How to Pee in Swimsuit (The Right Way)

As much as we like the pool, the beach, swimming in the ocean, or just wading in the pool, there are different challenges that can come in the way of that. I’m talking about wanting to pee while you are swimming. This can be so annoying.

You know, I used to wish that I would not have to pee until I’m done swimming. I know it’s impossible but a girl could wish. It took me a while to get used to figuring out how to pee in swimsuit but I finally got it.

Peeing while wearing a swimsuit is exhilarating, it also depends on which type of swimsuit you are wearing. I will be telling you how you can do swimsuit pee and even get away with it.

How to Pee in Swimsuit While Swimming

There are several ways you can pee while you are at the beach or in a pool, here are some of them, though some of these methods depend on if you are wearing a one piece swimsuit or a two piece swimsuit.

1. Use Incontinence pads

While this won’t be acceptable by some people, you should know that you have the option of using incontinence while you swim. This might not be comfortable for some people but it is another way of peeing discreetly. To use the swim incontinence pads, simply wear them under your swimsuit or swim trunks while you go swimming. This will help you to take care of any toilet problem you might have while you swim. You also do not have to worry about changing until you are done swimming and you want to change out of your swimsuit.

You can actually use this incontinence product while you go swimming;

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2. Shift your bikini bottoms to the side and pee

If you are wearing a two piece swimsuit then it is very easy to pee. All you have to do is just shift your bikini bottoms to the side and pee. And you are done.

3. Learn to side saddle

If you are wearing a one piece swimsuit and you need to pee, this might be more frustrating since you do not want to think about how you would remove the whole suit and then put on a wet swimsuit again. You can learn to side saddle. What you need to do is;

Lean your body to the side towards the butt cheek that is more comfortable for you to use to hold your body. When you have, reach behind you with a hand and firmly hook the back part of your swimsuit. Use the other hand to reach your swimsuit in front and hook it as you have done at the back. Now that you have a firm grip, gently pull away from the butt cheek you are leaning on towards the other one that is lifted, you can then go right ahead and pee.

4. Shift your swimsuit to a side

This is almost like the side saddle, only that with this method, you pull your swimsuit to a side until you have an opening to pee, you lift up one butt cheek and then you pee. The difference between this and the side saddle is that if you aren’t too careful, you might get urine on yourself. So make sure to shake off when you are done.

5. Take it all off

Just like I have discovered, some people are not ashamed to just take it all off and then do their thing. You can also decide to take off your swimsuit and pee on the sand or wherever you want to. If you are not too irritated by wearing a wet swimsuit back on after you are done then please by all means go for it. Yay, I’m rooting for you.

6. Just do it

I know, what? It is not unheard of that people just pee when they are in the ocean or swimming pool. If you are not the type of person who is not usually irritated then you can go ahead and just pee in the ocean while you swim.

Can You Pee in a White Bathing Suit?

While the idea of just peeing in your swimsuit is appealing, it is important to ask the question, can you pee in a white bathing suit? Yes, you absolutely can pee in your white bathing suit. Make sure you are wearing incontinence pad. However, if you are uncomfortable with it just shift it to the side a little and then pee. This will help you to totally avoid stains.

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How to Get Away with Pee in a Swimsuit

There will be times you will be catching so much fun in the water that you would not know you absolutely have to pee until the last moment. At this point, the sand or the toilets are far away for you to use. What you can do is quite simple;

1. Move away from people

Move away from where people are, it won’t be nice to pee close to where people are. Apart from that, they might suspect when the cold water suddenly becomes warm. Trust me, it’s embarrassing. Just move a bit away from people, not too far but not too close.

2. Don’t go too deep

As much as you are trying to find the perfect spot to pee, do not go too deep, this can be problematic especially if something happens. Find a shallow place to stand in to do your business.

3. Let the water cover your waist

Make sure that from where you are standing, the water is covering your waist. This will keep you covered as you pee. You do not have to remove your swimsuit for this even though the water is acting as a cover for you.

4. Do your business

You can now do your business. You do not have to bother about your swimsuit, the water would have rinsed away your pee, so you are safe. You can also give your swimsuit a light shake once you are done and simply swim back like nothing happened.

5. Act natural

If you want to be discreet as you pee then act natural. Looking up and down, left and right, acting cozy with others or getting nervous will make you get caught. Simply do your business as if it is something you do every other day.

Please note that it is inadvisable to pee in the swimming pool, it is not the same as peeing when you are at the beach. If you feel really pressed in the pool, excuse yourself to use the restroom. This is because pool water is at a standstill until it is drained and cleaned, unlike the ocean.

Do Girls Pee in a One Piece Swimsuit?

One very valid question people ask is, do girls pee in a one piece swimsuit? Yes, girls pee in a one piece swimsuit. If you are wearing a one piece swimsuit and you need to pee, you can;

Try the side saddle style by raising your butt cheek and leaning on the other, hook your fingers at the front and back side of the swimsuit and hold firmly as you pee. Shake it off when you are done and you can clean up with wipes until you are done with swimming and you can shower properly.

You can also decide to remove the swimsuit completely in order to pee comfortably without stress. The downside to this is that you might feel irritated trying to wear back your wet bathing suit when you are done peeing.

In case you are wearing a one piece swimsuit and you are in the ocean, you can also decide to just pee discreetly, away from people. But make sure that you wash your swimsuit when you go home with warm water and soap to avoid bad smells.

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Is There a Swimsuit that Absorbs Pee?

Is there a swimsuit that absorbs pee? No, there is no swimsuit that absorbs pee, however, there are incontinence products that you can use if you want while you go swimming, but be warned, they are not absorbent and therefore will not hold your pee, which means that they will leak and you are back to where you started; peeing the good way. 

You can also decide to get a female urination device while you swim, this can make you feel better especially when you are at the pool and you do not want to keep running back and forth while you are trying to pee. To use a female urinal, you simply move your underwear to the side, then you place the female urination device right under the urethra and then you can pee.

So, there is no swimsuit that absorbs pee and the incontinence that is available does not absorb pee 100%.

Is it bad to pee in your swimsuit?

Swimmers often ask “is it bad to pee in your swimsuit”. If you swim regularly and have a healthy bladder, then the answer is no — you’re probably fine. Even if you don’t or you are unsure, it’s always a good idea to listen to your body and act accordingly.

Conclusion – How to Pee in Swimsuit

Peeing is an activity that is not supposed to stress you or make you overthink, however, the frustration you can encounter on the beach or in the pool while you swim. If you understand what you need to do to pee while in a swimsuit then you will probably feel less frustrated than you have been used to. Peeing should not make you dread going to the pool or the beach to have fun.

What you need to do is to learn the side saddle method of peeing, or just shifting aside a part of your swimsuit to get the pee out or you can even decide to remove the whole swimsuit to pee. If you are in the ocean, you can decide to get a place to pee but please whatever you do, try not to pee in the swimming pool. Apart from the fact that it is gross and unhygienic, it can have an effect on the pool.

Peeing is easy as long as you find a way of peeing in it that works for you.


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