Are Swimsuits Waterproof?

Have you ever randomly picked up a swimsuit, dive into a pool with it, and came out looking as dry as though you weren’t in the pool earlier?

If you’ve had that kind of experience, it is obvious that you may be asking one question “are swimsuits waterproof?” Sure, there are waterproof swimsuits but not all swimsuits are waterproof.

Generally, what determines whether a swimsuit will be waterproof or not is the type of material from which the swimsuit is made. Some swimsuits are made of 100% Nylon while others are blended with fibers such as spandex, Lycra, or elastin.

No matter what the material may be, the bottom line is that for a swimsuit to be waterproof, the material used in making it must be hydrophobic – “water-hating”.

In this article, we will explore certain important things you should know about waterproof swimsuits.

Are you ready for these? Then, let’s get started.

What are Waterproof Swimsuits?

Generally, not all swimsuits are waterproof. Although, different kinds of swimsuits are available at shopping malls, waterproof swimsuits are unique.

Then, what exactly are waterproof swimsuits? Waterproof swimsuits are swimsuits that allow you to stay dry even after being immersed in the pool. They are made from special hydrophobic materials that will not absorb water. Instead of absorbing water and soaking, the water simply remains on the surface of the waterproof swimsuit and dries off.

Most waterproof swimsuits are made from Nylon or Neoprene (synthetic rubber). These two materials are hydrophobic.

Nylon is lightweight and made up of strong fibers. It offers a smooth fit while at the same time absorbing very little amount of water which dries out quickly.

Although Nylon based waterproof swimsuits are good and allow you to stay dry while swimming, some of their drawbacks are their lack of elasticity and little ability to retain color.

Waterproof swimsuits made from Neoprene are more common. They offer more benefits relative to Nylon based Swimsuits.

Apart from keeping you dry when swimming, waterproof swimsuits made from Neoprene also keep you insulated. This ensures that you stay warm, especially during the winter season.

Certain Waterproof Swimsuits are also made with polyester-blend hydrophobic nanomaterial technology. This is a great technological advancement. The waterproof swimsuits made by this technology are highly effective. When water or any water-containing liquid drops on the swimsuit, it simply forms a sphere and rolls off.

However, the drawback of these hydrophobic nanotech waterproof swimsuits is that they gradually lose their waterproof properties with continuous washing.

What Are The Benefits of Waterproof Swimsuits?

As mentioned earlier, waterproof swimsuits differ based on the materials from which they are made.

However, waterproof swimsuits made from Neoprene are more commonly found due to their benefits. Some of the benefits offered by these waterproof swimsuits include:

1. Buoyancy

Waterproof swimsuits are lighter, more flexible, and buoyant. The reason is that the synthetic rubber (Neoprene) is made with microscopic air bubbles which makes it lightweight.

2. Durability

Waterproof swimsuits last longer because the Neoprene material can maintain its flexibility even in varying temperatures and other weather conditions.

Neoprene is naturally tough and can withstand stress. This enables waterproof swimsuits to last long.

3. Insulation

Another benefit of waterproof swimsuits made from Neoprene material is that it has Insulating property. It will keep your body warm before, during, and after swimming. Thus, it helps to maintain your body temperature.

4. Latex Free

Waterproof swimsuits are usually free from Latex and so they are very good alternatives for people who are allergic to latex. Latex is known to cause so much skin irritation, especially in infants.

5. Protection

Waterproof swimsuits protect your body from the drag force of water by enhancing your swimming ability in the water. They maintain your buoyancy and protect you from drowning in the pool.

Are Waterproof Swimsuits Safe?

Yes, Waterproof Swimsuits are safe. Usually, they are not made with latex-based materials that can irritate your skin.

Waterproof swimsuits are soft to touch with a smooth texture that won’t irritate your skin. They also provide insulation to keep your body warm. Waterproof swimsuits are not only safe for adults but also safe for infants, children, and adolescents. You shouldn’t worry when putting on waterproof swimsuits because your health and safety are guaranteed.

How Do You Clean a Waterproof Swimsuit?

The fact that waterproof swimsuits dry out easily doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be properly cleaned after use.

