Do Babies Wear Diapers Under Swimsuits?

Swimsuits are a wide variety of wears that is tailored to all, with body shape inclusive. The need to satisfy our utmost desires concerning swimming led to the nativity of newly discovered ideas on the design and creation of more swimwear that would fit every single soul.

Moreover, babies aren’t excluded. There are thousands of cute and dainty swimwear for babies, that let them partake in the swimming world which is also a form of exercise. Howbeit, there is certain information that must be digested for the safety and well-being of our babies. We are going to be tackling a popularly asked question which says, “Do Babies Wear Diapers Under Swimsuits“?

The answer to the question above is Yes. Babies wear diapers under swimsuits. To add, some swimming pools have rules where children under 3 years of age are expected to put on swimming diapers underneath their suits.

Aside from the use of diapers for swimming, there is another item that can be used in place of the diaper which is the cloth diaper. Before checking out some of the reasons why a baby should use a swim diaper, let us look at what a swim diaper is.

What Is A Swim Diaper?

A swim diaper is a diaper that is notably produced to absorb a baby’s urine and poop during swimming. Swim diapers can be used over again. Also, it can be disposed of immediately depending on how bad it is or the parents in charge.

To be on the safer side, the need for a swim diaper is highly recommended not just for the baby, but for the well-being of those who wish to swim as well.

Why Do Babies Need A Swim Diaper?

It is particularly produced for toddlers who have an unsteady bowel, so as not to defecate into the water when swimming. A situation whereby a baby poo into the water would be disturbing leading to discomfort.

Aside from that, baby’s poop contains bacteria which will certainly contaminate the water to a degree that it becomes unsuitable for everyone. Bacteria from toddlers poop found in water takes days to sterilize or purify before it turns whole and pure again.

This is why some pools have regulated rules that do not give room for such. Either the baby swims with his/her diaper or a cloth diaper.

For this sole purpose, the idea of a swim diaper was welcomed to ensure that babies are allowed a cozy time in the water, with nothing acting as a hindrance.

Are Swim Diaper And Regular The Same?

No, swim diapers and regular aren’t the same. Swim diapers are designed in ways that do not absorb the baby’s liquid. This means that there is a possibility of the toddler’s urine entering the water. Well, not all swim diaper allows this. There are some that are built to stop liquid too from entering into the water. Just look for the right swim diaper that does both works.

For regular, they can absorb liquid and poop at the same time. While this is being done, they keep both the urine and the poop from the toddler.

In all, the swim diaper does not have much of an absorbent nature unlike that of the regular. The regular tends to hold more. But if it’s a short period, the baby can use the swim diaper under swimsuits.

Are There Alternatives To Swim Diaper?

Oh yes. If you fail to lay your hands on a swim diaper, or, would love to use something different, you can go for plastic pants or another cloth diaper. I would prefer you go for the latter because it is one of the best in absorbing liquid and solid (urine and poop).

There is nothing to fret about. Either of the aforesaid will work perfectly well for the baby. The bottom line is that they both offer better services compared to the swim diaper.

Can A Swim Diaper Lead To Rashes?

A swim diaper can lead to rashes if, and only if the diaper in use tend to be tight around the baby’s bum. Reasons like this are why you shouldn’t get a tight swim diaper for your baby. You aren’t doing the baby any good by so doing.

Rather, you are exposing the baby to lack of comfort and excessive rash if care isn’t taken. To avoid getting a tight diaper that would soil the baby’s bum, size up the right diaper for them. A free and a not-so-heavy swim diaper would do the trick.

Having answered the question, “Do Babies Wear Diapers Under Swimsuits”, here are a few diapers you can check out.

1. Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Pants

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Pants, Small (15lb-34lb.), 12-Count


Huggies is one brand that solely stands for quality and durability. They have imprinted their names in the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Huggies little swimmers disposable swim pants can be worn on the baby to the pool or beach.

It’ll put a stop to whatever solid and liquid that may want to intrude in the fun and exercising moments that the baby might be engaging in. Here are some of its features;


1. Stretchy

A stretchy swim diaper permits comfortability and flexibility. A stretchy diaper ensures that the diaper covers the enter bum region down to the belly button. Also, when the swim diaper is stretchy, there is no room for rashes. It is safe and not tight.

2. It Doesn’t Swell

Are you aware that some swim diapers swell when worn into the water? Not cool right? This is what Huggies little swimmers disposable swim pants wouldn’t do to any of their users which are mainly toddlers. It gives no room for swelling when worn into the pool.

3. Swift Changes

Have you ever been caught in a situation that it is unbearable for you to hastily take off your baby’s diaper? Awkward isn’t it? It’s even more awkward when it has to do with emergencies.

This is why this brand, in particular, deemed it fit to make life simpler for you. You get to quickly take off the swim diaper when the need arises.


1. It is extremely absorbent
2. It gives you value for your money
3. It is long-lasting
4. It is soft
5. It protects against leakage


1. Limited pack

2. Gerber Plastic Pants

Gerber Plastic Pants, 2T, Fits 28-32 lbs. (4 Pairs)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Recall at the beginning of this write-up, I talked about plastic pants? Yeah, this is the plastic pant I was referring to. The Gerber plastic pant comes in four (4) pairs which can be worn four times. The plastic pant keeps both the liquid and the solid away from dropping into the water.

The Gerber plastic pant is a quality pant made of the finest and topnotch materials which in the long run, help to ensure the longevity of the plastic pant. To read more, kindly look through some of its features.


1. Less Expensive

With a little amount of money, you can purchase the Gerber plastic pant in a twinkle of an eye. It cost less which would not require you to break your account. Imagine this! A top and high-quality baby pant wear for few dollars? Don’t you love that? I know you sure do.

2. Not To Be Affected By Chlorine

Some people would rather not have their babies wear diapers under swimsuits because they feel the plastic pant will absorb the chlorinated water which in turn, would affect the skin of their babies.

Well, the Gerber plastic pant begs to differ. Their plastic pant is usually chlorine free which would be perfect for swimming, or to wear under swimsuits.

3. Stretchy

The plastic pant comes with elastic which is located at the waist and leg region. With the stretchy diaper, comes freedom. That is, freedom for the baby to move his or her legs in the water.


1. The Gerber plastic pant is all about quality
2. It is available in different sizes
3. It can also be used as a training pant
4. It is valuable and durable


1. It is found in color white only

3. ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6 Pack with 12 Inserts 6BM98CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Why won’t you love cloth diapers? See how beautiful and colorful they look in the image. And Alvababy knows just what the babies need, to have a fun time at the beach or pool.

The Alvababy cloth diaper is durable to withstand both liquid and solid substances without it ruining the diaper but rather, makes it easier to be reused again and again. Here are some features;


1. Stretchy

The sides of the cloth diaper have an elastic that allows for accessibility during movement, swims, and for other fun baby activities as the case may be.

2. A Cover-Up For Nappy

Not a compulsory thing to do, but if you wish to use this cloth diaper to have a cover-up for your baby’s nappy, then feel free to. It works both ways anyway.

3. Reusable

In the introduction of the Alvababy cloth diaper, I made mention of this feature. It is washable which gives room for it to be reused as you wish. In general, your baby is getting value for this.


1. It is produced with long-lasting materials
2. It is less expensive
3. It is durable
4. It is waterproof
5. The Alvababy cloth diaper can be adjusted


1. They do not have a double gusset

Conclusion – Do Babies Wear Diapers Under Swimsuits?

Having given a positive answer to the aforementioned question, it is expected to prep your baby for a bubbly time at the pool with the necessary diapers needed to help them get an extraordinary and energetic time while at the pool.


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