10 Best Unisex One Piece Swimsuit in 2022

After years of being relegated to the back, the one-piece swimsuit makes a massive comeback. Today, many beach-goers and swimmers consider it a stylish yet athletic swimwear design more than the famous two-piece. This resurgence is due to more and more brands coming up with several methods with the use of high-quality fabrics. As assuring as one-piece swimsuits can be, shopping for one can be difficult and stressful at the same time.

This is because finding one that checks all your boxes can take a thorough adventure. And with summer fast approaching and a chance of you planning a trip to the beach or pool, it becomes more important to get an appropriate swimsuit.  To ease your task, here is a list of the best unisex one piece swimsuit.

Thankfully, regardless of your beliefs, one-piece swimsuits come in unisex designs. And both men and women can rely on them to have an excellent, fun-filled day during your visit to the waterside. These suits are comfortable, and you can be confident in them.

Is One Piece Swimsuit Ok for Both Gender?

Yes, wearing a one-piece swimsuit is acceptable for a man or woman. While the suit has been made famous by women, many men find comfort and confidence in wearing appropriate one-piece swimsuits. A one-piece swimsuit is as stylish, flattering, and physically appealing as a two-piece if you are a lady.

A one-piece swimsuit can help you appear more athletic while tucking away any undesirable features you don’t want on display if you are a man. Generally, one-piece swimsuits are comfortable, provide more coverage, are easy to wear, and are mostly cheaper. And if you feel insecure wearing a swimsuit, then a one-piece is your best bet at building your confidence.

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Consider These Before Buying a Unisex One-Piece Swimsuit

Aside from fitting a one-piece swimsuit, it’s also essential to have a firm grip on what you want. This means taking into consideration the following factors:

1. Your Activity at the Beach

Before buying a one-piece swimsuit, consider the type of activities you will be engaging in when you get to the beach or the pool. This is because each swimsuit has a limit to its ability to move in the water. While most one-piece swimsuits will allow easy movement, they might not be suitable in specific instances. Also, you will have to factor in your exposure time to sunlight, as this will significantly determine the success or failure of your visit to the waters. For instance, if you will be diving at the pool or beach, a one-piece suit with a racer-back design or thick crisscross straps is best for such an event as it secures firmly on the body. 

2. Body Coverage

Another important consideration is the level of coverage provided. While one-piece swimsuits often provide ample body coverage, they still differ in the level of provision. High leg cuts, back cutouts, or string one-pieces are more suited for aesthetic displays and sunbathing, while more conservative one-pieces give you more coverage.

3. Fabric and Design

The fabric of a one-piece swimsuit certainly goes a long way in how well it performs. Add this to the design, and a perfect mix guarantees an incredible experience. Design features like seam sewing and quick-dry fabrics make for an easy transition from swimming to lounging. Also, one-piece swimsuits with inner lining might appeal to you as they provide extra support, coverage, and strength to your swimwear. This ensures you can have all the fun you want without worrying about your swimwear.

4. Overall Aesthetics

Your physical appearance in a one-piece swimsuit is also a deal-breaker. For this reason, I advise trying out as many one-pieces before settling down on which to purchase. If you have any feature you wish to conceal or accentuate, now will be a good time to factor it into your decision. All in all, you want to enjoy your time in the water rather than keeping an eye on your swimwear. Always try out a one-piece swimsuit with as many poses as possible to ensure it gives you that appealing presence.

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Buyers Guide – Best Unisex One Piece Swimsuit

There are several factors to be considered when deciding on buying a one-piece swimsuit. To make this list, each swimwear has satisfied specific criteria effortlessly. This means you only get the best in the market without having to go through the usual hassle associated with getting the best unisex one-piece swimsuit:

1. Quality                  

The quality of the fabric is an essential guide to its durability. Swimsuits on this list use superb quality fabric to achieve impressive flexibility for free movement and excellent elasticity. These swimsuits have a makeup composition of nylon, spandex, and polyester materials.

2. Protection: Sun and Chlorine

This is one feature that almost everyone looks out for in a one-piece swimsuit. Regardless of whether you have delicate skin or not, you are sure to stay safe from the amount of UV rays that hit your skin. To this end, we’ve gone for a list of swimsuits great at providing this protection.

Another metric for making this list of best unisex one-piece swimsuits is the level of protection from chlorine. Chlorine is not friendly to swimsuits, human skin, and body hair. If you plan to stay awhile in the water, counting on your swimwear to protect you is crucial. This list has the best swimsuits that excellently handle chlorine, thereby minimizing the risk and damage to you or your swimwear.

