What to Wear Instead of a Swimsuit to the Pool

Swimsuits are designed to make recreational activities like surfing, diving, swimming, beach-fun, etc comfortable. Asides from the comfort-ability it offers, the majority of these aquatic recreation activities are carried out during summer. Clothes that are exposed and easy to retain air breath are needed. Imagine wearing thick and cover-up clothes during summertime. One of the effects this will orchestrate is rashes on your skin or other infections. The best way to avoid this is to go for suitable swimsuits that are designed for this purpose.

Many often asked about what to wear instead of a swimsuit to the pool. Other alternatives can be considered if you don’t have access to a swimsuit. It is not a compelling act to put on a swimsuit to enjoy aquatic activities. You can improvise to other alternatives that go in line with what a swimsuit should be like. You need to put several things into consideration before you can finally opt-in for alternatives. But these are the three most significant alternatives.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Swimsuit Alternatives

1. The type of fabric

Consider the material you are want to alternate with. This is because there are specific materials that are suitable for that kind of activity. You must use a material that is sun friendly. For instance, I won’t advise you to use leader material during summertime. It will make you uncomfortable.

2. Your body shape

To dress is an art and also there is an art to all kinds of dressing.  To discover your art in dressing, look carefully into your body shape. Although, many always feel like choosing wears has nothing to do with body shape. To pick an alternative for a swimsuit, consider your body shape and know what fit you perfectly. You ensure to look for an alternative that naturally suits your body structure.

3. Consider your self-esteem

You must know who you are before going for swimsuit alternatives. Some people may opt-in for a bra and short pants and you on the contrary feel exposing your body makes you feel uncomfortable. In choosing, an alternative for a swimsuit for pool activities knows how you react to your body once a part is exposed. You need alternatives that can boost your confidence in public. You must not feel less of yourself in your choice of wear for pool activities.

Swimsuit Alternatives for Pool

1. Tunic dress

Tunic dresses are slip-on wears that can either be worn as underwear or as a normal dress by both males and females. The dress can be without sleeves. What makes it a good alternative for pool activities is that they are short and it has a blouse or jacket that reaches the hip. Tunic dresses are more suitable for summertime. When checking out for this wear focus on tunic dresses for summertime.

2. Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are easy to wear and it is also one of the best alternatives for wear that can be worn to the pool. This particular dress is made of light cotton and can be styled in different ways. They are usually long but you can make them short. You just have to wear a flowy maxi dress and enjoy your activities.

3. Kimono

Specifically, there is a kimono swimsuit. You may either use an ordinary kimono or you consider the specific kimono made for aquatic activities (swimming pool inclusive). The material is made of soft lace and it is comfortable to wear. This particular alternative is unique for its elegancy and it can serve other purposes that differ from marine recreations.

4. Romper

Romper is easier to swim in because the fabrics are water-resistant. Rompers made for activities like the pool have shorts joined together with the top. Despite this, it is easier to off and wear. Although, some people are ecstatic with the new conservative beachwear appearance. Others are completely not satisfied. To me, this is one of the best alternative wear for swimming in the pool.  It is available for men and women.

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5. Burkini wears

Before you can choose alternatives for what to wear to the pool, you must put certain things into consideration. One of them is self –esteem which implies you know how you value your body among others. In case, you don’t like to expose your body then burkini wears is a better option that can serve you the exact purpose needed.  This wear is most peculiar to Moslem ladies.

6. T-shirt

You can wear a t-shirt for swimming pool activities. Getting a fitted t-shirt will be a better option. Also, short sleeve t-shirts are okay for swimming in the pool. They are comfortable and easy to wear.   T-shirts are okay to wear to the pool because it protects them from UV rays. T-shirts are available for both men and women. You can also search for a t-shirt that is peculiar for swimming.

7. Shorts

Board shorts are mainly worn as casual wear but they can be alternated as swimsuits for the pool. They are made of fabrics that are suitable for marine recreation. Also, you can wear regular shorts to the pool. Just ensure that the fabric (material) is suitable for water activities.

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Can You Wear Regular Clothes in the Pool?

No, you cannot wear regular clothes in the pool. The majority of the people dislike swimsuits and wish they can go for other options than wearing a swimsuit. Here are the reasons why you cannot wear regular clothes in the pool.

Why You Cannot Wear Regular Clothes in the Pool

1. Clothes with dye can contaminate the pool

The chemical used to make clothes differ. Some clothes react once they come in contact with chlorine in your pool. There are so pools that can accommodate a quite number of people. Some of them wear clothing with rich colors. These colors on the fabric can affect your pool making it foggy. One of the major causes of this is that chlorine reacts with dyes and chemicals. Once they leak into the water, the pool has a hazy appearance.

2. Health issues

Regular clothes fabric can hoard infections like bacteria and germs. and This is the reason why there are specific materials that are suitable for a swimsuit. Bacteria might be lurking in their clothes, causing health issues for you. Although, chlorine you added to the pool can assist to keep them away. But do you know certain bacteria can sneak through the chlorine causing an effect on other people in the pool? This is one of the reasons why street clothing is prohibited in public pools.

3. It makes swimmers heavier

You cannot wear regular clothes in pools because it makes you heavier. Once you are heavier there is a probability of getting drowned. Additionally, the strand of regular clothes can block the filtration system. If the filtration system gets clogged, then there is room for more external attacks hazardous to the health.

Can I wear a shirt in the swimming pool?

Yes, you can wear a shirt to the swimming pool. But, there is a specific swim shirt that is applicable for swimming. One of the advantages of wearing a shirt is that it protects you from the sun and stings from water effects. Wearing a shirt in swimming reduces the tendency of getting drowned easily. Although, this is peculiar to shirts that are light-weighted.

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People who are timid or self-conscious about their physique can find comfort in wearing shirts. Most swimsuits are more exposed than the majority of the clothing we wear for social occasions. The garments get so exposing at times that it’s difficult to discern the difference between swimsuits and underwear, which might be unpleasant for some conservatives.

Conclusion – What to wear instead of a swimsuit to the pool

There are many clothes that you can wear instead of a swimsuit to the pool. Many people dislike swimsuit because of the way it exposes their bodies. The amazing part about all the wears you can wear instead of a swimsuit to the pool is that they can be styled to your desired taste. In as much, you put all the necessary considerations into action selecting alternative wears for the swimming pool will be a smooth journey.


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