How to Dye Swimsuit in 2022 (With Easy Steps)

If you are bored with the color of your swimsuit or its color is faded and wish to change its color or switch things up by giving it a multicolored twist without investing in a new swimsuit, you can get the job done by dyeing your swimsuit.

Most swimsuits are made from either polyester, nylon, or spandex. Before dyeing your swimsuit you have to know the fabric of your swimsuit to determine the right dyeing material. The lighter the initial color of your swimsuit, the brighter the dye effect on the swimsuit. This article will discuss how to dye swimsuit.

Learning how to dye swimsuits can be a fun, easy task to accomplish and beginner-friendly. Dyeing your bathing suit can be a result of exposure to chlorine in the pool or other chemicals which has led to a loss of color. it could also be due to overexposure to direct sunlight. Regardless, you can dye your swimsuit all by yourself at home without the help of a professional.

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What Materials Do I Need to Dye my Swimsuit?

Make your dyeing materials readily available before starting the dyeing process. The materials needed are as follows:

  1. The swimsuit.
  2. dye of your choice,
  3. vinegar,
  4. measuring cup,
  5. stainless steel pot,
  6. paper towel,
  7. tongs, and
  8. long metal spoon.

Others include rubber gloves, face mask, apron, soda ash, rubber band, plastic table cover, rags or old towels.

You don’t need all the items listed above depending on the type of fabric of swimsuit you are dyeing or the method of dyeing.  A note of warning is for you to avoid using your cooking spoon to stir the dye because it is chemical based.

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How to Dye Nylon and Spandex Swimsuits?

Read on to learn how to transform your nylon and spandex swimsuit into your desired color that you will want to wear all summer. Nylon and spandex can be easily dyed because it easily absorbs the dye. Here are the steps to follow in dyeing these type of swimsuits:

1. Choose the dye for your swimsuit

Before picking a dye for your swimsuit, check the label if it is a nylon or spandex swimsuit or a blend of the two fabrics. Acid dye works well with nylon fabrics and does not bleed out. Rit dye is a popular brand of dye that works well with nylon swimsuits but spandex fibers will not absorb the dye. Always choose a dye that is much darker than the color of the swimsuit.

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2. Prepare your workspace and Swimsuit

Cover the table, counters or any other workspace you might be making use of with plastic table cover, rags and old towels to prevent it from ruining the surfaces. Keep paper towels close by to quickly wipe off any spillage. To protect your hands, use rubber gloves and tongs. To make the dye effective and colorful on the swimsuit, soak the swimsuit in warm water for about an hour to loosen the fabric fibers and remove any dirt or finishes that might interfere with the dye.

3. Prepare the dye bath

Fill a big pot with enough water that can cover up the swimsuit completely and the water and dye will not bubble over. Switch the stove to medium heat and warm the water up. Pour the acid dye into hot water and stir for about 3 minutes until it is completely dissolved. Make sure to read the label of the dye to know the amount of dye to be used.

4. Add the swimsuit to the dye bath

Add the swimsuit into the dye bath and keep stirring gently continuously until it starts to boil slightly so that every part of the fabric can get exposed to the dye. The heat helps the acidity to seep into the suit without destroying the fabric.

5. Add vinegar

After the first 5 minutes of putting your swimsuit in the dye bath, take a spoon to push your swimsuit to one side of the pot and add a quarter cup of vinegar into the mixture. Pushing the swimsuit aside is to prevent you from pouring the vinegar directly on your suit. Mix the vinegar into the bath and keep stirring your swimsuit. You can use a tablespoon of citric acid instead of vinegar.

6. Remove the Swimsuit

You can leave the swimsuit in the bath for about 30 to 60 minutes before removing it. The longer it stays in the bath, the darker the color gets. Remove the swimsuit when it reaches your desired color. Take note that the color is darker when it is wet while it gets lighter when dries. Squeeze and rinse excess dye out with water. Make sure you hand wash only the first few washes.

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How to Dye Polyester Swimsuit?

Polyester is a difficult fabric to dye because it is synthetic. This makes it difficult and almost impossible to absorb liquid soluble colorants. That said, dyeing polyester swimsuits are doable and  you can rely on special colorants to help you out. Disperse dye is used with polyester swimsuits.

