Conservative Cut

speedo Women's Swimsuit One Piece PowerFlex Princess Seam Ultraback Conservative Cut,Speedo Black,16


This swimsuit by Speedo is made with 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex. The material is lightweight and with moderate elasticity around the shoulder and bust region. There are cup paddings that support the bust comfortably, and unlike other swimsuits these are wireless.

The swimsuit is shaped like a one piece and is very conservative. It is one of the best swimsuits for older women who are conservative with their bodies. It comes in different sizes, from small to medium extra large. This swimsuit is chlorine resistant and very firm.

It is designed with a tummy control lining that is soft and breathable. The down part of this swimsuit is firm with compression qualities that do an excellent job of hiding the tummy perfectly. This swimsuit can be used in swimming pools, resorts, beaches, outdoor events, parties, and so on.

2. Cocopear Womens One Piece High Neck Mesh Ruched Caver Up Swimsuit

COCOPEAR Women's Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Floral Skirted Swimsuit(FBA) Darkcyan 3XL/16-18


This High Neck Mesh Ruched Caver Up Swimsuit is heavily shirred and this influences its style. The neck region, bust region and the sides of this swimsuit are shirred, and these shirred regions give a slimming effect. You can get this swimsuit in different solid colours and various floral prints that make you look vibrant.

It is designed with a tummy control mesh that gives your belly a slimming effect and makes your waist look slimmer. The down part of this swimsuit is designed like a flowing skirt, and this gives you more comfort because it is breathable and makes movement easy. It also comes with a boyshort.

This swimsuit has a high neck mesh ruched design that puts the edges of the bust on display. There are also moulded soft cups that support the bust and pushes it up, making it look fuller and firmer. This swimsuit comes in different sizes from small size to 4X large size.

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3. PERONA Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit One Piece Bathing Suit Vintage Printed Swimwear

PERONA Women's Tummy Control Swimsuit One Piece Tankini Bathing Suit Vintage Printed Swimwear,V-neck Blue,US6(Read the size chart in our image)


It is a great swimsuit for women who want to look stylish. The v neck and backless design will make you look stylish and unique. And the same goes with the layered ruffles design. This swimsuit will make you feel young.

It is very lightweight, not transparent and it slightly hugs the body, so it is breathable, and this is advantageous especially when you’re out of the pool and relaxing. Moreover, the lightweight of this swimsuit makes it skin-friendly and once you’re out of the water, it dries quickly.

The bust is padded, and it is fully covered; only your chest is on display. Unlike the transparent bottom part, the bust region is well layered, no one can see through it. This one-piece swimsuit comes in medium size, large size, and extra-large size. For Europeans this swimsuit might be slightly smaller, it will be more suitable for small to medium size busts.

PERONA Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit comes in black, yellow, blue, and pink colour. This swimsuit is an ideal choice for the beach, thermal springs, swimming pool, and water parks.

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4. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Wrapsody Tummy Control Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Rock Solid Wrapsody Halter Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 14


This swimsuit is made of miratex, a fabric that allows the swimsuits to shape and slanderize without panels or linings. It makes this swimsuit very comfy without sacrificing the support and shape of the bust which the removable moulded cups plus the attached shelf bra help to keep in place.

This swimsuit covers the whole chest, the belly and the butt. Only the thighs are on display. It brings out your shape, especially around the waist to the upper body. The swimsuit is tight-fitting and the material is very smooth and lay smoothly on the skin. It’s one of the best swimsuits for older ladies who still want to look chic.

The material used in making this swimsuit is 69% nylon and 31% lycra spandex. The fabric used is from recovered, regenerated and transformed post-consumer materials. This fabric is lightweight, opulent, durable, smooth, chlorine resistance, and has high moisture absorbency.

5. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Slimming Escape Underwire Molded Cup Bra Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Haves Escape Underwire Bra Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit, Grenadine, 14


This is another wonderful swimsuit by Miraclesuit. This swimsuit is designed to give a youthful look and also blend comfort with style. The cleverly draped design doesn’t just look stylish but it is also done purposely to provide maximum freedom of movement. The front of this swimsuit is designed to offer a modern feminine fit.

The fabrics used are lightweight, opulent, smooth, and strong. These all bring out the femininity of a woman by accentuating her figure and flattering her curves. This is one of the age-appropriate swimsuits for women who still want a youthful look.

It features an attached shelf bra, removable cups that are also moldable, and a  button closure design that gives support to the over all swimsuit design. The bold color of this swimsuit look vibrant and add to the youthful look of the wearer.

It is made from 69% nylon and 31% lycra spandex.  The moisture absorbency rate of this swimsuit is low; however, it is resistant to chlorine and also shrinkage resistant. This swimsuit offers full chest and bottom coverage and this helps in protecting the skin against UV.

Just like every Miraclesuit, The Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear is also made from recovered, regenerated, and transformed post-consumer fabrics.

6. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit Retro One Piece Skirtini Cover Up Swimdress(FBA)

COCOSHIP Rose Floral & Black Splicing Vintage Sailor Push Up Swimsuit One Piece Skirtini Retro Bow Tie Cover Up Swimdress L(US10)


This Cocoship swimsuit is one of the best swimsuits for women over 50 who are into outdoor sports or just looking for a nice fitting swimsuit for the swimming pool.

The fabric used in this swimsuit is made with 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane. It is a very stretchy fabric so you will stay comfortable if you plan on wearing it for long hours, and it dries fast. The fabric is also chlorine resistant. Soft bra pads are sewn into this swimsuit. These bra pads provide support when swimming and give your bust some shape, thereby adding to the style of the swimsuit.

It has a halterneck design with adjustable shoulder straps that gives you more freedom of movement when in the water. The front of this swimsuit is lined so it offers modest coverage of the body. It also protects the body from the sun if you are using it for outdoor water sports. The bottom offers full coverage of the butt and a little coverage of the upper thighs.

7. TYR Women’s Solid Durafast Maxback Swim Suit

TYR Sport Women's Solid Durafast Maxback Swim Suit,Black,40


This is one of the best swimsuits for older women who love to swim especially. It is designed to fit tightly on the body and lay smoothly on the skin. It is made with 100% Polyester. The front region offers firm support and this gives the tummy a slimming effect by making the cloth stay tightly on the skin. The supportive straps also add a great deal to the style of this swimsuit.

It is designed as a pull on closure for easily putting on the swimsuit and putting it off too. There are built-in anti-bounce cups with elastic band at the bottom of the bust region. They give the bust adequate support and bring out its shape. These anti-bounce cups and the elastic band are advantageous when in rapid motion. This swimsuit also has a padded cup that adds to the support of the bust. It is designed for full-figured women.

The swimsuit is perfect for athletes too. This design also offers comfort, support, and style too. It offers UPF protection for the person wearing it from the sun, chlorine, etc. The bottom has a high cut out in the thigh region. This cut out design makes the body look slimmer.

8. COCOPEAR Women’s Puls Size Tummy Control One Piece Swimdress Shaping Body Swimsuit

COCOPEAR Women's Puls Size Tummy Control One Piece Swimdress Shaping Body Swimsuit(FBA) Black 2XL/18W-20W


This swimsuit is a timeless classic. It is designed the minimalist way. There are no prominent designs that will go out of fashion in no time. It is just a plain swimsuit that will still be fashionable for many years to come.

It is made with durable materials that are highly stretchable without discomfort. No matter your body size it will fit tightly on the skin, and this tight fit of the swimsuit offers support to the bust. There are removable soft padding that also offers support and shape to the bust.

It is designed as av neck, soft and breatheable swimsuit. There are wide shoulder straps that give you freedom of movement. This swimsuit is a pull on closure so you need not worry about having to tie so many straps before getting the perfect fit. It is also very stretchable so it fits all body type.

Apart from swimming pools which this swimsuit is suitable for, it can also be used as an athletic swimming suit for water sports.

Best Two Piece Swimsuits for Women Above 50

Two-piece swimsuits are also a great choice if you are looking for flattering bathing suits for older women. You can opt for a bikini styled swimsuit if you are in need of swimsuits that will flatter your skin and curves; however, if you need something that offers a simpler look and is more conservative, then you should opt for swimsuits styled as a tankini.

We picked some of the best two piece swimsuits for women over 50 that are stylish and researched in-depth about them. They are written about on this list, with their features and benefits. Enjoy!

1. SouqFone Women Ruffled Flounce Top with High Waisted Bottom

SouqFone Women Swimsuit High Waisted Printed Sexy Bikini Push Up Ruffled Flounce Bathing Suit - XL, Flower-01


These women two-piece swimsuit is designed as a tankini. The top has a flounce design that slightly covers the bust while also adding to the style of this swimsuit. Moreover, the flounce design makes the swimsuit more breathable and adds to the comfort it gives you. Also, this swimsuit is super soft and stretchy.

There are removable soft paddings that support the bust and add a bit of shape to the bust. At the front, there is a wide strap and two adjustable straps at the back. These straps make this swimsuit stay firm on the body.

The bottom has a high waist and it is designed to offer tummy control by covering big tummy and making the skin around it stay firm on the body. This tightness also makes the waist appear slimmer.

It is made of nylon and spandex. This swimsuit comes in six different sizes, starting from small (S) to 3x large (XXXL). Apart from rocking this swimsuit at the beach, you can also wear it at the solarium.

2. Wenly Zeng Women Tankini Tops Boyshort Bottom

Wenly zeng Womens Printed Two Piece Swimsuits Tankini Tops Boyshort Bottom(M,Blue Dot)


This swimsuit is designed as a tankini and features a boyshort. It isn’t tight-fitting and has no underwire in the bust region. Instead, it comes with removable soft cups that offer custom coverage and comfort.

