My Boyfriend Won’t Let Me Wear a Bathing Suit (What Should I Do?)

Relationships are very delicate. Misunderstandings in Relationships can cause bad blood or bad break ups if you are not being too careful. I have seen relationships collapse for fewer reasons and unjustifiable issues. The problem is that communication was shunned and everyone did what they wanted to do.

One of the questions I received recently was, “my boyfriend won’t let me wear a bathing suit – what should I do?” While these might sound absurd to some people, it is what ladies actually go through. So, her man saw her in a swimsuit and decided it was a no for him. Should she shun him and do whatever she wants, is there a better way to resolve this issue? I would say there is no better answer to this.

One thing about situations like this is that we are all human and what works for one person might not work for the other person. Nevertheless, giving your own two cents of opinion can help.

Here Are Some of the Things I Think You Can Do

1. Ask questions

When you find yourself in situations like this then you might need to ask questions. While this is an independent world and you can do whatever you want especially since it is your body if you want your relationship to still work then you might have to sit down and communicate with him. Ask him a lot of questions about why he is not happy about you wearing a bathing suit. Get to know his reasons and weigh if they make sense or not.

2. Allay his fears

If you get to know what the problem is, you should try to help him alleviate the fear or insecurity or reasons why he is against you wearing a bathing suit. His fears might be a result of issues or problems he has encountered. Do not be quick to dismiss him and ignore what he has to say, his points might be valid.

3. Try wearing something else

If he is bent on you not wearing the bathing suit with valid reason then you might look for alternatives.

There are swimsuits that have more coverage than the one piece or the bikini bathing suits, you can also opt for beach cover ups, this way everyone gets to win without misunderstanding or issues popping up.

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4. Come to a compromise

You can both sit down and discuss what options you can follow, you can come to a compromise and find a way around the whole thing. In the end, you realize that you might even end up with your bathing suit after all. If he is willing to compromise then you should do too.

There is no one who knows it all when it comes to relationships, we face challenges and we learn from them and if your challenge is the issue of wearing a bathing suit or not then you can come together to discuss it. However, be careful to know what is the motive behind him telling you not to wear a bathing suit. Is it because he is jealous and insecure or is he trying to be controlling? The answers to these questions should determine what your answer will be.

If he is jealous or insecure then you can try to make him feel secure but if he is just trying to be controlling then that should not be overlooked. Moreover, don’t let him make you feel bad for trying to have fun and enjoy your summer. If he does not have a tangible reason for telling you to not wear a bathing suit and you’ve asked, then go ahead and wear your bathing suit. At least you know you’ve tried.

What Can I Wear Instead of a Bathing Suit?

Over the years I have realized that it is not every lady that likes to wear a bathing suit. For others, there are restrictions like background, society, religion, and even personal preference that made them not interested in wearing a bathing suit. If you are in this category and you want to go have fun at the swimming pool or the beach and you don’t know what to wear, you can decide to go for any of these alternatives;

1. A Maxi sun dress

You can go for a maxi sundress that is lightweight, breathable and comfortable just like MOLERANI Women Summer Dresses. Paired with your flip flops, and a straw hat, you look good to go to the beach. If you will be entering the water to play and have fun, make sure that your dress is very light and very easy to dry. You can just pull it up a bit or tie a knot at the edge and have fun.

2. Shorts and tank top

You can decide to get yourself swim shorts with a tank top to wear to the beach. You can pair this with your flip flops and your hat and a cute bathing suits cover up. Just ensure that your swim shorts and your tank top is breathable and comfortable. Then, you are ready to have fun.

3. T-shirt dress

T-shirt dresses are lit for going to the beach. All you need to get yourself is a lightweight t-shirt dress for when you enter the water, this will make it easier to dry when you are done. You can decide to wear it with a pair of leggings and flip flops, either way, you are good to go.

4. Tank top and joggers

There is the joggers and tank top trend in place of a bathing suit. Get yourself lightweight joggers and a tank top and you are good to go enjoy yourself at the beach and soak up some sun.

5. Swim dress

Swim dresses are so normal, sexy, cute, gorgeous, everything, everything, just name it. They are so cool and beautiful and will give you so much confidence. If you do not like the idea of a one piece or a two piece swimsuit then give the swim dress a try you won’t ever regret it. Just pair your swim dress with a pair of flip flops and a cute beach cover up, tune up that confidence level a bit and bang, you are ready for the beach.

How Can I Make My Swimsuit Less Revealing?

In case you need to make your swimsuit less revealing, you can decide to use any of the following;

1. Wear a duster

You can decide to wear a duster on top of your swimsuit in order to make it less revealing. Dusters are gorgeous and can be beautiful additions to your swimsuit wardrobe.

2. Wear shorts over your bottoms

Shorts are the right way to go if you will like to make your swimsuit less revealing. Just get yourself a good pair of swim shorts and pull on your swimsuit. Don’t make it boring and plain, you can get it in different patterns, colors and unique designs.

3. Wear cropped tees over your top half

Cropped tees are nice and do not take away the beauty of your swimsuit. You can decide to wear your cropped tees over your top half in order to make your swimsuit less revealing.

Conclusion on My Boyfriend Won’t Let Me Wear a Bathing Suit

Relationships are very delicate and things like wearing a bathing suit or not might cause enough gap in your relationship. What you can do in this type of situation is to sit down and have a discussion about it. Get to understand what is the reason why he is asking you to not wear a bathing suit and see if it is valid. 

You can also come to a compromise about the bathing suit, you can even get other alternatives for your bathing suit and rock them to the beach, this way everyone goes home happy. You can look at alternatives like maxi dresses, swim shorts, tank tops and even joggers or swim dresses. When worn appropriately they are a very good substitute for your bathing suit.

If you also do not like revealing swimsuits, you can get yourself a duster, a cropped tee for your top half or swim shorts for your bottoms. These can help make your swimsuit less revealing and you do not have to be anxious when going to the beach. Remember that people are different, whatever you do, make sure it is what you really want.


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