3. Functionality

A one-piece swimsuit with multiple-use functionality is arguably desirable to anyone interested in water-based events. This list effectively covers a wide range of use, so you don’t have to spend extra on getting new attires. You can count on suits on this list to help you perform well while swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddling, and other events.

4. Pricing

Your purchasing power is essential to the quality of the swimsuit you can purchase. That said, this list has a mixture of the price range for the best unisex one-piece swimsuits. You don’t have to break the bank to get many of the suits highlighted here, and you are sure of the quality.

10 Best Unisex One Piece Swimsuit

Without further ado, let’s start the rundown on the best unisex one-piece swimsuits that are available to you in today’s market:

1. Beautyin Athletic Boyleg Racerback Swimsuits 

beautyin Women's Boyleg Unitard Swimsuits Racerback Athletic One Piece Bathing Suits Knee Length Bodysuits Blue Green Print Medium


This one-piece swimsuit features a design for professional athletes in mind. It provides ample skin coverage and uses a racerback design to stay firm on the body. This means you can count on it protecting you from the effect of chlorine or sale and protection against harmful UV rays. It also has a boyleg cut to make it appealing for men as an option. The square neck design allows for easy mobility and flexibility during sporting activities such as surfing, swimming, diving, or water aerobics.

2. ROSKIKI One Piece Zip Front Surfing Swimsuit

ROSKIKI Womens One Piece Zip Front Surfing Swimsuit Boyshorts Short Sleeve Athletic Swimwear Bathing Suit Blue S


This swimsuit is super stretchy and flexible, featuring a top-quality composite material of nylon and spandex. It allows for a tremendous amount of mobility from different stroke styles, and its boyleg design makes it suitable for both genders. In terms of putting it on and getting out of it, it uses a front zip design to allow you to accomplish the task effortlessly. You also get to enjoy standard sun protection and fast dry functionalities. It features top-notch seam sewing to ensure your piece doesn’t fail quickly. And you can use it in a host of water-related sporting activities such as diving, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing.

3. Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Swimsuit

                             Arena Women's Standard Powerskin Carbon Air² Open Back Racing Swimsuit, Black/Black/Gold, 26


This excellent one-piece swimsuit uses a flat carbon band lock around critical stretch points such as the shoulder, elbow, and hips. This helps it provide adequate compression for the body, stabilize your core, and improve your overall performance. Also, its use of three different panels of lining ensures you are able to breathe comfortably, with no restriction on movement while soaking up less amount of water. Its impressive hydrodynamic design ensures it reduces fatigue, drag, and friction while enhancing glide and speed in the water. The fabric is also lightweight, soft, and gentle on the skin, with only one bond seam at the back. It’s easy to see why this powerful swimwear made the best unisex one-piece swimsuits list. 

4. REALON One Piece Long Sleeves Swimsuit

REALON Mens Wetsuit 3mm, Adult Full Body Thermal Neoprene Surfing Wet Suits, One Piece Long Sleeves Cold Water Snorkeling Swimsuit


Realon long-sleeve piece swimsuits are usable in different water sports such as diving, surfing, canoeing, rafting, paddling, and kayaking. It relies on a stretchy neoprene material with a double-lining of super elastic nylon fabric to give you a wide range of mobility. Its use of composite materials means you can be sure of your swimwear being flexible when in water.

5. Beautyin One Piece Swimsuits Boyleg Sports Swimwear

beautyin Women's One Piece Swimming Suit Athletic Training Boy Shorts Swimsuits Yellow/Navy


Another unisex one-piece swimsuit from Beautyin to make this list. This swimwear makes for a flattering appeal, especially if participating in a competition. It streamlines your body and gives you the necessary advantage by reducing drag and improving performance. Made from a lightweight fabric, it is chlorine resistant, meaning you get more use for your money’s worth. You can also rely on its soft feel on the skin to remain comfortable even when wet, and it has a quick-dry capacity.

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6. TUONROAD Girls and Boys One Piece Swimsuit 

Boy Swimsuit Pink Short Sleeve Slim Fitted Swimwear Sets for Sports Training Stretch One Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit for 10 11 Year Olds Cruise Water Park


A worthy unisex one-piece swimsuit with incredible durability and elasticity. It protects from excessive exposure to the sun while also drying rapidly after exiting the water. This swimsuit comes in bright colors that can be pleasing to the eyes and help build your child’s confidence. It has a front zip for fast wearing and pulling off while remaining soft on the skin and comfortable. The design used means this swimwear is suitable for use in sports like kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and many others. 

