8 Best Men One Piece Swimsuit (2022 Trending)

For a pleasant summer experience, vacations are essential, and one event on nearly everyone’s list is a visit to the beach. To make your beach or pool vacation worthwhile, you need the proper swimwear. This means your planning for a swimsuit should begin with making the right choices on what attire to buy. In other words, considering what you intend to do with your swimwear and your physical traits is vital.

For ladies, the options are diverse, and as a man, you might feel more constrained on what works best for you. Your knowledge of what swimsuit a man can wear might be flawed to further constrain you. The usual go-to swimwear for men includes board shorts, jammers, and swim briefs. But in reality, one-piece swimsuits are excellent choices for men, and this piece is the best men one piece swimsuit review.

Male one piece swimsuits can create an aesthetically pleasing yet athletic appeal. Although unpopular, more and more men are beginning to embrace this trend, and you can also get on this.

Overview of Men One Piece Swimsuit

Product NamePrice
1. Men’s 3mm Shorty WetsuitCheck Price
2. Karrack Girls and Boys One Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit Check Price
3. RunBreeze Men’s Triathlon SuitCheck Price
4. YOOBNG Men’s Mesh Tank Top One Piece SwimsuitCheck Price
5. LayaTone Shorty Adult Men One Piece SwimsuitCheck Price
6. OMGear Rash Guard Full BodysuitCheck Price
7. Coker Short Sleeve One Piece Swimwear SwimsuitCheck Price
8. REASON Men’s One Piece Long Sleeves SwimsuitCheck Price

Can a Man Wear a One Piece Swimsuit?

Yes, if you never knew, men can also wear one-piece swimsuits. And you can consider them as swimwear with straps and coverage for the chest and stomach. Asides from this, they are great for creating a flattering appeal regardless of your body type.

Historically, a one-piece swimsuit was originally worn by men. It allowed men to practice swimming in public pools by covering a large portion of their bodies. For instance, in the United States, men were not allowed to bathe bare-chested on the beach until 1937. And up until the 1940s, one-piece swimsuits were the standard go-to swimwear for the male folk.

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Over the years, the one-piece swimsuit was adopted by women and soon became popular among women. For women, it was more convenient than most two-piece swimwear as it stayed on when in water and provided modest coverage.

Why Should I Consider Wearing a One-Piece Swimsuit as a Man?

While seeing men in a one-piece swimsuit can be scarce, it’s still an acceptable act. And if you are wondering why you should get one for yourself, consider the following reasons:

1. Ample Coverage

Unlike other men’s swimsuits, the one-piece provides adequate coverage for the body and can be used to conceal any feature you don’t want on display. This is a significant advantage for many and remains the chief reason men often consider wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Also, if you are conservative or your beliefs preach modesty, then the one-piece swimsuit is an excellent way to still partake in your favorite water activity.

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Again, having a one-piece swimsuit on can also protect you from the harsh effects of chemicals present in pool and ocean water. Overexposure to chemicals such as chlorine and salt can have a drying and thinning effect on the skin and hair, which are undesirable. Also, this type of swimsuit protects your skin from the different impacts of sunlight that can cause sunburns or other forms of irritation.

2. For Improved Sport Performance

One-piece swimsuits are tightly fitting, which can help you maintain a streamlined shape when in water. This improves your speed by reducing the effect of drag and friction as you move through the water, unlike when you have on other swimwear like swim briefs. So if you are going to be engaging in sports like triathlon events, surfing, diving, or lap swimming, a one-piece swimsuit makes sense.

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Alternatively, if you would be spending an appreciable amount of time in the water, having a one-piece swimsuit on can help you maintain and retain body heat. Its fabric will reduce the contact surface area between your body and the water. With a reduction in heat loss, it takes time for fatigue to build up, and you can be sure of going on for a while extra.

3. Personal Sexual Preference

Not everyone belongs to the standard sexual classification, and if you belong to the LGBTQ community, then a one-piece swimsuit can be a way of expressing your sexual preference. It’s perfectly natural, and this trend is more popular than you might think. 

Is it Weird To Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit?

Suppose you have asked this question so years back, the answer would have been probably not. But today, a man wearing a one-piece swimsuit will certainly draw stares and attention (and not the good kind of attention). This is because society is familiar with seeing one-piece swimsuits on ladies, and a man wearing one will most likely appear weird to anyone.

Also, while manufacturers still make one-piece swimsuits for men, not many can tell the difference. There are slight variations between the male and female one piece. So it’s essential to take note when you eventually decide to get one. One example is that a woman’s swimsuit has a high cut on the hips for a man, which further makes it weird. But conventional men’s one-piece swimsuits often feature a short-like design fussed with the top.

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Again, wearing a one-piece swimsuit as a man is a personal choice. And regardless of how weird it might look to others, you can, so long it’s comfortable on you.

Are One Piece Swimsuits Comfortable?