The top has a scoop neck with a lot of chest on display. This swimsuit is designed as a pull on closure. After putting it on, there are adjustable shoulder straps that make it more fitting. You can adjust them as much as you want so you can either make this swimsuit tight-fitting or loose-fitting. These straps also offer support to the bust.

Unlike most tankini tops, this one isn’t very lengthy. It stops around the waist region. Also, the boyshorts bottom is low waisted and has standard leg opening. The leg opening designs aid the wearers range of motion.

This swimsuit comes in six sizes, extra small (XS) to 2x large (XXL). It also comes in four different designs, and three of the four have matching designs for both the top and the boyshort.

3. SEASELFIE Women’s Leaves Printing High-Waisted Halter Swimsuit

SEASELFIE Women's Two Piece High Neck Bikinis Swimsuits Modest Crop Top Bathing Suits for Teens, Leaves, S


This is a wonderful two-piece swimsuit. The tank top has a lace-up closure. The laces are tied at the back for a custom fit, and they are shaped as a crisscross after being tied. It is designed to also add up to the swimsuit style. It has a high neck with a halter design which plays a significant role in how fitting the swimsuit is on the chest. Also, it comes with a padding bra that supports the bust.

This swimsuit is made with 80% Chinlon and 20% spandex. It is one of the best swimsuits for older women who need a swimsuit that blends in with beach life. And the prominent reason it blends with beach life is because of the printed design on it. The bottom has a high leg cut that makes your legs look miles long. It is also high waisted so you can pull it up to cover your belly button and a good portion of your tummy.

This swimsuit comes in 5 sizes, small (S) to 2— large (XXL). It also comes in different designs based on rich colours, simple stripes, artisanal details, and tropical prints. These designs give you a bold and vibrant look on the beach.

4. Septangle Women’s Tankini Set Ruffle Two Piece Swimsuit

Septangle Women's Plus Size Bathing Suit Flounce Tankini Set Two Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Black US 18


This swimsuit is also designed as a tankini. The top is layered with a flattering ruffle design which gives it a distinctive style and makes you stand out from the more plain but popular bikini styled swimsuit. The top has a slightly high neck. This swimsuit is a loose fit. It covers the whole upper body to the waist, and this helps with tummy control because the tummy is well.

The boyshort bottom also offers full coverage of the butt and the upper thigh. This is one of the best bathing suits for a 40-50-year-old woman who are conservative about their body.

It is made with 82% nylon and 18% spandex. There is a built-in wire-free cup bra made with skin-friendly and ultra-soft material. If you want this swimsuit to fit your height, you can adjust the shoulder straps.

This swimsuit is designed with printed pattern designs. This design is somewhat plain. If you don’t want a vibrant swimsuit, then you will love the design. You can rock this swimsuit on a tropical vacation or to seaside activities.

5. GEEK LIGHTING Women Two Piece High Waisted Swimsuits

GEEK LIGHTING Women Girls 2 Piece Swimsuits High Waisted Bathing Suits Bikini Set (Small, Black)


This is a well-banded swimsuit designed the vintage way. It creates a naturally feminine silhouette. The top is a pull on closure designed like a crop top. It offers full coverage of the bust. The neck is also slightly high raised.

It is made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It has a removable padding bra, and when used it makes the bust perky. The bands at the bottom of the chest region make the padding bra stay firm on the body.

This swimsuit comes in 6 sizes, small (S) to 3x large (XXXL). It is much suitable to use this swimsuit during the summer or during tropical vacations. You can rock it to beaches and pools too. Also, Its vintage design gives a 90’s trendy-chic style.

6. AMOURRI Women’s Vintage Polka High Waisted Swimsuit

Amourri Vintage Polka Underwire High Waisted Swimsuit Bathing Suits Bikini,Red+black,US 8-10=Tag Size XL


Amourri Vintage Polka is a two-piece swimsuit designed with a clasp hook closure at the back and an adjustable self-tie halter neck. They both let you have a custom fit, and the tighter you make the clasp hook closure and the adjustable self-tie, the more it brings out your shape.

The top of this swimsuit is designed as a crop top. It covers a bit of your tummy. It also has a soft padded underwired bra with flexible boning that offers maximum support to the bust.

The bottom is high waisted and covers a good portion of the tummy, and also offers a slimming effect, especially at the waist region. It features low-cut legs and ruching on the front that adds to the style of the swimsuit. The material used is 82% nylon and 18% spandex.

This swimsuit is styled as a vintage during the 50s. There are different types and they all come in various print designs done as a motif. You can get this swimsuit in eight sizes, small (S) to 5— large (XXXXXL).


These swimsuits are still the best swimsuits for women that are above 50 that you will come across either you are slim or plus size. Depending on how you want to look, we made sure to feature swimsuits for a chic style, outdoor style, minimalist style, conservative style, and vintage style. You can also opt for two or three swimsuits of different styles so you can rock them depending on your mood or how you want to look on that particular day you are visiting the beach or pool..


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