Can You Wear A Swimsuit Cover Up As A Dress?

Swimsuit cover-ups are wears that are commonly used in pools and beaches. It is a flip-flop and lightweight layer that is very common during summer and light-filled days. A quality one protects you from the sun and builds confidence and self-esteem.

Looking at the design of the wear, one may ask, “can I wear a swimsuit cover-up as a dress?” The answer is yes, you can wear swimsuit cover-up as a dress.

Some people love using it for cocktails and other special events. However, there are things to consider when using it as a dress.

Read on as we take you through the things to consider when choosing swimsuit cover-ups. We will also look at the kind of swimsuit cover-ups that will make you look confident, comfortable, and easy to transit from one environment to another.

What are the qualities of swimsuit cover ups as dress?

It is not all swimsuit cover-ups that are ideal for use as a dress. There are things to consider before shopping for it. Some of the things are:

1. Kind of material

Consider the kind of material used to design the cover-ups. Some materials are suitable to use as a dress. Interestingly, you can use it to attend social events and cocktails with a classic appearance.

However, some materials can make you look weird. It can bring discomfort and reduce your confidence. Some can easily tear and create a distraction during events.

2. Style of the cover-up

The style and design of the cloth are very essential. A thoughtful style brings uniqueness to the cloth. You look attractive and easy to move from the beach to wherever you are scheduled to attend.

Moreover, it reduces the costs and stress of carrying loads to the beach. A good style brings out the fashion and wonders of the cover-up and complements other wears such as caps, eyeglasses, and pants.

3. Your body shape

Your body shape determines the type of cover-up to select a dress. Take, for instance, someone with a long torso who requires a cover-up that is long as well. A flip-flop cover-up can fit well with a slim, average height person than someone with much body size. So, it is essential to choose wisely.

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Best Swimsuit Cover Ups As A Dress

Different kinds of cover-ups can serve as a dress. While shopping for yourself and your loved ones, you can check the following:

Shirt-style cover-ups

Shirt-style cover-ups happen to be one of the most versatile cover-ups you can use as a dress. As light-weight wear, dries quickly without any discomfort when transiting from the water to the bar and other schedules for the day.

TOUSYEA Sleep Shirts for Women Button Down Shirts Long Sleeve Sleepwear Swimsuit Cover Ups Soft Pajama Tops White M

It is also suitable for those that want a long dress to cover the greater part of the body. Most people love it and recommend it to others. You can check TOUSYEA Long Sleeve Sleepwear Swimsuit Cover Ups on Amazon. There are different colors to choose from and would find a suitable for your size.

Nissi Pom Pom Cover-Up Mini Dress

It is soft weave materiel that has pom-pom trim with a ruffled hem. The neck has a crew neck with tassel accents. You can easily tie it at the back and wash it by hand after use.

The material is 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. It is stylishly designed to tie at the back with an open back. The short sleeves make you feel the freshness of the beach.

You can also use Nissi pom-pom cover-up mini dress as an official dress for a special cocktail party. With just a strappy sandal, the combination is perfect for the party. The open back gives an attractive finishing touch to the cover-up.

Sand Beach Hooded Cover-up

This comfy and cute cover-up is good for different events. Whether you are going to the sandcastles with your loved one or lounging the poolside of the cabana, it is perfect for you.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Catalina Beach Cover-Up Dress - Sun Protective (Large- White)

The sleeves are full-length sleeves that protect you from the direct effect of the sun. The hood and ruching accents make you feel comfortable when the temperature becomes cooler.

The length of about 35 inches provides more coverage to the body for those that love covering their body. The material consists 3 percent of spandex and 97 percent of nylon, making it easy to dry within a short period.

Navia Cover-up UPF 50+

Navia cover-up is a nice fabric that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. It comes with a stretchy style and is suitable for those that like longer length. Though it is slightly more expensive than the local cover-ups, the kimono sleeves, empire waist, and flattering pleating make it a nice deal.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Navia Cover-Up - Sun Protective (2X- Black/White Manila Palm)

You can use it as a dress with peace of mind. Most women prefer it because it makes them look beautiful. You can comfortably mingle with friends and guests at the event. The long length provides a comfortable and cool experience during cocktails.