Yes, one-piece swimsuits are comfortable on so many fronts. For one, they stay put when in water and are not too tight to the point of digging into your skin. Also, most one-piece swimsuits are acceptable to a wide range of individuals, so you are sure not offending other beach or pool users with your attire. This is important if you are using a public pool with kids around.

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Again, another comfortable feature of a one-piece swimsuit is that you don’t need to worry about frequently adjusting your garment. Instead, you spend your time enjoying the sport or activity you are engaged in. Most importantly, a one-piece swimsuit can help you create a flattering appearance, which many often look for in swimwear.

Which Is Better for Men: One Piece Or Two-Piece Swimsuits?

There isn’t much separating a one-piece swimsuit from a two-piece swimsuit for a man. In the end, personal preference will always win when it comes to which to buy. And although both swimsuit designs are great at accommodating different shapes and sizes, it all comes down to your comfort and choice of what works best for you. However, one significant difference is when it comes to mixing and matching to create a stylish yet masculine appearance. The two-piece trumps the one piece in that regard, but men need little to no mix-matching, unlike a woman.

Buyers Guide – Best Men One Piece Swimsuit

There are several factors to be considered when deciding on buying a men’s one-piece swimsuit. And to make this list, each swimwear must satisfy specific criteria effortlessly. This is to ensure that you only get the best of the best just by glancing through this detailed guide of best men’s one-piece swimsuits:

1. Quality

Getting the best men one-piece swimsuit means getting the best quality. Swimsuits on the list made it by showcasing superior quality from the fabric used. This means they have impressive flexibility, which allows for free movement without restrictions and possesses excellent elastic capabilities. These swimsuits have a makeup composition of Nylon, spandex, and polyester materials.

2. Sun Protection

This is one feature that almost everyone looks out for in a one-piece swimsuit. Regardless of whether you have delicate skin or not, you are sure to stay safe from the number of UV rays that hit your skin. To this end, we’ve gone for a list of swimsuits great at providing this protection.

3. Chlorine Resistant

Another metric for making this list of best men one-piece swimsuits is the level of protection from chlorine. Chlorine is not friendly to swimsuits, human skin, and body hair. And if you will be spending ample time in the water, you need all the protection you can get. This list has the best swimsuits that excellently handle chlorine, thereby minimizing the risk and damage to you or your swimwear.

4. Usability 

A swimsuit with multi-use capability is the friend of anyone serious with water-based events. We’ve gone for a list that effectively covers a wide range of use, so you don’t have to spend extra on getting new attires. Be it running, physical exercise, or gymnastics, you can rely on these to get you started.

5. Pricing

Because we understand that Price is a significant consideration for buying any swimwear, we’ve gone for a mixed price range of one-piece swimsuits. This mix ensures your purchasing power can get you a fantastic swimsuit.

8 Best Men One Piece Swimsuit

Below is a list of impressive men’s one piece swimsuits that you can wear on your visit to the beach or pool:

1. Men’s 3mm Shorty Wetsuit

Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit, Premium Neoprene Front Zip Short Sleeve Scuba Diving Wetsuit Snorkeling Surfing (Men Black, 4XL)


Specifically made for water sports and water aerobics, this swimsuit fits perfectly on your body. It uses high-grade neoprene material to attain impressive stretching abilities while also maintaining and insulating your body. Additionally, it uses an outer nylon fabric for improved elasticity, waterproof, and durability attributes. This means it can keep you warm when in water for an extended time. Suitable for use in canoeing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and other water activities.

2. Karrack Girls and Boys One Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit 

karrack Girls and Boys One Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit Kid Water Sport Short Swimsuit UPF 50+ Sun Protection Bathing Suits Blue


While not available for an adult male, this swimsuit is excellent for males who also want to enjoy a fun time at the beach with family. This children-friendly one-piece swimsuit is free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or carcinogens. It has a sun protection feature to block more than 98% of the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. This is enough to protect your son from sunburn, effectively keeping your kid’s fragile skin safe. You can also be sure of it retaining its color while wicking away sweat and water.

3. RunBreeze Men’s Triathlon Suit

RunBreeze Men's Triathlon Suit | Breathable, Quick-Drying Tri Suit with Dual Rear Pockets (Black/Blue, Small)


This swimsuit features a stylish and ergonomic design and is the perfect companion for a triathlon athlete. It stays perfectly on your body while you swim, bike, and run. In terms of durability, this piece performs excellently and is lightweight with its fast-drying technical fabric. All of these combine to give you an outstanding experience when in water. Also, it has other impressive features such as dual rear pockets, padded protection, and functional leg grippers.

4. YOOBNG Men’s Mesh Tank Top One Piece Swimsuit

YOOBNG Men's Tank Top One Piece Wrestling Singlet Bodysuit Jumpsuit Leotard Mini Boxer Briefs Underwear


This men’s one-piece swimsuit is made from a composite material of 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex. It can conveniently double as a men’s stretch one-piece leotard. The piece is likewise lightweight with an ultra-soft, slim fit, and skin friendly fabric suitable for wearing. The material is breathable, has a fast-dry effect making it ideal for not only swimming but as gymnastic wear.

