How To Fix Faded Swimsuit In 2022 (With Steps)

How To Fix Faded Swimsuit:  What could be worse than having a faded swimsuit? They are not just ruined but damaged in a way that you feel embarrassed wearing them.

You look at that swimsuit you love so much and all you can think about is the money you spent on buying it. But I bet you don’t know that something can still be done about the suit.

What Steps Are to Be Taken in Fixing a Faded Swimsuit?

Get the following;

  • Ammonia
  • Spray bottle
  • Detergent
  • Toothbrush

Step 1

Pour little water in a spray bottle, add ammonia and the detergent into it and shake thoroughly that both elements settle in.

Step 2

Spray the mixture on the swimming suit till you see that the suit is properly saturated. But if it is the other way round, I mean the whole suit getting faded, then you don’t have to spray the mixture on the entire suit. Just get a bucket, add the ammonia and detergent to it and soak the whole suit into the bucket for 30 minutes.

Step 3

At this point, you will have to implore the use of the toothbrush. Now it is time to brush the affected part of the suit with the brush. Try and do it in a gentle manner and not in a hard way so you don’t end up ruining your suit. Then wash after brushing.

Are these the only way on How To Fix A Faded Swimsuit? Certainly not, There’s another way you can go about this also.

Other Ways You Can Fix Faded Swimsuit

Get the following;

  • Green tea
  • Salt

Step 1

Get a bucket and fill it with hot water. Add your green tea to it, place in the swimsuit and soak for 20 minutes.

Step 2

Now, you can pour in your salt. Just sprinkle it in the soaked suit and leave on the suit for 20 minutes.

Step 3

This step is for the last lapse. Hand wash the swimsuit, rinse in clean water till the water is clean without residue, then air dry.

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NOTE: Whenever you want to wash your swimsuit alongside your clothes, desist from washing them with clothes that are of bright colours so that you don’t end up having them staining your swimsuit.

Let’s remember that our suits fade for some specific reasons which include; what fabric used in producing the suit, the amount of chlorine which must have been absorbed by the suit and the bright colours of swimsuits contribute greatly to our suits fading.

Lastly, one way to take away stains from suits that were on it previously or to stop the occurrences of your suit getting faded, ensure you wash your suit alone without mixing it with other colourful clothes.

What Causes Bathing Suit To Fade?

There are three major elements that can lead to bathing suits fading. They are;

  1. Chlorine
  2. Sunlight
  3. Detergent

Firstly, we all know that most pool owners add chlorine to the pool in a bid to keep bacteria off the pool, so they don’t grow in the water. However, it isn’t used in much amount but, just the amount that would be sufficient for the pool water, and its effect isn’t noticed till after a while. But no matter what, chlorine causes the bathing suit to fade on a great deal.

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Moreover, it also depends on the fabric of the bathing suit and what level of chlorine is present in the water. And over the years, it has come to our notice that Lycra is more prone to chlorine than the likes of polyester with a probability of the suit sagging after usage for a while.

But then, how can one extend the life of his Lycra bathing suit since they’re prone to chlorine?

The best way to keep the longevity of your suit so that they can last longer to see the next season is to rinse off the chlorine from the suit the moment you step out of the pool. Though using just water and perhaps shampoo won’t thoroughly remove the chlorine from the suit the best way it should.

The best method to get rid of the chlorine from the Lycra bathing suit is by using a swim spray. I guess you never saw that coming. Well, yes you should use that. The same way it is applied on your skin, apply it as well on your suit.

Though the swim goggles could in a way get affected by the chlorine, and for that reason, we advise that you wash them and dry immediately after your session.

Secondly, sunlight in a way can destroy our bathing suit. When we keep exposing our suit to the sun, there’s a huge tendency that the sun can cause our suit fabric to bleach. And with this, our suit fabric will become susceptible to dying quickly.

But one thing we should note is that the type of fabric matters a lot. Some may be able to stand the sun but not for a very long time. But whatever the case may be, getting a bathing suit with a good quality material should be worth considering, such that they do not get bleached by the sun quickly.

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Thirdly, using some kind of harsh detergent can also lead to a bathing suit to deteriorate. That is why we would often suggest that you use a mild detergent or soap when washing your bathing suit. Not using any that falls within your range or any that you feel isn’t too expensive.

This isn’t about the price but it is about getting the right detergent that will prolong the life of your suit. So if you do not want your suit to take a different look in changes, be mindful of the kind of detergent you use.

How To Stop Bathing Suits From Fading

If you are wondering how you can stop your swimsuit from fading, then continue reading to learn how.

Step 1: Wash Your Bathing Suit

Most persons buy the idea of wearing their new suit before washing, which is utterly wrong. Before you put on a new suit, first wash it in water mixed with vinegar to make sure that it doesn’t fade. With this, you’re sealing in the colours. You’re to add two spoons of vinegar to the water, place your bathing suit in the mixture to soak for about 30 or 40 minutes. This is one way of stopping the fabric from fading.