1. Prepare the swimsuit and workspace

Check the label of the swimsuit to confirm if it is polyester or poly blend. Cover up with the rubber gloves, apron and a face mask when using the disperse dye. Dye the swimsuit in an open space area or choose a well ventilated room because the chemical stinks really bad.

Choose a swimsuit that is light in color and pick a color of dye that is darker than the swimsuit.

Do not dye a dry swimsuit because the color will not be evenly spread, instead you will have spotted blotches and ruin the swimsuit. Pour soda ash or Synthrapol into water to prewash the swimsuit. After it has dissolved, add the swimsuit to the mixture and use a long spoon or your gloved hand to stir it together. Leave it to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes and dry it out by rinsing.

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2. Make your Dye bath

Stir your disperse dye in a cup of hot water until it dissolves. Let it cool down and strain the mixture with an old stocking or coffee strainer. The amount of dye to be used is determined on how dark you want the color to be. This dissolving step is not necessary for types of dispersed dyes, some dissolve easily. Bring a large pot of water to boil and add your dissolved dispersed dye, half teaspoon of dispersing agent stir together and put your swimsuit in it.

3. Keep boiling the bath

After adding the swimsuit, make sure to leave the pot on the stove because polyester needs high heat for the dye to be absorbed. Keep stirring continuously for about 45 to 1 hour. Keep an eye for the color because the longer it stays in the bath, the darker your swimsuit gets. You can add more dissolved dye if the color is not dark enough. So remove the swimsuit when it reaches your desired color concentration.

4. Rinse the swimsuit

After removing the swimsuit from the bath add it into a bowl of half teaspoon of Synthrapol and warm water. Stir it together and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse out the dye under running water until the water is clear. Make sure to smell the swimsuit to know if you got rid of the dispersing agent completely.

Squeeze out excess water  with an old towel and hang to dry. Place an old towel or plastic cover beneath the hung swimsuit to protect the floor from the excess dye. Whenever you are washing, wash the dyed swimsuit separately because it might bleed out and ruin your other clothes.

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How to Dye a Swimsuit Black

If you prefer your light colored swimsuit to have a black color, you can easily apply a black dyed on it. An acid dye works best for a nylon swimsuit while a disperse dye is used for a polyester swimsuit. Always cover your hands with gloves when preparing the dye and when dyeing the swimsuit.

  • Prepare the dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Submerge the swimsuit in the dye bath for about 45 minutes.
  • The longer it stays in the bath, the darker it becomes.
  • Rinse out the dye under running water until it clear and hang it to dry.

How to Tie Dye My Swimsuit

Tie dyeing gives your swimsuit a colorful twist and the option of having multiple colors. This method is perfect on swimsuits that the original color is not patterned.  Choosing a dye is dependent on the fabric of the swimsuit.

1. Prepare the swimsuit, surface and dye

Prewash your swimsuit to get rid of dirt and other finishes that might interfere with the absorption of the dye. Cover your workspace with plastic table cover, garbage nylon or old towel to prevent the surface from getting ruined. Make sure to pick a well ventilated area to work or an open space.

Prepare the dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some require you to leave the dye mixture on a boiling stove. If you want a monochrome design, choose one color of dye or pick multiple colors for a multicolored swimsuit and prepare each color separately in different pots.

2. Create the tie and dye pattern

For a swirl tie and dye pattern, lay the swimsuit flat on a surface, pinch the center and slowly twirl the suit to form a flat circle and then secure with rubber bands. For other interesting patterns, pull about 1 to 2 inches of the fabric together and tie with a rubber band. Create more sections and leave space in between the sections to create fascinating patterns.

3. Dip the swimsuit into the dye

Make sure your hands are protected with gloves. Dip different sections of the swimsuit in the assorted colors of dye you have chosen. Keep rotating each section in different colors until the entire swimsuit is covered up. You can leave each section in the dye for about 10 to 20 minutes. The longer it stays in the dye, the darker the color. If you are using a single color, you can fully submerge the suit in dye.

4. Rinse the swimsuit

After removing the swimsuit from the dye bath, take off the rubber bands  and rinse the suit under running water until it runs clear. Use an old towel to remove excess dye and hang it to dry.

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Video Guide on How to Tie Dye Swimsuit

Conclusion – How to Dye Swimsuit?

Dyeing a swimsuit is an easy and interesting activity to do. You get to revive your favorite faded swimsuit or change the boring color of your swimsuit without spending too much. To find out how to dye it go through the article.


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