7. YATEEN UPF 50+ Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

YATEEN Women's UPF 50+ Rash Guard One Piece Long Sleeve Swimsuit with Zipper White/Black


This unisex one-piece swimsuit comes in various sizes, and you are sure of getting your perfect fit. It uses a front zip design for easing wearing and free movement of the arms and shoulder in water. You also get to stay safe from UV rays with its UPF 50+ protection, as well as the quick-dry feature of the fabric. Ladies also can add pads to the chest area to help create extra support. If you know anything about the swimsuit, you know a mixture of 82% nylon and 18% spandex makes for a quality stretchy fabric. 

8. Speedo Pro Solid Adult One Piece Swimsuit

Speedo Women's Swimsuit One Piece ProLT Super Pro Solid Adult


Speedo is one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing swimsuits, and it’s Pro Solid Adult one-piece swimsuit delivers as well. Using a sleek ProLT fabric, the durability, comfort, and support are top-class worthy of any purchase. In terms of performance, the suit compresses excellently to provide you with improvement on your performance. What’s more, you can count on its wide straps to stay put when performing a wide range of activities. Also, it comes fully lined on the inside to give you another extra layer of protection from chlorine, UV rays, sand, and salt. 

9. Seaskin 3mm Shorty Wetsuit

Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit, Premium Neoprene Front Zip Short Sleeve Scuba Diving Wetsuit Snorkeling Surfing (Men Black, 4XL)


This swimsuit considers its usage in high power water sports and aerobics. It uses quality neoprene material to give great stretching while also keeping your body warm. Additionally, it has an extra outer nylon fabric for improving elasticity, waterproofing, and durability. Suitable for use in canoeing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and other water activities.

10. HAIVIDO Athletic One-Piece Swimsuits

HAIVIDO Women's Athletic One Piece Swimsuits Racing Training Sports Bathing Suit Color Block Swimwear Black L


This unisex one-piece swimsuit uses a fabric of nylon and spandex composition. It has a dual shoulder strap, plunge cut out at the back, and moderate leg cut for an overall design. You also get to enjoy its UPF 50+ sun protection against ultraviolet rays as well as chlorine-resistant protection. Generally, it is comfortable and has a soft, smooth feel against the skin for athletic use. It’s available primarily in a plain solid color or mixed matches to meet your needs.

How Should a One Piece Swimsuit Fit?

There is no one fitting rule for swimsuits, which also applies to one-piece designs. But generally, one-piece swimsuits should fit snugly on the body without being excessively tight on the skin. Whether you are in the water or lounging around the beach or pool, the best fit one-piece should also stay on. A perfect fit swimsuit will not ride up your skin.

To top off the best fit swimsuit, it also has to be lightweight and show considerable shrinkage resistance. When testing out a swimsuit, if you have to tug it in place or pull at the straps or waistband to dig into your skin, it’s not your size and doesn’t fit. Similarly, if the straps or band feels loose or you see gaps, unusual folds, or wrinkles, it’s also too big.

The fabrics are soft and stretchable. A one-piece swimsuit that fits correctly should not restrict your movement and have a smooth, stretchy high-grade fabric. While also giving you a pleasing appearance as much as comfort.

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Do You Wear Anything Under or Over A One-Piece Swimsuit?

In most cases, you should never wear any underwear beneath your swimsuit. Most one-piece swimsuits already note the need for undergarments and now have designs with features you have in an undergarment. For ladies, one-piece swimsuits regularly feature padded cups, underwire, or adjustable neck and shoulder straps to create support for the boobs. For men, extra lining in one-piece swimsuits provides excellent coverage for your crotch area.

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You don’t need an undergarment alongside your swimsuit for the above reasons. But in the instance where you are renting a swimsuit, it’s a common practice to see people wear underwear. Some do this for hygiene purposes, but it’s not always advisable. Others might wear underwear if the swimsuit does not provide enough support or is made from a see-through material when wet.

Similarly, you don’t have to wear a short over your one-piece swimsuit. Although it’s a common practice, it still isn’t always appropriate, especially if you will be getting in the water. However, shorts like swim briefs, trunks, and swim shorts are wearable. But, if you plan on lounging at the waterside, then it’s perfectly ok to have shorts on your swimsuit.

You can create a stunning appearance with a wide range of matching shorts or pants. Regardless, shorts designed for swimming are excellent matches for your one-piece swimsuit either as part of your swimming dress or as a form of cover-up.

Conclusion – Best Unisex One-Piece Swimsuit

Shopping for an appropriate swimsuit can be a tedious task. The different classification means not all swimsuits are suitable for use by both genders. Thankfully, this is where unisex swimsuits come into the picture. They are designed with both genders at heart while still remaining as stylish as possible. Also, they consider several factors that are essential to what a man or woman might be looking for in swimwear.


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