Step 2: Get In The Shower Before Entering The Pool

Just so you know, our bathing suit fabric, are known to easily absorb the first water when they are wet. So if you want to hit the pool, the number one thing you should do is ensuring that your suit is wet before settling in the pool water. With this, the fabric must have retained freshwater, with your suit not being able to soak up excess chlorinated water.

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Step 3: Rinse Bathing Suit

This is one subject we’ve trashed over and over again. Why? Because rinsing your bathing suit the instant you’re out from the pool, is very essential. You rinsing your suit is a way to flush out chlorine or saltwater from your body and suit. Do it properly in the dressing room made for the pool. The moment you are done doing that, you can then lay it flat either on a towel or on your way home for those with personal cars. Or you wait till you’ve gotten home before washing it.

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Note: Please do it as soon as you get home so mildew does not get to your fabric before you.

Step 4: Hand Wash The Bathing Suit

Like we’ve stated before, hand wash at home. Get a bowl and fill it with water or fill a sink with cold water and put in your suit. For some who may be wondering why we stress on using cold water to wash swimsuit and not hot or warm water, the reason is that the latter can cause the fibres of a fabric to be open which will lead to it getting faded soonest.

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Now place the suit in it and add a mild detergent into the mixture and wash. You don’t have to use excessive detergent to get it clean. A little of the detergent will do since you’ve had to rinse at the pool or beachside.

Step 5: Rinse Bathing Suit

After washing the suit and squeezing the water from the bathing suit, pour out the water from the pool or drain from the sink. Now, fill the bowl or sink with clean water and place the suit in it to rinse. Rinse properly till there isn’t any sign of detergent residue. If it’s a two-piece suit, rinse both very well separately because a little bit of detergent on a suit can damage the suit if it isn’t properly rinsed.

Step 6: Air Dry Your Bathing Suit

You’re to lay your suit to dry either on a towel or any other fabric that wouldn’t stain the suit. But one thing I won’t advise you to do is placing your suit in a dryer. I would rather advise you to turn on a fan to speed up the drying process than putting it in a dryer.

The dryer may cause the fabric to tear or get burnt due to the steaming heat emanating from the dryer. For those with a suit that has bra cups which absorb water a lot, please take a hold of the cup bra and squeeze out the water gently as you lay to dry.

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How To Tie And Dye Your Swimsuit

For some of us, we already have an idea of how to go about this process. For the sake of others who don’t know how to tie and dye suit, we’ll show you the way.

It only requires gathering your suit, folding it and soaking the suit in the dye. It works better for lighter and white swimsuits because it’ll eventually turn out well.

Items Required Include;

  • Dye: Go for an acid dye which is better for swimsuits than regular dye for clothes.
  • Hand gloves: For usage when in the process of dyeing your suit.
  • Rubber band: They will be useful in tieing your suit into different places so they can absorb enough dye.
  • Bowl: This will be used for the mixture of the dye.
  • A spoon: You’ll be needing a spoon in stirring the dye or it could be something else that can fill in the place of a spoon.
  • Salt: To bring out the darker colours a suit to be brighter
  • A dispensable bag: To put in the dyed swimsuit for a whole day.
  • Trampoline: To cover the area of dyeing so it doesn’t stain your surrounding


First, begin with a suit that has a light colour and not a darker one to ensure it comes out well. Wash as well before you begin.

Secondly, look for a trampoline to cover the area you intend carrying out the work so there aren’t any dye stains found around that region.

Thirdly, now is the time to prepare the dye. Read through the instructions and follow through as instructed, so you don’t miss out on anything. Do not forget to use your hand gloves.

Fourthly, take the swimsuit and use the rubber band to tie it around different places. Don’t stop there but tie the fabric with it about 1 to 2 inches. This is one way to add designs on your suit as well as spacing.

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Fifthly, go through the dye instructions as we had earlier said, as you put in your suit in the colour of dye you’ve chosen. If you want a colour that will last long on the suit, then leave it for a long time.

And this is where salt comes in. Adding salt to the dye at this stage will lead to the colours becoming vibrant.

Sixthly, you’re either to rinse immediately or wait to sit. For some dyes, the instructions may require one to take off the suit and rinse while some, may require you to wait for a day before taking it out and rinsing the suit.

Seventh, take precautions when washing your tie and dye swimsuit. Use cold water for them and not hot water. And lastly, do not wash them alongside other fabrics, for they might fade thereby, fading into the rest fabrics. So, it is expedient you wash them separately.

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Wrapping Up On How To Fix Faded Swimsuit

Dyeing is one way to solve the issue of faded swimsuits if you can’t fix them. You don’t have to trash your suits when they are faded, but you can turn the suits into some amazing colours you’ll love.

However, you have the power to stop certain suits from fading. We’ve stated procedures that you may kindly follow through in achieving the best results in keeping your suits from getting faded.


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