How To Fix See Through Swimsuit With Steps in 2022

Swimming is regarded as one of the best forms of relaxation. It contributes greatly to our healthy lifestyle. Amid this comes with challenges as well. One of the biggest falls of swimsuits is having to wear a see-through gown that tends to be more exposed when wet. It could get one into a devastating mood.

So how do you fix see-through swimsuits?

Fixing see-through swimsuits may pose to be a bit tedious but it sure isn’t. All that is required of you is to get the necessary materials to be fixed or inserted into the see-through suit you’ve got.

How to Fix See Through Swimsuits

Below are some of the ways you can get your swimsuit fixed without much stress. Please follow through.

1. Get A Liner

No doubt we’ve got wears that comes with lining or liners. The essence of having wears lined with liners is to ensure that they do not become so transparent, such that everyone gets to see what you’re wearing underneath.

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So get the following which are;

  • A sewing machine
  • A measuring tape
  • The lining material
  • Scissors and pins
  • Marker

Sewing Proper

The first thing to watch out for is the sizes. The swimsuit and the lining material should be of the same size so you don’t get a lining that is longer than your swimsuit. After that, you lay the suit on a flat surface or on a board and then, lay on it the lining appropriately.

Get your marker or chalk to mark or trace the layout to the swimsuit. The instant you’re done marking out the layout, you get your pair of scissors to cut the remnant of the lining material that goes outside of the layout.

The last stage involves sewing both the swimsuit and the lining material that has been marked together. Give it your utmost best so it doesn’t look off thereby, ruining your swimsuit.

Please note, if you can’t get it fixed this way, you can simply take it to a professional tailor to get it properly done for you.

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2. Using Bra Cups

This is one of the most sought out means of covering see-through swimsuits. Bra cups have been in existence for donkey years and have saved the female world from consistent embarrassments. They act as cover for the nipple. At such, they are also sold as a single entity.

The only requirement here would be to get the bra cup. You can purchase some below from the Amazon links. Before that, let’s show you how to fix the bra cups into the suit for those that intend to get the bra cups from an old bra in a way of economizing.

Please ensure the bra cups matches with the swimsuits especially with regards to sizes and colour and not something that is totally off. For instance, you can’t have a coloured swimsuit then get a totally different colour from that of your swimwear. Most times, it goes with black, nude, or white that blends well with see-through swimsuits.

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Cut out the cups from the old bra and insert it into the see-through swimsuits and then, pin it down with some pins. It should be in the breast region so you do not do something totally different from what you ought to be doing. When done trying it out, you start stitching immediately with your sewing machine or with a thread and a needle provided it turns out perfectly well.

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Kindly click on the link below to get your bra cups on amazon if you do not want to use your old bra cup or may want to get a new cup.

Please Note:

You can use nipple covers in place of bra cups. Nipple cover and bra cups are a bit similar being that both can be used to cover the breast region specifically. Unlike the bra cup that covers the entire breast, the nipple cover is mainly used for covering the nipple in a see-through swimsuit or any wear.

They are attached to the suit which in turn stays glued to the nipple by means of the adhesive that holds the cover to the nipple. For this purpose, they are one of the most purchased covers for see-through swimsuits that don’t fail nor disappoint when in use.

Want to get one? Click on the link below to get your Nipple Covers from Amazon and thank us later.

3. Cover Up

We have what we call swimsuit covers which are used in covering our see-through suits which are preferably suited for undies. They are one of our best bets to fix see-through bathing suit bottoms because they help in covering our bodies from the glaring and piercing eyes of individuals at the beach or pool party.

In a plain sentence, the cover-up is sorts of wears which are usually light to be worn over the transparent suit (to which you must have gotten a bra cup or nipple cover to prevent the breast region from being seen), to the swimming ground or where the pool party is being held.

So what are we saying in essence? That if you do not want to go through the first two steps or procedures, you can purchase cover-ups from the links that would be provided below directly from amazon.

Before then, there are a few things I’d like you to grasp before making the decision to purchase a cover-up for your see-through swimsuits.

First, a cover-up that can easily be worn and be taken off at any point in time is what you should go for. Sometimes, we may hurriedly want to get into the water by wanting to quickly take off our cover-up. However, the tendency of taking it off in an instant depends solely on the cover-up that is being purchased. Cover up with lots of buttons or buckles ain’t needed in cases like this. A cover-up that is free is what you certainly should purchase.

Second, the type of cover-up material you’re to purchase matters greatly. We go swimming or to the beach for the purpose of having fun, spending time with friends, loved ones or family. Without being told, we all know light wears are the ideal for sure a scenario. Hence, the links below are of light materials so you get hit with the natural air to cool your body.

Third, the links below are also for materials that can easily be washed without much vigour or stress. Cool right?

You can purchase some cover-up for your see-through swimsuits below from the links provided

4. Scarfs

The last method you should adopt in fixing see-through swimsuits is by using a scarf. In the right sense, scarf falls under the category of a cover-up. But oftentimes, it is looked at separately which is what we’re about doing now.

Scarfs are used as a cover-up for see-through swimsuits from being overly exposed to all. It comes in different styles and designs. Nonetheless, they all perform the same function by covering the suits that may be transparent. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the scarfs from the link provided below

Please Note:

The see-through swimsuits aren’t worn to swimming alone. Most persons may want to rock the suit to a pool or beach party. Hence, the links provided are for materials that can be worn to cover the see-through suit preferably for suit undies for such an occasion. Regardless of what you’re putting on, bra cups, nipple covers, scarfs, and cover-up should be bought to act as the perfect coverage for the see through the suit.

How To Fix See Through Swimsuit – Conclusion

Fixing see-through swimsuit suits is such a simple task to do. It doesn’t necessarily cost much. You’re either to sew in linen, bra cup, or purchase the rest see-through cover for your suit to get the best moments at the beach or pool party. So that’s all you need to know on how to fix see-through bathing suit bottoms and tops. if you have any more questions, don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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