Here are the steps to follow to properly clean your used waterproof swimsuit:

  1. Remove the Swimsuit after swimming and rinse both the internal and external parts with cool water. This is to remove any chlorine or salt water that has stuck to the swimsuit while swimming.
  2. Soak the swimsuit in a bowl containing water and a mild soap for about 20 minutes. You may also scrub the swimsuit with a sponge while it is soaking to remove bad odors.
  3. Do not wash your swimsuits in a washing machine, doing so will make the swimsuit lose its flexibility.
  4. Apply stain removers to remove any stain on the swimsuit.
  5. Dry the swimsuit on a hanger. It is better to air-dry the swimsuit than to dry it directly under the hot sun as this may affect the properties of the materials.
  6. After drying the swimsuit, store it in a cool/dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Special Tips for Washing Waterproof Swimsuits

Washing waterproof swimsuits may be strenuous because it is not ideal to use a washing machine to wash them.

However, to make things easier, here are some tips for washing waterproof swimsuits:

  • Wear the swimsuit into your bathroom and have a shower with it instead of taking it off and soaking it in cold water.
  • Do not use bleach containing chlorine to remove stains from your waterproof swimsuit.
  • Liquid soap is preferable to powdered detergent for washing waterproof swimsuits because the latter may not totally dissolve and thus may be difficult to rinse away.
  • You may use distilled vinegar as an alternative for detergent while washing your waterproof swimsuit because it disinfects and also removes odor from your swimsuit.
  • Air-dry your waterproof swimsuits in a shady place. Don’t worry, waterproof swimsuits take little time to dry.

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Things To Know Before Buying A Waterproof Swimsuit

Although buying a waterproof swimsuit is a wise decision to make, there are certain things you should know before going out to buy one.

Some of the things you should know include:

1. Know your intent

Before going out to buy a waterproof swimsuit, you should be able to establish the reason and purpose for buying. What do you intend to use the waterproof swimsuit for? Are you going out for recreation, swimming or a competition?

2. Know your body size

Make sure you take your body measurements before going out to buy a waterproof swimsuit. This is to ensure you buy the one that fits you well. If you’re ordering online, make sure you read through the body size recommendations.

3. Make a dual order

If you’re purchasing your waterproof swimsuit online, it is wise enough to make an order of the size you think you need based on the size chart together with a size next to that.

The reason is that waterproof swimsuits are made from an elastic material, so if you order just one particular size, you may discover that it’s too tight for you. Order two closely related sizes and choose the better one.

4. Try it on

If you’re buying your waterproof swimsuit physically, perhaps at a shopping mall, make sure you try it on right there to know how fitting it is. This will make you determine whether it looks good or bad before paying for it.

5. Buy from a reputable supplier

The greatest mistake you can make is to purchase low-quality waterproof swimsuits. To avoid this, make sure you purchase your swimsuits from a reputable retailer. You may also get it directly from the manufacturer if possible.

Recommended Waterproof Swimsuits

To help you reduce the stress of looking for how to get high-quality waterproof swimsuits, I have a list of waterproof swimsuits that can perfectly suit your budget and spec.

1. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece Prolt Super Pro Solid Adult

Speedo Women's Swimsuit One Piece ProLT Super Pro Solid Adult


This Swimsuit is designed to last through a busy swim season, this technical swimsuit will help you get the most out of each practice session.

The fabric material is durable and provides performance-building compression and reduced recovery time, while a specially designed back features wide straps for ultimate support as you move through the water.

2. Eukivntn Women’s Athletic Boyleg One Piece Swimwear

Eukivntn Women's Athletic Boyleg One Piece Swimwear Pro Swimsuit with Zipper Bathing Suit Training (Black, XL)


The material is made of 80%Nylon + 20%Spandex.Lining:100% Polyester, Special waterproof fabric with steel stamp. stretch stays comfortable, chlorine-resistant fabric helps retain shape and prevents fading.

3. BALEAF Women’s UPF 50+ Swim Bra Modest Bikini Top

BALEAF Women's Swim Bra Swimsuit Plus Size Modest Bikini Top Support Full Coverage Sport Bra Bathing Suit Blue 36


This swim bra features a stay-put fit and provides enough support during your swimming and any other workout.

It functions as a modest full-coverage bikini top with an adjustable criss-cross back for a full range of motion and to keep up with you in the water.

Conclusion – Are Swimsuits Waterproof

Depending on what your choice for a swimsuit may be, there are actually waterproof swimsuits, which could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

When choosing a waterproof, you must ensure that you don’t treat them as your regular swimsuit because they have special washing requirements to retain their waterproof design.

For a seamless purchase, any of the suggested waterproof swimsuits can be a perfect spot to kick-off.


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