The v-neckline, pleat details both in front and back, and the adjustable tie with waistband give complementing support to the two pockets on the two sides. Choosing this swimsuit cover-up as a dress is not a bad idea.

Butterfly Caftan Swim Cover-Up

Butterfly Caftan Swim cover-up is a lightweight 100% cotton fabric that is good as a swimsuit and dress. It has a pullover style that ties the waist to figure your curves. The length is about 32 inches long, which is good to cover the body from UV radiation from the sun.

eloria Women Bathing Suits Cover Up Butterfly Print Kaftan Beach Maxi Dress Blue

The wide short sleeves allow easy movement of arms while the adjustable tie supports the waist. Most of them are unlined, making it catchy for ladies that love showing off at parties and special events.

Lace-up Bell Sleeve Swimsuit Coverup

Lace-up bell sleeve cover-up is a lightweight, long bell sleeves cover-up that is suitable for a dress. It comes with a V-neck that blends with the design of the sleeves. The material is cotton, which makes it durable and suitable for special events.

CUPSHE Women's Lace Up Bell Sleeve Tassel Cover Up White L

It can easily absorb moisture from the environment to keep you cool and comfortable during summer. Moreover, the material is hand wash material that does not require special technic to wash it.

Crochet Cover-Up Dress

Whether you are reclining at the beach or going on a date, a crochet cover-up dress is good for you. You can use it as a dress or a swimsuit. The openings of the knitted cloth expose subtle parts of your body to the sea breeze. You can check this crochet cover up by Jeasona.

Jeasona Women's Bathing Suit Cover Up Crochet Lace Bikini Swimsuit Dress (White, M)

It provides an attractive look that is difficult for one to ignore admiring you. Interestingly, it is colorful and varies in size. The sizes are small, medium, large, and extra-large. The exquisite V-neck complements the design of the fabric.

You can use it from the beach to lunch without having to worry about the dress. There are no worries because the vibe that comes with it is fun all the way.

Sarong Style

Sarong-style cover-ups are suitable to wear beyond the beach. Frankly, it is nice to wear that makes one feel comfortable when pairing it with a coordinating skirt. The application of sarong is very versatile.

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The application of the fabric depends on the place and type of event. It can be used as a towel after a bath at the pool, as a hair scarf during a picnic, like a towel, and as a cover-up. The use of sarong is dated back to the 1900s, it is generally regarded as fabrics that knot or wrap around the body.

Multi-use Button Cover ups

There is nowhere you can get it wrong when using a multi-use button cover-up. It is a multi-purpose design that suits every event. Whether you want to attend an important meeting or celebrate a birthday with your people at the beach, this cover-up is suitable for it.

The waist is supported with an adjustable tie that makes you look smart. Moreover, you can wash it by hand without any damage to the fabric. The length is sizeable enough without looking too long or short.

Caftan Style Cover-Ups

Are looking for what will make you stay cute and cool? Then, consider caftan style cover-up. It is designed to function beyond the classroom. The length stops at the knee with pom-pom trim.

Bsubseach Casual Print Swimsuit Cover Up for Women Short Sleeve Loungewear Beach Caftan Kaftan Dresses

It is designed to keep you comfortable, cool, and beautiful in look. You can wash it by hand without looking for who will wash it for you. It has pompom trim, V-neck as well a pinchable tie front.

Conclusion – Can You Wear a Swimsuit Cover Up as a Dress?

You can wear a swimsuit cover-up as a dress. Some wears are suitable for only swimsuits. However, recently shown swimsuit covers up can be used for both beach and parties. The qualities of a swimsuit that makes it suitable as a dress are stated above. In addition, we suggested different swimsuit cover-ups that are suitable as a dress.

You can choose from any of the above cover-ups when shopping next time. Ensure to choose the one that will suit the kind of event you intends to attain.


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