How to Make a Swimsuit Cover Up

Cover Ups are gorgeous, cute pieces of clothing that are worn over swimsuits. They could be made out of different materials like sheer, mesh, nylon, crochet, etc. Cover Ups could be loose T-shirts, maxi dresses, sarongs, etc. There are many benefits to wearing a swimsuit cover up;

They are very cute, and when you wear swimsuit cover ups, it’s easier for you to look stunning, beautiful, and flattering. Cover Ups can be used to hide a lot of body parts. There are parts that your swimsuit might not be able to cover up and it’s fine, your cover up is up for the rescue. All you need to do is to get yourself a cute cover up that would hide those places and still manage to look so good.

Another benefit of wearing a cover up is that it protects you from the sun. Like most swimwears, cover ups are made from UPF fabrics that can prevent the body from tanning when you are outside at the beach. They can add beauty to your outfits. If you get cover ups that are very nice on your body then you will realize that they will complement your swimsuit and this can help you turn heads at the beach. Oh yeah.

Let’s take a look at the type of cover ups that we have;

Types of Swimsuits Cover Ups

There are different types of swimsuit cover ups that are most perfect for the beach this summer. Some of them are;

1. Sarong

This cover up is one of the best swimsuit cover ups you can get out there. The sarong is one of the most popular swimsuit cover ups to have ever been in existence. It conceals and hides the different parts of your body you want to be covered up without taking away the beauty. It can be used in different ways for different functions. It can be used as a wrap style dress, a shawl that you wrap around you, as a scarf, or even as a skirt. Amazing, yeah? Your sarong can be pretty much anything you want. The best part is that they come in different colorful patterns, you can easily pick the one you want.

2. Sun Dress

Sun dresses are one of the most beautiful swimsuit cover ups to have ever existed. If you like to play dress up at the beach then don’t hesitate to get yourself a  sundress cover up. It is cute and can serve as protection for you against the sun at the beach. It also makes you look beautiful. Sun dress can be long, short, strapless or it can sport as many designs as you would like.

3. Robes

Robes are long pieces of clothing that we wear during or after taking a swim. They tend to keep you warm after your swim in the ocean. Robes are also made from the same fabric as towels, they are very comfortable, fluffy, and dry quickly. You can get your robe if you want, in a kimono design or a hooded design, or even a customized design just for you, it depends on your preference. Robes also give good coverage and make good cover ups.

4. Tunics

The tunics are the perfect cover ups for every shape and size, they are long, flowing tops that reach your mid thigh. They are made from lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fabrics and they give lots of coverage. They can also perfectly cover up everywhere you want to be covered.

5. Kimono

Kimono swimsuit cover ups are awesome. They sport a knee length pattern with sleeves that reach just below your elbows. They also go for an oversized design that can easily add class to your beach look any day without having to try so much.

6. Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is a stylish swimsuit cover up that has a form fitting design at the top and a  loose fitting design at the bottom. It is the perfect swimsuit cover up for every body type and it gives a flattering look that draws attention to your waist.

You can learn how to make your own swimsuit cover up, isn’t that exciting? Let’s see how.

How to Make Your Swimsuit Cover Up

To make your own Swimsuit Cover Up, you can simply do it yourself at home by using the following guidelines;

Materials needed;

  • Free Sewing Pattern
  • 2 yards of fabrics of your choice
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread

Research which pattern you want. Check out a sewing pattern that you would like to go with and cut out all of your pattern pieces according to the instructions and diagram given. 

Place the front and back pieces together and ensure that the wrong sides are facing each other, then stitch the shoulder seams together with a seam allowance. You can use a french seam to finish the inside of your cover up.

Fold the shoulder seams together so that now they are facing each other and then press the allowance backward. This will form an enclosed seam, you can then stitch along the shoulder seams.

Leave an opening in between your underarm seam markings and sew along the raw edge of your fabric using a wide zigzag stitch. 

Turn the coverup wrong side out and align the markings together. Fold the seam allowance and sew with a 3/8ths-inch seam allowance.

Your swimsuit beach cover up is good to go.

What is a Swimsuit Cover Up Called?

What is a swimsuit cover up called? Swimsuit cover up is called a beach cover up, others call it a tunic or a bathing suit cover up. There is no distinct name for a cover up. 

