How to Poop in Swimsuit

One of the discomforts that you can go through while swimming is usually wanting to go to the toilet to poop or pee while swimming. It is a problem that has given a lot of people concern. To pee in a swimsuit, it is very easy to pull your swimsuit down or to the side and just go. You can even pee while standing in the lake or the ocean.

However, if you are swimming and you need to poop then there might be a bit more issue here. Pooping while swimming can be easy or difficult, it depends on where you are at the point you start feeling pressed to go.

In Hurry? Here is the Overview of How to Poop in Swimsuit

  1. Use swim diaper such as LivDry Incontinence Underwear or swim pad like swimmate disposable pads
  2. Go to the toilet
  3. Swim far away from people
  4. Pull down you swimsuit bottom
  5. Don’t be shy to do it

Here are a few ways you can poop in your swimsuit

1. Use swim diapers or pad

The most convenient means of pooping in your swimsuit while swimming is to wear a swim diaper or pad. Here are few recommended swim diapers you can purchase online.

2. Use the toilets

If you are on the beach or around the pool and you need to poop, you can easily move to the toilet to do your business. Once you get to the toilet all you have to do is to pull down your swimsuit bottoms and poop. You are good to go.

3. Poop in the water

If you are swimming when you start feeling like using the toilet then this might be a bit more complicated. While some people do not support this, others believe that it is dangerous to hold in your poop while you swim so it is better to go. In case you want to go this is what you can do;

4. Swim away from other people

It will be gross and rude to do this when you are in close proximity to people. Make sure that you are far away from them as much as possible. This will make you less suspicious, it is also the right thing to do. When you swim, make sure that you check your surroundings, do not swim to deep parts of the ocean, it can be very dangerous. Make sure that you are far away enough from people but they can still see you.

5. Ensure that you are not in a place that can harm aquatic life

Do not be in so much hurry that you won’t check if the spot you pick is safe from aquatic animals. Make sure that while you defecate none of them are harmed, this is important.

6. Pull down your swimsuit bottoms

Once you are sure that you are far away from people and you are not in a place where aquatic lives can be harmed then you can go ahead and pull down your swimsuit bottoms to use the toilet. I will advise that you pull your swimsuit bottoms all the way if you can so that you will not mistakenly get poop on them. But if you can manage without pulling down all the way then there is no problem.

7. Just do it

Some people say that they prefer to stand while they do the do but others said they prefer going underwater so that they can take the position of squatting to make it easier. Either way, you can go for the one that works for you. 

8. Swim away

Unlike pee, this doesn’t easily dilute with water, so I will advise that you move away from there as soon as you can. You can swim away a bit in order to clean up properly then get your swimsuit back on. And you are good to go.

While it isn’t so gross when you poop in the ocean please make sure that you do not ever do this while you are in the swimming pool. This is unhygienic, inconsiderate, and can attract germs to yourself and other people in the pool. Rather come out of the pool and run to the restroom.

How to Poop in One Piece Swimsuit

It’s quite easy to poop when you are wearing a two piece swimsuit but wearing a one piece swimsuit is not easy at all. Here are a few things you can do if you are wearing a one piece swimsuit and you need to poop;

1. Remove the whole swimsuit

If you want to use the toilet in your swimsuit then you can go ahead and remove the whole bathing suit. After removing the whole swimsuit you can then go ahead and poop.

2. You can do the side saddle

This is when you crouch and use two fingers to hook your swimsuit at the back then use fingers to hook the front part then drag it to the side, then you can poop. To be able to use the side saddle then you must be very careful not to get your business in your hands. You should have wipes or tissues with you to use to clean up thoroughly when you are done.

3. Use swim pads and swim Diapers

When you intend to go to the restroom you can also go ahead and use swim pads and swim diapers and other types of fecal incontinence diapers while you swim. This can work when you are wearing a one piece swimsuit and it is difficult to remove them to be able to go. Diapers and incontinence pads make it very easy to do your business without problems.

Recommended Swim Diapers and Swim pads

I will be recommending a few swim bowel diapers and incontinence pads that you can use for pooping while you go swimming and you are in the water. Here are some of the ones that you can use. Before getting swim diapers and bowel incontinence pads, you should consider the following;

1. Quality

Swim pads are always waterproof and they absorb to a certain level. Make sure that the ones that you are buying are of good quality, odorless and comfortable. Anything less than that might make you uncomfortable. They must also be discreet and heavy enough to hold your poop without staining your swimsuits.

2. Durability

You should also consider the durability of your pads and diapers. Are they good enough to hold your poop, will they stay long enough for you to be done swimming? These are things you need to consider.

3. Brand

The brand is very important, there are disposables and the ones that can be reused. Get the one that works for you and is very comfortable for you. Consider the brands you want and if they can perform the purpose you are getting them for.

Here are some products you can use;

1. LivDry Adult Incontinence Underwear

LivDry Adult Incontinence Underwear, Extra Comfort Absorbency, Leak Protection, Large, 72-Pack


LivDry underwear offers protection to men and women who need protective underwear when they experience leaks or loss of control. They are super absorbent products designed for comfort and protection when used. It is disposable absorbent underwear that keeps you dry and comfortable without having to worry about any leakage. They are so absorbent you may not have to use bed pads when you use them. The super absorbent gel keeps the fluid locked in the pad and eliminates any odor.

It has an extra soft material that is latex-free with stretch panels that cling to the body for a customized fit. You can easily tear away the sides to allow for easy removal when you are about to dispose.

2. Waterproof Adult Pull-On Cover Pants

Incontinence Leak Protection, Washable Pull-On-Cover Pant, Advanced-Duralite-Cool-Lightweight-Kleinert's (X-Large-White)


This is made of nylon lining. The duralite waterproof incontinence pant is soft and does not create heat when worn like plastic or vinyl waterproof pants. They give less irritation to the skin when worn. They can be worn all day or night and are meant to be worn over any adult diaper. They have been designed for men and women and can be used as a diaper cover. The material is waterproof, stain proof, and lasts longer without cracking. It is perfect for as many people that have allergies to latex, plastic, rubber, or vinyl.

3. Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers

Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers, Medium, Pack/20


Swimmates disposable diapers are perfect for aqua therapy and any time you want to spend in the pool. They are worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for your bowel movement incontinence. It features a blue moisture proof barrier that prevents leakage and inner leg cuffs that help to contain bowel incontinence. They also keep the pool and your bathing suit clean and free. To remove, simply tear away the side seams to remove and dispose easily.

4. Adult Swim Diapers for the Pool Adult Swim Diapers - Reusable Diaper for The Pool - My Pool Pal (M-Waist: 30-40"; Leg: 19-25", Black)


These swim diapers are for adults who need a diaper while they swim. They do not absorb liquids and are made for people with bowel incontinence. They are latex-free and can be washed with machines. They effectively contain solids and can be worn comfortably and discreetly under a swimsuit. 

Conclusion – How to Poop in Swimsuit

Using the restroom while swimming can be very uncomfortable and frustrating sometimes. It’s even better when you are in the ocean and you are wearing a two piece swimsuit. People wearing one piece swimsuits have a bit of more challenges to face. What you can do is to either get yourself to a restroom and pull off your bathing suit all the way down, or try the side saddle or get yourself bowel incontinence pants, diapers or pads. They make it easier for you to go about your swimming business without hassle.

For a better experience, you can choose one of the recommended products to use when going to the beach or swimming pool. And ensure that you pick the one that is best for you, that is after you have considered as many factors as possible.


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