5. LayaTone Shorty Adult Men One Piece Swimsuit

LayaTone Wetsuit Shorty Diving Suit Men Women 3mm Neoprene Suits Shorty Wetsuits Adults One Piece Swimsuit Men Surfing Snorkeling Canoeing Suits Shorty Wet Suits Women (Blue,6XL)


Made from neoprene fabric, this comfortable and soft skin makes it suitable for a wide range of use in several water sports events. It is excellent at keeping the body warm in the water and reduces drag and friction for better and improved performance. You also get to enjoy its wear-resistant feature and anti-UV protection, and a fast dry effect.

6. OMGear Rash Guard Full Bodysuit

OMGear Dive Skin Women Men Rash Guard Full Body Swimsuit Thin Wetsuit UV Protection One Piece Water Sports Suit for Surfing Snorkeling Swimming Diving Kayaking Paddling (Blue&Black, XL)


This full-body one-piece swimsuit is made of 83% polyester and 17% spandex for slim-fit swimwear. This ensures its super stretchy for maximum maneuverability without restrictions while maintaining breathability. You can also leverage its UPF 50+ coating to keep your skin safe from burning by deadly UV rays from the sun. Its natural form-fitting technique effectively reduces drag efficiently, thereby improving your speed and overall performance in the water. The snug-fitting also means you maintain a streamlined shape with free movement underwater.

7. Coker Short Sleeve One Piece Swimwear Swimsuit

Cokar Short Sleeve One Piece Swimwear Swimsuit, New Blue Black-men, Asian 2XL = US XL


A one-piece swimsuit features a simple design from high-grade quality material. It’s very soft on the skin, and its slim-fit design gives you a streamlined shape while also providing coverage for your abdomen. This also means it provides support to the chest with its wide shoulder strap while allowing for a free range of motion in water.

8. REASON Men’s One Piece Long Sleeves Swimsuit

REALON Mens Wetsuit 3mm, Adult Full Body Thermal Neoprene Surfing Wet Suits, One Piece Long Sleeves Cold Water Snorkeling Swimsuit


Real men’s long sleeve pieces are suitable for different water sports such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, rafting, paddling, and kayaking. It uses a stretchy neoprene material with a double-lining of super elastic nylon fabric. This composite material ensures your garment is very flexible when engaging in water sports.

Can I Wear Shorts With a One-Piece Swimsuit?

Yes, you can wear shorts alongside your one-piece swimsuit as a man. Whether as part of your swimming dress when in water or as a form of cover-up, shorts are excellent combos for a one-piece swimsuit. For more conservative men, or if you have a high cut one-piece swimsuit, you can wear a swim brief, jammer, board shorts, swim trunks, or other forms of shorts suitable for wearing in water.

Alternatively, if you want to wear a short as a cover-up or as a combo fashion wear for your one-piece swimsuit, then jean shorts are your best bet. With this, however, you know you are not getting into the water. Regardless, having shorts on along with your swimsuit can be a way of reducing the stares or attention you will get from wearing just a one-piece swimsuit as a man.

Recommended Shorts to Wear With One Piece Swimsuit

1. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Splice

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Splice,Navy/Blue,X-Large


This Speedo men’s swim short features a supportive compression for easy and snug fitting to the body. It also utilizes UPF 50+ protection to ensure maximum safety against harmful sun UV rays. Also, you don’t have to worry about chafing, which is common with many shorts and swimsuits.

2. BALEAF Men’s Swim Jammers

BALEAF Men's Swim Jammers Athletic Training Swimsuit Durable Team Swimwear Lap Swimming Racing Competition Black/Blue X-Large


Made from a chlorine-resistant fabric, these jammer shorts are durable and comfortable. It uses a polyester fabric material that is stronger than the conventional and lasts longer than traditional Nylon. It uses a drawstring feature to easily adjust to fit while also retaining its color and shape after several uses. If you worry about becoming transparent, this swim short is fully lined to prevent this from happening even when wet. You also get to enjoy a UPF 50+ sun protection for blocking UV rays that might cause burns.

3. COOFANDY Men’s Swim Trunk Brief

COOFANDY Men Swim Trunk Brief Bathing Suit Swimsuit Swimwear Board Beach Short


Coofandy’s swim trunk uses polyester fabric which makes it lightweight, elastic, and flexible; it also is swift at drying after exiting the water, comfortable and durable to wear. It uses a combination of the elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring for snug-fitting around your waist and body. Very convenient for engaging in swimming, diving, surfing, or sunbathing.

Conclusion – Best Men One-Piece Swimsuit

Wearing a one-piece swimsuit as a man might sound weird, but the practice has been around for years now. Before now, men were proud of stepping out to the beach or pool in a one-piece swimsuit. But times have changed, and it’s only on occasions you see men with one. That said, it’s totally acceptable, and there is no rule against it. The list above provides you with a suitable one-piece swimsuit that men can rely on any day to have a fun-filled experience at the waterside. 


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