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How to Choose a Swimsuit Cover Up

These are the following ways you can choose a swimsuit cover up, they could be according;

1. Your Preference

You can choose a swimsuit cover up according to what you like the most. Check around for cover ups that you love most and pick your cover up according to that.

2. Fabrics

Get easy to care for, breathable, comfortable and lightweight fabrics that won’t give you so many problems when you wear them to the beach. They should be so light that you even forget that they are on your body.

3. Sun protection

Choose swimsuit cover ups that offer protection against the sun. You can get one that will be stylish and still protect at the same time.

4. Length

The length that you want also matters. If you want short, knee length, or long it is all up to you. You are free to choose according to the length that you love the most. 

These are a few things to consider when getting yourself a swimsuit cover up.

How to Make a Swimsuit Cover Up Out of a Scarf

Here’s a quick way you can make a cover up out of your swimsuit;

Lay your scarf out flat in front of you and connect the two corners so you can create a square scarf with an open end and a closed end. Make a small but very tight knot with the two ends you’ve created then shake out your scarf. There you have your swimsuit cover up.

How to Make a Swimsuit Cover Up Out of a Towel and Ribbon

It’s time to go creative and learn how to make a swimsuit cover up out of a towel and a ribbon. Here’s what you need to do;

Materials you need: 1 thick beach towel, 1 package of bias tape and a ribbon.

Start by cutting a 12″ opening at the center of your towel and turn the raw edges of the cut hole and hem on your sewing machine.

Then measure down a 14″ from the hole you’ve cut and draw a line across the wrong side of your beach towel. Next, open up the bias tape and make sure that the tape is no longer folding in half but the raw edges are still folded together.

Attach the bias tape to the line you drew across your towel using your machine, do this again on the other side of the towel. This will serve as casing for the ribbon.

Cut your ribbon to be 3 times the width of the beach towel, and feed the ribbon to begin one side and go through the other side of the towel until the ribbon ends meet. Once you are done, pull the strings to give the towel shape. And voila. You have your beach towel cover up.

How to Make a Bathing Suit Cover Up from a Sheet

To make a bathing suit cover up from a Sheet, here’s what you can do;

What you need; your sheets(about 1 yard)

Cut out 3 strips lengthwise from your sheet and fold into corners. Draw lines across the sheet and cut into 4 strips. Use a bowl to cut out a part of the rest of the sheet now to get out your arm holes. 

Get rubber bands and tie one end of the strips together and braid them together. Once you are done, use another rubber band to tie the opposite end to keep it firm. Tie a single knot at the end of your braided strip.

Use a needle and thread to attach the strip to the hole. You can try to wear the hand to see if it’s too loose or tight for you then sew the other end. Once you are done, you can trim off the excess. Repeat the process with the other hand and you are done.

Can a Big T-shirt Work as a Swimsuit Cover Up?

Someone once asked, can a Big T-shirt work as a swimsuit cover up? Yes it can. So far as it is covering you up, your big t-shirt can perfectly work as a swimsuit cover up. It is okay to use your big t-shirt, in fact, you can even wear other accessories to make it look more beautiful.

How to Decorate Swimsuit Cover Up

You can decorate your swimsuit cover up by doing the following;

Decorate with rhinestones. You can use rhinestones to decorate your swimsuit cover up so that it looks glittering when you wear it.

Wear accessories. Other ways to decorate your cover up will be to wear an accessory such as a brooch pin, a leather belt, or a pair of earrings and necklace to complete the look.

Style with a hat and sunglasses. You can also decide to wear a hat and sunglasses to complement your swimsuit cover up.

Do you Need a Swimsuit Cover Up for Short Style Swimsuit

Do you need a swimsuit cover up for a short style swimsuit? Yes, you do. The good part about wearing a swimsuit is that you can wear cover up on it anytime you want. No matter the style of your swimsuit you can wear a cover up on it.

Conclusion- How to Make a Swimsuit Cover Up

There are different types of swimsuit cover ups that will be perfect for each person. They complement, flatter, and turn heads if gotten right and all of these can be done in the comfort of your home if you want. You may no longer have to go to the store to get cover ups when you can make them in the comfort of your home.


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